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Friday, May 30th, 2008

Borrowing from China to pay for the war. Insuring that college tuition is beyond the reach of the working class, the Bush administration has done its best to mask the cost of war by making the draft of youth seem to be voluntary.
“You want to go to college, no problem, sign here and join up. The military will pay your tuition, if you manage to live through the war without becoming a casualty”.
“Do you see war bonds? Do you see us asking for rationing of any sort, not at all. Those gas price increases have nothing to do with paying for this war.”
Can you believe that? Can anyone? The relationship is direct. Money goes to pay the debt on the loans. The interest rates increase and as they increase the cost of borrowing goes up.
This is what Paul B. Farrell, had to say…
“Last update: 7:55 p.m. EST Feb. 16, 2004 The single most significant consequence of having a war president is the constantly increasing federal debt as President Bush prepares us for the war that dominates his thinking.
Kevin Phillips warned us of this tendency. Phillips was a Republican strategist under President Nixon and a political historian who has authored 25 books, including “Wealth & Democracy.” Phillips observes that “most great nations, at the peak of their economic power, become arrogant and wage great world wars at great cost, wasting vast resources, taking on huge debt, and ultimately burning themselves out.” “
That was before gas got out of hand. Farrell goes on and states…
“So there is no reason to believe that we can’t reverse gears and move back to the surplus we enjoyed when Bush took office.
But it will take more than doubletalk to change direction. For example, Pulitzer prize-winning columnist Thomas Friedman says the message coming from our war president contradicts reality. It may play well at the Daytona 500, but it will eventually hurt the S&P 500. The message Friedman hears is:
“You all go about your business of being Americans, pursuing happiness, spending your tax cuts … buying a new Hummer. No sacrifices are required, no new tax cuts to pay for this long-term endeavor, and no need to reduce gas consumption … No, we are so rich and so strong and so right, we can win this war without anyone other than the armed forces paying any price or accepting any burden.” “
Do you believe that? Have some chickens perhaps come home to roost? Read on, what about those cheap mortgages a few years back. Could the Bushies been manipulating the interest rates to win an election, knowing that there would be hell to pay down the road, when it didn’t matter to them?
This is what Mitchell L. Moss had to say May 14, 2006 in the New York Observer.
“On Election Day 2000, a 15-year fixed-rate mortgage was 7.58 percent and a one-year adjustable mortgage was 7.25 percent. Four years later, when Mr. Bush defeated John Kerry, home-mortgage rates had declined substantially, making home ownership and even mega-mansions more affordable. A 15-year fixed-rate mortgage was 5.2 percent in November 2004, a decrease of 30 percent in mortgage costs. And a one-year variable-rate mortgage was 4.18 percent in 2004, a decline of more than 40 percent in just four years.
The campaign of 2004 was not about Iraq or the war on terror, although that’s what Karl Rove made Mr. Kerry believe. It was about creating a “feel-good” climate by bringing housing costs down so low that people felt great buying homes they couldn’t really afford.
The popularity of mortgages based on variable interest rates, often covering only the interest and paying off no principal, was the real reason Mr. Bush won those tight races in the Western battleground states of Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona. And Mr. Bush’s unexpectedly strong showing in Florida in 2004 wasn’t due to hanging chads but to the growth in Florida’s housing market.
There has been a 16 percent increase in the 15-year fixed mortgage since November 2004, and a 34 percent increase in the one-year adjustable-rate mortgage since 2004. The new Federal Reserve chairman has the political know-how and scholarly record to be a Princeton professor, but he lacks the political seasoning of former Fed chairman Alan Greenspan, who got the electability index just right for Mr. Bush. Alan Greenspan, not Karl Rove, was Bush’s brain in 2004.
As we prepare for the summer of 2006, gas prices are 90 percent higher than they were in the fall of 2000. And mortgage rates are above 6 percent, well on their way to 8 percent. Housing costs are going up in all those states where Presidential elections are determined: Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Arizona, New Mexico, Iowa and Colorado.”"
That was back in 2006. Things have certainly intensified since then. Lets take a look at the problem with the value of the dollar.
Luigi Frascati
states it this way
“… the end result of a supply of outputs created in China and India destined to quench the huge demand of the preeminently American consumerism has generated large trade imbalances. The flip side of these imbalances has been a sharp rise in the net foreign liability position of the United States and a massive accumulation of foreign exchange reserves by the Asian countries. China has amassed more than US $450 billion of reserves. India too has seen a marked rise in international reserves, to roughly US $150 billion. Even more striking, as of the end of 2004, all of Asia (including Japan) had accumulated US $2.1 trillion in foreign exchange reserves. Subtracting this quantity of Dollars from the economic monetary cycles forces the U.S. Government to borrow more and the Federal Reserve System to print and lend more money with the deleterious effect of diminishing the purchasing power by weakening the strength of the currency. Think of a glass of wine where you keep on adding water. Higher international demand for American Dollars created by outsourcing, foreign savings, fixed exchange rates and a huge trade imbalance account for a large proportion of the refueling of domestic inflation and the consequent interest rate increases, the effect of which is now patently felt all over real estate markets in North America.”
He is a real estate agent who likes to take a broad view. So here you have the Chinese with all this wealth, the president decides to tap some of that wealth for the American war effort. So what is the problem you might ask? After all why shouldn’t the hard working Chinese pay for our war instead of hard working Americans?
Well here is an interesting point of view from one investor on May 9th 2008 11:27AM by Peter Cohan
“After all, with an “oilman” in the White House, it should come as no shock that the price of a barrel of the gooey stuff has risen 5-fold since January 2001 — hitting a record $126 today.
I noticed that every time the Fed cut interest rates, the dollar dropped in value and the price of oil rose. As I posted, this dynamic is as sure of a bet as you can get in the real world. That’s why traders are shorting the dollar and going long oil. And they’re betting enough on that trade to drive up the price of oil consistently. As I discussed last night on New England Cable News (NECN), the European Union decided yesterday to keep its interest rate at 4% to fight inflation. Ours is a mere 2% so investors are selling dollars and buying Euros.”
He recommends raising interest rates and letting the bankers and mortgage lenders hang. Investment in the dollar would bolster its value. But that would mean mortgage rates go up and that could mean even more recession. What have we got, the worst of all worlds, stagflation. The chickens have come home to roost in America and we are caught with our pants down, and our hand in the cookie jar. It is about as bad as you can get, all that would be worse is if someone turned on the light…oops….


Thursday, May 29th, 2008

There has been a lot of odd practices in my life. Political and spiritual. But at certain points in ones life, it becomes important to practice out in the world some of what one has meditated upon, ruminated over and theorized. Generally this includes participating in major demonstrations, leading fractions of like minded persons, or participating as another warm body in other events, generating leaflets, fliers, and sometimes leading classes other times just being one of the bodies at a conference, or event.
This year it seems likely that the democrats will be elected president again. Hopes are up among progressive sorts that we will get our national health care. That the environment will be taken seriously by a Democrat, that women will have reproductive rights, gays may get legal marriage, and illegal aliens might have a path to citizenship. Social Security might get fixed and the war in Iraq might even be ended. We might get a real energy policy and perhaps peace in the Middle East will be a serious concern instead of an afterthought. The labor movement might even have a sympathetic voice in the presidency and some of the social safety net destroyed by Bill Clinton might get restored under Obama.
We have a long ways to go to fix the damage of 30 years of republican and pseudo republican rule. But it will not be easy and if we don’t organize and push for an agenda that has the working people of America and the world as its first priority, we will get swamped in the clamor of the special interests repositioning themselves for a more politically correct version of pigs at the troth. Believe me, if we don’t get it together and make our needs known, the same old crowd will continue to edge us out. The military industrial complex works just as well with democrats as republicans, we have not given the greens or socialists a crack at it, but I am sure these lobbyists can take on just about anything under the sun. If we want a better world we have to fight for it.
And so we have our political conventions. In Denver the Democrats and in Minneapolis the Republicans. In 04 I didn’t see much point in going to demonstrate, I mean what were we going to do, Bush had the election and wasn’t listening to anyone. Kerry didn’t even give it a serious try. But this time people are fed up and ready. It is time to make our voices heard. Anybody up for a trip to Denver?
August 24-28 “Recreate 68″ is planning a wild time for all interested in letting the Democrats know that we are not willing to simply put up with more business as usual. I have not seen this much enthusiasm over an election since the 76 election of the populist peanut farmer from Georgia. I remember seeing an article by my old mentors Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman and Paul Krassner at about that time when they were crowing that it was now our turn. They talked about how Carter was initially supported by the likes of Bob Dylan, the Allman Brothers Band and a coalition of pot growers who thought that by backing this dark horse candidate we might get legalized marijuana, among other things. That was a long time ago, and it has been a long time since we have had our hopes up this high. Obama is no Humphrey style party hack. Nor is he a conservative southern Democrat like Clinton. He may not be a fire breather like Nader, but at least he has some hope for bringing about change. Lets go to Denver and help push him along.
I hadn’t though seriously about going until now, but I have it in my head. It is time for a change in America, and we might as well help push it along in the direction of our dreams. See you in Denver !!!
Here is a list of some groups to contact if you are thinking of going. If you are in Southern California, you might hook up with me.

There are more, but you get the idea. TTYL.


Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

I haven’t written much theory, or even really thought much about it recently. I have been reminiscing writing agitational pieces, and noodling about in the fringes of Science Fiction. But not theory.
Since I called myself a Post Anarchist, after my last attendance at the BASTARD conference, it is time to spend some mental energy in developing that train of thought.
It comes with a certain dissatisfaction with a tendency towards what I would call tribalism, or instinctivism among Anarchists. A willingness to believe that things will “work themselves out” if left to their own devices. Sort of a chaos theory of mental process. Fractalism or “one thing leads to another” is another way to put it. It is not going with the flow, so much as following the path that has been well ground in the mind. It could become a path of least resistance, habit, but it also could be sloppy thinking. It is useful. I mean, I don’t do math in my head consciously, I understand that the brain is sort of like a machine that when fed certain inputs, or posed with certain problems, it has an automatic problem solving capability, that works well when taken care of. I solve problems at work by analyzing the data, comparing it to similar data, seeking out the most familiar pattern to the problem at hand and then applying the specific details that relate to the specific problem. It is more a matter of pattern recognition and developing a feel for what a particular account is willing to accept or reject based upon experience and the ability to leave the surface clear so that the right set of images and patterns will emerge. If I have a predetermined set of ideas in mind, often I will choose the wrong pattern and come up with the wrong solution. That is why it is important to have an open mind, not to be as a newborn will total acceptance, but as a prize fighter who lets his body tell him what the opponent is about to do based on cues and clues and having the reflexes to respond in the appropriate manner or pattern.
It is funny because my work is ostensibly is in applying math to shapes and objects made of paper for the most part, but I got Ds and Fs in school in algebra, but A’s and B’s in Geometry. What I do is recognize patterns, I don’t do math, the calculator does that. I am quick at recognizing patterns and applying equivalents, and am good at finding resources. So lets apply this to political theory.
Anarchism is not the theory of doing your own thing. It is the theory that groups of people best function with a minimum of rigid or bureaucratic interference. It is based on the premise that people will naturally cooperate for the most part and don’t need to be forced to do it. Communism is not getting something for nothing. It is premise that equally shared responsibility is the fairest and most sensible way to organize a society. Anarchist Communism is not doing what you want and getting away with a free lunch while doing it. It is sharing the responsibilities of a society with equality and without outside coercion. These are relatively simple ideas and are the basis of much of what we would call the natural world or primitive society. Many people who call themselves anarchists are caught up in the idea that life has become to complex and that if we do away with much of that complexity, go back to nature somehow, that we will be able to live again as man once did before life got so complicated. But I think that is wrong headed, that is tied in to millennialism and the whole idea of a golden age in the past or future. In each and every moment life is no more, nor no less complex than it ever has been. Our bodies are marvels of complexity, and there was no time we can look back to when they were simpler lumps. If they were, then they were not humans. If the human organism has evolved it has evolved from microcosm to macrocosm, in the sense that a seed has all the ingredients that a full tree has in miniature, it has evolved to a larger shape and different one, but it is no more complex than that seed, only bigger and perhaps a variegated form of what was in the seed already a complex form in itself and the product of another complex form. We move from complexity to complexity, and in the stages of that movement some parts may be seen as seemingly less complex, but in reality, each stage of development is just as complex as every other. It is equivalent and therefore equal. One cannot say that a seed is bad and a tree is good. Nor can one say a seed is simple and a tree complex, nor can one say a tree is a deviation from a seed. They are all one complexity, and in time one simply sees different aspects of that complexity. The same goes for progress.
Things change, they mutate, they evolve into different things, but they are not better or worse, or more or less, matter and energy are constantly interchangeable. So what then is error? What is evolution, progress? What is natural evolution, versus disease, corruption and failure? If one accepts the premise that in the seed there is a pattern, and that pattern interacts with environment, i.e. gods plan interacts with gods world, then there is change. There is no inevitability in the sense that the seed is the finished tree, but there is the inevitability that a seed is a tree in a certain pattern of conditions over time. It is inherent but it is not determined. In other words there is nothing saying that this seed will have to be this tree, but there is something saying that this seed is this tree under such and such a set of circumstances. Since each circumstance slightly alters each pattern, then the resultant tree is slightly different from the plan depending on how much the circumstance has changed from the time the pattern was initiated. An earthquake will radically alter a seeds circumstance, in the pattern of emerging or development. If there is not a protective atmosphere and solar radiation is to intense there is no tree, only a sterile seed. So much has been altered in the environment that the entire concept of the seed ceases to exist. That is interesting. On the moon the seed has no relevance, on the other hand a rock does. They are all patterns of energy and matter, atoms, what have you…the basis of the pattern that emerges depends upon the environment in which the pattern exists. Is one pattern good, and another bad? Only in terms of the relative desire of one pattern to exist in a particular form. If you are totally objective, it matters not if you are a tree, a rock or a human. It is all pattern in place. But from the perspective of pattern it may matter if you are identified with the particular form of emergence. But does light care if it is sucked into a black hole or if it is speeding out from a solar flare? Is light even a particle that has movement? These are all constructs that our minds create to describe the ineffable. A tree, a seed, who is to say that that seed became that tree? What if the seed is always a seed and the tree is always a tree, and that the illusion is that there is something changing called time or duration. What if it is all emanation, and each moment is an emanation of everything all at once and what we see as time passage is merely the spatial difference between one emanation and another. Tree is tree, seed is seed and all we perceive is distance, not time, or rather we perceive distinction as time, and mistake that for evolution of an object from one form to another. Think of time elapse photography not as a stagnant place in time, but as different places moving through an element we identify as time. Each photo is uniquely itself. It is not an evolution in time but a description of emanation. Or as Bill Clinton said, it depends on what is, is. That blow job could be happening to a totally different Bill Clinton in a different dimension just as that Dick Nixon could not be a crook, but another Dick Nixon is. But for all practical purposes because of a habitual way of perception we like to call the same appearance, the same identity, even if they may be total charades. Like the story of the prince who wanted to trade places with the pauper, who is to say that it is not happening all the time?
But that is just another way to look at things. What I am getting at is that what we call progress is a culturally defined construct. Just as everything else we perceive through the conditioning of our minds, whatever they are. These phantasms of smoke and mirrors. This is truly not a pipe. It is a construct, a pattern, a collection of atoms and forces that dissolve under close scrutiny into the absolute randomness of the immensity of the universe. What we call reality is a slice, under a magnifying glass that is dieing as we look at it, it is no more. Poof, it has vanished into the space between your teeth. Whatever those are.
Am I, are you a collectivity that has agreed to come together for a few moments of what we call time? Or is it a dictatorship of the proletariat of the stomach, or some other vital working class organ? Perhaps it is the sole domain of the ruling class of the brain? Or perhaps it is the free market of the intestinal fortitudes, wheeling and dealing in the stock market of your pancreatic juices? Perhaps the divine Pineal gland has set up a cosmic order and you are merely the reflection of a reflection of dream? What is the proper social organism for the body in microcosm, and thus in macrocosm. Will the seed of the self be mirrored in the tree of the society and will the presidential branch serve the judicial branch and the congressional branch serve the tree as a whole? Personally I like to think it is a mutual agreement among the stars and bards that we are. But who am I, but a rock between a couple of hard places.
We need more agreement and less, fighting between the parts of the body. After all, we are all that we got. Right? Or not, the point being that given the freedom to construct, I say lets be communists and share and be anarchists and be free and be anarchist communists and share freely, I probably messed that up too. But heck I hated philosophy in college, writing computer programs for the defense industry was not my idea of philosophy.

U. Utah Phillips Gone But Not Forgotten

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

This morning I heard on Democracy Now an interview with U. Utah Phillips. It is a sad day, for after a wonderful weekend of play, I discovered that the great anarchist storyteller and folk singer is dead.
He died last Friday at age of 73. I only met him one time when he performed at a benefit I put together for the community radio station I was working at KGNU in Boulder, the spring of 1981.
I remember well the advice he gave me when he saw me smoking a Merritt Light. “Damn it if you are going to smoke, smoke a real cigarette, or don’t smoke at all. Don’t do things by half measures.” After that I went back to Lucky Straights and then I quit for good.
But I always remembered his lust for life. He wasn’t one of those fake TV come on type’s who would sell out their mother to get ahead. This guy was for real. He was as real as any of us punk rockers, more so, because he had lived life and was still there, while we were still young.
I can’t say any more about him, so I will let his obituary from his family say the rest. Another great one is gone to the ages.

The official Obituary as provided by the family. May 24, 2008

“Folksinger, Storyteller, Railroad Tramp Utah Phillips Dead at 73″
Nevada City, California:

Utah Phillips, a seminal figure in American folk music who performed extensively and tirelessly for audiences on two continents for 38 years, died Friday of congestive heart failure in Nevada City, California a small town in the Sierra Nevada mountains where he lived for the last 21 years with his wife, Joanna Robinson, a freelance editor.

Born Bruce Duncan Phillips on May 15, 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio, he was the son of labor organizers. Whether through this early influence or an early life that was not always tranquil or easy, by his twenties Phillips demonstrated a lifelong concern with the living conditions of working people. He was a proud member of the Industrial Workers of the World, popularly known as “the Wobblies,” an organizational artifact of early twentieth-century labor struggles that has seen renewed interest and growth in membership in the last decade, not in small part due to his efforts to popularize it.

Phillips served as an Army private during the Korean War, an experience he would later refer to as the turning point of his life. Deeply affected by the devastation and human misery he had witnessed, upon his return to the United States he began drifting, riding freight trains around the country. His struggle would be familiar today, when the difficulties of returning combat veterans are more widely understood, but in the late fifties Phillips was left to work them out for himself. Destitute and drinking, Phillips got off a freight train in Salt Lake City and wound up at the Joe Hill House, a homeless shelter operated by the anarchist Ammon Hennacy, a member of the Catholic Worker movement and associate of Dorothy Day.

Phillips credited Hennacy and other social reformers he referred to as his “elders” with having provided a philosophical framework around which he later constructed songs and stories he intended as a template his audiences could employ to understand their own political and working lives. They were often hilarious, sometimes sad, but never shallow.

“He made me understand that music must be more than cotton candy for the ears,” said John McCutcheon, a nationally-known folksinger and close friend.
In the creation of his performing persona and work, Phillips drew from influences as diverse as Borscht Belt comedian Myron Cohen, folksingers Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, and Country stars Hank Williams and T. Texas Tyler.

A stint as an archivist for the State of Utah in the 1960s taught Phillips the discipline of historical research; beneath the simplest and most folksy of his songs was a rigorous attention to detail and a strong and carefully-crafted narrative structure. He was a voracious reader in a surprising variety of fields.
Meanwhile, Phillips was working at Hennacy’s Joe Hill house. In 1968 he ran for a seat in the U.S. Senate on the Peace and Freedom Party ticket. The race was won by a Republican candidate, and Phillips was seen by some Democrats as having split the vote. He subsequently lost his job with the State of Utah, a process he described as “blacklisting.”

Phillips left Utah for Saratoga Springs, New York, where he was welcomed into a lively community of folk performers centered at the Caffé Lena, operated by Lena Spencer.
“It was the coffeehouse, the place to perform. Everybody went there. She fed everybody,” said John “Che” Greenwood, a fellow performer and friend.
Over the span of the nearly four decades that followed, Phillips worked in what he referred to as “the Trade,” developing an audience of hundreds of thousands and performing in large and small cities throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. His performing partners included Rosalie Sorrels, Kate Wolf, John McCutcheon and Ani DiFranco.

“He was like an alchemist,” said Sorrels, “He took the stories of working people and railroad bums and he built them into work that was influenced by writers like Thomas Wolfe, but then he gave it back, he put it in language so the people whom the songs and stories were about still had them, still owned them. He didn’t believe in stealing culture from the people it was about.”

A single from Phillips’s first record, “Moose Turd Pie,” a rollicking story about working on a railroad track gang, saw extensive airplay in 1973. From then on, Phillips had work on the road. His extensive writing and recording career included two albums with Ani DiFranco which earned a Grammy nomination. Phillips’s songs were performed and recorded by Emmylou Harris, Waylon Jennings, Joan Baez, Tom Waits, Joe Ely and others. He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Folk Alliance in 1997.

Phillips, something of a perfectionist, claimed that he never lost his stage fright before performances. He didn’t want to lose it, he said; it kept him improving.
Phillips began suffering from the effects of chronic heart disease in 2004, and as his illness kept him off the road at times, he started a nationally syndicated folk-music radio show, “Loafer’s Glory,” produced at KVMR-FM and started a homeless shelter in his rural home county, where down-on-their-luck men and women were sleeping under the manzanita brush at the edge of town. Hospitality House opened in 2005 and continues to house 25 to 30 guests a night. In this way, Phillips returned to the work of his mentor Hennacy in the last four years of his life.

Phillips died at home, in bed, in his sleep, next to his wife. He is survived by his son Duncan and daughter-in-law Bobette of Salt Lake City, son Brendan of Olympia, Washington; daughter Morrigan Belle of Washington, D.C.; stepson Nicholas Tomb of Monterrey, California; stepson and daughter-in-law Ian Durfee and Mary Creasey of Davis, California; brothers David Phillips of Fairfield, California, Ed Phillips of Cleveland, Ohio and Stuart Cohen of Los Angeles; sister Deborah Cohen of Lisbon, Portugal; and a grandchild, Brendan. He was preceded in death by his father Edwin Phillips and mother Kathleen, and his stepfather, Syd Cohen.

The family requests memorial donations to Hospitality House, P.O. Box 3223, Grass Valley, California 95945 (530) 271-7144

Jordan Fisher Smith and Molly Fisk

Molly Fisk, 530.277.4686
Jordan Fisher Smith 530.277.3087

Word document here: PDF version:

Fundamentalist Christians Ain’t What They Claim

Monday, May 26th, 2008

According to Christine Wicker’s new book “The Fall Of the Evangelical Nation” the media let a small minority, the evangelical right intimidate them into the belief that they represented a large segment of the population in the United States. Based on her research for this book, the claims to huge memberships were grossly inflated. The Southern Baptists claim 16 million members but her figures show only 4 million active members. She claims that to be active you have to be regular church goers with your family enrolled in some sort of bible study or Sunday School to be considered to be a Baptist in good standing.
She also claims that the vaunted Association of Evangelicals that claimed 30 million members really only have 7.6million members tops. That makes the evangelical population no more than 7% of the US, not a quarter like they have been claiming. It makes their numbers less than that of the total union membership in America, which may explain why they were able to provide foot soldiers for the Republican party but not have the numbers to force their policy demands on the nation. Thank god!
It is amazing that these creatures of doom and gloom, the true believers in the last days are such a small portion of the population, yet they have been able to have such a large pull on the political imagination. Christine Wicker claims it is good marketing and a focused message. The Christian right when it had bad press would call and write and since most people don’t bother with calling and writing to their congress persons or to their local paper, the influence of these relatively few numbers were enhanced by their vociferousness.
I remember hearing on a radio talk show a former activist of the religious right claiming that they learned about making noise from the left in the 60’s. Why can’t we relearn the lessons we taught them?

Do It!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

If you have not, then do it! Take a chance, find a group that you agree with, get organized and then do it. Make a revolution, make hay, make the world spin around on its heels and then see what the other side has to offer. Don’t believe the lies they tell you. The powers that be want you to be satisfied with less. Realize that in Europe they have national health care and national transport systems that work. They work because the working people have demanded it of the powers that be. Some better than others.
Now there was a roll back of socialism in the eastern European countries. They were jack booted into a state controlled capitalist entities that they then claimed to be a stepping stone to socialism and then communism. But in reality all they did was piss off half of the worlds people and give the other half false hopes.
The best of intentions cannot amount to a hill of beans unless the people are ready. On the other hand without leadership and vision you have nothing. Many of us have had the hubris to think we had the answer. I read the other day some of Kadafi Green Book. It proposed some kind of system of peoples councils as the way to run the world with real democracy, but what has resulted in Libya is not exactly a democratic paradise. How much of what has been said about Kadafi is disinformation is hard to say. He has gone from opposition to the USA and its hegemony over the world to cooperation.
There is nothing but the end of capitalism to look forward to. After the so called demise of the socialist states in the 1980’s, first the Chinese decided the face the facts that they were not ready for socialism, but the party decided to maintain control so that when the conditions were ripe, then they would try again. The Russian party simply gave up, or rather the leadership did and when the party rebelled against the leadership to attempt to return to their command economy, the apparatchik who had already taken the best slices of the economy for themselves and their buddies, made sure that they had enough thugs to keep the politicos down and out of power. Hence liberalization led to counterrevolution and now you have a gangster state turning into some other form of state, led by the former leaders of the old security apparatus. It is hard to say what the Russian state will become but what it is not socialist. But at least it is not pretending and thus giving socialism a bad name.
What the world has now is a grab bag of mixed economies. The anarchists and greens have taken over from disorganized and demoralized communists. The Green Parties have had some electoral victories in local elections and had a share in running the government in Germany and a supposedly pacifist party had to deal with the dilemma of aiding the US in its bombing campaign in Serbia. And again the invasion of Afghanistan. Here from the World Socialist Website…
“The German Green Party unconditionally supports the US war against Afghanistan. On October 6, immediately before the military attacks on Afghanistan, the Greens executive council, the party’s highest body between conferences, voted by an overwhelming majority to support the war policies of the American government. With 44 votes in favor, 13 abstentions and 8 against, the council agreed a resolution including backing for military support by the German army.

The resolution reads: “At the request of the US, NATO has agreed to implement the mutual assistance provisions according to Article 5 of the Washington Treaty… It did so following the submission of documents by the American government, which incontrovertibly establish that the terrorist organization of bin Laden bears responsibility for the attacks. The call for mutual assistance gives the US the right to demand help against an armed attack, including military assistance. The German government also voted in favor of the NATO decision. This difficult decision is supported by BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN [Alliance 90/The Greens] in light of the terrorist attacks in the US.”

The party’s joint chairpersons, Claudia Roth and Fritz Kuhn, justified this position by claiming that the military actions planned did not amount to a war. “The attacks in New York represent a new, privatized form of violence, which has nothing in common with the classical concept of war and is something to which we must find answers,” claimed Kuhn. Roth added: “Once again, it is not about a war against a country, or a war against a religion but rather about the struggle against terrorist violence. As such I do not exclude the use of repressive police and military measures.”
This is a rationalization for participating in the American Imperial project. Something that a sophisticated pacifist party as the Greens claimed to be, should not participate in. But they did. They were taken in by the plight and sight of innocent civilians being killed in a massive bombing, as were us all. We saw a horrible event, the incineration of thousands as the World Trade Center collapsed. But it was inexcusable for the German Greens to allow their feelings of offended humanity allow them to endorse American Imperialism. That is exactly what has happened, They cynics in Washington, DC took advantage of the opening given to them by the softening of world opinion towards American interventionism. An interventionism that since the disaster of Vietnam the Americans had been wary to commit in an open manner. Here was a golden opportunity to take on the next phase of the American plan for world domination. First part was the defeat of Communism, or what passed for communism in the eastern bloc. The next phase it to secure the remainder of the world oil supply and make sure the Chinese are crippled in their hunt for raw materials. This had to be accomplished by intervention in the middle east, obtaining a base there. The invasion of Iraq had been part of the Bush plan from the start, Afghanistan was merely a preliminary step, a foothold and an obvious response to the attack on the Trade Center.
If the US had truly been interested in responding to the attack on the World Trade Center, then they would have pursued a police action, possibly with a military aspect, such as a strike by the Seals or the Green Berets on the Al Qaeda base. But they did not. They went after the Taliban on the premise that the friend of my enemy is my enemy. The assault on Iraq was totally falsified, It was done purely for the sake of a base in an oil rich country to control the flow of oil around the world at the source. It had the logic of an oil man behind it, not that of a world class strategist. Otherwise it would have been realized that control of choke points is what you need not of the raw material, and now the United States has inherited an ancient regime, and the people are giving the US a run for its paternalistic imperialist pretensions.
What we need now is an intelligent coherent and planned refusal to cooperate, and then an alternative. We need a principled socialist response to the military madness of the capitalist elite, and in this case the cowboy oil elites. We cannot return to the age of the pre-industrial era, and it seems that Americans are not willing to use mass transit or to carpool unless it is so expensive to drive that is considered to be the height of luxury to be seen in an automobile without anyone but yourself. That will come when oil is over $10 a gallon. Somewhere along the way people will begin to wonder why we are invading all these countries, and why are we paying so much for the oil if we control it. But the point should be driven home that these are not nationalists running the show, they are multinational capitalists who happen to be in the strongest military power in the world. It is the function of the United States in the world order to provide muscle and to provide the technical know-how for the rest of the world capital. This used to be the safest place to invest, the marines were the best insurance that your money was safe in America.
The problem is that the rulers are so focused on that role that they have forgotten to take care of the rest of the economy and the rest of the populace. Certainly they needed a pool of intelligent moderately educated men for the war machine, but there are too many men and women who do not belong to that machine, and there are too many well educated ones who will not go along with the plan. There are more and more methods of intimidation, blatant control and surveillance being implemented as the pressure increases with the limited availability of the worlds oil.
Temporarily the US can control the oil make the Chinese pay and make the Arabs buy our weapons, but what happens when the oil runs out? That question will have to be answered much sooner than anyone is prepared to deal with, but in the next decade, single automobile drivers will be a thing of the past. And there will be a new mode of transport. Most likely it should be one of conservation and sharing, but how it will emerge, that is something we have to plan for, and that is something that is best done by the people. If you leave it up to the elites they will make sure we pay and they play. Lets not let it happen their way. We need real people power, we need to do it!

What Is To Be Done?

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

The great question of every time. Are the candidates that we have, truly candidates that reflect the will of the people? Are the people truly this ridiculously impotent? Here we are the 2008 elections after 8 years of the arguably stupidest president in history and what are we facing, not a truly radical alternative, not something that would be a cap in the feather of the lives of people who have considered the world from a perspective that would put them in league with Robin Hood, Jesus and Asoka simply as beginners. But that is not what we have. No we have the cutting edge experience of electing a person of color or a woman as president, the moral equivalent of going back to the moon. Something that we should be way past, if we hadn’t pissed away the last 30 years.
Yep, we should have elected a woman in 84 and a black man back in 88. If we hadn’t retrogressed with Reagan, and his dreams of yester year. Instead we went back to the era before the moon landings, it was as if the country preferred to imagine Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon in the 24th century instead of establishing the real life moon base in the 80’s the Mars landing in the 90’s. We developed laptops and cell phones instead of super computer robots to explore the Sun and Jupiter.
It may have started when the Russians and Chinese squabbled and Mao went back to the land with his cultural revolution. There should have been a Communist League of Industrial Nations, there should have been meeting of the minds and a One World Socialist Evolution by now and in 2008 we should have been electing the first Council of Planet Earth. But things went wrong in the sixties, horribly wrong. And we had the reaction instead of the revolution. But what specifics, were the turning point, are hard to tell. It depends upon what your historical perspective is.
A Hegelian universe, perhaps one of witchcraft, voodoo and the ability to raise the demonic powers of place. But those were driven out of the world over the course of the spread of the monotheistic state. How the Inquisition led to the end of nature worship and the beginning of the industrial revolution is an interesting perspective of history. Feminists and environmentalists have approached the subject. Wicca enthusiasts have provided a modern approach to nature worship that can be both individual, in that one can develop a relationship with the powers of nature, not a rational mechanistic, mathematical model, but an intuitive, Marxist moespective on the new and old that is and is not. It is a now you see it now you don’t sort of introspection on the nature of being in a constantly evolving metaverse.
But I am waxing in a manner that is not pedestrian enough. It is a thought crime to have thoughts that interfere with the capacity of the authorities to police the mental activity of the average and the not so average American of the 21st century. And so it goes, as the woman of the house is insisting that communism begins at home.

The Ascending Spiral

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

As I stood waiting for the bus, reading a history about the politics of my youth, for I was a child who matriculated in the aftermath of the great year of 68. 1969 was my first year of activism. I rapidly progressed from liberalism, tutoring poor kids at some projects in Bridgeport, Connecticut to radical Maoist communism, organizing car pools of kids to skip school to go the Black Panther trials in New Haven, or to go to the anti Vietnam war demonstrations, and I started a club in school where we invited members of Cesar Chavez’s United Farm Workers to talk and went to the big demonstrations in Washington, DC, and we showed the Yippie film about the Democratic Convention in 68 where they nominated a real pig for president.
From there to spiritual communalism. I spent from 1971 until 1977 in a spiritual commune, I learned how to grow my own organic food and raised turkeys, chickens and goats, and learned about spiritual healing and public speaking and psychology and how to give a mean massage. I studied to be a priest, was about to be sent to my ministry and had a crisis of faith and then left to become a punk rock anarchist. I did my radio shows, at first punk in Colorado, with my Rock Against Racism movement friends in San Francisco and had the first modern African Music show on a station in the steeple of a church in Minneapolis. By the mid 80’s with the advent of Reagan, I had moved on to hard drugs, trying to see what the speed experience was like staying up a week straight and going to the land of the dead rock stars.
Then to family life in 1984 and hard straight life, first as a graphic designer, then as a salesman wearing a suit and tie after my son was born in 1985. I did a stint as a work-a-holic professional. I put in 20 hour days selling printing, running my own graphics business and brokering more printing on the side. I wanted that home in the suburbs for my new family. My spouse left me for no longer being the cute druggie punker she fell in love with and took my son with her and broke my heart into so many pieces that I did not want to live.
I was back on my own, and attempted to punish myself for failing as a family man, I went into hard drug addiction and living with a prostitute, for two years I was on the bottom where all my friends were junkies and I did use a lemon squeezer, as Mick Jagger sang in his own ode to the addicted life. But by 1991 I was over that and went to LA where I became a newish man. Did some art projects, including a Mud People Go Shopping On Rodeo Drive street theatre, and feeding homeless people with Food Not Bombs Long Beach Anarchists and peace punks.
In 1992 I met my Hare Krishna spouse who sent me to India and shaved my head and got me to chant the name of the Lord and I saw the deities move at the temple in Myapore on the Ganges, and a Guru asked me to stay and build a guest house for visitors to his ashram. But my partner had told me to beware of competing Gurus, so I went on to the heart of Hare Krishna land and drank the holy water from the Yamuna, but at the main temple in Vrindavan where God himself lives in the spiritual world, I met her supposed ex husband and he, a high up mucky muck on the Krishna ascended masters list, only wanted to know about our sex life.
So I came back to America, went to France, and had another son in 1995, and his mother promptly took him to Mexico and then to France where he lives now. I tried to live there, as I had always been a fan of Rimbaud and the French Symbolists. I read La Bas, Huysmans, Alfred Jarry’s Ubu Roi was a great model, and the whole French situationist, deconstructionist, cigarettes and strong coffee social life, of hash and partying all night on the Mediterranean sea, was fun. We camped and hitchhiked and hopped trains and got yelled at by French Cops and train conductors for never having the fare, but what could they do. I loved the place. But my Hare Krishna, hash smoking partner was driving me crazy and would not let me settle down to learn and adjust to the culture. So I left and came back to America where I did some more protesting at the 2000 Democratic convention and gave some talks on Anarchist history and organized a break away protest at the big 2003 anti war demonstration in Hollywood. But when the troops moved in, I knew we had done it all in vain, and I wanted to see why the country let that man do such a crazy thing. I went across country one last time on a road trip in 2004. All I heard was right wing propaganda all the way across the usa on the radio and I knew that Kerry didn’t stand a chance.
In 2006 I almost died, and had my life changed in a surgery where I decided to accept my place in America. I found a new girlfriend and we have been living a simple life together, and I am loving her and her little son, he is as cute and smart as they come. But as this is an election year, I could not keep my mouth shut and so I initiated this blog. I do believe in growth, spiritual growth, but my girlfriend is here so whatever I was going to say will have to wait.
Uh, oh yeah, I believe in an ascending spiral. That is what I remember from 7 years studying the Bible day in and day out, that and in my fathers house there are many mansions, oh and to give a mean massage. I learned in India that there was more than one way to skin a cat err, that philosophy and religion is just as important as making money and having good sex, and in France I learned that even in the home of the literary elite they know how to throw a punch and the that to be able laugh at ones plight is as important as having a McDonalds in the neighborhood to get an America nostalgia fix. The communists taught me how to turn every aspect of life into theory and the anarchists taught me how to dispense with pretension and make up theory on the run. Drugs have taught me that I am not undefeatable. My kids have taught me that there is something more important in life than getting high and having religious experiences and women have taught me to expect the unexpected. And that is the last time I will tell this story of my life in this blog, if I can help it. But the example of the spiral that I know best is my own, But it is time to put the ego down and move on to other examples. So my faithful reader, and I am sure, you are out there, let us dispense with tales from my life and enter the land of the other, You know who I am, what I have done, and if you really need to know more just ask.
The past couple of months have been mostly an introduction to who I am to the blog reading public. From this point onward I would like to talk about other issues. So unless you have a question, such as what was it like the three nights in a row when I was 8 or 9 and was taken up in a flying saucer and watched cartoon like creatures explain the nature of the universe to me, and feed a movie into my subconscious mind with a history of the universe on it, unless you are interested in something specific like that, we will leave me alone. Now about you my friends….what about you?

The Magic Kingdom-At The Entrance

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

I remember the first time I met Allen Ginsberg, it was at a poetry reading at Naropa, I went to thank him after the reading, and he gave me a stick of incense, a burned out one he had been using during his reading, like it would give me inspiration. I threw it away.
Later I made up a poem about him, one I used to recite on the radio when I was a DJ.
“Allen Ginsberg, Ginsberg, Ginsberger was no nazi, no Jew fucking nazi
Allen Ginsberg, Ginsberg, Ginsberger was no nazi, no Jew fucking nazi
He would take it up the ass from his Guru Trumpa Rinpoche,
Yes, he was no nazi, no Jew fucking nazi…” and then the rest of the lines would be made up as I went along, each reading was different. It was highly offensive, and ironic, and silly. It was perfect for Boulder in the late 70’s.
I met William Burroughs at that same reading. He read one of his funny stories, that was when I realized what a comedic writer he was, and how he wrote from the perspective of a hipster in the magic kingdom. I shook his hand. It was cold, like a dead fish.
They are both dead now, I never met my other literary heroes, D.H.Lawrence was long dead, buried in Taos, New Mexico, a magical land that is evoked best in my mind in Aldolus Huxley’s “Brave New World”‘. I finally made it there, back in 04′, it was beautiful, a spring blizzard had followed me from Denver, black clouds rolling over the front range, stark beauty, all the way through Raton Pass down into the north of New Mexico where I saw a small herd of buffalo outside of where the Cimarron river comes down from the mountains to the plateau lands. It is stark, browns and burnt umber, sienna, colors of the dirt and prairies. The greens are conifers and the sky vivid blues except when there is a storm, then it is magnificent in its blackness. I remember the first time I met Allen Ginsberg, it was at a poetry reading at Naropa, I went to thank him after the reading, and he gave me a stick of incense, a burned out one he had been using during his reading, like it would give me inspiration. I threw it away.
Later I made up a poem about him, one I used to recite on the radio when I was a DJ.
“Allen Ginsberg, Ginsberg,Ginsberger was no nazi, no Jew fucking nazi
Allen Ginsberg, Ginsberg, Ginsberger was no nazi, no Jew fucking nazi
He would take it up the ass from his Guru Tuumpa Rinpoche,
Yes, he was no nazi, no Jew fucking nazi…” and then the rest of the lines would be made up as I went along, each reading was different. It was highly offensive, and ironic, and silly. It was perfect for Boulder in the late 70’s.
I met William Burroughs at that same reading. He read one of his funny stories, that was when I realized what a comedic writer he was, and how he wrote from the perspective of a hipster in the magic kingdom. I shook his hand. It was cold, like a dead fish.
They are both dead now, I never met my other literary heroes, D.H.Lawrence was long dead, buried in Taos, New Mexico, a magical land that is evoked best in my mind in Aldolus Huxley’s “Brave New World”‘. I finally made it there, back in 04′, it was beautiful, a spring blizzard had followed me from Denver, black clouds rolling over the front range, stark beauty, all the way through Raton Pass down into the north of New Mexico where I saw a small herd of buffalo outside of where the Cimarron river comes down from the mountains to the plateau lands. It is stark, browns and burnt umber, sienna, colors of the dirt and prairies. The greens are conifers and the sky vivid blues except when there is a storm, then it is magnificent in its blackness.
These lands are the entrance to the kingdom. My other hero, the Jack Keroac died a drunk. He roamed the highways with his Cassidy, the immortal car thief and teenage delinquent serial crosser of the country, driving when the interstates were young, or just a thought in Eisenhower’s mad imagination. But now there is nothing for they are all dead. The freeways are like clogged arteries of an elderly patient with a heart condition. It is like a land after a holocaust.
These lands are the entrance to the kingdom. My other hero, the Jack Keroac died a drunk. He roamed the highways with his Cassidy, the immortal car thief and teenage delinquent serial crosser of the country, driving when the interstates were young, or just a thought in Eisenhower’s mad imagination. But now there is nothing for they are all dead. The freeways are like clogged arteries of an elderly patient with a heart condition. It is the repetition of a dream within a dream within a dream. My girlfriend could do hand stands on the dinner table at parties. She was a stripper in New York before she became a drunk and tried to run me off the road. I saw a giant purple dragon on our last road trip. It was out side the car and followed me all the way to Denver.
That was another time, and the magic kingdom was just a smell away. We took my friend the English teacher to meet his idol, the poet Robert Bly. He was writing his PHD thesis on the Bly. Success, we made the meeting, Bly told my friend that we were the future of the hip survival, and he pointed at my girlfriend and I, he meant to teach my friend something,. I don’t know what it was, but I think it was that the future was not what he imagined it would be, and he had his PHD thesis turned down.
We broke up. I got tired of drinking greyhounds. The Rocky Flats Truth Force people and I worked at the Recycling plant. It was were all the radicals worked who had been black listed from straight jobs in Boulder. The director was the former head of the Asian History Department at CU. When China turned against the Maoists, he denounced them. He was kicked out of his position and ended up at the recycling center. I smashed bottles for a living. It was my penance for busting windows in San Francisco, or so I thought. I had been fired from my job, purportedly for using company assets to write a leaflet to promote the community radio station, but in reality it was because the DA in San Francisco had called and told my boss that I was a suspect in a firebombing in San Francisco. They wouldn’t tell me though, I had to find out from my fellow radio station comrades, they told me they got a call also. Now I smashed bottles for a living. I had to get out of Boulder.

White Working Class ….

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

…Is Racist. That is what the pundants are dancing around. That is exactly why they are voting for Hillary and not Barack. The MSNBC gang of media monkeys seem to have given the coronation to Obama, and that seems to be what most of the media people would like to see, an Obama/McCain battle. But the white working class males, those beer drinking, illiterate truck driving southern, red neck men, teamed up with their masters in the ruling class, those Klansmen and their Grand Dragons, have decided, a white woman is better than a black man. If she can learn to chew tobacco, and spit like a man, then she has their vote. Heck she walks more like a man than McCain does. One wonders what exactly they did to him in that torture chamber at the Hanoi Hilton. He sure doesn’t have that dumb as wood appeal that Bush had for the American redneck. What he does have is the fawning of those want to be Vietnam Vets in the Media, and the die hard Repubocrat elite vote.
So where does that leave our man Obama, well he drew a crowd of 75,000 the other day in Oregon. He has the delegates he needs from the dedicated delegates. But Clinton is doing her best to include Florida and Michigan to become the candidate of the women and the white redneck males.
As a white male, I guess I would be placed among the intellectual effete snobs that vote according to some communist principal like class interest and for the future of the planet. In other words I am in the Green Party. But I have been a supporter of the underdog all my life and with that in mind, I have a hard time getting excited about any of these main stream politicos. The one thing Obama has going for him in that regard is that he has been infected with that power virus for a shorter time than either Clinton or McCain and we can hope that if and when he is elected president, that he will truly try to do some good for the American people. Let us hope he is not mistaken for a Kennedy or a King by some trigger happy minion of the secret government.
Other than that, that is all I have to say tonight. That and why did that older black lady yell at that lesbian couple the other day at the bus stop. She was ranting about how this was against the will of god, and that it was a disgrace to their color, one was brown and one was black, and how they should be ashamed. It was totally inane and I told her to leave them alone. But she didn’t listen to me, middle aged white guy, glasses and a book in hand, looking like the middle management type that I am, totally out of place at this Long Beach Bus stop, the only white guy there, except for some hip hop kids. But that is where I feel at home, among these people, certainly not among some white redneck suburbanites. I don’t know the lingo. Anyway the older lady went on yelling at the kids, they smiled at her, and eventually they went back to making out and playing with their baby daughter. I went back to my book on the history of the hard communist left in America circa 1968, “Revolution In the Air” by Max Elbaum, and the older lady opened up her Bible.
What do we do about all these misinformed poor dumb white folks that feel threatened by gays and blacks and Hispanics, and just about everyone but the one group they should be pissed at, the bosses and their lackeys in the media and their allies the corporate lawyers. They seem to understand they are powerless, but they identify with their oppressors, kind of like Kidnap victims identify with their kidnappers. It is strange, but not that strange, I mean if you get all your information from the tube and right wing talk radio, what is to be expected? I would hope a little self interest. But mostly we get more of the same. People divided over trivial things like who is sleeping with whom, and not with the basics, like why does the US have such a low standard of living compared to all of the rest of the so called industrialized world. But that is another long, long blog. Goodnight America, goodnight world.

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