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New Year, New Decade, New Depression

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Greetings Peoplski of the world. I your fearless would be leaderski am now writing to you one comradski to anotherski. Enough with the ski ending to every phrase I don’t even know how to ski-ski.
We are now entering the second decade of the new millennium. We are not as futuristic as many of us had hoped by this point. I had envisioned a Mars colony being in its early stages by now and the Moon as a tourist destination when I wrote my future history of the world back in 1966. I was off a bit it seems even my thoroughly pessimistic predictions of the time were not pessimistic enough by far. Who could have predicted then that Ronald Reagan would be president and that he would initiate policies that were virtually a return to the age of Calvin Coolidge. “The Business of Government is Business”. is a good quote from the Cool. Ronnie Reagan imitated him with his own trickle down theories of voodoo economics. He set the stage for a gutting of the government’s priorities so that it no longer did things like get to the moon in a decade from scratch, a sure sign of can do government in the days of yore when Camelot was the comparison and the presidents advisers were Merlin’s out doing one another in their wizardry. Instead Reagan’s model was the “Gang that Couldn’t Shoot Straight” or perhaps it was “Catch 22″. Whichever it was, it wasn’t efficient can do government he was selling.
Reagan was giving Ayatollahs guns with cake in a box delivered by crack pot colonels obsessed with tin horn Marxists in Latin american jungles. He was the president who discovered that invading weak helpless nations like Grenada was a sure fire ticket to absolving blame when bad policy leads to little mistakes like the blowing up of 300 marines in their barracks by one solitary suicide bomber. It was a new trick at the time. Now it has become a time worn rabbit that is pulled daily out of the jihadists hat. 7 CIA agents in Afghanistan blown up in their high security gymnasium. A Nigerian Bankers son with explosive underwear tried to give Detroit a blast for Christmas. Pakistani military blown up in their very own high security mosque on their high security military base.
The idea being that no matter how high tech we get in our security, a dedicated soul, bound for paradise and his 96 virgins is near impossible to stop. We might still have plenty of small island nations to attack in a sociopath’s Pavlovian response but not for long. Global warming is swallowing up every likely candidate for the Marines to wade ashore in. Pretty soon they will simply have to stand on one another’s shoulders just to reach the surface that will soon be as underwater as that cabinet meeting held last year by the Prime Minister of Maldives. I can just see them scratching their heads going “Sarge what Island?”
“Just dive Gilligan, dive and plant that waterproof old glory down there”.
But I am distracted tonight reminiscing on my own version of history that never happened. We are after all the home of the free and land of the brave. And believe me when I say we will fight to the last little gook or towel headed national we can find. We will drone on over every google-able spot on the planet and drop in on every would be jihadi, commie or animal loving tree hugger we can find and blast them back to their maker, Satan himself.
This brave new planet we are on is a swiss cheese of pot holes and bomb sites, mines and cluster bombs, all waiting for you or your cousin little Sheba to pick up that plastic explosive infested doll and find yourself on a one way ride to the amputee room where they have a prosthetic just made for your little 6 year old body. We have blessed this planet with enough chemical agents, toxic wastes, polluted streams and fouled air to choke a horse or to make a chicken cry.
I am not being ironic here. I am simply writing the script for a soon to be released movie called “Earth Going Out Of Business Sale. Everything Must GO!”

On the brighter side we did elect our first black president with an Arabic sounding name. Thank god the American public relations people have finally wised up and given the people a President who looks like most of the planet, er or as they would look if they could afford his makeup staff.
If we survive the radiation from the full body scans that the non union minimum wage Transit Security Administration administers, then we will all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that somewhere on this planet a terrorist is hacking the administrations web site to jack off at your and my fully disclosed naked asses as we bend over for some agent to get a better view. Good luck World. We need it.

Deterrent Or Detritus

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Every one is yapping about Yemen. Like it is some big deal that a guy there decides to blow his ass off and a jet load of passengers headed for Detroit with him. Detroit, no wonder he wanted to kill himself. No jobs there.
Senator Jim De Mint has determined that America must be protected from an enemy worse than terrorists. What is worse, unions. Yep. He has decided to block the nomination of President Obama’s candidate for head of the Transportation Security Administration because he might allow the workers to use collective bargaining like security forces do already all across the country. But De Mint has used some pretty bogus logic to decide that these workers are too essential to the public welfare to be able to bargain for higher wages. This is simply another hold over from the Bush administration’s anti labor stance. The senate has to get over this and let the TSA have a director. Perhaps then it will be able to do its job and not allow Nigerians with flaming underwear blow up aircraft.

The following are notes I took while watching a special called “Crumbling of America” on the History Channel. It is a reminder that the USA has more than one disaster to tend to.
America’s infrastructure is collapsing. According to the society of Structural Engineers rating system the country’s infrastructure gets a grade of D in terms of its state of maintenance and reliability. This includes dams, bridges, roads, power grid, water supplies, water purification, among others.
The Tap-pan Zee Bridge has piles. And worms want to eat the wooden piles. It will cost $6 Billion to replace it. Levees are collapsing. 177 of them are facing risk of failure. The worst one is Sacramento where levees keep it from flooding. The levees of Sacramento were built by farmers to protect crops. They were not made by the Army Corp of Engineers. This is no joke some parts of Sacramento will be under 20 feet of water. Right now California is suffering from a prolonged drought. For Sacramento’s sake lets hope that drought never ends.

Over 8000 miles of America’s underground water pipes are breaking apart at any given time. Recently here in Los Angeles we have had lots of water main breaks including one so big it swallowed an entire fire engine. 240,000 water mains break every year in the USA. 6 billion gallons of drinking water is lost every day due to leaks. The eastern cities are especialy vulnerable to break downs due to rust. Suburban Washington, DC has some of the worst in the nation. 20% of the fire hydrants in Washington, DC are defective and will not work due to low pressure from leaks.
New York City has one of the best water supply systems in the world. The Delaware aqueduct is the longest underground tunnel in the world. It supplies water to NYC. Warsing, NY is above one of the biggest leaks in the aqueduct. 50 homes are suffering from seepage from that leakage. E. Coli coming from the tap water is one of the worst things that can happen due to run off getting into septic systems and contaminating well water. The aqueduct was built in the 1930’s and finished in World War 2 when materials were hard to get and some might have been substandard.

On and don’t let me get started on the roads. It seems that the stimulus package has lead to a lot of fresh asphalt on the roads but that doesn’t do anything about the primary problem which is overcrowding. The roads in Los Angeles are a non stop traffic jam and from what I have seen in recent cross country trips it is like that in virtually every metropolitan center.
But in some states the roads are in such bad physical condition that they are being allowed to return to gravel it dirt roads. That is happening to secondary roads in Michigan the state that once was the home to the American Auto industry.
The American Interstate Highway system is the largest earth moving project in the world. It is bigger than the Pyramids or the Great Wall of China. But it is collapsing. The I-64 in Missouri has been closed due to unsustainable repairs being required.
While our roads are collapsing China has been building its infrastructure spending 9% of its budget compared to 2% of the American budget being spent on infrastructure. Most of ours was built in the period from the 1930’s to the 1960’s. That makes it 50 to 80 years old. Most of these infrastructure projects are at the end of their life cycle. Rome thrived because in part of their infrastructure. Some Roman roads are still in use 2000 years later. Will we be able to say that about American roads. I doubt it.

American sewage systems are another area that is a problem. Cities with combined waste water and rainwater disposal systems are frequently overwhelmed. St Louis and Los Angeles are two of them. 900 billion gallons of waste water is spilled into the rivers of the nation from rain and sewage water overflows. This is overwhelming the natural system of cleansing water. Sewage systems have to be separated from rainwater but it is not in 21 major cities in the USA.

Then there are Dams that are not adequately inspected. Some states like Alabama don’t even have an inspection agency for its 2000 dams. Others like Texas have only 7 inspectors for over 10,000 dams and Iowa has only 2 for 3000 dams.

And don’t forget power failures. The American power grid creation was the largest project of its kind in the 20th century. The problem is that we built something that was the biggest and the best in the world and then we walked away from it as if it would last forever. Electrical demand has increased 20 percent but the grid has only expanded 6 percent. Now we have power failures all the time in this country. This is becoming like Baghdad. We don’t have to worry about terrorist attack. We have a government that has deferred maintenance on the system because we are too busy going around the world playing the worlds power broker, spending our wealth on military machines and mechanisms for destruction of civilization.
By not spending to keep our infrastructure working, by privatising so much of it so that we don’t even have the public mechanism to maintain it and by allowing the private industry to maximise profits instead of repairing infrastructure has added to this problem.
Alternative energy on the grid might be an answer if we spend the money on it. Obama has started to talk about it but unless we fund this change over to a green grid, then we will end up like third world countries where brown outs are the norm. We will all be using cell phones because there is no phone system. The USA has to spend 2 Trillion dollars in the next decade to bring the infrastructure from a D to a B rating.
And that is not to mention the effects of Global warming. Katrina was the result of poorly maintained levees combined with a storm that resulted from global warming. More and more this will affect the infrastructure and we can expect it to collapse even more than it has already. But will we do it? Not if we keep spending money on wars around the world. Every time we send one soldier to Afghanistan we spend $1 million tax dollars on nothing but destruction.

Black Holes And The Old Testament

Tuesday, December 29th, 2009

What better way to understand the Universe than to accept the notion that God is an old Guy with a white beard who talks to some old time Israelites. Accept the Bible version and Darwinism together. Why not in our yin/yang world. Take a black hole and include quantum mechanics and you get string theory. Atoms are more like force fields or waves. They can spread out to be at more than one place at a time. What happens when void meets atoms. Pairs of particles appear and disappear, positive and negative mass. The positive particle would have enough energy to escape black hole but negative particle would not. It would decrease the mass of the black hole. Positive mass particles fly out of black holes like thermal radiation and negative mass falls in causing it to get smaller and hotter until it explodes. Black holes become bombs waiting to go off. Could that be the begining of the universe? That is the big Hawking discovery. Every universe has a super black hole at its center. Cauldrons of heat and light are around black holes. They cause stuff to happen.

Hawking linked big and small together, in physics. He brought quantum mechanics into the center of the black hole to discover the origin of the universe, maybe. But the origins of the universe is not in the hands of Stephen Hawking or any of the research scientists around the world. It is in the brain of a small poor person in Burkina Faso. A Pygmy on the edge of the Congo has the answer but that person might die from sleeping sickness every other time that 13.7 billion years comes around.

It is not that because gravity holds us down. Our universe exists because Gravity is so weak. Electromagnetism, and the nuclear forces that melded together at the big bang. The four forces emerged.

This is from the NASA Goddard Space Center web site.

“1. Gravity - This force acts between all mass in the universe and it has infinite range.

2. Electromagnetic - This acts between electrically charged particles. Electricity, magnetism, and light are all produced by this force and it also has infinite range.

3. The Strong Force - This force binds neutrons and protons together in the cores of atoms and is a short range force.

4. Weak Force - This causes Beta decay (the conversion of a neutron to a proton, an electron and an antineutrino) and various particles (the “strange” ones) are formed by strong interactions but decay via weak interactions (that’s what’s strange about “strangeness”). Like the strong force, the weak force is also short range.

The weak and electromagnetic interactions have been unified under electroweak theory (Glashow, Weinberg, and Salaam were awarded the Nobel Prize for this in 1979). Grand unification theories attempt to treat both strong and electroweak interactions under the same mathematical structure; attempts to include gravitation in this picture have not yet been successful.”

Scientists thought it would be figured out in the 1980’s but gravity has eluded the unified theory.
Personally I like the Vedic version better. With the moon being a huge planet. It has something to do with the fact that things are not what they seem because supersymmetry is only half the solution and there is nothing but randomness to break it up. That is what gravity is the great randomizer.

Does string theory solve the gravity problem? Things appear to be different because of the different ways they vibrate. The world is a mesh of vibrating strings according to that theory. A string vibrating in space and time it curves space/time. This is Michael Green’s thing. Gravity is weak because it operates in 11 dimensions. Or so the theory goes. And that explains why so much of my life doesn’t make sense, most of it is happening in other dimensions. But then there might be some old geezer up there throwing dimensions around like a wino hawks lugies.

Patterning, Obama On The Terror Of Terror, Estate Tax Goes Bye Bye

Monday, December 28th, 2009

We are overwhelmed by our world. Events move faster than the people who are supposed to understand these things can discern the patterns that shape our world.
I am thoroughly disgusted with what the media is portraying. CSPAN is having one of its interminable self congratulatory events where media pundants get to admire one another and speak of how wonderful they are.
MSNBC is doing its end of the year best of series of blunders by politicians across the nation.
CNN had a shouting match between ridiculous talking heads who were supposedly talking about policy.
President Obama is trying to cover his ass by sounding more and more like President Bush defending America’s right to unilaterally attack anyone we imagine might be a threat.
The son of wealthy Moslems in Nigeria, radicalized while abroad, a graduate of a good English Public School with a degree in Chemical Engineering, turned into an Al Qaeda bomber.
The fact that Al Qaeda would use such an intelligent and promising young man to kill himself indicates to me a lack of respect for knowledge. I can understand a poor kid trading his life for economic support for his family for the rest of their lives by the jihadi network. But to throw away the life of a well educated young man who could offer so much indicates to me either a radical anti intellectualism or a sense of desperation that is no respecter of persons.
For me to make a statement like that goes against the grain of my own anti academic intelligentsia. But that is because I am a believer in life long learning and am opposed to the economic elitism that comes with academic credentials in the modern world. I am in favor of constant, non-stop learning and I believe in respecting education no matter how it is gained. But to take an educated young person and to deliberately use him as a bomb to destroy others is to me unconscionable. But then that is what being an officer in any army is. Think about that. If you are a graduate of the ROTC or one of the government military schools, you are promising to put your well educated ass in harms way for a certain number of years. Governments throw away intelligent young persons lives all the time. Governments kill innocents around the world and call it collateral damage. The fact that Al Qaeda does the same thing should not shock or surprise anyone. The Unites States and Israel kill thousands of civilians in Gaza, the West Bank, in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan daily. But we don’t make a big deal about that. Nor do we cry especially when our own young men and women die in the line of duty as it is called in those lands. What does get our attention is when the war comes home. We find it perfectly ok to kill people in other nations where we are supposedly fighting a war on terror. But when the freedom fighters for the other side attempt to bring the war home to us,well we get indignant and we get upset and we rattle our sabres and call for more repression of our own civil liberties.
When Obama calls for Bush style preemptive strikes against the warriors on the other side, he is only fueling the fire of their own determination to hit the west where it hurts on the home front. It is only logical. We only scream when it hurts. If we are anaesthetised from the pain we cause others, the logical thing for the other side it to perform actions that will get our attention and more than that cause us an equivalent pain. What other choice do we give them? By fighting with Drones, using high tech killing machines, spending more on our military machine that the entire rest of the world combined, what can you expect any opposition to do? It would be suicidal and stupid to try to fight back in the same manner. Like underdog fighters all through history they fight back by any means nessisary. History is replete with tales of massacres and terrorism. There is a myth of how war is to be fought based on some conventions developed by the victors in 19th and 20th century wars in Europe. They tried to civilize war. But war is by its very nature uncivilized and when you have such radically unequal fighters there is no option for a fair fight by Queens-bury rules.
Perhaps if the Americans would fight with AK 47’s from the back of Toyota jeeps like the enemy and eliminate aircraft, helicopters, drones, jets, and all the other advantages of our high tech civilization then perhaps the enemy would be willing to fight by the same rules because they would have about an equal chance of winning. But only a fool would fight on terms that are guaranteed to let the other side win. Does Obama think the people he calls his enemies are stupid? Are they animals? Are they subhuman? No they are the same, people who want to live free or die, like all of us.
Because of that we need to find ways for humans to live together without killing one another and to do that we have to let everyone have space, respect and a an opportunity to create their place in the sun.

On to another issue. While driving home today I heard on KPFK that the tax on the estates of the wealthiest Americans is going to expire in 2010. There will be no estate tax or Death tax as the Republicans like to call it. Up until this year it applied to all estates for individuals over $3 1/2 Million dollars and on couples estates over $7 million. After next year the law resets back to the as it existed in 2001. The House tried to pass a law to keep the estate tax from expiring but the Senate could not act because the Democrats could not get a 60 member majority to stop a filibuster.
This may not seem like a big deal but it is the lynch pin of progressive taxation. It is the main means to reset the wealth of the nation and keep too much wealth from accumulating into too few hands. As it stands 2% of the population have over half the wealth of the country and that has increased since the Bush Administration raised the limit of tax free income from $1 Million for an individual to $3 1/2 Million and on couples from $2 Million to $7 million. And Bush managed to eliminate it for one year entirely in 2010. The Bush gamble was that a new Republican administration would keep the 0% tax for the wealthy as the new standard. That means according to KPFK that $10 Trillion in taxes over 10 years will not come from the rich. It will come again from the working classes because as we all know the rich simply don’t make enough money as it is.

Godhead And Freedom

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Live Free Or Die. A simple statement. Simple but so hard to do. I would be a socialist if I could stand being around bureaucratic types. Or an academic if I could discipline my mind to write and respond on command. But I am not that smart. I walked away from a career as a civil servant. I would have been retired by now with a nice pension if I only managed to play by the rules for on say 30 years.
I might even be able to write professionally if I didn’t constantly write like a 12 year old. Damn straight I could. Sure. Instead I am a worker in a small printing company where they don’t look to closely at your past and they don’t pay to well either. I get to be as professional as I can stand, without having to compromise too much. I mean i have to pay taxes after a fashion, and I have to pay rent, make car payments, buy presents for family members and I love my kids even though I don’t live with them. If we lived like the Native Americans did, or even citizens did 50 years ago I could skate by and support a family, but now in the modern world I am simply too much of a barbarian.
Fortunately I have studied what was once called the barbarians and understand that is was mostly a conceit of the Greeks who called anyone who could not speak proper Greek a barbarian. Even the ancient Chinese had no term for Barbarian, they had foreigners of various stripes. Perhaps I would have been better off as a gypsy. They know how to skate by the systems having to bypass bureaucracies for centuries. I was a novice. I refused to accept my outcast status. I insisted that I could be an outsider and an insider at will. Move like a ghost in the machine, unnoticed but at the same time demanding of my liberty. I was not about to languish in some prison because of some silly drug possession charge. So I avoided that outlaw lifestyle because I did not want to be tied down to some drug dealing noon to midnight schedule and paying off cops and having to carry a weapon to fend off the less scrupulous. Not for me the outlaw life. I had tasted incarceration and decided I didn’t like the choice of reading material in the prison libraries, mostly cheap novels and religious tracts.
I tried another alternative, being a rock promoter since I was not much for being up on stage as a musician or a stand up comedian or poet. But I tried doing it as a political activist promoter. I believed in revolutionary Rock n’ Roll. Promoting racial harmony and peace and freedom as a DJ on community radio. But I took artistic freedom seriously and ended up kicked off the air every time I just got my groove going. I did get to promote some good shows and got to help turn Anarchism into more than just an obscure political theory from the 19th century.
I like my history. I like to be able to research whatever subject strikes my fancy. Right now it is ancient nomadic societies and the central Asian world in general. I like my radical politics but I could not be chained to mere academic Anarchism. When the Anarchists went Primitive, I went back to calling myself a Communist. But I also call myself a spiritualist and I tasted more than one, I savored the eastern traditions in the Vedic culture. I went to India and let my French girlfriend push me into the vedantic life to see what was there. I tried it. I did. I watched deities move made of stone in the early morning smoke from incense, chanting under the watchful eyes of the mother Ganga.
I watched as the gurus battled it out between themselves for control of the lucrative western devotees. I could understand the desire to get followers with money, families with wealth from the west. This was because the local devotees were so poor in comparison. It was corrupting. I could see it. They even took me aside and asked me to tell the western leadership of the Hare Krisnas to allow their eastern counterparts to have a taste of that sweet western wealth. This was back in the early 1990s. I never did because I understood exactly how it would be. The western Krisnas knew they had a gold mine in gullible devotees and they were not about to dilute their pond by letting others fish in western waters. After all it was their eastern culture that the western gurus were selling and if it were not for all the generations of Indians before them, there would be no east to sell to the west.
I spent another few years as a youth studying with a gnostic group but it was just a home grown eclectic form of Christianity that did not want to admit it was Christian, well except for the fact that they didn’t believe that Jesus died for our sins. They thought the whole cross thing was a gross misunderstanding of what Jesus was all about. He was a teacher of love and wisdom from the ancient school of Melchizedek. They had all sorts of rationales for that but nothing that I could ultimately believe in because I am seeking the ultimate truth and I just think if you believe in Jesus you should say so up front and not hide it in all sorts of spiritual and new age mumbo jumbo. I think he was a mighty fine man and teacher but Jesus is not my god.
A friend of mine told me the other day in an email that Buddhists don’t believe in god. I am not sure I believe in a god. But I do believe in multiple higher beings, sort of like smart space people. How far out in space I am not sure. I think Krisna and his blue buddies might have been ancient space aliens, but then it is hard to say. Certainly their stories are way better than the Bible. Not that I think India has the whole answer, but I do think they have more remnants of the truth than we do in the west, at least based on the surviving texts. Maybe the Masons know something I don’t but I have a Masonic Bible and it is the same as the rest.
I dream of being able to bake my Tempeh and eat it too, or at least share it with them that will eat it with me. Maybe my girlfriend will learn to cook or eat my cooking too, miracles do happen.

This, That And The Other Thing In Revolutionary Times

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

Years slip by like rain drops on your back yard cannabis leaves in the early spring mornings. The water gathers in puddles and gets absorbed into the earth or evaporates back into the sky to congeal around dust motes and then to come pouring down again as rain. Some of it runs off into streams, rivers, lakes and oceans where it mingles with the tears of heaven in the salty seas. Why don’t the oceans loose their salinity and become like lakes? Because the world it too saline. And like an old dog with the mange, nobody wants to bother to clean all that salt out of the oceans. So we continue to live on a planet full of water, water that will drive you mad and kill you if you drink.
I had an urge for pecans yesterday and today I bought a bag of Pecan halves. I like them better the way my grandfather used to sent them, He would put the whole pecans in the shell in a big box and ship them to us in Connecticut for Christmas. I used to love cracking open those shells and scooping out tasty morsels of pecan meat. Pecans and walnuts in the shell were both worth the effort to smash them open on a rock, not too hard, or you would end up with fragments too small to eat mixed in with the bits of shell, no the trick was to take that rock or hammer and gently crack it with a good swift blow that would crack the shell open and reveal an intact half or even a whole nut inside.
Just grabbing them out of the bag is not a satisfying and you end up eating too much. Humans emerged from the jungles or Savannah’s eating nuts and berries, insects and fruits. Hunting came later and farming much later still. Some few hold outs still refuse agriculture, preferring the older scavenger ways of primitive man. The Bible had one thing right, man as we know him, homo agriculturalis is only about 6000 years or so old. He started protecting the crop for his home brewed beer or was it his cultivated cannabis, and then graduated to eating bread, and all the rest, cities, writing, armies and wars. But it all started with the desire to get a steady source of party favors. Why else would people used to coming and going as they pleased, working only a few hours a day gathering berries or hunting the occasional deer, settle down to the drudgery of agriculture?
It took a lot of persuading with drugs, booze and then as they got more sophisticated the hocus pocus of religion to reinforce the emerging division of labor and to justify existence the primitive haves from the rest of the common herd of humans.
I can just imagine some smart ass future lawyer in about 4000 BC Sumeria, maybe in UR, convincing a group of local yokels at some drinking party where they were celebrating the mashing up of the mead into beer, he stands up, a little tipsy himself maybe, but not too tipsy and he presents the yokels with a proposal. He says my brother here, lets call him Zeke, has a magic ram horn and on that horn he can call the corn ferry to bring rain and good harvests to get us a whole lot more of this mead. Maybe he even put on this shindig with his brother. But he says my brother has to spend all day working up the wind to blow that horn hard enough for the corn ferry to hear. So you folks will have to pitch in a couple of bushels of corn, or a barrel of mead each to sustain him while he does the important work of summoning the corn ferry from the other side of that mountain over there where he/she/it lives.
Some of these yokels don’t buy it. They think the corn ferry is a bunch of nonsense but then old Lawyer guy here pulls out his trusty calendar stick and notes that on this notch last time there was an eclipse of the sun. So he says, well if you don’t believe in the corn ferry I am going to ask my brother to ask the Corn Ferry to do something mighty big, like blot out the sun. And they laugh the way yokels do and say go ahead and try. Lawyer man nods to Zeke, Zeke puts on his special corn ferry hat made of corn tassels and clay held together with some cow dung glue, he makes a mighty huffing and puffing and looks up in the sky and sees just a sliver of the sun disappear and goes for the horn. He blows mightily and low and behold the sun is blotted out. Lawyer dude gets up on the big rock where the kids liked to play king of the hill and said to the now awe struck yokels and grabs a handy flare, lights it up and says to them, now do you believe?
He has to act fast because that sun is going to be back soon but while the darkness holds he has a pretty rapt audience. No one else even though of a flare in the middle of an afternoon beer feast. So he has a captive audience. He says bow down to Zeke there and give him what you got and maybe if he is not too offended he will call off the corn ferry. And do you know what, that is exactly what Zeke did. He blew and blew and the sun came back and everyone was happy again and he was inundated in barrels of mead and bushels of corn.

That dear friends is about how I think it all got started more or less repeated in river valleys and protected spots all across the planet wherever smart ass lawyers with amenable relatives could be found. Later they probably had to add the innovation of the big dumb cousin as enforcer for the laggards who reneged on their bushel of corn or barrel of mead and so it goes from family to village to city state to nation to world wide corporate religious elites with idols and interpol’s and what have you.

It all comes down to observation of nature and playing upon human nature. One smart ass with a couple of helpers, can rule an entire village or an entire planet. Humans will happily pick and pluck their individual ways oblivious to all from dawn til dusk and sleep in a hole in the ground unless there is some one out there pushing them to do something different. Is that better? That is debatable. Some say the ends justify the means. Look we have cell phones and flat screen TV because of that smart ass and his brother with the horn. But on the other hand, do we really need to force people to bust their asses supporting a small percentage of the population just so they can dispense a few favors upon the rest of us of dubious value? Are we really better off than those hunter gatherers? Could we have developed another model? Can we still?
Some modern primitive types want to return to the hunter gatherer stage. It certainly was less of a strain on the environment, but can the planet support 7 billion hunter gatherers? personally I don’t think so and I believe that to attempt it would be equivalent to the Pol Pot experiment in Cambodia only with a much bigger die off. You would have to drag some of these humans kicking and screaming from their play station 2’s and their flat screen TVs. It would be uh inhumane.
Socialists simply want to end consumerism cold turkey. Make us all live like oh say Cubans do today, driving well made 1950’s cars, free medical care, lots of well educated people roaming around with little to do besides pick the garbage and grow vegetables in their own home gardens. Well maybe not like Cuba, after all we can blame that on the American Embargo and Cuba is green. They had to be. Russia stopped sending subsidised oil and Chavez wasn’t around back in the early 1990’s. Now Cuba trades Doctors for Oil with Venezuela and things are not so bad. But they are green and every third Cuban from what the media reports cannot wait for those American/Chinese made Play Stations to start rolling on in. Cubans if you can believe the media can hardly wait for their chance to play in the consumerist sun.
What else is there in the world? Well capitalism. I mean lots of capitalism. Consumerist capitalism with a dose of moderating state regulation in places like Europe, but in most of the rest of the world it is Capitalism with a Capital C. Let her rip and the consequences be damned. This is free beer today for your soul for the rest of your life capitalism. This is indentured servitude, debt compounded by the miracle of compound interest capitalism. Where does all that compounded interest come from you might ask? I would ask the more succinct question where does it go? It goes as far as I can tell into the hands of a few wealthy investors. They offer compounded interest because they know that they are the ones who benefit. Not the retired school teacher who invested $5.00 fifty years ago and is now a millionaire that the capitalist propagandists love to taut as an example of capitalism working for the little man or woman, like some old style Soviet Model Worker who dug 5 times the coal quota because the system was rigged to let him win. No it is not the retired school teachers who win. If they did do you think capitalism would still be around? No the wealth would be dissipated like so much gas let out of the entropic bag. It is only because wealth is constantly concentrated and excess or surplus wealth is destroyed, that value is kept in the hands of the few and capitalism works. It is merely the modern extension of feudalism or the rule of kings, or priests or what have you. It is the few dictating to the many, and if there is a surplus it gets demolished in a convenient war or disaster of one kind or another. We can’t have wealth dispersed. Better burn it than feed those damn starving Bengalis or Bangladeshi or Bavarians or what have you.
Capitalism, like all con games is created to support the well being of its master players. If you learn the rules and are really good, perhaps you will be allowed into the inner sanctum of wealth. But more likely you will be just another indebted slob out there in slobonia drinking your ersatz beer and eating your government surplus macaroni and cheese. But only a little. If you get too much surplus the market might drop and heaven forbid we let that happen.
It is not that these are particularly evil men and women. It is just that, well, given the alternative of equitable distribution, with everyone working a few hours a day to support the social well being, well civilization as we know it will end. Look at what happened in Russia. They ended up giving money to artists and to the Ballet for gods sake. What kind of nonsense is that? Only the elite get the Bolshoi, the rest get Karaoke and that is what they deserve because as we all know that is all they really want. George Orwell put it pretty well in his Orwellian novel 1984. Gee I wonder why his parents named him after something as evil as Orwellianism?
Americans know that pop culture if allowed to flow to the least common denominator will give us pap that is virtually unpalatable. But we also know that people will become so accustomed to it that they will eat shit and say it is good shit if it is presented in the right packaging, say McDonalds anyone? Who determines this stuff? Scientists do the research, marketers do the research and corporate directors well compensated decide what pile of inedible shit the vast majority of us is ready to consume now. It is even environmentally correct as most beef products are 50% soy now.
So what am I advocating? I am saying that we need rational decision making, but not made by the elite who profit off of giving us less for more. We need to educate ourselves as to what is healthy and what is not and make intelligent choices about what we consume and how much. We need to put managers in place who work for the benefit of the majority, well meaning geeks, incorruptibles like Ralph Nader and semi Incorruptibles like Congress persons Dennis Kucinich and Barbara Lee. The problem is that politics as practiced in America emulates the values of the United States. It is a mix of high minded preaching with sleazy practicality. Americans want politicians who look good on the surface but can cut a deal that benefits numero uno first and last. It is part of the capitalist ethic of greed, the protestant ethic of hard work and moral uprightness and the various patterns of ethics, religion, morality, economics, culture and what have you that has been thrown together in the great American grab bag of a nation state.
This experiment in radical individualistic pleasure seeking under an all seeing calvinistic god, one who does or doesn’t exist depending on your frame of reference but certainly maintains a tight grip on this nation at the apex of the dollar pyramid, this deity that sees all and doesn’t see a damn thing is pervasive and incoherent as is appropriate for a nation created in a hot feverish summer, in Philadelphia between bouts at the local tavern.
I don’t know if this is what the founding fathers saw when they were smoking their home grown back then, but I am sure that what we have now is not even close to what we had then. More importantly we need to get a grip and plot a new course and that means some serious partying and a new constitutional convention. I suggest shrooms this time and maybe Miami or Palm Springs.

Christmas Day Watching The Zombie Movies.

Friday, December 25th, 2009

I am watching a great movie about a boy named Timmy and his pet Zombie called “Fido”. It is also the name of the movie. This version of the world it a take off on the 1950’s show “Lassie”. Except it takes place in a post Zombie war world where pet Zombies are kept and Zombies are shot all the time. But the boy Timmy and his mom loved the Zombie pet and he was taken away by the Zombie police because he was blamed for killing some teenagers and an old lady when the teenagers were killed by the mom and the old lady was killed by the boy Timmy. The Dad is trying to be Mr Normal. He is a perfect fifties guy. As he puts it feelings are not important. What is important is being alive and killing zombies. His dad gives him a hand gun and bullets to make up for losing his pet Zombie.
When the wife tells her husband that she is pregnant he tells her he cannot afford another funeral. After all, in this world most of the people die by turning Zombie and having a real live funeral is expensive. They have fifties cars and wear fifties clothes. The people in charge are Zombiecon. They take care of Zombies, train them, give them control collars and this one guy fell in love with his teenage Zombie. This worker shot his girlfriend zombie and the guy went wild on the worker. Then Timmy’s father went to find him and he had been taken into the Wild Zone where zombies run free by the head of Zombiecon a grizzled war veteran who looks like Bob Dobbs. But Timmy was saved by Fido who was working in the Zombiecon factory where he had been taken to work when he was taken away from Timmy. Timmy’s dad wrestled the leader of Zombiecon and was shot. But Timmy escaped from the Wild Zone and took Fido’s collar off him and Fido ate the leader of Zombiecon. Dad who was now dead got his funeral. Now Fido is the man of the house and gets to smoke cigarettes and since it is a good fifties flick smoking is cool. A happy movie for Christmas Day.

Senate Passed Health Care Bill, Christmas Eve

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska made sure that abortion would not be covered in the bill. Abortion coverage has to be paid for privately. The legislation also allows States to ban coverage for abortion in State plans and private plans if they want to. This is an attack on woman’s right to chose. This bill also allows States to ban private insurance companies from covering abortions if they want to. This was according to Senator Nelson on CSPAN today.
Kathleen Hunter of the Congressional Quarterly says the next step is the consensus between the House and Senate bill in a conference committee. Will the Public Option survive? It depends on how much noise we make. But that won’t matter unless we threaten to pull votes and give them to the Greens. That is what we really have to do. But until we the people are unwilling to put up with this, then we will not be able to do much about it other than make a little noise.

Meanwhile it is Christmas eve and we in the west can take a little time out to celebrate a time of gift giving and celebrating life, it is hardly the birthday of Christ, but it is certainly a celebration of the solstice and the new year.

Right Wing Dominates But Left Still Has A Window In USA.

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

My boss isn’t too cheap for a boss. He put on a decent Christmas party lunch and gave a Bonus, which in this economy is saying something. LA has had some serious weather last couple of days. The wind blew a couple of trees down on the freeway. In LA that is about it. We could have had some rain but the weather gods went easy on us, we got dust.
My girlfriend and I are back together, that is something. Just in time for Christmas. I spent more than I should but at least I didn’t have to go into debt worse than I already am.
What about politics? Obama is riding high. He got that health care bill through Congress, a near miracle considering how many interest groups have a strangle hold on the wallets of the members. We could really use publicly funded elections. If politicians could focus on policy and not have to spend 50% plus of their time raising money, perhaps we would have some policies that are worthy of the American people. Perhaps Congress could become a part time job. Just think about it. If the media was forced to give up some of the public air waves for the public interest and anyone who could get oh lets say signatures of 5% of the electorate of their district, then they get public funding no matter what party you represent, then we might get a real spread of interesting people running for office.
So what chance do we have of getting election reform? Do you know of any reform bills that have a snowballs chance in hell?

What about Afghanistan and the new war of choice, Yemen? Yemen in case you forgot is that country tucked in the south west corner of the Arabian peninsula. It butts up to Saudi Arabia and it is across the Red Sea from Somalia. For a while it was a Peoples Republic based in Aden one of the old ports on the route to the East Indies that has been a major trading port for centuries. It is also where the USS Cole was blown up by Al Qaeda the year before 9-11. Yemen is probably about to become the next locus for American boots on the ground. It will provide a nice jumping off point for another invasion of Somalia and it is on the other end of the Red Sea from the Suez Canal. But what will happen? Obama knows. But we all know that the Military Industrial complex needs a war, like an addict needs a fix and Obama has set a time limit for Afghanistan. So perhaps Yemen, perhaps Pakistan, or some yet to be designated point in Africa. Obama wants to do something for his ancestral homeland and what better than a few brigades of Marines and Air Calvary?

I got more than a couple of comments on my Campaign for Airhead Palin for President. Now anyone who knows me might know that I really don’t want her for President, but I do think she is pretty representative of the viewpoints of many middle American white people.
Think of is as a warning of things to come if we don’t get our acts together and promote some truly progresive values and legislation. Some of my Anarchist friends might think I am becoming too much of a liberal or a communist and they might be right. I certainly am in favor of national health care that is a single payer plan, I am in favor of a strong government with real participation from the grass roots. The problem is what is the real American grass roots? Are they Tea Party types or are they radical environmentalists? Are they vegetarians or meat eating, gun toting Rush Limbaugh fans? I would say neither but, then I don’t think it is to far of a stretch to say that there might be more Limbaugh fans than Olbermann fans. But then I have not seen the numbers.

Here are some numbers. Cable News Ratings for Dec. 22 2009.

5PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Glenn Beck – 1,660,000 viewers (419,000) (813,000)
Situation Room—562,000 viewers (137,000) (194,000)
Hardball w/ Chris Matthews—487,000 viewers (58,000) (233,000)
Fast Money—276,000 viewers (62,000) (119,000)
Prime News —232,000 viewers (127,000) (156,000)

6PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Special Report with Bret Baier – 1,982,000 viewers (395,000) (868,000)
Situation Room—437,000 viewers (123,000) (187,000)
Ed Show—440,000 viewers (75,000) (237,000)
Mad Money —201,000 viewers (64,000) (107,000)
Prime News – 280,000 viewers (117,000) (192,000)

7PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The Fox Report – 1,808,000 viewers (428,000) (761,000)
CNN Tonight – 589,000 (106,000) (219,000)
Hardball w/ Chris Matthews – 485,000 (80,000) (250,000)
Kudlow Report — 156,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 35,000) (69,000)
Issues– 467,000 viewers (150,000) (256,000)

8PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The O’Reilly Factor – 2,497,000 viewers (626,000) (1,134,000)
Campbell Brown – 461,000 viewers (124,000) (163,000)
Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 785,000 viewers (187,000) (381,000)
Big Mac: Inside McDonalds – 172,000 viewers (85,000) (72,000)
Nancy Grace – 782,000 viewers (221,000) (358,000)

9 PM – P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
Hannity – 1,834,000 viewers (496,000) (879,000)
Larry King Live —790,000 viewers (169,000) (283,000)
Rachel Maddow Show —750,000 viewers (185,000) (392,000)
BIO: Dave Thomas— 259,000 viewers (113,000) (141,000)
Joy Behar- 580,000 viewers (120,000) (232,000)

10 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
On The Record w/ Greta —1,814,000 viewers (535,000) (907,000)
Anderson Cooper 360 — 606,000 viewers (154,000) (244,000)
Countdown w/ K. Olbermann – 426,000 (134,000) (235,000)
NewBos: Black Overclass — 129,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 37,000) (59,000)
Nancy Grace –440,000 viewers (151,000) (194,000)

11 PM P2+ (25-54) (35-64)
The O’Reilly Factor —1,150,000 viewers (399,000) (682,000)
Anderson Cooper 360 — 358,000 viewers (124,000) (186,000)
Rachel Maddow Show —356,000 viewers (117,000) (234,000)
Mad Money – a scratch w/ 46,000 viewers (a scratch w/ 20,000) (a scratch w/ 31,000)
Showbiz Tonight– 387,000 viewers (185,000) (218,000)
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O’Reilly vs. Olbermann TV Ratings Through Thursday, September 24
Posted on 25 September 2009 by Bill Gorman

Long Term Trend of O’Reilly vs. Olbermann TV Ratings:

This is a graph that generally shows O’Reilly as being more popular than Olbermann. I am not a fan of Fox but it seems to be generally more popular at least among Nielson households.

I also heard today on NPR that the USA is turning against the health reform bill.
This is an Associated Press Poll from November in the San Angelo Texas Times.
“HEALTH CARE REFORM: Poll: Overhaul key to fixing economy
ALAN FRAM Associated Press
Posted December 23, 2009 at 7:56 p.m.
SAN ANGELO, Texas — WASHINGTON — The public’s views on health care have stayed largely steady this year, despite dramatic swings in the political battle over President Barack Obama’s drive to revamp the nation’s medical system, a survey says.

Overall, 82 percent say an overhaul of the nation’s health care system is important for recharging the economy, according to an average of monthly polls conducted since April by the nonpartisan Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The most recent survey, covering November, found that 77 percent agree with that connection.

Personal concerns have remained fairly constant as well. About one in four people worry they might lose their health coverage in the next year, while almost half say they are concerned they might not be able to afford care for themselves or a relative.

“Peoples’ health care concerns are most affected by their personal circumstances, and not as much by what’s going on in Washington,” said Brian Quinn, a researcher with the foundation, which generally supports the goals of a health overhaul.

Reshaping the nation’s health system has been Obama’s top domestic priority this year, but it has run into near-unanimous Republican opposition and an expensive lobbying war involving health care providers, business, labor and other groups.

After months of maneuvering, Senate Democrats have won the backing from lawmakers they will need to push the health package through the chamber this week. Passage is expected to be unanimously opposed by the Senate’s 40 Republicans.

The House approved its version of the legislation last month. House-Senate bargainers will have to strike a compromise and push it through Congress before Obama can sign it.

In the latest poll, about six in 10 said a health care overhaul won’t affect their personal access to health care or their family finances. About four in 10, though, say a revamping will improve access to care in the nation overall, while about three in 10 think it will help the country’s financial status.

Support for the link between a health overhaul and the economy drops among whites and the better off.

While 95 percent of minorities agreed with that connection, just 74 percent of whites said so.

Among income groups, 85 percent of the lowest one-third of earners say a health overhaul is important for fixing the economy, compared to just 74 percent of the top third of earners.

The poll also found that the Robert Wood Johnson index of consumer health care confidence fell slightly to 96.9 last month, near its 2009 average of 98.9. That reading had hit 104.4 points in October, a surge researchers attributed to better economic news and Senate progress on health care at the time.

The latest foundation poll was conducted from Oct. 29 to Nov. 23 and involved telephone interviews with 508 randomly chosen people.”

This is from a blog “South Dakota Politics.”

“December 23, 2009
The Least Popular Reform in U.S. History
The Gallup poll found that 48% of respondents wanted their Congressional representatives to vote against the bill, while 46% wanted them to vote for it. In the Quinnipiac poll, 53% were opposed vs. 36% in favor.

It is difficult to imagine a case in the history of the Republic where the disproportion between the ambitions and the popularity of a proposed piece of legislation has been as great as this.

I have been watching Arkansas TV, and there is a deluge of commercials on this topic. Most of them are pro-reform. According to these ads, the health care reform bills will save Medicare; they will reduce overall health care spending; they will reduce the deficit; they will lower individual health care costs without raising taxes on most Americans; and they will leave all medical decisions up to patients and their doctors. Wow.

Of course, everything in that list is a lie. The current bills do nothing to put Medicare on a sound financial basis. Instead, they propose cutting billions more out of the program. Better than that, the CBO has noticed that the Senate bill counts the Medicare cuts twice! It also counts on cost savings gimmicks like the Doctor’s fix (cutting reimbursements to Doctor’s under Medicare) that Congress obviously won’t make. If it did make them, it would push almost all Doctors out of the Medicare system. This is apparently what the New York Times means when it says that the bill “has been carefully and responsibly drafted so that it is fully paid for without busting future budgets.”

Nothing it he process so far suggests that Congress is capable of forcing real sacrifices. For that reason, no reasonable person can believe that it is really going to cut the deficit. But even if, as the New York Times says, the bill is responsibly drafted, that doesn’t mean that it reduces health care costs. The trillions that the bill will cost have to come from somewhere. That’s money that can’t be spent on other things. There is no prospect of significant reductions in other spending.

The audacity of this legislation is breathtaking.

Posted by Ken Blanchard at 04:13 PM”

This is not particularly scientific but I am of the opinion that America is mildly conservative with a smattering of radicals on the right and left. At this time I would say that the right wing is larger than the left. But the right screwed the country up so badly over the last 8 years that even a black man named Hussain could win. And well, that is exactly what happened. But are we more liberal overall? I don’t think so. Perhaps, we can hope and if liberals manage to win and dominate the political agenda for a generation the way the right wing has in America, we might be able to shift the country to the left. Meantime I will find it pretty hard to believe that the left has truly won. Not based on my reading of middle America, and I am only in the middle of Los Angeles.

Preacher Says Shoplift, Russians Hack Banks, Cost Of Living. Health, Cough, Cough, Care?

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

What is the big tent? I am wearing a big tent tee shirt because I have a belly like Homer Simpson.
It looks like the Republicans are facing reality and letting the Democrats have their watered down health care plan. I was listening to my boss at work telling someone about how the democrats plan will allow the government to go after peoples bank accounts to pay for the health plan. He didn’t mention that he meant rich people like himself, but then that part will probably be taken out since it is in the House version of the plan. The senate version puts another nail in the coffin of american unionism by taxing the union health plans that are actually decent. You might even remember what a decent health plan did. I remember the golden years of labor when health insurance for one person covered his or her entire family, that was back in the ancient times when one person could support an entire family on one wage.
When I was a young man, back in the early 1970’s I got a job working at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and it paid the kingly sum of $5.00 an hour for a GS-3., the level of civil service job that I had as a waiter in the cadet dining hall. That was when the minimum wage was $1.60 an hour and the rent on my 4 bedroom house was $120 a month in Colorado Springs. Even as recently as 1980 I had an apartment in San Francisco for $100 a month. But alas the cost of living has gone up and up and up and my salary was frozen at about $40,000 a year for a decade. Even though I make more than that now, my income has not kept up with the cost of living and my first job in Colorado at the Air Force Academy was relatively speaking one of the best paying jobs I have had, at least legally. It also had the best benefits, half a day of sick pay and half a day of vacation pay for every 2 weeks of work, full coverage of my family with my health insurance and a retirement plan. Now I don’t even get sick pay. I discovered that when I got sick last week and when the wanted to know if I was taking a vacation day I answered incredulously why? Use my sick pay. Then I was informed of the shocking fact that this well established profitable company had no sick pay. No wonder the owner lives in a $6 million dollar mansion. He is even wealthier than my old boss, and that guy was a tight asshole. This guy is just a cheap bastard. Which is worse?
Personal stuff. But then what do you expect in a world where people talk about Unions like it was some sort of evil alien plot to corrupt your children. Reaganism truly has had its way with the American working class. They now ask how far when told to bend over. I would be upset about this if I didn’t understand that beating myself up over other people’s stupidity is a waste of time. The problem is, I thought that at some point people would come around and stand up to being pushed around. This is America after all, the land of the free and the home of the brave. I guess what they meant was the home of those who can bravely take it with a stiff upper lip while it is being crammed in deeper and harder. I could understand it if we were all bottoms and the capitalist class were all tops, but I simply don’t believe that 99% of the worlds population likes to take it in the ass, no matter what my gay friends want us to believe.
We need a new term for being fucked over, one that is not sexist. After all it is derogatory to sex play to call what the ruling class has done to Americans.

Ok I am going to say something that may seem a little wierd. I want to see Obama succeed in most of what he wants to do, because, for one thing, what the Republicans would do is so much worse. For another thing even though he compromises way too much, health care reform, climate reform and nuclear disarmament are all issues where he is on the good side of the fence, even though he may seem more like he is teetering on the edge. When it comes down too it I don’t want to see him replaced with Sarah Palin or any of the Tea Party right wing wackos because as we have seen people don’t become radicalized by right wing presidents, they become right wingers. The only way to get the nation in line with the rest of the world and to get the corporate interests out of control is to keep pushing to the left. We might even end up with a moderate Republican candidate if the country is consistently more to the left.
An even better idea would be for the right wingers to break off from the Republicans and form a libertarian-christian fundamentalist party. The rump republicans and the democratic centrists form a party of the center and the progressives and greens form a left green-labor party. Now then that would be an interesting situation more like the rest of the world than what the USA has been in terms of political options. If people could see that the political establishment are really one party, Republicrat, then people might be able to choose something different, a minimal government party or an effective government party instead of a government for corporate business interests like we have now. I can dream.

The conservative right is not affraid to break with Republicans to vote conservative. Now we only need to see liberals and radicals break with the Democrats to vote progressive. Then we would have some decent choices, or at least we might be able to get something like that.

There is some hope that Americans are tired of lukewarm soup politics. We might get some really Jesus like behavior here with the milk toast sold out politicos being spat out by a new generation of firebrands. We can hope.

We have seen Fundamentalist Christian politicians calling for prayers to their version of the lord of the universe to stop some pretty petty things, the pulling of a plug on a brain dead woman, the early demise of a democrat to stop a health bill vote, as I said pretty petty stuff. If you can imagine some deity who has to run the whole universe stopping everything long enough to zap a politician with a lightning bolt, then you have the imagination of a primitive primate. Sort of like those Apes at the wall in 2001 space odyssey if you can remember that far back. Or lets bring it up to date, did you see Avatar? Great movie, you should. It shows the Natives, kicking Colonialist, Imperialist butt. They had a literal god in the trees that connected all them together in a biological link up through that thing in the end of their hair, sort of a biological plug in. If you saw Existenz a few years ago, you saw the prototype, a biological-computer hybrid link up. Avatar made it totaly biological and made the network link up through the trees where the collective memory banks were kept. For them killing trees was literally cutting out part of the brain of those people. It makes you wonder if deforestation here on Earth is causing us to lose brain matter.
Tonight on NPR they were talking about interactive gaming. Games where the customers design their own game worlds like Spore. Games that were invented to cut the cost of designing by tricking the customers into doing the work for the manufacturer. The perfect game, an empty space, like a kid playing with the box that some expensive fancy game came in or like some so called terrorist using a cheap off the shelf game to break into an expensive government drone. Why pay at all? The Russian Hackers in the news today that robbed Chase Bank of millions had the idea. Just withdraw from the public ATM.
Warren Olney wasn’t on his show today but the host had a guest who made a great point saying in response to the news that the President has selected a computer czar to deal with things like this. After all it was revealed hackers steal millions from the banks at least 10 to 12 times a year but the Banks don’t like to admit it, They just pass it on as a 1% surcharge to all the transactions the rest of us make. But if you think about it banks get their money for virtually free from the government. The Federal Reserve creates wealth out of nothing after all what is compound interest but creating something from nothing. So if a few over zealous computer geeks decide to take a share, who can say it is wrong or bad? It is all imaginary anyway. Play money.

Or we can follow the example of this Preacher who calls on us to Shoplift.

“English priest: Shoplifting by truly poor sometimes OK
But preacher’s Anglican superior, shop owners and police disagree with sermon.More .ASSOCIATED PRESS

Published: 6:59 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 22, 2009

LONDON — An Anglican priest in northern England says that the commandment that dictates “thou shalt not steal” isn’t exactly written in stone.

The Rev. Tim Jones caused an uproar by telling his congregation that it is sometimes acceptable for desperate people to shoplift — as long as they do it at large national chain stores, rather than small family businesses.

Jones’ sermon drew rebukes Tuesday from fellow clergy, shop owners and police.

At the Church of St. Lawrence in York, about 220 miles north of London, Jones said in his sermon Sunday that shoplifting can be justified if a person in real need isn’t greedy and doesn’t take more than he or she needs to get by.

The remarks drew a summons from Archdeacon Richard Seed, who said the church rejects the view that shoplifting can be acceptable. “The Church of England does not advise anyone to shoplift, or break the law in any way,” he said.

“Father Tim Jones is raising important issues about the difficulties people face when benefits are not forthcoming, but shoplifting is not the way to overcome these difficulties,” Seed said.”

Go for it kids, Gods Vicar says its OK. Wink, wink….

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