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Call For Yamuna Clean Up

Sunday, February 28th, 2010

This is a year old. I don’t know if they have made any progress but when I was in Vrindavan I drank from the Yamuna, it is supposed to wash away 10,000 years of bad karma. Well I got sick and it was probably because of the fecal matter in the water that I noticed after I took my fatal sip. It ruined what had been a great trip to India where I ate the food and drank the water freely for 2 months before I had that incident. So I am glad to see somebody doing something to clean up that famous river.

“Delhi students launch campaign to save River Yamuna
February 23rd, 2009 - 12:51 pm ICT by ANI -

New Delhi, Feb 23 (ANI): Hundreds of students, environmentalists and residents have joined hands in a campaign to save the River Yamuna from further pollution.
Holding placards and banners, they gathered at the Jamia Milia Islamia University’’s Ansari Auditorium and raised slogans in favour of ”Yamuna River-Cleaning”.
The River Yamuna that holds not only mythological but also historical significance to the country, is today in a pathetic state and its water is unfit for bathing, leave alone consumption.
According to Central Pollution Control Board, around 70 per cent of the pollution in the Yamuna is human excrement.
Addressing media persons on the sidelines of the function, Tejendra Khanna, Delhi Lieutenant Governor urged the residents to join hands in the campaign.
“The main motive of this campaign is to increase the participation of people in this ”Clean Yamuna River Campaign”. If all of us join hands, then we will decrease the pollution level to a great extent,” said Khanna. He also mentioned that the Supreme Court had given green signal to the 2.5 billion rupees ”Yamuna Action Plan II” and hoped that in 18 months time, the condition of the river would change.
The Yamuna Action Plan was launched in 1993, with the aim of conserving the river has met with no success despite billions being spent on it.
Arti Mehra, Mayor of Delhi said that the second effluent treatment plant would be jointly completed by the Municipal Corporation and the State Government.
“The work of small drains will be covered by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi. The Delhi State Government will have to look after the work of big drains, sewerage treatment plants and interceptors. I am very hopeful of the project,” said Mehra.
While 60 per cent of Delhi’’s water needs are fulfilled by Yamuna, almost the same percentage of the city’’s sewage finds its way into the river.
The national capital alone produces 3.6 billion litre of sewage every day, but due to poor management, less than half of it is effectively treated.
The remaining untreated waste is dumped into the Yamuna River. (ANI)

More at : Delhi students launch campaign to save River Yamuna″

Anarchism, Buddhism, Gnosticsm, Bible Study, & Diet

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

They all fit together somehow. Now that I am drug free, not even taking those damn blood pressure pills anymore. I don’t what is harder to kick prescription meds that are supposed to be good for you or prescription meds that are supposed to control your cravings like methadone. All I know is I am in almost constant pain, but that reminds me of my mortality. And surprisingly it is not so bad. I can flash back into my acid memories anytime I want and have a peak experience if I care to take time to recall exactly what that meant.
I am taking vitamins and trying to eat foods that are good for blood pressure like pears, apple juice, oranges, garlic, bananas, carrots, beets, 70% pure coca dark chocolate, cantaloupe, watermelon, spinach, parsley, fenugreek, anise seeds, avocados, apricots, sweet potatoes, raisins, salmon and sardines. B-complex is good.
Some of my favorites that are not on the list are beans, bread, rice, miso soup, seaweed, dill pickles, ice cream, Danish pastry, pasta, tomatoes, and nuts.
I am not sure where blueberries fit. They are antioxidants. Dandelion coffee, the stuff they used to give us on the spiritual commune instead of real coffee is good for the circulation. Who would have thought. Something called angelica root is good and camomile tea. I discovered that the other night when I could not sleep and drank a cup. I was groggy for hours.
My dreams have been especially vivid lately. I remember them and write about them to my friends in emails. Mostly they are about anarchism and a little about spirituality. I am on a bible reading project. Reading every even numbered book in the bible and then all the odd numbered ones. I read the evens in a catholic bible and odds in a Masonic one. I am on my third even book Joshua, after reading Exodus and Numbers. The story that stands out most in my mind is that of Balaam and the talking ass.
It seems the Midianites wanted the prophet of the lord Balaam to put a curse on the Israelites. When he was riding his donkey to them an angel came to block the way and the ass saw the angel and refused to move, but Balaam beat the beast thinking it was being stubborn. This happened three times before the donkey started speaking. The Lord loosened his tongue so to speak and he asks Balaam why he is beating him. Balaam says because you are a stubborn ass. The ass says but haven’t I always taken you where you want to go? And then Balaam sees the angel and bows down. It is interesting that the donkey doesn’t say see that angel right in front of your face? He says haven’t I been good to you all along. In other words trust me, I am your faithful donkey and if I stop and won’t go no matter how much you beat me you better pay attention. That is a great tale. Our bodies are our donkeys and when the refuse to go when we beat them, perhaps it is because there is a reason. I have decided to pay attention to my donkey before its legs collapse from overwork.
So I am looking for a new home. I want to find a place where my cost of living is lower and I don’t have to work so hard just to get by. I am thinking Mexico. But to live there I have to have a way to get enough income to get by. Places like San Miguel de Allende, like where my buddy Jack lives is probably too expensive. I am thinking maybe some little fishing village out of the way somewhere in the Baja. Anybody got any suggestions? I was thinking India but I am afraid India now is not the place it once was, a tropical paradise where the only sound at night was the chanting of the Brahmins and the howling of the wild dogs. It has become part of the grid and is enmeshed in the electronic computerized gulag we live in now. I need to find real remoteness without having to deal with icebergs and penguins.
How about that earthquake in Chile? 8.8 that is big. We even had a tsunami watch here in southern California. It seems that the world is one big bowl of jell-o and we mere mortals had better get on our roller skates because we are in for a wild ride.
That brings me to Buddhism. Here we have a religion that is designed for disaster. It says life is suffering and the goal is to escape the wheel of karma that keeps us chained to our desires and the suffering desire entails or something like that. It seems that if we can remain calm and collected when all around us is upheaval, well that might be useful. Anyway I am thinking of checking out the nearest temple. It is a Tibetan one. I would have thought with all the Cambodians around here it would have been one of theirs.
All these dreams about Anarchism. I am thinking I should go to San Francisco and see my son, my old friends Mark, Mitchell and I understand Jory and Dean will be there. I good time is guaranteed for all, well as good as it gets for middle-aged anarchists.
Tomorrow is the Holi festival. The day of colors in India. Happy Holi people. Get wet but not too wet. I mean don’t get carried away in the tsunami without your board. Surfs up dudes and dudettes. Better get ready for Ted Kaczynski world.

Ooby Dooby, Lessons From World War I Revolts

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Friday night and I am almost totally broke. There is nothing like having time and no money. Except perhaps what is worse is working 45 hours a week and barely having enough to get by. I can look forward to a lot of that with the tax man robbing half my income.
I am ready for a revolution. I guess that is the one good thing about being broke and oppressed, it creates a desire for change. I am watching a show about World War One and it says that the British kept 200,000 troops at home to prevent revolution. Lloyd George the Prime Minister dealt with the multiple strikes that occurred in the British Isles by simply giving in. This was a relatively enlightened policy, but also one that undermined the revolutionary potential of Great Britain.
French troops revolted, formed columns and went to the woods. Half the French Army refused to fight in 1917 after the French generals botched a major assault. The troops won some concessions. They got more leave, and better treatment and still 49 soldiers were executed by the French. The new French leadership who replaced the general who had led the disastrous assault changed French military strategy to one of defense.
The Italians who were treated badly when they rebelled, then surrendered en masse to the Germans and Austro-Hungarians. Some 300,000 surrendered. Many more simply walked. Finally the Italians decided to give the troops better conditions and they fired the General who had been so abusive. But by then the Italian army was half the size it had been and became less than functional.
In Russia we had revolution and a victory of the people over the czar. Most of you probably know the stories of the heroes of the Russian Revolution. Lenin’s famous train ride from Switzerland to Russia led to the October Revolution.
Germany and Hungary had their revolutions at the end of the war. Both failed, but they came close.
Turkey had a revolt of the Arabs supported by the British. Tales of Lawrence of Arabia the British encouraged the Arabs to become guerrillas and robbers of the Turkish Empire. T.E. Lawrence, the great advocate of the Arabs knew all along that the British had no intention of giving the Arabs independent control of the Middle East. He was an agent of British Imperialism plain and simple.
Ireland was the British weak spot and during the war the Irish Republican Brotherhood saw the war as a chance for independence from Great Britain. The Irish revolted. The Germans sent the Irish guns and they used those guns to revolt. The Easter rebellion failed as the German supply ship carrying 20,000 rifles was caught by the British. But the British execution of the leaders of the rebellion turned what had been a botched revolt into a symbol of Irish nationalism.
Enough of history, I think you get the idea, and we really need ideas that lead somewhere and not to just more talk. What I am saying is when the people rise up they get results. When the bow down and wait, they get nothing but crumbs. People power is in critically played out mass action. Done right it wins the game. What can they do, shoot us all?

Healthcare Summit Clears Way For Reconciliation

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

The Democrats have finally realized that they have to produce or lose control of the Senate and the House next fall. So today there was a 6 hour dog and pony show between the Dems and Repubs to show the American people that the Republicans have no plan and the Democrats have one when it comes to health care reform. Or rather the Republican plan is obstruction on the issue of healthcare reform to try and tear the independent voters away from the Democrats so that they can win in November. The Democrats need to have a victory, even this tattered and minimal health reform, minus the public option, nowhere near the public health care that we need, but at least it is a next step. Question is who benefits from this?
So the rubber is about to hit the road on health care reform and we will end up with mandatory health care. Who benefits, mostly the insurance companies. They now have an expanded pool of healthy clients. Now if this also includes a provision that nobody can be denied due to pre-existing conditions and if you can carry your insurance from one job to the next then, perhaps the consumer will benefit a little, but just a bit. If this was real reform it would be DOA. What we will get is something that will make money for the smart insurance company operators and because of that, no matter how much they may pretend to be unhappy with this plan, in reality they are rubbing their hands together over the potential profits with mandatory health insurance with no public plan.
Now we see how this ends up passing in reconciliation. The Congress has to pass the Senate bill and then the Senate has to send it to the President. This is a crappy bill but I guess it is a step, in what direction remains to be seen. As far as I can tell the ruling classes are working to benefit the various factions of the lobby groups. The people and their needs are incidental or perhaps accidental to the process.
Obama did advocate for the people who are left out. The people who make $40,000 or less a year who have no health care. He did make a point that they need help and he gets the letters to prove it. He was responding to a Republican suggestion people should get health savings accounts. This only works for people who have a lot of disposable income according to the President. This was the first time I have heard Obama speak up for the average American in a long time. Now if he actually means it, then that may mean we have a real president and not just another toady for the vested interests.

Sick Day, Weakness Of American Working Classes

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I am thinking of going to the Anarchist Book fair and Conference in San Francisco this year. I have been dreaming a lot about anarchist stuff over the last week. So maybe I should go, at least for the weekend. Last time I ended up driving around the Tenderloin reminiscing over my wayward youth. That was 6 years ago. Perhaps the movement has become more reality based. Perhaps it is not just another batch of students and a few grizzled elders who have become lost in their anarchist fantasies. But I doubt it. Today’s anarchists are about as dangerous as a cloud of gnats, a nuisance but easily repelled.
Yet the empire has to be overthrown and somehow the work must be done. Will it? It seems more and more unlikely, but when something like the stock market crash of a couple years ago occurs, our hopes are raised. Maybe this time the masses will arise. Maybe, but most of the masses would rather die than give up on their familiar routines.
I like the weather here in LA. It suits my clothes, as the old song goes and I like the fresh fruit. There is nothing like a locally grown fresh grapefruit in the morning to make you glad to be alive. If the grapefruit comes off a tree in your back yard it is even sweeter. But I miss the intellectual stimulation and camaraderie of San Francisco. It may be impossible to recapture, after all most people as they grow older focus more on family and coworkers. But I am not one of those. I have never been able to make friends with coworkers. I have learned to keep my mouth shut for the most part, and only occasionally letting some stray fact slip. Like the time I told them I went to an Anti-Nazi rally. For months after than I got Sieg Heils’ from my coworkers trying to rub it in that I was out of the main stream. Sort of like high school, but at least in high school I was able to play the pied piper and lead people to anti war rallies and such. Now that we are all middle aged, who among the masses has the energy or time for an idealistic and pointless endeavor except rich people, students and the occasional hard core believer?
We are ground down by reality. Perhaps I am feeling it especially because I went home sick today. I spent the weekend reading the Bible and a book of Jewish text criticism called “Back To The Sources”. Strange for an anarchist, but I am no atheist. I believe in space people. I think giants once roamed the land, perhaps these more highly evolved beings, or simply bigger beings than us, as the Gods have been portrayed in mythology, should be treated like doting parents and we their offspring, as precocious children. I don’t know. When I read the Bible I see intrusions by aliens. When I was in India I saw evidence of what seemed to me to be ancient space ports. But what do I know? I am no scientist, just a failed reporter, home sick from his day job.
Beat down. That is the general feeling. I am using up a vacation day because the boss at this company doesn’t believe in sick pay. How barbaric. People have to use up their hard earned days off when they are supposed to be enjoying life, when they are sick. I thought that it was the law that people be given sick days. Especially with all the health propaganda out there to stay home if you have the flu. It turns out there is no federal or state law in California requiring sick pay. It is at the will of the employer and this employer, who is a millionaire doesn’t see why he should pay people to be home sick. Fuck sick people. They should know better. Serves them right for getting sick in the first place! How barbaric. This guy should be up there with Scrooge of A Christmas Carol fame.
This shows the ultimate hypocrisy of a ruling class that recommends behavior and doesn’t back it up with the means to follow through. Workers are more and more abused in this country and they continue to take it because the unions have become impotent and the average working guy thinks he is going to get a better deal sucking up to the bosses. Well here is another example of people hanging themselves by their own ropes.
I have suggested at work that we get together a petition and rationally argue for sick days, at least a week a year, like most places have where I have worked. Instead I get all the reasons why they can’t do it mostly coming down to the fact that the boss is a cheap bastard and nobody wants to face his wrath. Meanwhile half the people are coughing and gagging and one guy in the room is wearing a mask to prevent germs. I can’t believe such head stuck in the mud behavior on the part of adults. But they are all afraid of losing what little they have and so no one will rock the boat and when I do, guess what will happen. I will get canned again and that will be that. So I can sit there and take it with the rest of these sad sacks or move on. But organize the workers? Hell these workers would rather roll over and play dead than do anything to upset their lord and master!
What has happened to the fighting spirit of the American working classes? Have we all become slaves? That is the saddest reflection of the victory of modern day capitalism. It doesn’t deliver but it has deluded the workers into believing its lies. With communism in disrepute, there is only its weak sister anarchism to pick up the struggle. What hope have we in such desperate times? If men won’t fight for their families and their freedom, maybe the women will.

Musing On Bible Stories, Reality Overload Redux

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Yesterday I wrote a little about French Theory. In my mind there is no there, there in deconstructionism. It is as if that Gertrude Steinism had become pervasive and a dominant determinant of the modern state of affairs.
Annie Le Brun in her critique of modern society (See blog 2/20/10) is claiming that the imaginal relms are being subverted, processed, packaged and resold to us as another product in the valorization of reality under capital. She sees it as an assault upon the imagination.
I am not sure what she recommends, I can’t imagine remedial imagination studies. It is one of those things you are born with. Her conception of the imagination is very materialistic. It is as if it was some pie and the capitalists had discovered this pie and decided they would sell pieces of it rather than share them. I can’t imagine such a restricted state of affairs.
The assault in my mind is upon the attention. We can only pay attention to so much at any given time and when it is constantly distracted by insignificant data and trivia that is of no real value. That is where the assault lies. It is like the magicians on stage distracting your attention so that they can perform some sleight of hand that seems miraculous. But it is just a trick and the essence of the trick is to distract your attention.
That is the essence of disaster capitalism as Naomi Klein describes in her book of the same title. It is a description of the old bait and switch game played on a massive scale. When the masses are distracted by some disaster say like the quake in Haiti, some dirty work is being done where the power brokers can act unseen while we are not paying attention. Or more crudely the shocked and awed Haitians are presented with a prepared scenario of domination as if they have no choice and in their weakened state sign on the dotted line like some drunk being shanghaied and wakes up the next day on a slow boat to China. What happened? You let your guard down, you got distracted and in this world that is what we have more than anything a lot of distraction. Bread and circuses with the emphasis on the circuses, it is cheaper, or at least more effective.
Lately I have been reading a lot of Asian history, just finished a book on medieval India and I am reading a book of Hebrew textual studies, which naturally leads to the Torah and the old Testament as we born in the Christian tradition call it. I don’t think a Jew would call it the Old Testament. So yesterday I cracked open my Catholic Bible and there was a picture of John Paul looking at me and a list of all the popes from St Peter conveniently not mentioning the period when there were two popes, one in Rome and the other in Avignon. But that is a detail of church history and I wanted to read to book. So skipping Genesis, I know that story, I went into Exodus, you know the Ten Commandments. This is almost historical time, 3000 or 4000 years ago. Although I know of no Pharaoh that was drowned in a Reed Sea, there were the tales of the Hyksos and later the invasions of the Sea Peoples.
What struck me about the book other than the repetition of arcane details about building an ark with cherubim and Tahash skins, was the fact that these people were following a cloud that talked to them. I mean assuming this cloud was something you could see, and from all evidence it was, this alien entity who would kill anyone who came near was obviously some sort of alien using this cloud to obscure its real flesh and blood identity. Perhaps it was a cloaking mechanism, perhaps it was a ship inside a sphere that emitted this smoke screen to obscure the view. It had a propensity for gold, precious gems and it seemed to take sustenance from the blood of cows.
Anybody remember the cattle mutilation stories of a few decades ago? Perhaps that was one of these beings come back to earth to suck the blood of cows. Let us hope they don’t try the god game again. If they do they will have to do a lot better than back in the days of Moses or would they? I mean after all people are pretty much enslaved in this world and certainly would love to be released to some land of milk and honey that they could steal from some new band of natives if there were one left, but alas all the natives have lawyers now and are building casinos on what remains of their lands.
Now I am not saying YAWEH is not a great and powerful being. But to say that this jealous mench, who Moses could pretty well get to do whatever he wanted, up to a point, was not all powerful. He could cause local phenomena like earth quakes swallow up dissidents, he had some chemical weapons and used them it seems on the Israelites and Egyptians. And he seemed to have a pretty good idea about the seasonal environment in that part of the world. For instance he stalled until he knew when the Sea of Reeds would be at low tide, probably a lunar cyclical thing, and then told them to move when the tide was out. When the tide came rushing back in, the Egyptian party was screwed. but it must have been an exceptionally long cycle for the Egyptians not to know about it and not let themselves be fooled into falling for that trick. Perhaps it was as Velikovsky states a near collision with Venus or Mars. The source of a decent Paul McCartney song perhaps, I don’t know. It would be something taught in certain gnostic schools. I don’t know if they teach it in TM.
I then read the book of Numbers, skipped Leviticus. It was an interesting tale of wandering in the wilderness. But, 40 years spent in an area the size of southern California? If there were 640,000 odd fighting men with him that means there had to be about 2 million or more people if you count dependents. It is as if half the population of LA proper was wandering around the county for 40 years following a cloud. They had to be pretty convinced to do that, especially when this god kept threatening to kill them all and in effect did. He waited for a whole generation to die off before he led the next generation into Canaan, perhaps he was simply waiting for the appropriate moment in the local political scene to offer an opening. It is hard to say, the bible makes it out like a punishment for the bad reports given by 11 of 12 spies. Giants in the land they said. Moses was almost stoned to death by the pissed off people. God wanted to destroy them all and start over with a new batch of Israelites. In fact on numerous occasions it is reported that god was mad and ready to kill them all if not for the soothing council of Moses. Sounds more like a cover story to me. The spies were right. The locals were powerful, probably the Hittite empire or some such. They needed a change in the local polity so they waited. It seems they had plenty of manna and quail and they seemed to have lots of other resources that were not mentioned in the bible. After all where did they get all those lambs and cows to sacrifice? Not to mention the Shekels everyone had to shell out in taxes to pay back this god for protecting them from the Egyptians that day. He held that over their heads every day and even made a religion out of it. Sounds like a real blood sucker to me.

Gods can be real son of a bitches and this YAWEH is one of the toughest ones on the block. Except for some cattle mutilations he hasn’t been seen around much lately. Anybody been offering cows on bronze altars with horns on the ends and a drain that I would imagine went straight into the mouths of our alien god friends. Remember that ark was built to specification of an alien being in a cloud and he was pretty damn specific about what he wanted and who could come near and death was the result for anyone unauthorized to enter. Sounds more like some high security government complex, a sort of traveling Area 54 in ancient times.
But whatever this alien wanted for itself, it did result in several million people leaving one state for another. Going from a state of oppression, although when I read that god hardened Pharaohs heart, it reads more like to me he made the guy go nuts and turned him into some kind of irrational being. Maybe he gave the guy some kind of hypnosis and convinced him that a portion of his people were out to get him. Who knows? Anyway the end result is to be continued. I left off after god gave Aarons wife Leprosy because she wanted a piece of the action. Nasty bastard! But then these people bitched and moaned and were unruly ingrates although this god was no piece of work if you ask me.
Don’t get me wrong. I have a distinct memory of being one of the Levites who had to slaughter our relations on that day when Moses came down from the mountain and was so pissed he broke the Tablets god gave him. Those first commandments were the cool ones. When he went back up on the rock and made the new ones well they were a lot tougher. God made a big stink about not wanting people fooling around with other gods and worshiping golden calves and such. I am just saying that to me this guy was playing hard and fast with humanity for reasons that are still unclear.

Back At Last

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

After being locked out of my blog for three weeks I have it back. My computer got hit with a nasty virus and I had to take it in for debugging. It took a week then I discovered I lost my access to my blog and now at last I have been able to get in again.
Oh Joy! Who would have thought I would have missed slaving away at this machine for hours on end with no pay simply to see my words whirling around the internet.
Well my ego is big enough but now I have a blast from the past as an old comrade from the shady side of San Francisco has contacted me, sending shivers up my spine and wonder into my soul. What prey tell does he desire? I had some pretty heavenly and hellish experiences there. I would say my days in San Francisco allowed me to explore the revolutionary aspirations and the evil ones. I got to experience being bad like never before and a taste of family life only to have my middle class dreams dashed on my punk rock realities.
I became a three piece suited junkie. I was wearing my Brooks Brothers suit in the projects. Telling the old men to watch my car when I went to score carrying my briefcase into the dens of local poverty, like some Kennedy as a commentator mentioned. I wish I was so connected. I was out to cop and no matter where I had to go, I would. No tale out of Bill Burroughs books seemed out of place or unusual to me.
I remember the night my girlfriend turned into an alien bug creature. She was half consumed by them. I watched in a crazed delirium as she grew crab legs and claws. I escaped with my life, maybe. She became my wife. We had a son and now he lives in San Francisco and won’t talk to me although I can contact him through his face book account.
While on my blogging sabbatical I managed to read a lot and one book that took me more by how much it didn’t affect me was Annie Le Brun’s “Reality Overload”. She is a daughter of the revolution of May 68 in Paris and a member of the Surrealist Group just before it disbanded in 1969. She wrote an indictment of Deconstructionism, Post Structuralism, Structuralism and French Theory in general. In her mind most of modern philosophy is merely a tool of capital, a means by which all the imaginal realms have been conquered by a virtual simulation of reality.
She is a believer in the romantic revolution, most specifically the Symbolists and Decadents of the late 19th century and the surrealists of the twentieth. She admires Breton and despises Neruda. She suspects Brecht as a party hack and has no use for Debord and the Situationists. Her heroes seem to be Breton. Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Apollinaire and most of all Alfred Jarry. He was the great inventor of Ubu. the fat Polish king of the world. I could say he is my progenitor as I have myself turned into a fat Pollock although I am no king, except in my mind.
Be that as it may she rails against the genetically modified mad cow infested world (that was what was happening around the turn of the century when the book was published). She is rather incoherent about what she does want although she did write the introduction to the book by the Unibomber Ted Kaczynski’s French Edition and considers him to be a modern day hero. I think she might be in agreement with John Zerzan and his ilk of insurrectionary imaginalism. But I am no surrealist myself and I used to follow Franklin Rosemont and the Chicago Surrealist School but could not digest their politics. It seems that many of the Surrealists fell for Trotsky when he was a celebrated addition to the Russian exile community in the 1930’s. I am no fan of Trotsky. He butchered the revolution with his war communism and destruction of the Anarchists in the Ukraine and then when he realized that Stalin had sealed the fate of the rest who constituted the left in the Soviet Union he dithered and then it was too late. The man was too much of a party man and I am suspect of any group that admired him as the surrealists did.
I say to Mz Le Brun, too little, too late. Any academic who shoots rubber bullets at her fellow academics is not going to win any votes in my book. Come out here in the trenches where we plebes suffer and then maybe I will listen. But then she did write about my own favorite pornographer the Marquis De Sade and for that I will give her some credit. Although I cannot say exactly how she understands him, not having read her book. He was a torturer of milkmaids who went to prison for being caught. He also wrote some damn interesting philosophy between the mutilation of butt holes, wombs and babies that he described in his books. A film called Salo was made by Pasolini based on his book 120 Days of Sodom. One time out of curiosity I asked a woman from the Italian Consulate in Los Angeles, one of my clients to get me a copy of the movie. It had gone out of print and I wanted to know if the Italian Arts Council for which she worked could get it for me.
The next time I saw her she was red faced and told me that it was a dirty movie. No it was, a parable comparing Fascism under Mussolini to the tale in De Sade. She didn’t get the point and thought I was just making fun of her. I never did get a copy of that movie. Last time I saw it was in San Francisco when I was living with my hooker girlfriend. It made me so horny that I wanted to have sex with her every 15 minutes or so. I never did get to see the end of it.
That sounds degrading, Kristin was a hooker because she loved drugs and giving blow jobs. She took pride in it and wanted me to quit my job and be her pimp. I didn’t like the hours and told her she could do it if she wanted on her own. I preferred staying home to sitting in a car on some dark street corner in the Mission watching her jump into cars with johns. But she brought home the bacon and paid her own way better than most girlfriends I have had. So I have no complaints. I miss her to this day.


Dans la Haute-Rue à Cologne
Elle allait et venait le soir
Offerte à tous en tout mignonne
Puis buvait lasse des trottoirs
Très tard dans les brasseries borgnes

Elle se mettait sur la paille
Pour un maquereau roux et rose
C’était un juif il sentait l’ail
Et l’avait venant de Formose
Tirée d’un bordel de Changaï

Je connais des gens de toutes sortes
Ils n’égalent pas leurs destins
Indécis comme feuilles mortes
Leurs yeux sont des feux mal éteints
Leurs coeurs bougent comme leurs portes

Guillaume Apollinaire

“Venus Anadyomène
Comme d’un cercueil vert en fer blanc, une tête
De femme à cheveux bruns fortement pommadés
D’une vieille baignoire émerge, lente et bête,
Avec des déficits assez mal ravaudés;

Puis le col gras et gris, les larges omoplates
Qui saillent; le dos court qui rentre et qui ressort;
Puis les rondeurs des reins semblent prendre l’essor;
La graisse sous la peau paraît en feuilles plates:

L’échine est un peu rouge, et le tout sent un goût
Horrible étrangement; on remarque surtout
Des singularités qu’il faut voir à la loupe…

Les reins portent deux mots gravés: CLARA VENUS;
—Et tout ce corps remue et tend sa large croupe
Belle hideusement d’un ulcère à l’anus.”

Arthur Rimbaud

Don Juan aux enfers
Quand Don Juan descendit vers l’onde souterraine
Et lorsqu’il eut donné son obole à Charon,
Un sombre mendiant, l’oeil fier comme Antisthène,
D’un bras vengeur et fort saisit chaque aviron.
Montrant leurs seins pendants et leurs robes ouvertes,
Des femmes se tordaient sous le noir firmament,
Et, comme un grand troupeau de victimes offertes,
Derrière lui traînaient un long mugissement.
Sganarelle en riant lui réclamait ses gages,
Tandis que Don Luis avec un doigt tremblant
Montrait à tous les morts errant sur les rivages
Le fils audacieux qui railla son front blanc.
Frissonnant sous son deuil, la chaste et maigre Elvire,
Près de l’époux perfide et qui fut son amant,
Semblait lui réclamer un suprême sourire
Où brillât la douceur de son premier serment.
Tout droit dans son armure, un grand homme de pierre
Se tenait à la barre et coupait le flot noir;
Mais le calme héros, courbé sur sa rapière,
Regardait le sillage et ne daignait rien voir.
— Charles Baudelaire

A few good books to read.

1.The Ubu Plays by Alfred Jarry
2.Maldoror and the Complete Works of the Comte de Lautréamont by Comte de Lautréamont
3.The Theater and Its Double by Antonin Artaud
4.Nadja by André Breton
5, Her by Lawrence Ferlinghetti
6. Bomb Culture by Jeff Nuttal
7. The Wanting Seed by Anthony Burgess
8. Nova Express by William S. Burroughs
9. Our Lady of the Flowers by Jean Genet
10. Death On The Installment Plan by Louis Celine
11. Radio Free Albermuth by Philip K. Dick
12. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky
13. Women In Love by D.H. Lawrence
14. Ulysses by James Joyce

I have read them and enjoyed. I hope you enjoy my love of the French Decadent and Symbolist poets.

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