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Blood Sacrifice

Sunday, May 30th, 2010

What do all the old time religions have in common? Blood sacrifice to very demanding deities. The Vedas, the Abrahamic religion, the Inca, the Maya and certainly the Aztec religion were all caked in the blood of sacrificed humans and animals. Even to this day there are religions like Santeria that sacrifice goats and chickens.
I have written about this before. The point I want to make is that there are entities out there that are attracted to blood. These entities use the life force in the blood to sustain some earthly existence. The Lord God of the Israelites was very specific about needing blood on a regular basis and in exchange he protected and led them to the promised land. Although 40 years roaming around the Sinai is not exactly what I would call a direct path, but the entity had its reasons, reasons that seem pretty irrational unless you consider what it wanted, blood. In that case it was to its benefit to keep the Israelites wandering about for as long as possible.
We don’t even want to go to the American gods. They were especially blood thirsty, demanding hundreds of human hearts daily at one point among the Aztec gods. Why? Was there really some deity demanding blood? Or was that a figment of the imaginations of people the world over. I suspect there is something out there, or was at one time. Perhaps it has left this planet, got on the space ship and returned to the blood planet where plants have blood instead of chlorophyll. Who knows? But the Jews stopped after the destruction of the second temple, the Aztecs stopped when their temples were destroyed. The Hindus gradually stopped with the advent of Buddhism and the replacement of blood with ghee and incense and flowers.
The Greeks and Romans had their augers who opened up the guts of animals to read the future. They also sacrificed oxen and other animals to their deities. The Sumerians and Egyptians did also. The Phoenicians, Minoans and Carthaginians sacrificed children. It seems the sailing races needed to kill virgin humans to get the winds to work their way. Apparently human sacrifice was known to the proto-Hebrew believers, witness Abraham and Isaac.
So what happened? Jesus called himself the lamb of god and Christianity was built around the weekly sacrifice of the bread and wine symbolic of the body of Christ. That is representative blood. The Vedic ritual sacrifice of horses was ended some time in the period after Christ. The last known instance seems to be in 1716 CE, by Jai Singh II of Amber, a prince of Jaipur. But the Hindu version was much less common, an event that happened perhaps once a year. It would not feed a hungry entity the way the Hebrew or Aztec ceremonies would. By the 1500’s blood sacrifices were being replaced by wars as the main source of blood. People no longer fed the deities with human or animal blood in ritual slaughter. Instead bloody battle became the normal means of sacrifice, it was a more indirect but certainly more steady source of blood and the life force. Think about it.

Too Many Pills

Friday, May 28th, 2010

The doctor has given me half a dozen different pills to take daily. They control my blood pressure, my bowel movements, make my skin feel all warm and fuzzy or itchy and scratchy. The antidepressants are supposed to help me sleep.
Well they all sorta work. I feel like a puppet on a string being pulled this way and that by all the chemicals inside me. Mostly I am fatigued and have a hard time even walking up the stairs to my apartment. That creates a dilemma for me in that whenever I am up here I don’t want to leave because it is so painful walking up and down the stairs. This good deal apartment is seeming more and more like a trap to me and not a place of rest. Besides the neighborhood has become too noisy for me. I am not sure if it is because I am ill or just becoming more sensitive. Every little sound keeps me awake, The snoring neighbor, the guy across the street who talks to loudly, the girls next door who play their crappy raido station to loud, the barking dog and the clucking chicken all drive me up a wall. Then in the morning the weed whacker army shows up and blasts any semblance of tranquility out the door. When they are done then some car alarm starts going off and sometimes for hours on end the wail of those car alarms is enough to make one homicidal.
Its not as bad as someplace like Manhattan, but it is pretty bad. Noise pollution is no joke and at my point in life I am ready for a little peace and quiet. I used to love living around students, I used to like their enthusiasm and vitality. But now it mostly seems like hubris and superficiality. I am interested in thinking more serious thoughts and all the inane laughter rings hollow in my ears. Where are the serious young idealists holding deep conversations? What I hear now is talk about petty Seinfeldesque nonsense of no consequence. Dating talk and money making schemes and travel plans. That is all I hear these kids talk about. That and the raucous laughter of the bar room when they have had one too many beer and then the inevitable uh uh uh of them fucking. Its not pretty.
Not that I am any great philosopher, but I am at least someone who has attempted to make some difference in the world on a cultural and political level. I may have failed miserably but at least I made an attempt. I don’t even see many of these kids trying. Perhaps we idealists were always a small minority. Perhaps my reading Plato’s Republic in Junior High School was a sign of prodigality. I know when I was young the counselor were always telling me to get a hobby like golf. As if that would take my mind off the issues of the day. They were warning me that for a kid like me dealing with issue of class and race and war and peace was out of my league. What did I know? I thought they were exactly the only issues worth my time and effort. What did I care about golf. Perhaps if I had taken it up I would have met the real movers and shakers instead of getting stuck with the powerless radical idealists. Perhaps if my councilors had told me that the real power was out on the golf course I might have learned to play and then I would be a different Gary Rumor than I became. I would be Power player Gary the Capitalist. Who knows. In any case I am not and never will be. A simple choice made in my Connecticut youth not to take the advice of a school councilor and here I am poverty stricken working Joe in Long Beach instead of a master of the universe in Connecticut. Maybe, who knows?
So I have my gay anarchist friends and my hooker girlfriends and junkie friends and other losers to keep me company in the bottom lands of America. Keeping it real as they say with all the laughing students around me moving through their ghetto phase on their way to better things. Me I am at my peak. Who’d a thunk it would be so low? May God have mercy on my soul.

Better Days Through Modern Medicine

Wednesday, May 26th, 2010

My health is being propped up by a combination of chemicals. I don’t know how viable that makes me but it allows me to function on a subsistence level as far as my ability to walk and talk goes.
I have also taken a renewed interest in the arts and bought painting supplies and am looking for a musical instrument to play. I feel a renewal coming on. Better living though chemistry?
We await with bated breath the word from the Gulf on the oil spill. Someday people will scratch their heads and wonder what I was talking about. But if you live in the early 2st century and happen to like Louisiana shrimp, then this is big news. Let us pray the government is putting the screws to BP and they are doing the job right in plugging the leak.
Meanwhile I watch the Euro go down with glee. My European vacation gets more affordable by the day. Whoopee!

Sick To My Soul

Monday, May 24th, 2010

I am sick. I have been for a while. Perhaps most of my life. I studied to be a minister and have been a revolutionary. But I am full of doubt and that doubt has eaten away at my soul.
I am now sick from it. I am in a mental quandary. A Marxist-materialist explanation of the universe leaves me hopeless. Mix that with existentialist despair and you have the so called modern condition. I seek refuge in the new age and the belief in gnosis. I pray to the gods. Jesus, Krishna, Vishnu, my inner power, whatever, and sometimes I imagine I am that representative of deity on earth. At other times, when the broken physicality takes over and I am vomiting up bile, I can only pray that I can take my next breath and that my guts don’t bleed out on me. I am going through the depths of my own hell and yet I have moments when I feel some sort of clarity and lightness, usually just after I have finished a vomiting session.
This is all relatively new to me. I have been a workhorse for years. My body was strong, or at least it could put up with a lot. But now it is burning up. Not with fever but with desire for change. I want to see god in all things. I want to be like the Sufi mystic who is entranced by visions of god, but I am not. I have been to Vrindavan, Krishna’s home and I have been to the Biblical heartlands and been offered a place as a servant in Jesus’s army and I turned down the offer and cried. I was not ready, or not willing. My ego was too strong, I wanted to find my own way. I could not believe at age 21 I had found the answer. Instead I went back out into the world and found nothing but pain and alienation.
Being a good spiritual new ager was not good enough for me. Being a Priest in the Order of Mechizideck seemed like a joke. It was real. I felt the love and the control and the vibrational hedge and enjoyed the massages and the attention of attractive females and I could have stayed there but I didn’t. It was too good. I felt like it was a trap, a fools paradise. So I left. And not long after so did everyone else. Our little ministry dissolved and now it is a shadow of what it once was. A project that once involved thousands is now a few hundred at best.
I am reminded of the end of civilizations. Why did the Maya end their most advanced culture? It was not because of the Spanish. They were already moving out of their cities when the Spanish arrived. Did they anticipate this? Did they have some prophets who told them to disperse into the country, to let the jungle take over their fair cities and to hide as primitives because there was approaching a great evil upon the land. The Aztecs perhaps had the same prophecies and could not believe that a small band of strangers could destroy so mighty a nation. They could not believe and were wiped out by the thousands as much by microbes as by the sword. As much by the blackened walls of the death chambers they called temples as by the Spanish Guns for the peoples they oppressed for victims to their god, were the ones who joined Cortes by the thousands and turned the tide in his favor destroying the vanity of the mighty Aztecs and their bloodthirsty deities.
But those are the historical cul-de-sacs that people get themselves into. They change and live like the Maya or the don’t and die like the Aztecs. I am in a cul-de-sac of my own. I am sick of being a wage slave, in debt and broke, always worried about paying bills and never able to enjoy life. To put it another way my body is rebelling and telling my mind that it is time to change. I am killing myself sitting in an office with no windows or light surrounded by noisy machines and bells that go off at odd hours, with smells of chemicals permeating the atmosphere. It is hellish and it is not even that bad. It is just a typical American small printing facility. I have been in dozens of them and they all have the same poor air quality, drafty air conditioning, heating systems that don’t work properly, bad lighting and poorly planned space usage. It is not that people are deliberately trying to torture their employees, it is just that not enough attention has been paid to working conditions and that has to do more with the lack of organized labor and the constant pressure to cut costs in an industry that has been transformed into one where there is no room for humans.
Perhaps that is the case with all industry. It has been computerized and organized and incentivized to the point that a human is merely a cog, an input mode, with almost no real involvement on a spiritual level. Even on a mental level the involvement has been reduced to repetition of simple formulas and rarely are there opportunities to think in or out of the box. I have been told that is simply a bi-product of advanced capitalism. I don’t know. If it is it is incredibly mind deadening. We are asked to stay alert to subtle nuances of difference, while at the same time being forced to numb our brains with constant repetition with mechanical regularity. It is a near impossible task. The mind numbs and goes into a trance like state of near sleep and then comes the gotcha moment when there is an anomaly that you did not notice and the works get screwed up and you remember you have a brain and have to come up with a solution.
I guess I am saying I need a more challenging reality but my economic and educational limits have forced me into a box that has grown increasingly limited. I find my body is in rebellion and it s making me sick. I need to find a way out. If I do I will let you know.
As things stand all I can see is retreating into some sort of monastic environment, attempting to join some intentional community or slugging it out on my own but that is becoming increasingly less rewarding as I grow more and more disabled. I am going to end up a physical wreck and a mental basket case or I am going to find a way out. Academia? I wish I had the temperament. But unless I get funding, I don’t see that as a path and I am not about to go even deeper in debt at my age.
I am reading an article by David Peat called “Creativity Meeting of Apollo and Dionysus”, and in it he is discussing something of the dilemma I am facing. This was written some 15 years ago in a journal called Alexandria 5 that I picked up at some used book store. In it he says “What is important is not so much the act of the healer who sings, as the song that sings itself, which makes itself manifest through the medium of the singers body. In so doing the song heals the sickness within the person. The sickness itself may have a spiritual origin and the song restores wholeness to the body and meaning to a life.”
That from a physicist. It made me think about how I almost never listen to music anymore. Always surrounded by news. News can be toxic. A poison that strangles the mind with an infinite deluge of facts that all hell is breaking lose or mind numbing happy talk. There is little of beauty in the media. It is deliberate. It is done to create needs and voids, even if they are imaginary ones to sell products that are meant to fill the voids they have created. Better not to look or listen. Better to run for the jungle like the Maya and wait it out. Better, perhaps. But when will this cursed civilization pass?

Military Industrial Complex Seeks Assurances

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

In the hearings before the House Armed Services Committee Representative Turner Republican from Ohio is calling for a return to the Bush policy of first strike or as he put it “by any means necessary”. He thinks 1500 nukes may be less than what is required to protect the United States according to the constitution. I don’t know where in the constitution it says we have to have nukes. The right to bear arms granted by the second amendment does not include weapons of mass destruction.
Turner is opposed to taking the threat of use of Nukes off the table as proposed by President Obama in the case of chemical or biological attack. He thinks we need to keep the nuclear option on the table for all occasions. He claims that the American people want to nuke the rest of the world. Maybe the Tea Party people want that but this attitude is the same arrogance that promoted the breaking of international law through torture and extreme rendition.
Representative Bob Andrews Democrat from New Jersey says that the policy is that all options are still on the table when a nation is non compliant with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. So what we have here is another tempest in a teapot with the Democrats and Republicans splitting hairs over when the USA will use nukes. The Democrats say the USA will use nukes when a nation is non compliant and the Republicans say we need to keep all options on the table all the time. Rep. Thornberry Republican from Texas says we should leave it as it has been since Harry Truman i.e., that we will nuke at our discretion He thinks a declaratory policy will create doubts among the allies around the world.
Representative Taylor Democrat of Mississippi said why are we wasting so much time on a non binding resolution. He says either suggest a law change or lets move on to issues of real import. Amen to that. But this is the heart of the military industrial complex. This is where they get their funding. Rep. Fleming Republican of Louisiana says we should never take any defense off the table. This would be interesting if there was a credible threat somewhere in the world but there is no nation that even comes close to the military spending of the USA. In fact the USA spends as much on the military as the rest of the world combined. There is no threat. These people are fighting shadows. I would say these are false battles being fought by members of the military industrial complex for the sake of protecting the pork in their districts. There is no credible threat and the threats that do exist are from low tech terrorist groups for whom aircraft carriers and nukes are no deterrent.
Another day with Congress wasting time voting over nothing but a sense of the Committee.

Thailand Bloodshed

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

I have a buddy in Thailand. He is staying in Bangkok. If you believed him all is peaceful in the city except for a few pockets where there is a little grenade tossing going on. What is a little bloodshed among friends after all?
Like most westerners I find it hard to relate to the Thai version of social revolution. We in the west have been given the impression that this is an arcane struggle between factions that have ultimately no real point to make other than to change from yellow to red shirt power. Sort of a Thai version of Republicans and Democrats, what is the point? Why all the blood over what would ultimately be a shift from one group of corrupt politicians to another? Well obviously there is a difference and even if it is simply a matter of who gets the payola, it seems that the Reds delivered the goods for the rural poor.
Thaksin Shinawatra leader of the Thai Rak Thai Party delivered money for micro investments in the villages with $25,000 grants to each. He also established national health care something that any country would want. After the coup they reorganized as the People’s Power Party and are now battling in the streets of Bangkok.
This is from the Wikipedia article on the party.
“The Thai Rak Thai party had a populist platform, appealing to indebted farmers - which had become indebted as a result of the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 - with promises of a strong economic recovery. The party also reached out to rural villages, and struggling businesses. Thai Rak Thai’s policies have included proposing a 30 Baht per hospital visit scheme, a 3-year debt moratorium for farmers, and 1 million Baht microcredit development funds for all rural villages. These policies aimed at farmers proved to be an enormous advantage to Thai Rak Thai, since the agricultural sector has the highest proportion of Thailand’s labor force. Those working in the agricultural sector also felt somewhat neglected by the Democrat Party-led government of former Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai. Furthermore, the campaigns directed at rural villages proved to be an advantage because the majority of Thailand’s population lives in rural villages.”

Now the BBC reports that what started out as a series of protests has turned into a rebellion and that the nation may be facing a civil war if there is not a quick resolution. The leaders of the red faction are facing murder and treason charges so the stakes are pretty high. They either get amnesty or head for the hills. We know 25 persons have been killed in recent days and the violence doesn’t seem to be abating. The shooting of the leader of the reds security didn’t help. The curfew that was supposed to be imposed has been cancelled, perhaps the situation has been stabilized or perhaps the military has realized that it would be impossible to enforce without much more bloodshed. We shall see.

First Greece And Now Spain, Portugaul Next.

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

International capital is demanding its pound of flesh and the Socialist governments of Greece, Spain and soon Portugal are dancing to the tune of that piper. So much for the Second International and the great compromise between social planning and capitalism. Guess who is winning. Capital. The bankers, the investment houses and the ancillary financial industry, some one percent or less of the world population gets to call the tune and the rest of us have to dance willy nilly to twist ourselves into whatever contorted shape they demand.
Workers in Spain are now facing wage cuts, mothers no longer will get baby benefits and some infrastructure plans will be put on hold. President Obama has congratulated President Zapatero and the unions are not threatening to unleash the kind of unrest that has been seen in Greece. This is considered in corporate and elite circles to be a sign of responsibility. What it will do is further deflate the Spanish economy as there is even less money to spend by the average consumer. Unless they go after the weatlthy and stand up to the bankers we are going to see this pattern repeated in every country in Europe except of course the wealthy countries of France, Germany, Benelux and Scandinavia. Like the USA these countries have clout and they will deal with their bankers. Or will they? As each country gives into this wave of panic and accedes to the demands of the financiers, they will just get more rapacious and more demanding. People we need to stand up to them. If the Socialists have proven to be bankrupt then we must move to the left and become communists and anarchists and demand governments the reflect the will of the people not the bankers. History is on our side but we must seize the day. Workers of the world unite!! You have nothing to lose but your debt.

Let The Greeks Go

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

International banking is a ponzi scheme. A few smart people have used the concept of creating something, debt, from nothing, interest on a loan. The assumption is that there will always be another sucker willing to go into debt and that there will never come a time when everyone has to own up. But periodically the bankers like to put pressure on the indebted to let them know who’s boss. Its a power game based on the ridiculous abstraction of contract law into debt. A Spartan would simply laugh and they showed their contempt for all things gold with their currency of iron. At different times in history the kings of European countries would wrack up debt with usurers and then simply default. Most notably the Habsburg King Charles and later the Spanish King Philip who even though he had all the silver of the new world mines could not keep up with the cost of maintaining his wars in Europe and Africa. German bankers most notably the Fugger Group in Germany simply learned to live with it. They made out like bandits when they could get it though.

Spanish Gold, & Silver what happened? This is from a web site “The Straight Dope”

“Where did it go? The answer has to do with the slippery nature of money. The importation of New World gold into Spain coincided with a corrosive inflation that has come to be known as the “price revolution.” Although prices had dropped steadily during the 1400s, after 1500 they began to rise dramatically–300 percent by 1600, according to economist Earl Hamilton, who wrote a well-known book on the phenomenon. The reasons for this are complex, but it seems clear that at least in part it was a matter of a sharply increasing amount of money (in the form of silver and gold) chasing a relatively fixed output of goods and services, thus bidding up the price. Among other things the higher prices meant Spanish goods became uncompetitive on European markets. Even the Spanish themselves began buying foreign products, resulting in a lot of cash leaving the country. In addition, inflation stifled local investment, with the grandees spending their dough on conspicuous consumables instead.

For the latter part of the 1500s and on into the 1600s Spain was a debtor nation, spending more abroad than it took in. The result was a net outflow of gold and silver. Attempts were made to restrict the export of precious metals, but without much success. In the end it all simply dribbled away. The problem was that the conquest of the New World left Spain with a lot more money, but not that much more wealth, if you follow me. They didn’t realize that until too late, and suffered centuries of poverty as a consequence”.

In other words the Spanish stole it from the Indians and then suffered the consequences of living off of ill gotten gain. They inflated the economy of Europe where prices went through the roof and then they went into debt when their stolen wealth was not great enough to maintain the lifestyles they had developed. Not the people of Spain, no they were dirt poor, but the grandees of Spain and their relations in the Habsburg family empire. They blew it on wars against the French in Italy and with the Dutch in the Netherlands as well as on the occasional brawl with the Moslems across the sea in North Africa.

What we are seeing in Greece is a nation where the public sector was allowed to become bigger than the productive sectors and wealth was not properly taxed. Instead the wealthy were allowed to keep their money and the government borrowed to pay for the infrastructure. Now the bankers want their due and the Greeks wealth is so well hidden that the state had decided to take it out on the people who had nothing to do with the government policies. The Greek people are rightly indignant at having the bankers take their pound of flesh out of their meager living wages. Screw the bankers, they allowed the Greek government to cook the books and go so deeply in debt. It is only because Greece is a small nation that they have to pay. When a big nation like the USA has the same problem we simply print more money and float more debt. Who is going to say no the the USA? But Greece, put the squeeze on them, make them pay. It sucks and the Greeks should simply opt out and declare a jubilee. Fuck them, or at least go after the rich bastards who are socking away all the wealth of Greece and not paying their fair share. Why should the Greek workers pay for policy decisions made by elite bankers? Let the bankers suffer.
Meantime Greece should go its own way if the European Community doesn’t hold. Or they need a Marshall plan for the south. Something like what the Germans did for east Germany after unification or what the USA did for Germany after World War 2. The problem is that there is a lot of inequality in the European system and if the Germans, French and Benelux don’t want to support a massive investment in the poorer countries then they should call it a day. As James Galbraith stated recently on NPR the American south was a backwater for decades after the civil war and it wasn’t until the New Deal and massive federal investments in infrastructure in the 1930’s with things like the TVA that the south was given the basis to rise again.

Sick Man Of World

Sunday, May 9th, 2010

Being sick with diarrhea, exhaustion, low energy, itchy skin, shortness of breath, phlegm, metallic taste in the mouth, and a pounding heart from high blood pressure, is no fun. I have become so used to it lately that I have almost forgotten what normal is like. Of course my normal was anything but, I was taking opiates on an almost daily basis. Pain killer addiction I believe is the term.
Not having that buffer between my mental state and the outer world has forced me to seek releif in meditation, through breathing exercises, chanting the Om vibration and reading literature of a spiritual nature. It almost hurts my brain to read secular material right now. For instance I am reading a book about Afghanistan called “Descent Into Chaos” about recent US policy in South Asia. It is painful to read. A litany of failed attempts, missed opportunities and subverted good causes. It is enough to make an angel cry. That is the way of the world. Yet I am reading another book about the very same area about the Sufi mystics from the Punjab and it is inspiring to see the eclectic mixing of spiritual traditions of east and west that met in this region. At times such as when Akbar ruled the Mogul empire tolerance reigned supreme and east truly did meet west.
Now in our times we have one group being demonized by the other and intolerance reins supreme. Whose age was better? I would say that India of 500 years ago was in much better hands than the subcontinent is now. Back then there was no Pakistan. An enlightened Moslem ruled most of India. Since that time the British came and tore up the country, modernizing, bringing in the railroads that destroyed so much of the Indian forests for the sake of railroad ties and ship building for the great royal navy. So much of 19th and 20th century western wealth was built upon the backs of labor from around the world to give the Europeans an affluent life. All simply to be blown away in the orgasms of violence in World Wars. There is justice in the world. Now the USA is top dog, and it is abusing its power with all kinds of justification for our being consumers of 25% of the wealth of the world with only 5% of the population. That won’t last.
America has become the sick man of the world. A term once used a century ago for the Ottoman Empire, it will soon become obvious that that same designation applies here. Not for the same reasons, but similar, a military power without economic power is hollow and eventually collapses under its own weight. When the people no longer believe in the idea of the nation, then its purpose has reached an end and it spirals down in decadence into an oppressive dictatorship or splinters into smaller component parts. We haven’t reached that point but the USA is teetering. It could go either way.

Love Love Love

Saturday, May 8th, 2010

I would like to say something simple like that. All you need is Love. Wah wah wah wah wah. That is a principal of life and I do believe it is true as true as the color in the sky. I am reading a book on Sufism and I am reminded of my days in India with the Hare Krishna cultists. It was an adventure, shaving off the hair made me feel kind of sexy. It was weird being bald all over, they do it as a sign of renunciation of the world and as a symbol of devotion to their version of the lord.
Hare Krishna’s put a lot of emphasis on chanting for at least a couple hours a day, its called chanting the rounds. They have these beads, 108 of them and you chant the Hare Krishna mantra as you count off the beads and you are supposed to go around the necklace of beads at least 4 times in a day, preferably in the early morning. Then there is the puja, worship in front of the deities, That can occur several times a day. The best being 4:30 in the morning, it is called mangala arti. This can include chanting, drumming, dancing, offering flowers, fruits and water to the deity. A candelabra with fire is offered and incense is burned. There are special sweet scents that are passed around and after it has been offered to the deity and respect is shown to the founding gurus and their descendants. It is all rather fun and can be quite exhilarating.
One thing you notice is that each person has their own relationship with the deity. There are things that every person is expected to do in the devotional services and there is a lead chanter, as well as priests making the offerings specifically to the deities, but everyone is given the space to participate as they wish. Occasionally someone will make a mistake, such as when the head priest at the temple in Calcutta asked me to lead in the devotions. I not being an initiate could not recite the chants in Sanskrit and had to beg off. The only consequence being I was no longer allowed to shower with the priests in their private area of the temple. I had to hang out with the rest of the devotees in the common area of the temple.
What is my point here? I am waxing nostalgic for the Krishna temple. I miss the prasadam, the common purpose and the ceremonies. I don’t know if I believe that Krishna is the supreme lord, but he could be and partying with him in Vrindavan for all eternity is not the worst fate I can imagine.
But for now I am back in America, where we have oil spills and debt crisis and jobs. It sucks to be part of the modern world, a cog in the machinery of the state and capital. It would be nice to simply drop out again and hang in the temple, handing out incense and Krishna books for donations from the working masses. What if we all simply stopped working for Capital and lived what the Krishna’s called the Vedic life? It would be a lot simpler, that much I could say and a lot easier on the mind, Who knows next posting might be from Krishna land again.

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