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Government Spins WikiLeaks As Bad Guys

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

The USA has a controlled media. When there is a crack in its control like when the Wikileaks material was released earlier in the week, the government first denies its significance and then goes on the attack as the military-industrial complex puts the pressure on the administration or more accurately the Obama administration sicked the military on the liberal media, specifically anyone who dared to go off the script and report news that wasn’t generated by government press release.
So we have head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff calling journalists doing their job murderers.
This is from NPR July 30th, 2010.

Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, commented on the publication of some 91,000 classified documents by WikiLeaks, which was founded by Julian Assange:

“Mr. Assange can say whatever he likes about the greater good he think he and his source are doing, but the truth is they might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier or that of an Afghan family,” he said. “Disagree with the war all you want, take issue with the policy, challenge me or our ground commanders on the decisions we make to accomplish the mission we’ve been given, but don’t put those who willingly go into harms way even further in harm’s way just to satisfy your need to make a point.”

On Twitter last night, Mullen didn’t mince words:

“Meant what I said: Mr. Assange & his source might already have on their hands the blood of our troops or that of our Afghan partners.”

A reporter asked Mullen if he had specific evidence the leak resulted in casualties. He didn’t answer the question directly:

“They’re still — what I am concerned about with this is I think individuals who are not involved in this kind of warfare and expose this kind of information can’t — from my perspective, can’t appreciate how this kind of information is routinely networked together inside the classified channels we use specifically,” he said.

And it’s very difficult, if you don’t do this and understand this, to understand the impact, and very specifically the potential that is there — that is there to risk lives of our soldiers and sailors, airmen and Marines, coalition warfighters, as well — as well as Afghan citizens. And there’s no doubt in my mind about that.”

What sheer gall. We invade the country, set up a proxy government and murder thousands of Afghani people and have the nerve to call a journalist who has bravely reported the murders that the US military does and that same military has the nerve to say the reporter has blood on his hands.

Next we have the day before with Gates crying the same tune and starting the military war against reporters doing their jobs.

This from NPR July 29th 2010

“Gates had not spoken about the leak before, but at the Pentagon podium Thursday he did not mince words in describing the effect of the group WikiLeaks publishing tens of thousands of secret reports online.

“The battlefield consequences of the release of these documents are potentially severe and dangerous for our troops, our allies and Afghan partners,” he said, “and may well damage our relationships and reputation in that key part of the world.”

The immediate concern has been those Afghans whose lives could be in danger if it becomes known they have worked with U.S. and NATO forces.”

Today, Saturday we had on NPR a special report on a day when nobody is listening. The military gets to broadcast their damage control counterattack against the media in prime time when most people are paying attention and on an off day the media gets to defend itself.

“WikiLeaks: An Editor-In-Chief Or Prolific Source?
by David Folkenflik NPR

July 31, 2010

The shadowy website WikiLeaks proved this week it can obliterate the ability of the U.S. government and the military to smother the circulation of closely held secrets.

Earlier this week, the site’s posting of more than 90,000 classified documents about the war in Afghanistan prompted a criminal investigation and calls from some congressional Democrats to rethink American involvement there.

But its decision to give The New York Times, The Guardian in the U.K. and Der Spiegel in Germany an advance look — and thus inspire heavy coverage in three major Western powers — has sparked an intense debate inside the journalism profession.

Defining The Terms

Much of the debate centers on how to define what WikiLeaks actually is.

“I’ve shied away from the term ‘whistle-blower’ because that has a kind of, you know, halo around the term,” says New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller. “But they are an advocacy organization. They have a point of view, and an ideology and they have a modus operandi, which consists of getting information wherever they can, and making it public.”

Indeed, the people from WikiLeaks argue that most secrets should be revealed to the world. They use servers in countries scattered across the globe to evade detection and software to cloak leakers in utter anonymity.

The group’s Australian leader, Julian Assange, lives a life on the run, saying he has much to fear from governments he has angered. He has strongly suggested that some acts by American service members are “war crimes,” and he opposes the U.S. presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Its earlier release of a video showing American helicopter troops in Baghdad shooting a Reuters photographer and other Iraqis was provocatively titled “Collateral Murder” and criticized by some as anti-war propaganda. Assange explicitly decided against giving Pentagon officials a chance to provide context.

But Assange also calls himself WikiLeaks’ editor-in-chief, a news executive’s title, and in an interview with NPR, he seemed to suggest he considered himself part of a journalistic enterprise — saying “we” several times in describing what he thought journalists should and should not do.

Steven Aftergood, director of the government transparency project for the Federation of American Scientists, has fought to pry open classified records for years. But he notes that WikiLeaks traffics in all manner of secrets, such as the private rites of college sororities and Masons and Mormons. Aftergood says WikiLeaks often fails to ask fundamental journalistic questions about the material it posts: Is it relevant to public policy, or to public accountability? Does it injure anyone?

“It seems they have adopted a stance that secrecy is always wrong and that disclosure — even if it’s compulsory, unwilling disclosure of private individuals’ records — is always justified,” Aftergood says. “And to my mind, that’s not just wrong, it’s idiotic and dangerous.”

‘Learning From Experience’

Yet Aftergood says WikiLeaks sometimes provides a public service and this is one of those times. WikiLeaks focused on a matter of true public interest; it took safety considerations into account, and it invited experienced journalists from authoritative publications to review the authenticity and import of the documents it intended to publish.

“I think these are signs that WikiLeaks is learning from experience, as we all should,” Aftergood says.

Journalists for the Times authenticated documents, selected relevant ones for publication, and presented their findings to Pentagon officials. The paper withheld elements that editors felt might endanger American military personnel, Afghan civilians or the war effort more generally — and provided a back channel, through editors at The Guardian — for some concerns from Defense Department officials. WikiLeaks held back about 15,000 documents for further review.

Journalist Shane Harris, author of the book The Watchers, about government surveillance since the Sept. 11 attacks, says WikiLeaks unnerves government officials because it appears to act utterly beyond their reach. But here, Harris says, Assange played a journalistic, or at least a journalistic-ish, role.

“There’s obviously no accreditation process for something like this. But in this case, yeah, I think he is actually acting like an editor,” says Harris, who covers intelligence issues for Washingtonian magazine. “I almost look at him, in this particular instance, as someone who got ahold of information from a source [and] decided he wanted to bring in other journalists to partner with him in the publication of that information.

“It’s like, you know, The New York Times pairing with Frontline,” Harris says.

A ‘Source,’ Not A Journalistic Partner

Assange was frustrated by the lack of coverage about earlier postings by WikiLeaks. He says the sheer volume of leaked documents overwhelmed journalists. The exclusive arrangements with the Times, The Guardian and Der Spiegel, Assange tells NPR, gave their reporters time to verify and write about the documents — and an incentive to do so.

And Assange says the project represents a collaboration with those publications.

Not so, says Keller of the Times.

“First of all, I don’t call it a collaboration or alliance,” Keller says, “because that suggests some shared purpose, and it suggests they had some involvement in what we did with the material, which they did not. They were a source.”

He says the documents were newsworthy because they provide texture and heft to earlier reporting about Afghan civilian deaths and ties between Pakistani intelligence and the Taliban. And Keller says WikiLeaks would have posted the documents no matter what his newspaper decided to do.

“WikiLeaks doesn’t need The New York Times or The Guardian,” Keller says. “It has the ability to publish and circulate its stuff around the world … instantaneously.”

That’s the biggest change from the days of the Pentagon Papers, when a reporter for the Times spent weeks stealthily photocopying the secret official history of the Vietnam War.

The game changers in the equation are the speed and the anonymity WikiLeaks now affords. The surprise is that the spectral new publisher showed it can find a new way to play by the rules — when it wants to.”

NPR gives the conservative voice play first. This is what I was hearing on the radio today. NR seemed to be on the side of the government sort of like they are against Hugo Chavez. There is only so far the government media will go before it falls in line with the rest of the corporate types. Only the New York Times was willing to break the story and that was probably because the Guardian and Der Spiegal were going to release the material so they did not to be outscooped. Capitalism trumps security. This is one of the few areas where competition can pay off for the public.
Are we about to see a new government clamp down on the release of information?

This is from Huffington Post July 30, 2010.

“WASHINGTON — The Army intelligence specialist charged with leaking U.S. military secrets to the WikiLeaks website has been moved from Kuwait to a military jail in Virginia.

In a statement Friday, the Army said Pvt. Bradley Manning was flown Thursday to Quantico Marine Base where he will be held while awaiting trial for leaking top-secret military intelligence to WikiLeaks.”

There is a defense fund for Bradley Manning.
(you will have to cut and paste or look on my blogroll).

This is from his defense fund website.

“By Jeff Paterson, Project Director of Courage to Resist. July 29, 2010

Is WikiLeaks providing a legal team for Manning? Who are his civilian defense lawyers?

Quick answer: Manning has not yet chosen civilian legal counsel.

Lawyers associated with WikiLeaks approached the US Army in June with the intent of assisting Pfc. Bradley Manning.

The Army has kept Manning in isolation since his arrest on May 29. He has been in pre-trial confinement in Kuwait during this time. This has allowed the Army to intentionally limit Manning’s ability to understand all of the legal defense options available to him.

His appointed military defense JAG (Judge Advocate General) representatives seem to have steered him towards “not making this case a big deal”, and possibly forgoing civilian representation altogether. Besides the military defense JAGs, who are stationed hundreds of miles away from the detention facility, his only other (limited) communications are with a relative.

Only within the last few days have I become somewhat confident that Manning is receiving information regarding the legal representation options available to him. Since we have only recently been able to provide Manning with “really good options”, I’m taking it as a good sign that Manning has not selected his civilian legal defense.”

Anarchy Works

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

I read a book recently called Anarchy Works. The author, Peter Gelderloos, lives in a squat in Barcelona, Spain and apparently went to visit various anarchist communities in Europe, mostly rural communes. It was a mostly anthropological based justification of anarchism, using examples of tribal societies that are non hierarchical in their social structure. He also discussed some of the communal efforts in rural Spain during the Civil War and as an example of Anarchist military efforts the author used the Makhnovists in the Ukraine.
The book is strong on social anarchy. Gelderloos concentrates on examples that have been recorded by anthropologists in recent history. He does not go as far a John Zerzan, in fact he doesn’t quote any of the elder Anarchists except briefly from Kropotkin’s ‘Mutual Aid’. He does quote David Graber’s ‘Fragments of an Anarchist Anthropology’ and from anthropological publications. He concentrates on examples of Anarchism as a lifestyle and as a valid way to solve more day to day problems of society.
Unfortunately his examples are mostly of minor tribal groups and isolated communities. His only urban examples were Barcelona and Christiana in Denmark. He does discuss the Brazilian and South African land occupation movements and seems to be pretty up on the squatter scene. But you would get the idea that anarchy is basically a back to the land communal living movement from this book.
There was no discussion of the labor movement or of anarchist and syndicalist unions such as the IWW. The discussion of how the CNT structured things in the Spanish Civil war was more a list of services rendered than a description of how the CNT managed to do what it did. There was no talk of current anarchist involvement in the anti-war movement, in the environmental movement or the anti-globalization movement. Other than some specific details about European communes, there was little new information. I found that lack of historical material and theory to be disappointing.
The books format was a series of questions about whether or not Anarchy is a realistic option and a series of answers with examples that are supposed to prove the validity of anarchy as a viable option. For a person who doesn’t know much about anarchism these answers might seem reasonable. My problem with what is offered is that it reads more like a survey of anarchist tourist sites than an explanation of how anarchy might work. It is like the author is saying look at this, but he doesn’t say how to create these anarchist paradises. The book is a series of snapshots but very little process described other than the old anarchist trope of how people are spontaneously creative. Spontaneous creativity is based on something. What that something is education and history both traditional and cultural. There has to be a basis for the choice of anarchism and to simply define all of prehistory as anarchist because it was not a developed state structure is distorting the true nature of prehistory by viewing it with anarchist colored glasses.
Also I am not sure the analysis of so called primitive cultures in the book is accurate. Most of the worlds cultures were affected by the development of the European mercantile system by the 18th century. A classic example is the Native American culture being transformed by the horses brought by the Spanish which escaped or were stolen by Native Americans. Another example is the spreading of smallpox and other European diseases which potentially wiped out up to 7/8ths of the Native American population. But more specifically the slave trade from Africa to the European plantations in America totally changed the African society for thousands of miles across the continent. The same with North American tribes affected by the fur trade with Europe. In Asia the arrival of the Europeans transformed the spice islands of the East Indies. China was transformed by the British Opium trade. India was deforested for the British railways and shipping industry. The point being that so called primitive cultures visited by anthropologists in the 19th and 20th century had already been influenced by the mercantile system even if they had never seen a European directly. With the development of capitalism there was virtually no place on the planet not affected and now there literally is no untouched place on the planet only relatively more or less affected.
I am again referring to Wolf ‘Europe and the People Without History’ a Marxist history of the people who were affected by the spread of European mercantile culture. But beyond that the Chinese themselves had been a major influence on Asia and Europe for thousands of years. Same for India. Books like Chaudhuri ‘Trade and Civilization in the Indian Ocean’ and Abu-Lugbod ‘Before European Hegemony-The World System A.D.1250-1350 are books that describe a world of commerce in which Europe was peripheral or uninvolved. We have to remember that historically from about 500 AD until 1500 AD Western Europe was out of the picture or marginal. The Crusades gave many Europeans their first taste of some of the finer things of life that were commonplace among the Arabs, Indians and Chinese as well as the cultures between such as the Persians, Byzantines, and Central Asian trading city states. The Italian inventors of modern banking borrowed it from the Arabs of Cairo and Baghdad who had financial mechanisms for trade for centuries before the Italians. Chinese trade had been developed in a highly sophisticated manner for thousands of years and we should assume the same for India although the problem with India is that most records were destroyed by the hot and humid climate. Many of the records for India come from Chinese travelers who wrote descriptions of India. Books such as Ray ‘Chinese Sources of South Asian History in Translation-Data for Study of India-China Relations Through History Vol. One’ are a collection of such sources.
My ultimate point being that the world has been constantly transforming and there is no such thing as an authentic Stone age culture. Every place on the planet has been in communication with other places and transformed by those contacts. On the other hand much of the contacts have been relatively benign except when an imperial force like Rome or an murderous yet unifying force like the Mongols under Genghis Khan or a hegemonic force like the Chinese have enforced arbitrary rule on millions of peoples. Calling anyone indigenous in such an environment is a bit of a misnomer. We can say some people were traditional inhabitants of an area over a long period of time and they interacted with others in various manners. The Americas are because of their isolation like Australia, more easily described as places with indigenous cultures. These places have been overwhelmed by the intrusion of the Europeans. Even places as seemingly isolated as New Guinea have been affected.
To sum up ‘Anarchy Works’ is a postcard description of how anarchy works. It is a decent introduction to some concepts for people who might think anarchy is just chaos but it is like most anarchist literature, introductory. Anarchist theory is undeveloped at best and weak at worst. Simply listing examples of anarchist like cultures around the world is not providing people in western civilization a roadmap out of our decaying technological culture. If Anarchism or Communism are ever to have a chance again we have to convince large numbers of people that this is a real option with a real chance of success.

ICC Visits LA & European Unemployment

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

A member of the ICC (International Communist Current) came to visit the Los Angeles region. He gave a talk last night in Hyland Park and tonight will be speaking at the People’s Library in south central LA. The comrade is discussing the 2006 events in France when the students and workers successfully beat back an attempt by the government to implement an at will labor contract for young employees in the first years of employment up to age 26. Up to 3 million people joined the protests and there were threatened strikes.

This is an analysis of what the French government tried to do and the reasons why it would not work to increase employment from the Center for Economic & Policy Research.

“French Labor Law Reform Not Supported By Economic Evidence
Mark Weisbrot På Svenska
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (PA), April 8, 2006 More than a million people in France have taken to the streets against their conservative government’s attempts to change the country’s labor law. Here in the United States, these strikes and protests are generally seen as another example of France’s inability to come to grips with the reality of “the global economy.”

According to the conventional wisdom here, “Old Europe” is in need of serious economic reform. But will the reforms currently on the European political agenda actually help most Europeans?

One of the recommended reforms is more “labor market flexibility.” This is an economist’s way of saying it should be easier to fire employees and there should be less generous public pensions and unemployment compensation, and lower payroll taxes. Lower wages and benefits attached to employment, as well as a reduced influence of unions also fall into this category.

The French government has proposed to allow employers to fire employees under 26 years of age without having to show cause. To Americans this may seem strange, since employers under U.S. law are generally permitted to fire anyone without having to give a reason. But this is not the case in most other high-income countries, and even in many developing countries.

The government claims that employers will hire more people if it is easier to get rid of them, and that therefore unemployment (especially among younger workers) will be reduced. But the available economic research provides little or no evidence for this argument.*

For example, there is no relationship between the amount of employment protection in different countries and their unemployment rate. This is true generally for measures often portrayed as having a negative impact on employment: for example, unemployment compensation, national collective bargaining, or the percentage of union members. While it is true that France’s unemployment rate is relatively high (9.2 percent), there are a number of countries with high levels of labor market protections and low levels of unemployment: Austria (5.2 percent), Denmark (4.4 percent), Ireland (4.3 percent), the Netherlands (4.6 percent), and Norway (4.5 percent).

This makes sense if we think about it in economic terms. First, it is not as though employers can’t fire people in France or elsewhere in Europe – they just have to show cause. They may prefer the American system, but if there are profitable opportunities for expansion, they will hire more workers. A country’s level of employment (and unemployment) generally has much more to do with the overall demand for the goods and services that its businesses produce, rather than the rules or benefits that affect individual employers.

Why then is Europe’s unemployment currently higher (8.4 percent for the high-income countries of Europe) than that of the United States (4.8 percent)? One possibility is that the European Central Bank (ECB) has kept interest rates higher than it should have in recent years. As the U.S. economy slowed in 2001, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates aggressively (to one percent in 2003) and kept them low for three years into our current economic expansion. The ECB was slower to cut interest rates and has been raising them this year, despite relatively sluggish growth and inflation of only 2.3 percent.

The idea that labor protections are the cause of European unemployment is part of an overall myth that Europeans would benefit from a more American-style economy. The U.S. economy is said to be more competitive, yet we are running a record trade deficit of more than 6 percent of GDP, and the European Union is running a trade surplus. The U.S. economy is supposedly more dynamic, but French productivity is actually higher than ours. Their public pensions, free tuition at universities, longer vacations (4-5 weeks as compared with 2 weeks here), state-sponsored day care, and other benefits are said to be unaffordable in a “global economy.” But since these were affordable in years past, there is no economic logic that would make them less so today, with productivity having grown – no matter what happens in India or China.

French students and workers seem to have a better understanding of these economic issues than their political leaders. Hopefully, the wisdom of the crowd will prevail.

* See “Unemployment and Labor Market Institutions” by Dean Baker, Andrew Glyn, David Howell, and John Schmitt. (2004). Center for Economic Policy Analysis.

Mark Weisbrot is Co-Director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, in Washington, DC.”

While these unemployment figures reflect the overheated 2006 economy, the article below from Eurostat will give you more current information. It also shows that European countries can lay off worker just as they do in the USA. The difference is the safety net. In Western Europe it is much greater than in the USA.

“Unemployment statistics
From Statistics explained

This is the latest quality revision, approved on 5 July 2010. The draft has 2 changes awaiting review.

Data until May 2010.
The euro area seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 10.0% in May 2010, unchanged compared with April. It was 9.4% in May 2009. The EU unemployment rate was 9.6% in May 2010, unchanged compared with April. It was 8.9% in May 2009.

Among the Member States, the lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria (4.0%) and in the Netherlands (4.3%), and the highest rates in Latvia (20.0% in the first quarter of 2010), Spain (19.9%) and Estonia (19.0% in the first quarter of 2010).

Compared with a year ago, five Member States recorded a fall in the unemployment rate and twenty-two an increase. The largest falls were observed in Austria (4.9% to 4.0%) and Germany (7.6% to 7.0%). The highest increases were registered in Estonia (11.0% to 19.0% between the first quarters of 2009 and 2010) and Latvia (13.5% to 20.0% between the first quarters of 2009 and 2010).

Between May 2009 and May 2010, the unemployment rate for males rose from 9.2% to 9.9% in the euro area and from 8.9% to 9.7% in the EU27. The female unemployment rate increased from 9.5% to 10.2% in the euro area and from 8.8% to 9.5% in the EU.

In May 2010, the youth unemployment rate (under-25s) was 19.9% in the euro area and 20.5% in the EU. In May 2009 it was 19.4% and 19.5% respectively. The lowest rate was observed in the Netherlands (8.1%), and the highest rates in Spain (40.5%) and Estonia (39.8% in the first quarter of 2010.)

In May 2010, the unemployment rate was 9.7% in the USA and 5.2% in Japan.

Unemployment trends
In early 2000, just below 20 million persons were unemployed in the 27 countries currently forming the European Union, slightly below 9% of the labour force. This figure fell to around 19 million (8.5%) in early 2001 before rising back to around 21 million persons. It remained around this level from the middle of 2002 up to the middle of 2005, when a period of several years of steadily declining unemployment started. In the first quarter of 2008, the unemployment hit a low of 16 million persons (6.7%) before rising sharply in the wake of the economic crisis.

The unemployment rate in the euro area (EA-16) follows roughly the same trend as in the EU as a whole. However, between 2000 and the middle of 2004 the unemployment rate in the euro area was below the rate in the EU (EU-27). Since then, this is reversed because the unemployment declined more rapidly in the Member states which do not yet have the euro (mainly new Member States) between 2005 and 2008.

In 2000, the unemployment rate in the United States was around 4%, significantly lower than in Europe. It remained much lower until early 2008, when unemployment levels started to grow strongly. By mid-2009, the US rate had caught up with the EU rate.

Rates in Japan are still much lower than in Europe, as they have been throughout the last 10 years.”

This latest crisis in Capitalism has led to a return to 10% unemployment levels in Europe and a more than doubling of the levels in the USA to about the same as Europe. Japan alone of the major developed nations seems to have fairly stable levels along with certain northern European economies. This seems to reflect statistics from before the Greek Economy blow up.

This from

“Greek unemployment rate to 14.3% in 2011 says OECD
In its latest Employment Outlook issued , OECD projects Greek unemployment rate to rise to 12.1% in 2010 and to 14.3% in 2011 from 9.5% in 2009. Furthermore, employment, after slipping 1.1% in 2009, is anticipated to further ease by 2.8% in 2010 and 2.5% in 2011. We remind that according to the latest Greek government projections (incl. in the MoU on specific economic policy conditionality) unemployment is seen at 11.8% in 2010 peaking to 14.8% in 2012.”

This is from Bloomberg about Spanish Unemployment rates.

“Spanish Unemployment Tops 20%, Hurting Deficit Fight (Update3)
April 30, 2010, 9:47 AM EDT
By Emma Ross-Thomas

April 30 (Bloomberg) — Spain’s unemployment rate rose above 20 percent for the first time in more than a decade, undermining Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero’s fight to cut the euro region’s third-largest budget deficit.

Spanish borrowing costs have surged in the past two weeks on concern the country will struggle to push the deficit below the EU limit of 3 percent of economic output. Standard & Poor’s cut Spain’s credit rating on April 28, saying the government was underestimating its fiscal problems and overestimating growth prospects. Adding to public spending, Zapatero has extended benefits for the long-term unemployed.

“The government’s scenario is a bit more optimistic than what we’re seeing, so the welfare costs for the unemployed are going to be higher,” said Jesus Castillo, an economist at Natixis in Paris. “If they don’t take new measures the 3 percent deficit target is not going to be met.”

Bond Yields

The extra yield investors demand to hold Spanish debt rather than German equivalents rose to 99.8 basis points today from 99.1 basis points yesterday. The premium reached the highest in more than a year this week.

Deputy Finance Minister Jose Manuel Campa said the unemployment rate would not affect Spain’s budget-deficit forecasts, and the government was sticking to a forecast for an average jobless rate of 19 percent this year. Finance Minister Elena Salgado said the rate would fall in “the coming quarters” and the number of unemployed, at 4.6 million in the first quarter, would not reach 5 million.

She made the comments today after a Cabinet meeting, where ministers approved a plan to cut the number of high-ranking civil servants by around 10 percent and reduce the number of public companies to save 16 million euros ($21 million) a year.

Budget Gap

At 11.2 percent of gross domestic product, Spain’s budget shortfall was the third-biggest in the euro area last year, trailing only Greece and Ireland. S&P said it expects the Spanish deficit to stay above 5 percent in 2013, the year the government has pledged to cut it to the EU’s 3 percent limit.

EU officials are speeding up efforts to agree a bailout package for Greece as the market turmoil caused by its fiscal crisis spreads through the southern euro region. Salgado urged European colleagues to be “clearer and faster” in lending aid to Greece as the situation is “generating instability” that’s affecting Spain, according to an interview published in Cinco Dias newspaper today.

S&P expects Spain’s economy to grow an average of 0.7 percent a year through 2016, and sees the jobless rate reaching 21 percent this year. The government forecasts 1.8 percent expansion next year, accelerating to 3.1 percent in 2013.

“I suspect employment will continue falling for most of the rest of this year,” said Ben May, an economist at Capital Economics Ltd. in London. “Clearly it has knock-on implications for fiscal policy.”

Jobless Benefits

The Socialist government has extended unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed and 80 percent of those out of work receive some kind of subsidy, Labor Ministry data shows. Zapatero has pledged to maintain welfare payments even as he works to cut the budget shortfall.

Spain has some of the highest firing costs for open-ended contracts in Europe, according to the World Bank’s Doing Business Index, while around a quarter of the country’s workers have temporary contracts. The Bank of Spain says a labor-market overhaul is “urgent” as high unemployment poses a risk to banks and the Socialist government has pledged to change labor legislation after talks with unions and employers.

“If Spain maintains for a prolonged period these millions of workers out of jobs, the banking system could become an obstacle to achieving economic recovery after being a support for the economy during the crisis,” Bank of Spain Governor Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordonez said on April 13.

Banco Santander SA Chief Executive Officer Alfredo Saenz said yesterday that changes to labor rules should be carried out immediately.

The surge in unemployment is eroding support for Zapatero, who was re-elected in 2008 on pledges of full employment. The opposition People’s Party would win 40 percent of the vote, compared with 36.2 percent for the ruling Socialists, according to a poll by the state-run Center for Sociological Research carried out in January.

To contact the reporter on this story: Emma Ross-Thomas in Madrid at”

If you would like to attend the event tonight you can contact me at or contact this blog.

Harvey Pekar Is Dead

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

My favorite cartoon comic writer, Harvey Pekar is gone. I find it oddly appropriate that I find out about it almost 3 weeks after the event. Nobody in the political sphere I communicate in considered it newsworthy. Perhaps it was because he did not profess any clear ideological bias. He was concerned with the life of the everyman. His comic book format short stories “American Splendor” depicted the everyday details of life in a most profound and humor informed manner. I won’t say humorous, because they were deadpan portrayals of daily life told as truthfully as he knew them. Clinical depression gave his work a dark and I would say a noir feeling that anything could happen and it might not be good. Perhaps being a Jew growing up with the tales of the holocaust as childhood memories affected his outlook on life. He was 6 or 7 when the American soldiers liberated the concentration camps in Nazi Germany. He loved jazz and as a teenager in the 1950’s that would be the intellectual music of rebellion. He was closer to the French Existentialists in outlook, circa Sartre’s “Nausea”, than anything in modern American culture, except maybe the darker musings of the Beat poets.

This is an obituary from the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

“Harvey Pekar, Cleveland comic-book legend, dies at age 70
Published: Monday, July 12, 2010, 11:05 AM Updated: Tuesday, July 13, 2010, 11:44 AM
Joanna Connors, The Plain Dealer
The Plain DealerCleveland comics legend Harvey Pekar was found dead shortly before 1 a.m. today. He was 70.
CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio — Harvey Pekar’s life was not an open book. It was an open comic book.

Pekar chronicled his life and times in the acclaimed autobiographical comic book series, “American Splendor,” portraying himself as a rumpled, depressed, obsessive-compulsive “flunky file clerk” engaged in a constant battle with loneliness and anxiety.

Pekar, 70, was found dead shortly before 1 a.m. Monday by his wife, Joyce Brabner, in their Cleveland Heights home, said Powell Caesar, spokesman for Cuyahoga County Coroner Frank Miller. An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

Pekar and Brabner wrote “Our Cancer Year,” a book-length comic, after Pekar was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 1990 and underwent a grueling treatment. He was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, and also suffered high blood pressure, asthma and clinical depression, which fueled his art but often made his life painful.

“American Splendor” carried the subtitle, “From Off the Streets of Cleveland,” and just like Superman, the other comic-book hero born in Cleveland, Pekar wore something of a disguise. He never stepped into a phone booth to change, but underneath his persona of aggravated, disaffected file clerk, he was an erudite book and jazz critic, and a writer of short stories that many observers compared to Chekhov, despite their comic-book form.

Unlike the superheroes who ordinarily inhabit the pages of comic books, Pekar could neither leap tall buildings in a single bound, nor move faster than a speeding bullet. Yet his comics suggested a different sort of heroism: The working-class, everyman heroics of simply making it through another day, with soul — if not dignity — intact.

“American Splendor” had its roots in Pekar’s friendship with R. Crumb, the seminal underground comic-book artist. The two met in 1962 when Crumb was working for American Greetings in Cleveland. At the time, Crumb was just beginning to explore the possibilities of comics, which would later lead to such groundbreaking work as “Mr. Natural” and “Fritz the Cat.”

When Pekar, inspired by Crumb’s work, wrote his nascent strip in 1972, Crumb illustrated it. Crumb also contributed to Pekar’s first full-fledged books, which Pekar started publishing annually in 1976.

“He’s the soul of Cleveland,” Crumb told The Plain Dealer in 1994. “He’s passionate and articulate. He’s grim. He’s Jewish. I appreciate the way he embraces all that darkness.”

Yet the darkness came with a humorous silver lining. As Pekar said, “The humor of everyday life is way funnier than what the comedians do on TV. It’s the stuff that happens right in front of your face when there’s no routine and everything is unexpected. That’s what I want to write about.”

Pekar often complained that he made no money from his comics, but they did not go unappreciated. He won the American Book Award in 1987 for his first anthology of “American Splendor.” He was a regular guest on “Late Night With David Letterman,” until they had a falling out. (Letterman declined to comment.) And in 2003, the film adaptation of his comics, also titled “American Splendor,” won the Grand Jury Prize for dramatic films at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival.

Pekar reacted to the prize with his characteristic mordant wit.

“I’m always shook up and nervous and I’ve got the hospital record to prove it,” he said that night. “I wake up every morning in a cold sweat, regardless of how well things went the day before. And put that I said that in a somewhat but not completely tongue-in-cheek way.”

Pekar was born Oct. 8, 1939, to Saul and Dora Pekar, who had emigrated from Bialystok, Poland. His father, a Talmudic scholar, owned a small grocery store on Kinsman Avenue, and the family — who included Harvey’s younger brother, Allen, a chemist — lived above the store.

He graduated from Shaker Heights High School in 1957, and went on to Case Western Reserve University, dropping out after a year when the pressure of required math classes proved too much to bear. He served in the Navy, then returned to Cleveland and a series of menial jobs before landing at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Cleveland as a file clerk, a job he would hold until he retired in 2001.

He was married three times, the last to Brabner, whom he met in 1983 when she wrote to him asking for an issue of “American Splendor.” They were married on their third date, and a comic book naturally followed. “American Splendor No. 10″ was subtitled, “Harvey’s Latest Crapshoot: His Third Marriage to a Sweetie from Delaware and How His Substandard Dishwashing Strains Their Relationship.”

They became legal guardians of Danielle Batone when she was 9 years old, in 1998, “raising her as our own,” Pekar said.

After he retired from the VA hospital, Pekar continued to write jazz reviews and “American Splendor,” garnering the accolades of his peers and critics.

In 1989, the New York Times Book Review said, “Mr. Pekar’s work has been compared by literary critics to Chekhov’s and Dostoevski’s, and it’s easy to see why.”

The filmmaker David O. Russell (”Three Kings”), who was on the Sundance jury that awarded “American Splendor” the grand prize, said, “It’s really great for people to see someone like Harvey Pekar, this guy who wants to remain authentic, isn’t going to buy [garbage], isn’t going to the malls, keeps on collecting old jazz music that’s important — that kind of independence.”

In the 1994 Plain Dealer article, R. Crumb said Pekar’s work examined the minutiae of everyday life, material “so staggeringly mundane it verges on the exotic.”

Pekar himself summed it up as revealing “a series of day-after-day activities that have more influence on a person than any spectacular or traumatic events. It’s the 99 percent of life that nobody ever writes about.”

Congress Passes Afghanistan War Funding Bill

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

Despite the best efforts of Wikileaks to show how the war is unwinnable, the House passed a funding bill today to extend Obama’s war effort. It was passed with the help of a Republican Majority, 12 more than the Democrats. Funny how when it comes to the military industrial complex the Republicans are first ones at the troth, in hog heaven with their defense contractor buddies, waving that old ragged flag like it was George Washington’s continental army they were supporting and not some imperialist incursion in a far away land. Come to think of it the Taliban are more like the colonials fighting for freedom and the USA is more like the British trying to keep one more rich plumb in the queens crown. I guess that is why the Republicans are so gung-ho for war, they are little Red Coats after all anything to spend the tax payers money to make a buck for their corporate friends. What surprised me was the number of Democrats, 102 of them who got a little back bone and opposed the military spending.

This is an excerpt from LA Times article about the Bill’s Passage.

“House approves Afghan war funding after debate about Pakistan
Some lawmakers urge withdrawal of troops from Pakistan, another sign of rising antiwar sentiment in Congress.

By Lisa Mascaro, Tribune Washington Bureau

July 28, 2010

Reporting from Washington —

Members of Congress on Tuesday ended a months-long standoff and agreed to fund President Obama’s Afghanistan troop buildup, but not without debating withdrawal of U.S. troops from neighboring Pakistan.

The release this week of leaked classified reports about the Afghan war propelled efforts by Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) to push to bring U.S. military personnel home from Pakistan by year’s end.

The House voted 372 to 38 against the resolution to curtail military operations in Pakistan, but the debate served as yet another example of growing antiwar sentiment in Congress.

This month, 162 House members voted to set a withdrawal date from Afghanistan. And on Tuesday, more than 100 Democrats voted against the $58.8-billion war funding bill, which passed 308 to 114. Now, the measure, which also provides funds for Iraq and disaster relief in Haiti and the U.S., goes to Obama for his signature.

Earlier Tuesday, during a bipartisan meeting with congressional leaders, the president urged passage of the war-spending package. Without it, the Pentagon has said, its funding will begin to run out next month.

U.S. military involvement in Pakistan has been a delicate issue for both countries. Congress has not approved combat operations there, as would be needed under the War Powers Act, and the Pakistani public deeply opposes American military involvement.

About 230 U.S. troops are known to operate in the country, engaged in security assistance and training. Risks were highlighted in February when three American soldiers were killed in a suicide attack outside a girls’ school, which had been rebuilt with U.S. humanitarian aid.

The White House has tried for months to secure funds for the president’s decision to order 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan.

Copyright © 2010, The Los Angeles Times”

The bill originally passed the house with funds for domestic spending but the Senate stripped out any money for the American public and sent it back to the House where it passed with the help of the Republicans, sans domestic funds. Anything to keep the warlords happy and to help finance more resort homes in Dubai for Afghani elites.

Senator Bernie Sanders Says Tax The Rich

Monday, July 26th, 2010

Senator Sanders of Vermont is our only avowed socialist in the Senate. We have about 100 progressives in the House of Representatives. Bernie Sanders is looking out for the working class and the middle class. He is introducing an Estate tax bill to replace the one that the Bush administration grandfathered to end this year. Sen. Sanders is afraid we are recreating the Oligarchy of the rich that existed over 100 years ago in the so called “Gilded Age” when robber barons were virtual kings.

This is from Alternet:

“By Sen. Bernie Sanders: Fight Back Against the Oligarchy
We must make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.
July 25, 2010 |

The American people are hurting. As a result of the greed, recklessness and illegal behavior on Wall Street, millions of Americans have lost their jobs, homes, life savings and their ability to get a higher education. Today, some 22 percent of our children live in poverty, and millions more have become dependent on food stamps for their food.

And while the Great Wall Street Recession has devastated the middle class, the truth is that working families have been experiencing a decline for decades. During the Bush years alone, from 2000-2008, median family income dropped by nearly $2,200 and millions lost their health insurance. Today, because of stagnating wages and higher costs for basic necessities, the average two-wage-earner family has less disposable income than a one-wage-earner family did a generation ago. The average American today is underpaid, overworked and stressed out as to what the future will bring for his or her children. For many, the American dream has become a nightmare.

But, not everybody is hurting. While the middle class disappears and poverty increases the wealthiest people in our country are not only doing extremely well, they are using their wealth and political power to protect and expand their very privileged status at the expense of everyone else. This upper-crust of extremely wealthy families are hell-bent on destroying the democratic vision of a strong middle-class which has made the United States the envy of the world. In its place they are determined to create an oligarchy in which a small number of families control the economic and political life of our country.

The 400 richest families in America, who saw their wealth increase by some $400 billion during the Bush years, have now accumulated $1.27 trillion in wealth. Four hundred families! During the last 15 years, while these enormously rich people became much richer their effective tax rates were slashed almost in half. While the highest paid 400 Americans had an average income of $345 million in 2007, as a result of Bush tax policy they now pay an effective tax rate of 16.6 percent, the lowest on record.

Last year, the top 25 hedge fund managers made a combined $25 billion but because of tax policy their lobbyists helped write, they pay a lower effective tax rate than many teachers, nurses, and police officers. As a result of tax havens in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda and elsewhere, the wealthy and large corporations are evading some $100 billion a year in U.S. taxes. Warren Buffett, one of the richest people on earth, has often commented that he pays a lower effective tax rate than his secretary.

But it’s not just wealthy individuals who grotesquely manipulate the system for their benefit. It’s the multi-national corporations they own and control. In 2009, Exxon Mobil, the most profitable corporation in history made $19 billion in profits and not only paid no federal income tax — they actually received a $156 million refund from the government. In 2005, one out of every four large corporations in the United States paid no federal income taxes while earning $1.1 trillion in revenue.

But, perhaps the most outrageous tax break given to multi-millionaires and billionaires happened this January when the estate tax, established in 1916, was repealed for one year as a result of President Bush’s 2001 tax legislation. This tax applies only to the wealthiest three-tenths of 1 percent of our population. This is what Teddy Roosevelt, a leading proponent of the estate tax, said in 1910. “The absence of effective state, and, especially, national restraint upon unfair money-getting has tended to create a small class of enormously wealthy and economically powerful men, whose chief object is to hold and increase their power. The prime need is to change the conditions which enable these men to accumulate power which is not for the general welfare that they should hold or exercise…. Therefore, I believe in a … graduated inheritance tax on big fortunes, properly safeguarded against evasion and increasing rapidly in amount with the size of the estate.” And that’s what we’ve had for the last 95 years — until 2010.

Today, not content with huge tax breaks on their income; not content with massive corporate tax loopholes; not content with trade laws enabling them to outsource the jobs of millions of American workers to low-wage countries and not content with tax havens around the world, the ruling elite and their lobbyists are working feverishly to either eliminate the estate tax or substantially lower it. If they are successful at wiping out the estate tax, as they came close to doing in 2006 with every Republican but two voting to do, it would increase the national debt by over $1 trillion during a 10-year period. At a time when we already have a $13 trillion debt, enormous unmet needs and the highest level of wealth inequality in the industrialized world, it is simply obscene to provide more tax breaks to multi-millionaires and billionaires.

That is why I have introduced the Responsible Estate Tax Act (S.3533). This legislation would raise $318 billion over the next decade by establishing a graduated inheritance tax on estates over $3.5 million retroactive to this year. This bill ensures that the wealthiest 0.3 percent of Americans pays their fair share of estate taxes, while making sure that 99.7 percent of Americans never have to pay a dime when they lose a loved one. It also makes certain that the overwhelming majority of family farmers and small businesses never have to pay an estate tax.

This legislation must be passed because, with a $13 trillion national debt and huge unmet needs, we cannot afford more tax breaks for millionaire and billionaire families. But even more importantly, it must be passed because the United States must not become an oligarchy in which a handful of wealthy and powerful families control the destiny of our nation. Too many people, from the inception of this country, have struggled and died to maintain our democratic vision. We owe it to them and to our children to maintain it.”

News Flash Wikileaks 90,000 Documents About Iraq & Afghanistan

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Wikileaks gives good disclosure. Three newpapers including the Guardian UK have been given the leaks. This is from the Guardian and the New York Times. This story is so big it should blow the entire justification for the war effort to hell. I tried to get to the Wikileaks site but it must be jammed I cannot get through to it.

“Afghanistan war logs: Massive leak of secret files exposes truth of occupation• Hundreds of civilians killed by coalition troops
• Covert unit hunts leaders for ‘kill or capture’
• Steep rise in Taliban bomb attacks on Nato
• Read the Guardian’s full war logs investigation
Nick Davies and David Leigh, Sunday 25 July 2010 22.03 BST
The war logs reveal civilian killings by coalition forces, secret efforts to eliminate Taliban and al-Qaida leaders, and discuss the involvement of Iran and Pakistan in supporting insurgents. A huge cache of secret US military files today provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.

The disclosures come from more than 90,000 records of incidents and intelligence reports about the conflict obtained by the whistleblowers’ website Wikileaks in one of the biggest leaks in US military history. The files, which were made available to the Guardian, the New York Times and the German weekly Der Spiegel, give a blow-by-blow account of the fighting over the last six years, which has so far cost the lives of more than 320 British and more than 1,000 US troops.

Their publication comes amid mounting concern that Barack Obama’s “surge” strategy is failing and as coalition troops hunt for two US naval personnel captured by the Taliban south of Kabul on Friday.

The war logs also detail:

• How a secret “black” unit of special forces hunts down Taliban leaders for “kill or capture” without trial.

• How the US covered up evidence that the Taliban have acquired deadly surface-to-air missiles.

• How the coalition is increasingly using deadly Reaper drones to hunt and kill Taliban targets by remote control from a base in Nevada.

• How the Taliban have caused growing carnage with a massive escalation of their roadside bombing campaign, which has killed more than 2,000 civilians to date.

In a statement, the White House said the chaotic picture painted by the logs was the result of “under-resourcing” under Obama’s predecessor, saying: “It is important to note that the time period reflected in the documents is January 2004 to December 2009.”

The White House also criticised the publication of the files by Wikileaks: “We strongly condemn the disclosure of classified information by individuals and organisations, which puts the lives of the US and partner service members at risk and threatens our national security. Wikileaks made no effort to contact the US government about these documents, which may contain information that endanger the lives of Americans, our partners, and local populations who co-operate with us.”

The logs detail, in sometimes harrowing vignettes, the toll on civilians exacted by coalition forces: events termed “blue on white” in military jargon. The logs reveal 144 such incidents.

Some of these casualties come from the controversial air strikes that have led to Afghan government protests, but a large number of previously unknown incidents also appear to be the result of troops shooting unarmed drivers or motorcyclists out of a determination to protect themselves from suicide bombers.

At least 195 civilians are admitted to have been killed and 174 wounded in total, but this is likely to be an underestimate as many disputed incidents are omitted from the daily snapshots reported by troops on the ground and then collated, sometimes erratically, by military intelligence analysts.

Bloody errors at civilians’ expense, as recorded in the logs, include the day French troops strafed a bus full of children in 2008, wounding eight. A US patrol similarly machine-gunned a bus, wounding or killing 15 of its passengers, and in 2007 Polish troops mortared a village, killing a wedding party including a pregnant woman, in an apparent revenge attack.

Questionable shootings of civilians by UK troops also figure. The US compilers detail an unusual cluster of four British shootings in Kabul in the space of barely a month, in October/November 2007, culminating in the death of the son of an Afghan general. Of one shooting, they wrote: “Investigation controlled by the British. We are not able to get [sic] complete story.”

A second cluster of similar shootings, all involving Royal Marine commandos in Helmand province, took place in a six-month period at the end of 2008, according to the log entries. Asked by the Guardian about these allegations, the Ministry of Defence said: “We have been unable to corroborate these claims in the short time available and it would be inappropriate to speculate on specific cases without further verification of the alleged actions.”

Rachel Reid, who investigates civilian casualty incidents in Afghanistan for Human Rights Watch, said: “These files bring to light what’s been a consistent trend by US and Nato forces: the concealment of civilian casualties. Despite numerous tactical directives ordering transparent investigations when civilians are killed, there have been incidents I’ve investigated in recent months where this is still not happening.

Accountability is not just something you do when you are caught. It should be part of the way the US and Nato do business in Afghanistan every time they kill or harm civilians.” The reports, many of which the Guardian is publishing in full online, present an unvarnished and often compelling account of the reality of modern war.

Most of the material, though classified “secret” at the time, is no longer militarily sensitive. A small amount of information has been withheld from publication because it might endanger local informants or give away genuine military secrets. Wikileaks, whose founder, Julian Assange, obtained the material in circumstances he will not discuss, said it would redact harmful material before posting the bulk of the data on its “uncensorable” servers.

Wikileaks published in April this year a previously suppressed classified video of US Apache helicopters killing two Reuters cameramen on the streets of Baghdad, which gained international attention. A 22-year-old intelligence analyst, Bradley Manning, was arrested in Iraq and charged with leaking the video, but not with leaking the latest material. The Pentagon’s criminal investigations department continues to try to trace the leaks and recently unsuccessfully asked Assange, he says, to meet them outside the US to help them. Assange allowed the Guardian to examine the logs at our request. No fee was involved and Wikileaks was not involved in the preparation of the Guardian’s articles.

More news More on Afghanistan: the war logs
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Shattering the illusion of a bloodless victory
Secret war along the Pakistan border
‘Green on green’ fights between Afghan police and troops
Nato feared Taliban could tap its mobile phones
Story behind biggest leak in intelligence history
Julian Assange on the Afghanistan war logs: ‘They show the true nature of this © Guardian News and Media Limited 2010″

From the New York Times

“Text From a Selection of the Secret Dispatches
Below are a selection of the reports from a six-year archive of classified military documents published by WikiLeaks. These examples provide an unvarnished, ground-level picture of the war in Afghanistan. Some of the documents suggest that the Pakistani military and its spy agency have been unspoken allies of the Afghan insurgency. Some names and details have been redacted by The Times to conceal suspects’ identities, or because they might put people in danger or reveal key tactical military capabilities. See below for more details on the redactions.
—Redacted text
RELRoll over underlined military terms for definitions.Pakistani ISI
Jan. 5, 2009
Working Two Sides Dec. 18, 2006
Suicide Training Dec. 20, 2006
Festival of Sacrifices July 1, 2008
Embassy Attack ..Outpost Attacked
Oct. 3, 2009 Fighters Breach Outpost Keating ..Taliban Tactics
Feb. 17, 2008 Threatening Calls May 9, 2009 Recruiting Civilians March 6, 2008 Kidnapping and Murder Nov. 20, 2006 Suicide Truck Bombs March 17, 2007 Attacks on Afghan Drivers ..Secret War
June 17, 2007 Botched Raid April 6, 2008 Outnumbered March 8, 2008 Plea for Guns and Boots ..Use of Drones
Dec. 9, 2008 Hammer vs. Fly Sept. 13, 2009 Lost Reaper Drone ..Afghan Army
and Police
March 10, 2008 Investigating Police Extortion Dec. 4, 2009 Fighting Between Afghan Army and Police ..Civilian Casualties
Sept. 3, 2009 Bloody Mistake March 5, 2007 Checkpoint Lessons March 21, 2007 Shooting a Deaf
and Mute Civilian Nov. 13, 2009 Escalation of Force ..Reconstruction
Nov. 28, 2006 Orphanage Opens Dec. 20, 2006 Missing Orphans and Money Oct. 16, 2007 Orphans Gone Sept. 24, 2007 Democracy Blamed ….(THREAT REPORT) IED THREAT RPT Sorobi






Organization(s) Involved:

24 DEC 2006, ISAF CJ2X INTSUM 06100, NIS

(—— —) RC CAPITAL - Possible suicide attack in KABUL. (C?3)

DOI: 18 Dec 06; OHR: RO FHT/1929.

(—— —) A network of both Afghani and Pakistani terrorists has been planning and executing suicide attacks in KABUL City starting with unknown date. They are carrying out these sorts of operations in present. The entire process runs cyclically.

The process includes: training of suicide attackers, reconnaissance of operation area, operation planning, transport and hosting of suicide attackers and the execution of the attacks.

Generally responsible (but in an unknown manner) for suicide operations in KABUL City is ——— ——— —— — ——— ———— ——— ————— ———— / PAKISTAN. He is an ISI member in ———— — ——— (Intelligence Service —————) office in ————— and part of his job is ————— ————— —————. (OPR COMMENT: Source was unable to further specify this job function. ENDS.) He graduated DAR AL ULOM-E HAQQANIA (religious school) having ————— ——— —— as one of his teachers.

Training: The suicide attackers are trained in GHALANI CAMP MOHMAND GHAR and MAULANA Jalaluddin HAQQANI’S camp located in northern WALERISTAN.

Reconnaissance, planning and transportation: Responsible for reconnaissance of the area, planning and transporting the suicide attackers from PAKISTAN to AFGHANISTAN is ——— ——— ——— —— — ——— ————. First, before bringing the attackers, ——— ——— ——— travelled to KABUL in order to check the local situation and to get specific information from ——— and ———, two police officers working in ————— branch of KABUL City Police. After getting the necessary information, he returned to PAKISTAN and started making plans supervised by AL ZAWAHIRI, ——— ———— ———— and ————— ————— ——— —————. ——— ——— ——— —— ——— — ————— Village ———— —— ————— ——— ——— ————— ———— ————— but presently he lives in ————— ——— ———— —————.

Hosting: At the completion of the planning process, ——— ——— ——— started bringing the suicide attackers to KABUL and delivering them to ——— locals. These ——— are: ——— ——— —— — ——— —— ——— ————— ————— ——— —— ——— ——— —— ——— ——— ——— ———— — ————— ——— ————— ———— —— — ————— ——— — ————— ————— — —— ——— ——— — —— ———— ——— ——— —— ——— ——— —— ——— ——— ——— ——— ————— ——— ——— —— ——— are involved in weapons and drug smuggling. They have links with PD— police and PD — and PD — NDS and Anti-terrorism Department of MOI. These ——— people harbour the suicide attackers inside their houses.

Execution: After arriving to KABUL, the suicide attackers reconnoitred the area in order to find a suitable place for their attacks. Once a suitable place is found the attackers perform their attacks.

This information MUST NOT be disseminated to the GoA.

Organization(s) Involved: HEZB E ISLAMI GULBUDDIN

23 DEC 2006, —————-——-—/— —

It is reported that; ————— ——— (loyal to HIG and Kashmir KHAN, NFI) took the delivery of one suicide attacker from “Madrasa of Hashimiye” which is a training school for suicide attackers and located in Peshawer district of Pakistan, by the orders of Kashmir KHAN (HIG Commander) and Abu IHLAS (AQ Commander). After that, ——— went to Jalalabad district of NANGARHAR with the suicide attacker and bought a car to prepare it as a SVBIED. SVBIED is a Toyota Corolla SW, in light yellow color, 1996 model, and its license plate number is Jalalabad ———.

After preparing the Toyota Corolla as a SVBIED, they intruded into Pol-e Charki region of KABUL on the night of 20 Dec 2006. The name of the suicide attacker is ——— ———. He is 22-24 years old and one of the Pashtuns of Pakistan.

He is planning to conduct SVBIED attack against US and ISAF/NATO vehicles on Route White and Route Violet in KABUL until the Muslim Festival of Sacrifices (between 31 Dec 06 and 03 Jan 07). (NFDK).

CTC Comment: 95% of the suicide attackers are trained in the “Madrasa of Hashimiye” which is located in Peshawer district of Pakistan. Monthly, the former Chief of ISI - General Hamid GUL is visiting this madrasa.

FHT Comment: NIL.


1. This report is in response to RCC PIR 1A.

2. CTC re-contactable.


There are some reasons to consider this info as a real threat warning:

- info is covering the essential ———:

- —— ————— — —— ——— —— ————— ——— —— —— ————— —— ——— ————— —————

- the mentioned timing of the attack - Muslim Festival of Sacrifice make us think the threat is more likely;

- insurgent’s plan could be to take advantage of season’s feast IOT obtain a magnified media impact.


Organization(s) Involved: TALIBAN CENTER

01 JUL 2008, ———— —— ———— ———— ————— ——

FROM: ———— ——


SOURCE: —— —— ——— ————




TOPIC: Security situation in KABUL

Taliban are planning to carry out an attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul. TB designated an engineer ———— ————— ————— to take this action. He intends to use stolen ANA/ANP car, and wears stolen uniform. He speaks Dari with distinct Iranian accent. Allegedly, he is the owner of a ————— company.

INS are planning to divide into two groups: first will attack Indian embassy building, whilst the second group will engage security posts in front of MOI, IOT give possibility to escape attackers from the first group.

Budget for this action is about 120 000 USD. The main goal of this operation is to show TB’s abilities to carry out attack on every object in Kabul /IO/. /NFI/

Tier Level 1

***** SALTUR FOLLOWS *****

SIZE: 175-200aaf


L:F: YE: 1143 2254 KEATING L:E:YE 104 225

TIME: 0130z



***** END REPORT *****

WHY: Conducting Normal COP and OP operations

[01:33] < BlackKnight_TOC > FRI AND KEA IN HEAVY CONTACT

[01:33] < BlackKnight_TOC > Requesting Air Tic Be opened

01:32] < Keating2OPS > we need it now we have mortars pinned down and fire coming form everywhere

01:33] < Keating2OPS > fritsche is taking heavy machine gun fire as well

[01:33] < BlackKnight_TOC > wee need something

[01:37] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > [01:33] < BlackKnight_TOC > fri and kea still taking heavy contact

[01:33] < BlackKnight_TOC > fri and kea still taking heavy contact

[01:40] < Keating2OPS > we are taking contact from diving board, switchbacks, putting green and b-10 position

[01:40] < Keating2OPS > we are taking heavy saf and rpgs

[01:40] < Keating2OPS > rpgs from the north face

[01:35] < BlackKnight_TOC > still taking IDF

[01:35] < BlackKnight_TOC > need something our mortors cant get upo

[01:35] < BlackKnight_TOC > we are taking casiltys

[01:35] < BlackKnight_TOC > GET SOMETHING UP!

[——]< TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > BK DUDE 25 enroute No eta yet


[——] <


[——] < Keating2OPS > whats the status of air

[——] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > CAS 5 minutes

[——] < Keating2OPS > we are taking fire from inside urmul village

[01:48] < Keating2OPS > our mortars are still pinned down unable to fire

[01:50] < Keating2OPS > we need cas

[01:50] < Keating2OPS > still taking heavy rpgs and machine gun fire

[01:51] < Keating2OPS > at both locations fritsche and keating taking heavy contact

[01:52] < Keating2OPS > the switchbacks from urmul the diving board and north face

[01:52] < Keating2OPS > at keating and fritsche is surrounded as wel

[01:53] < Keating2OPS > multiple enemies running through the anp station and fire coming from the mosque in urmu

[01:54] < Keating2OPS > priority is switchback and putting green

[01:54] < Keating2OPS > asg is attacking op fritsche att

[——] < Keating2OPS > we are still taking effective rpgs at keating from the anp station everyone at the police station is shooting at us

[——] < Keating2OPS > asg has given up there op at fritsche enemy is 50 meters from the wiere on the high ground

[——] < Keating2OPS > asg has given up there op at fritsche enemy is 50 meters from the wiere

[——] < BlackKnight_TOC > we just lost sac com is we lose mirc we are blacked out!!!

[——] < Keating2OPS > jsut took another casualty

[——] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_NCO > right now

[——] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > What type of injury

[——] < Voodoo_7 > need injury type when possible

[——] < Keating2OPS > they are taking them to the aid station and we will get the updatesd

[——] < TF_PH_RTO > KAMDESH TIC RESPONSE ————— ————— W/U JAF ——

[——] < DestroyerS2OPS > Be advised that Keating and Fritsche are in heavy contact att, previous reporting stated that AAF were planning major coordinated attacks agains Keating, Lowell, and possibly Mace IOT allow FOM of fighters moving on Barge Matal

[——] DUDE 25/26 on station darkknight 34 sending 9 line for bomb drop

[——] < TF_PH_RTO > MM(E)10-03A FL08(070) DO25(944) W/U JAF ——

[——] < Keating2OPS > thats the biggest spot right now ANP Station

[——] < Keating2OPS > they are locked onto the trucks with rpgs

[02:11] < Keating2OPS > op fritsche is about to pop claymores at op fritsche

[02:11] < Keating2OPS > they are that close to the wire

[02:12] < Keating2OPS > we still cant get cas up on cag

[02:14] < Keating2OPS > thats up at fritsche and they are almost in the wire there i dont think they are monitoring that but jam freq ———— —— — —— ———— ——

[02:15] < Keating2OPS > our mortars are still pinned down


[02:18] < Keating2OPS > we need aaf is attemtping to breech ana side of keating

[02:19] < Keating2OPS > aaf took one of the ana

[02:19] < Keating2OPS > according to the ana commander

0218z Fritsche is 100% equipment and personel

[02:19] < Keating2OPS > enemy in the wire at keating


[02:21] < Keating2OPS > how long until cca

[02:21] < Keating2OPS > we need support

[02:22] < Keating2OPS > we have enemy on the cop

0223z Enemy in the wire at COP keating they breached from the ANA side of the COP to the West

—— Dude Dropping 2X GBU 38

—— Lost Blackknight on MIRC.

TACSAT only means of communication

—— COP Keating is at thier last fighting postion they are getting over ran and need cas as much as possible.

—— Fritsche reports they are shooting 120MM mortors at COP Keating they are no longer taking contact from the south they are supporting keatings last battle position

[——] < Mace_LLVI > Gist: Keep in contact with your guys up there. I cant reach them from down here. There are 3 injured and one killed.

[——] < Mace_LLVI > OP Comments:

—— destroyer main puts all COPS OP”S and FOB at 100% Force pro defensive positions

—— Blackknight Xray wants to engage everything from West ECP to thier TOC

—— blackknight Xray reports that anything outside the wire is hostile and needs to be engaged

—— there is another Weapons team and medevac bird enroute from BAF will be waiting when birds go to FARP they will take off to provide overwatch


—— OP Fritsche is no longer taking contact from south they are monitoring the souith and getting Javalins out

—— SITREP from Blackknight 7.


[——] < Destroyer_EWO > EWO on station jamming ICOMs in Keating ———— — ————— and anything else active

—— AH 64s are giving dismounts cover to get to the Mortor PIT to get thier Guns operational.

—— OP Fritsche reports that they have an RPG stuck in a hesco that didnt explode request that EOD is informed for when they do The retrograde

—— reporting sitrep on Casualties is 2 US KIA 3 US WIA 6x ANA WIA at COP KEATING.


——: COP Keating recieving SAF RPG, HAF from Mosque at YE 1121 2248.

——: DUDE drops 2 x GBU 38 on grid YE 1134 2217.

0332z: OP Fritsche reports negative contact. Support COP Keating with mortars.

0336 Red 1 rpts the OMLT and ANA are working to clear ANA compoound. Are working on taking the maint building. Believe that is last postions of aaf within keating


—— OP FRI rpts sporadic fire returning saf and still spting Keating with 120mm


—— OP FRI rpts neg contact att still spting KEA with 120mm

—— OP FRI rpts saf from south att returning with .50 cal

——: OP FRI Reports neg contact ATT.

0419z Keating rpts ANA compound a total loss, burnedt to ground. Unable to retake att. AWT is clearing outer perimieter. Still have no contact with security towers, working on retaking cop.

0427 Keating rpts one AWT was hit by safire and is turning to Bostick, WN 13 —— —— ————— to Keating to replace other wn

0432z Keating rpts more WIA coming in at least 12 more from minor shrapnel

0440 OP FRI rpts all wounded at FRi are superficial and do not require medevac att. all minor grazing wounds.

0520 Keating rpts have retaken another bldg, cant’ push any further due to lack of manpower.

0541 Keating rpts heavy effective fire from the village outside cop vic grid YE 11197 22430.

0554z Keting rpts 2 add heros and one more wia with gsw to chest,

0556z RR rpts icom traffic of aaf wanting to overrun keating. working with cas to drop on aaf positions

0559 Bostick has recieved intel that aaf will try to hit hlz woth all the a/c

0602 upadate to KIA only 3 Heros att

0618 Keating still taking fire and working with cas on aaf postions.

—— also getting llvi traffic on mtr attack for bostick,

0638 FRI neg contact att, keating is taking sporadic fire att, cf is reconsolidating have 5 total heros att, with about 8 WIA

—— Keating rpts neg reinforcing postions, COP still split att. QRF is w/u att to ftitsche

—— ICOM traffic states aaf are adjusting idf on bostick, 1 rnd impacted 300 m west of FOB.

—— W/U qrf bos to fri

—— QRF w/d fri

—— l/u wiht chosin

—— w/d bos

—— w/u bos

—— Keating rpts trying to secure cop with cas and wpns. mvmnt dificult, every move draws enemy fire.

—— Keating rpts more sporadic contact still trying to get acc of all personnel

—— Keating rpts locating one more missing US, Hero att.

0839 BK 6 rpts that most of the contacts are between fri and keating. Working bomb drops along route for movmnt to Keating. AWT rpted DSHKA site vic grid YE 1185 2178, working with Bone to drop on site.


—— Keating rpts sporadic saf from south. working with bone to drop on susp aaf pos.

—— Bone Winchestered and is rtb, dropped on swithbacks. Currently working with Hawg to suppress positions north of Keating

—— BK reports TOC is on fire and moving to alt cp

—— qrf lift 3 w/u turn 1

—— qrf w/d fri

—— qrf w/d b bost

—— BK6 (— pax)w/ qrf flt YE 112 215

1033 Keating rpts still taking sporadic fire, only one building left that is not on fire. Have consolidated all casualties at that location.

—— qrf lift 2 w/u bos to fri

—— qrf lift 2 w/d fri

—— qrf w/u fri

—— qrf w/d bos

—— flt for bk6 ye 116 217

—— Keating rpts neg contact att. Holding in last remaing bldg. Bk 6 is still moving in from the south att flt YE 116 218

—— qrf w/u bostic to fri

1145 keating rpts recieving b-10 fire from vic ye 1257 2184, moving sijan to look in that area, also the urgent cas is deteriating

—— qrf w/d fri

1158 flt for bk6 ye 114 218

1200 Combat 16 flt ye 118 215 had an rpg shot at them landed 200m from them continueing msn

1227 BK 6 in contact at vic grid ye 113 219 near ambush, saf and rpg, bk 6 rpts 2 EKIA att, no friendly cas

1231 FLT for Combat 16 YE 1157 2182

1236 Keating rpts neg contact , still holding alt cp not in danger of burning att, cas are holding up

1309 FLT BK642SYE 11200 21900 and FLT for C16 42SYE 11300 21900

1344 flt for bk6 and c16 is ye 113 222

1404 BK6 is continueing down mnt, has eyes on keating and is has fm coms with elements on keating. BK7 is still consolidating pos waiting on relief ptl

1408 BK6 is in a SBF ye 114 224 near keating while C16 is moving down att. workign in a bounding overwatch mvmnt.

1432z BK6 and C16have reached btm of mtn and are entering keating from the south att.

1452 BK6 is in keating and conducting clearing ops att, nothing to rpt att

0532 keating rpts founding lost US, is hero. Loading critical casualties att.

—— DustOff is W/D at Keating HLZ loading the 3 litre Patients

—— Dustoff w/u Enroute to Bostick

—— Dustoff is w/d at FOB Bostick with patients


[——] < TF_PH_RTO > KEA AREA SECURITY WN14(185) WN15(191) W/U JAF ——

—— LZ security is set walking wounded are making thier way out to the HLZ

—— UH 60s are w/d at keating downloading pax and picking up WIA

—— Birds W/U keating enroute to FOB Bostick With 6 WIA

—— 2nd UH 60 W/D keating uploading Pax WIA and KIA

[16:19] < #TF_MTN_WARRIOR_MEDEVAC > 0 TF_MTN_WARRIOR_MEDOPS : tf mtn wr approves F msn. ROF: —————

—— 2nd UH 60 W/U enroute to bostick with hero’s still have 5 ANA wounded to move

—— Medevac Exfill inbound 3 HEROS and WIA

—— FL 77 w/d keating picking up hero’s need another turn to keating

—— w/u Keating with 4 heros

—— dustoff 23 w/u patient transfer

—— FL 74 W/U Bostick to keating with Speedballs backhaul 5 ANA Walking wounded

—— FL 74 W/D Keating picking up 5 ana walking wounded and dropping off speedballs

—— FL 74 w/u with 5 ana walking wounded and 1 Hero not sure if he is US or ANA

—— FL 74 W/D Bostick with 5 ANA W/W and 1 Hero

[18:06] < ABAD_TOC > MM(E)10-03F DO23(928) PH45(001) PH47(561) transitioning north att



—— DESTROYER PAX MOVEMENT FX50(025) FX65(704) OD45(193) W/U JAF ——

—— DESTROYER PAX MOVEMENT BT52(706) BT53(010) OD44(181) W/D BOS ——

——: DESTROYER PAX MOVEMENT FX50(025) FX65(704) OD45(193) W/D BOSTICK ——

[——] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > PAX COUNT BT —— — PAX/ BT —— —PAX/ FX — —PAX/ FX — — PAX W/U enroute to OP Fritsche.

[——] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > FX50(025) FX65(704) —— OP Fritsche —— ——


DESTROYER PAX MOVEMENT BT52(706) BT53(010) W/D OP Fritsche ——

[——] < BOS_HLZ_OIC > BT52(706) BT53(010) W/U BOS —— RTB W/ HEROS

[——] < BOS_HLZ_OIC > FX50/65 W//U BOS —— RTB with 1xANA HERO.

[——] < BOS_HLZ_OIC > FL77 W/U BOS —— TO KEA

[——] < TF_LIFT_BFT > DESTROYER PAX MOVEMENT BT52(706) BT53(010) OD44(181) W/D BAF MC

[——] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > FL 77 dropping sling COP Keating

[——] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > OD 44/45 FL 77 W/D Bostick

—— OD 44/45 W/U enroute to OP Fritsche

03:05] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > OD 44/45 Off station OP Fritsche trans South att

[03:06] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > Commandos started movement from OP Fritsche

[03:10] < TF_DESTROYER_BTL_CPT > ANA/ASG moving 350m East of COP Keating

0542 had two medevacs for WIA from yesterday, 2 ASG, from keating, and on ANA from fri. Neg contact att

0601 ANA/ASG ptl is back at keating att, neg contact continueing to observe

0818 During the ANA ptl they recovered the two ASG WIA as well as two additional ANA KIA, have id numbers and passing to OMLT at bostick att

1021 Knight xray rpts neg contact, holding defensive postions around Keating while prepping for backhaul, RR is rpting icom traffic that the aaf are possibly prepping for another attack this afternoon. Info passed to Keating


S: 5-10 AAF


L: F: 42S YE 11632 21011

E: YE 12083 20307

T: 1029

U: 3/B/3-61




1030 Guns Hot FRI

1031 FRI rpts contact with DSHKA from the south

!!!!! FIRE MISSION!!!!!

TIME: 1030

FU LOC: 120mm / YE 118 209 / OP FRITSCHIE


TGT LOC: KE 4572


GTL AZ: 2120 MILS 120 DEG






!!!!! FIRE MISSION!!!!!

1033 fri rpts contact with mtrs and rpg. working with jtac at keating for bomb drop.

1035 fri rpts all friendlies in the wire att

—— FRi rpts neg contact att, working with dude to drop on dshka

1101 FRI obs pax moving north and south of op, neg PID att, working with DUDE to observe

1110 Recieved LLVI traffic from OP Mace states the aaf intent to take keating. Have passed intel to FRI and KEA att.

1129 FRI rpts neg contact att. continuing to obsv.

1151 FRI rpts neg contact. CCA engaging historical POO sites att.

1153 FRI rpts CCA recieved saf, A10’s conducting gun runs att.

1230 FRI rpts neg enemy contact att, still working with cas att

1302: COP KEATING Reports SAF VIC the YE 109 224. Returning with mortars and direct fire.

1320: Cop Keating Reports NEG enemy contact ATT. Continuing to observe.


********05 OCT 09 *********

0428 Keating rpts neg enemy contact. Exfilled 16 ANA and one OMLT to JAF last night as well as 2 ANA KIA.

0625 Keating rpts neg contact att. FRI rpts village elders from Kamdish are going to move down to KEA to collect the two ASG Heros. Have passed info ot Kea and coordinating instructions for the approach of village elders.

0915 Destroyer 6 rpts ned contact att. Had local security ptl to Urmul to clear village. Located several AAF KIA but no wpns. AAF collected wpns and exfilled.

1239 Keating rpts neg contact att. Still prepping for exfill,

1354 kEATING RPTS NEG CONTACT ATT, conducting calibration msn with 155 in prep for exfil

******06 OCT 09**********

0439z Keating rpts neg contact att. Had 9LN and 9ASG eveacuated last night from Keating. Commo pck was dropped at keating and FRI to further supplement the COP and OP. As rpted by D6 they will try and start the demo of three 1151s in prep for exfil.

0726 FRI rpts Commandos will conduct ptls to the north and south to clear historical aaf pos. Also, compiling acurate list of WIA, Keating rpts they have 14 WIA with superficial wounds due to the attack on 2 OCT. List has been passed to D7 and S-1 for formal notification of families

0901z FRI rpts commandos found 2 EKIA vic YE 1134 ————— during ptling probably same aaf engaged by BK 6 during intial QRF push from FRI. Also have eyes on 8 pax vic grid YE 09087 20233 as well as DUDE rpting pos aaf vic grid YE 08710 19988. Working with DUDE and FRI mtrs to possibly engage.

1830: OP FRI Reports that one of the earlier Commando patrols Reported finding a small cache at grid YE 11832 21555. containing US CLASS I.

07 OCT 09

0328 Keating backhaul and closure complete, with demo accomplished with CAS. All Soldiers accounted for at Bostick att. AH 10,13,14 remain at FRI and conduct security operations ISO of FRI.

0630Z event closed. It is now listed as a child of OP Mountain Descent



Complex attack on COP Keating and OP Fritsche with HAF, SAF, IDF, RPG.


23x US WIA


10 x ANA WIA

2 x ASG


1X US SOLDIER was deemed non injured is at FOB Bostick 5X US WIA superficial wounds at OP Fritche does not need IMMEDIATE MEDEVAC ATT.


11 x GBU 31

26 x GBU 38

1 x Hellfire

3 x 20mm strafing runs.

19x 105 (AC-130)



19 FEB 2008, TFZ INTSUM 568, GCTF

(SECRET//REL TO USA, ISAF, NATO) ANA BDE CDR is Threatened by TB: On 17FEB2008 at 2240L, the 205th ANA BDE Commander MG Jamaladin received a call from Taliban Commander Mullah Ezat. Mullah Ezat told the ANA CDR to surrender and offered him $100,000(US) to quit working for the Afghan Army. Ezat also stated that he knows where the ANA CDR is from and knows his family. The BDE CDR called the number that Mullah Ezat had called from but there was no answer (Source Comment- this phone call has instilled fear into the new ANA BDE commander and made him much more cautious. It is unlikely that the TB will follow through with their threats; they are likely testing the new CDR).

Organization(s) Involved: OPPOSING MILITANT FORCES


(S//REL TO USA, GCTF, ISAF, NATO) Insurgent Leader Mullah Juma Khan Went To The House Of ——— ———— In ———, Ghaziabad District, To Pay Respects To A Dead Insurgent Fighter. Mullah Juma Khan Spoke About Current Events In Helgal Valley, Ghaziabad District And Recruited People At The Memorial To Become Insurgent Fighters (08MAY09). On 05 May 2009, Mullah ((Juma)) Khan went to the house of ——— ————— //——— —————// in ——— //——— —————//, Ghaziabad District, Konar Province, Afghanistan. (Field Comment-For more information and overhead imagery of ——— ————— house refer to —— — —— ——— — dated 28 December 2008.) Juma traveled to ———, Ghaziabad District from Helgal //MGRS: 42SYD112962//, Ghaziabad District. Juma made this visit to pay respects for a dead insurgent fighter. The dead insurgent was ————— ———. On 03 May 2009, ——— was killed by a mortar during the attack against the Tsunel Vehicle Patrol Base (VPB) East Observation Post (OP), Ghaziabad District. (Field Comment-For more information on this attack REFER to Task Force (TF) Raider INTSUM 291 dated 03 May 2009.) ——— was skilled with using mortar tubes and rocket propelled grenade launchers. Juma brought with him 40 insurgent fighters carrying weapons. The weapons included three //Zekuwak// heavy machine guns, one DSHK heavy machine gun and one mortar tube. (Comment-The weapons were bundled in blankets to make backpacks. Juma said this is what was in them.) The fighting group traveled with Juma to prevent themselves and their weapons from being destroyed or captured by Coalition Forces (CF) and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) operating in Helgal Valley, Ghaziabad District. (Field Comment-Helgal Valley is the valley from Abragal //——— —————//, Ghaziabad District to Helgal, Ghaziabad District.) Also present at ————— House was ——— ———— and 40 other unknown guests from the Gojer Tribe to pay respect to ———. Juma gave a speech to motivate the people to continue fighting against CF and ANSF.

(S//REL TO USA, GCTF, ISAF, NATO) Juma first promised he will give orders to the village elders of Helgal, Ghaziabad District to release the prisoners to CF. (Field Comment-Report is referring to the prisoners taken in the 01 May 2009 attack on OP Bari Alai. For more information refer to TF Raider INTSUM 289 dated 01 May 2009.) The residents of Helgal Valley, Ghaziabad District asked Juma to have the prisoners released so CF would stop hunting for the prisoners in Helgal Valley. From 01 May 2009 to 05 May 2009, more than 30 residents of Helgal Valley, Ghaziabad District were killed. According to Juma those killed included insurgent leaders Hajji ((Said)), Hajji ((Daim)) and Hajji ((Khwashah)). (Comment-The Taliban are trying to keep the actual number quiet. There was a lot of new unmarked graves in Helgal when I traveled through there.) Juma cried while telling the people an unnamed woman and her baby were killed while the woman was nursing the baby. (Comment-He did not say exactly how, when or where.) Juma then told the people they needed to be angry at CF and ANSF for causing this tragedy.

(S//REL TO USA, GCTF, ISAF, NATO) Juma plans to destroy the Tsunel VPB. Juma invited everyone who wants to fight to join the fighters who traveled with him. On the evening of 05 May 2009, ——— ———— planned to lead these fighters to ——— //——— —————//, Ghaziabad District. Juma stated he is in communication with the insurgent leaders in ———— //——— —————//, Ghaziabad District; Arzigal //——— —————//, Naray District, Konar Province; and —— //——— —————//, Naray District. Juma and the other insurgent leaders are planning an attack against the Tsunel VPB from the north and south sides of the Konar River, Ghaziabad District. (Comment-He did not talk about the exact plan or when the fight will occur.) On 05 May 2009, 25 members of the Gojer Tribe present at the memorial decided to fight with ———— and agreed to travel with him.

(S//REL TO USA, GCTF, ISAF, NATO) There is one fighter named (—————) in ———— who keeps trying to attack the ———— VPB East OP by himself. On 04 May 2009, the unnamed brother of ——— was killed while trying to recover their unnamed cousins body from the mountain the ———— VPB East OP, Ghaziabad District is built on. (Comment-Someone at the memorial said he activated a mine.) On 03 May 2009, the unnamed cousin was killed during the attack on the ———— VPB East OP, Ghaziabad District. Juma said not to be like ——— who will be killed without getting his revenge because he fights by himself. (Comment-He meant he was the Taliban leader in Ghaziabad District and not to fight without his order.) ——— has a FPK rifle. The other remaining fighters from previous attacks against ———— VPB East OP, Ghaziabad District are in ———, Ghaziabad District taking shelter in the forrest waiting for orders.
TF 3 Fury reports Zurmat LN kidnappings and execution
On or about 06 MAR 08, INS kidnapped ——— ————— and his Nephew ————— from their home in Tutakhel, Zormat District. On the night of 08 MAR 08, ——— ————— was killed. ——— was blindfolded and he was shot in the chest approximately 16 times with an AK-47. The body along with AK-47 shells were dumped in the village of Chawni to make it look like ——— was executed there. ANP assessed that the execution did not take place in Chawni because they interviewed all the personnel living in the area where the body was dumped and no one claimed to hear any gunfire. ———’s nephew ————— is still being held hostage by insurgents. No new information exists to —————’s whereabouts and no ransom has been demanded by INS. ——— and ————— were reportedly kidnapped because ———’s older brother, ——— —————, is an AUP patrolman.NFTR.

Organization(s) Involved: TALIBAN

20061210-CJ2X INTSUM -(N/I C)

RC CAPITAL - TALIBAN captured Four ANA trucks to be used as SVBIEDs in KABUL City, KABUL Province. (B?2)

DOI: 20 Nov 06; OHR: CIINTREP-ADET-IX-480-06

(N/I C) 1. The TALIBAN has transported four captured ANA pick-up trucks to KABUL District, KABUL Province for use as SVBIEDs. They intend to use the pick-up trucks to target ANA compounds, ISAF and GOA convoys, as well as high-ranking GOA and ISAF officials. The four pick-up trucks are described as standard sand-coloured ANA FORD RANGER pick-up trucks; license plates are unknown. The four trucks were also accompanied by an unknown quantity of ANA uniforms to facilitate carrying out the attacks.

2. The four trucks were captured during an attack on an ANA convoy in SHAJOY District (GRID NOT AVAILABLE), ZABUL Province. The attack took place sometime during the week of 20 to 26 Nov 06, resulting in the deaths of two TALIBAN fighters. However, the remaining TALIBAN elements were able to capture a total of six ANA FORD RANGERs and some uniforms prior to fleeing. Four of the pick-ups were sent to KABUL District while the remaining two were sent to PARWAN, KAPISA, or GHAZNI Province, no further information.

3. The Afghan Ministry of Defence (MOD) is aware of the vehicles capture and plate numbers. However, they are keeping all information related to the six vehicles quiet, while MOD and Afghan National Police (ANP) search for them. The four pick-ups supposedly entered KABUL District. This is not yet confirmed; however, the MOD and ANP are aggressively searching for them in KABUL City area.

4. In addition, on approximately 28 Nov 06, ANP forces seized 20 BM-1 rockets in the MOSAHI District (GRID NOT AVAILABLE), KABUL Province. The 20 rockets were set up and positioned to be fired at KABUL City; however, no one was found in the area, NFI. The area in which the rockets were found has been used in the past by HIG Commander DERVISH to conduct rocket attacks on KABUL City. It is possible that these rockets belonged to DERVISH, but this has not been confirmed.

This information MUST NOT be disseminated to AFG authorities.
170855Z LN trucks leaving the Kamu Combat Outpost (heading East, returning to Naray after delivering CL I supplies) were ambushed by an enemy element at an illegal check point (being reported by the LN truck drivers as approximately 50x enemy pax), approximately 1km east of the Kamu Combat Outpost. Once the LN vehicles were disabled, the LN drivers were attacked individually by the enemy pax (2 of the driver’s ears were cut off, and 1x driver had shrapnel in his thigh from the initial attack). TF Titan sent a US/ANA QRF element to the location of the attack, and received SAF as they were approaching the ambush site. TF Titan returned SAF, and CAS and CCA were diverted to support. The enemy broke contact, and TF Titan moved to the LN trucks and their drivers. The 3x LN wounded walked themselves to the Kamu Outpost, and TF Titan continued to provide medical assistance. At 1130Z TF Titan updates there is a suspicious compound near the ambush site, with 3x pax in BDU uniforms around the compound. One of the LN drivers that was wounded indicated the men who attacked them were located at the same suspicious compound prior to the attack, and were also wearing BDUs. TF Titan did not take any action on the compound at this time, but have taken 6x road workers back to the Kamu Combat outpost who were witnesses to the attack. All elements are RTB at the kamu COP, and TF Titan is continuing to develop a COA to remove the 3x trucks that were attacked (and are currently burning and blocking the road). NFTR ATT. ISAF 03-361

1419Z All 3 Casualties currently at Camp Keating, 2 Adults with severed ears, 1 with minor Shrapnal injury to right leg. all 3 are stable. All thee casualties are beibg evaluated by medical personnel. The 2 LN’s with missing ears are refussing higher medical care att
172100Z TF 373 OBJ Lane
NOTE: The following information (TF-373 and HIMARS) is Classified Secret / NOFORN. The knowledge that TF-373 conducted a HIMARS strike must be kept protected. All other information below is classified Secret / REL ISAF.

(S) Mission: O/O SOTF conducts kinetic strike followed with HAF raid to kill/capture ABU LAYTH AL LIBI on NAI 2.

(S)Target: Abu Layth Al Libi is a senior al-Qaida military commander, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG) leader. He is based in Mir Ali, Pakistan and runs training camps throughout North Waziristan. Collection over the past week indicates a concentration of Arabs IVO objective area.

Result: 6 x EKIA; 7 x NC KIA, 7 x detainees

(S) Summary: HAF departed for Orgun-E to conduct link-up and posture to the objective immediately after pre-assault fires. On order, 5 rockets were launched and destroyed structures on the objective (NAI 2). The HAF quickly inserted the assault force into the HLZ. ISR reported multiple UIMs leaving the objective area. The assault force quickly conducted dismounted movement to the target area and established containment on the south side of the objective. During the initial assault, dedicated air assets engaged multiple MAMs squirting off the objective area. GFC assessed 3 x EKIA squirters north and 3 x EKIA squirters south of the compound were neutralized from air asset fires. The assault force quickly maneuvered with a SQD element on the remaining squirters. The squirter element detained 12 x MAMs and returned to the objective area. GFC passed initial assessment of 7 x NC KIA (children). During initial questioning, it was assessed that the children were not allowed out of the building, due to UIMs presence within the compound. The assault force was able to uncover 1 x NC child from the rubble. The MED TM immediately cleared debris form the mouth and performed CPR to revive the child for 20 minutes. Due to time restrictions, TF CDR launched QRF element to action a follow-on target (NAI 5). They quickly contained the objective and initiated the assault. The objective was secured and the assault force initially detained 6 x MAMs. The GFC recommended that 7 MAMs be detained for additional questioning. The TF CDR assessed that the assault force will continue SSE. The local governor was notified of the current situation and requests for assistance were made to cordon the AO with support from ANP and local coalition forces in search of HVI. A PRT is enroute to AO.

1) Target was an AQ Senior Leader

2) Patterns of life were conducted on — ——— from ——— ——— (strike time) with no indications of women or children on the objective

3) The Mosque was not targeted nor was it struck initial reports state there is no damage to the Mosque

4) An elder who was at the Mosque stated that the children were held against their will and were intentionally kept inside

UPDATE: 18 0850Z June 07

- Governor Khapalwak has had no success yet in reaching President Karzai (due to the Presidents busy schedule today) but expects to reach him within the hour (PoA reached later in the afternoon ~ 1400Z)

- The Governor conducted a Shura this morning, in attendance were locals from both the Yahya Yosof Khail & Khail Districts

- He pressed the Talking Points given to him and added a few of his own that followed in line with our current story

- The atmospherics of the local populous is that they are in shock, but understand it was caused ultimately by the presence of hoodlums

- the people think it is good that bad men were killed

- the people regret the loss of life among the children

- The Governor echoed the tragedy of children being killed, but stressed this couldve been prevented had the people exposed the presence of insurgents in the area

- The Governor promised another Shura in a few days and that the families would be compensated for their loss

- Tthe Governor was asked what the mood of the people was and he stated that “the operation was a good thing, and the people believe what we have told them”

- Additionally, the people accused the Yahya Khail Chief of Police and his officers of corruption and collusion with TB in the area

- The Governor and the Provincial NDS Chief relieved the CofP and his officers, disarmed them, and they are currently detained and enroute to Sharana at this time unknown as to total numbers detained (MTF on this incident)
At 0258Z, TF Bushmaster reported receiving small arms fire from an unknown number of AAF at 42S XE 248 042 IVO FOB Bella. (Conducting offensive operation Commando Wrath.) Elements in heavy contact on objective, with casualties, decided medevac on station as part of assault package. At 0337Z, TF Bushmaster requested an urgent and priority MEDEVAC for 2x US MIL WIA. 1x patient has gunshot wound to ankle and leg, 2x patient has gunshot wound to the arm. Total BDA at this time is 2x US MIL WIA and 1x LN Terp KIA. At 0348Z, TF Bushmaster requested additional CCA. At 0347Z, TF Bushmaster reported PID 2x insurgents moving toward OBJ Patriot, friendly forces engaged them and no further contact ATT, also a lot of VHF COMMS coming from the back side of the ridge to the west of Kendal. At 0356Z, TF Bushmaster reported an additional 2x US MIL WIA. At 0358Z, TF Bushmaster reported receiving small arms fire from high ground around their LOC. At 0417Z, TF Bushmaster reports effective sniper fire from a building roof north of their position at this time. At ———, PROFET 72 reports ARF inserted at ———, unable to pick up any casualties ATT. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported CDO is preparing to clear MOSQUE and adjoining buildings, the rest of OBJ Panther is securing at 0435Z. At ———, PROFET 72 reports ARF is engaged with INS, SAF and sniper fire from buildings, working CAS at this time. AT ———, Hawg-51 is rotating off station, Hawg,-53 coming on station at this time. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported possible grid for MEDEVAC as 42S XE 285 008. At 0503Z, TF Bushmaster reports they are pinned down by sniper fire north of their position. At ———, TF Bushmaster reports they are combat ineffective and request reinforcement at this time. At ———, TF Bushmaster reports they are going to break COMMS at this time and relay COMMS through ARF. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported MEDEVAC HLZ 42S XE 2850 0050; 6 x WIA located there; precedence and type unknown ATT; HLZ is not secure ATT. At 0513 TF Bushmaster reported that there are 50-100 insurgents moving to reinforce against Bushmaster elements from the SW. At ———, TF Bushmaster requested MEDEVACs for 4x US MIL WIA, and 2x ANA WIA. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported they have established a defensive position in a small building. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported HLZ is clear to receive MEDEVAC at this time. At ———, INTEL reports TF Busmaster has correct compound for Ghafour at this time and are continuing to clear at ———. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported consolidating forces at north end of Wadi, assessing number of casualties ATT and reporting insurgents on high ground all around their location, requesting CAS to engage insurgents location. At ———, TF Bushmaster reports that there are 9 total casualties; status of 3 new ones unknown ATT. At ———, Dustoff-34 reports recieving fire. At 0609Z, TF Bushmaster reports SSE continuing, found multiple weapons, mortars and small arms. At 0616Z, TF Bushmaster reported receiving fire from all around their position ATT, working to link up with GR 10 and 12 and move to initial HLZ at ———. At 0618Z, TF Bushmaster reports using CAS at this time to engage insurgents and need more suppression from CAS ATT. At ———, TF Bayonet MEDOPS reports tracking 6 WIA were picked up from HLZ/POI, and are enroute to JAF ATT. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported remaining CDOS at JAF are consolidating to PZ posture ATT. Prepping to L/U and reinforce, staging at PRT Kalagush. Number of available CDOs at JAF are 55x PAX now available. At ———, TF Bushmaster reports 6 casualties at their location, and requesting a MEDEVAC at this time. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported their consolidated location as 42S XE 2855 0070. At 0639Z, TF Bushmaster reported 1x US MIL WIA with gunshot wound to the pelvis and arm, 1x ANA with broken femur and assessing the 4x remaining ANA WIA. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported 8 detainees for Exfil. At ———, TF Bushmaster reported slash on 2 targets with GBUs. BDA 4x US MIL WIA, 5x ANA WIA, 1x ANA KIA, and 1x LN TERP KIA. ISAF Tracking # 04-149.
Office Call between the Director General of National Directorate of Security and Commander of Regional Command-East

Amrullah Saleh Director General, National Directorate of Security

Major General David Rodriguez Commander, Regional Command-East, ISAF

Mr. Hasas Director of Intelligence, National Directorate of Security

Robert Maggi Foreign Policy Advisor, Regional Command-East, ISAF

—— ——— ————— Command Linguist, Regional Command-East, ISAF

Captain ————— ———— Recorder, Regional Command-East, ISAF

Sergeant ——— ———— CJ2 Analyst, Regional Command-East, ISAF


Security in Afghanistan

o The greatest concern for Director Saleh is security along the highways, particularly in Ghazni and Zabul, where he believes government officials cannot travel without security. He believes that the shift in Taliban focus from attacks on district centers to attacks along the highways is attracting recruits who are not actually Taliban but use the name to gain legitimacy, increasing the perception of the size, scope and strength of the insurgency and demonstrating GIRoA weakness.

o Saleh believes that there has been noticeable progress in Wardak, but it will be temporary unless it is extended to Ghazni and Zabul, as well as other areas.

o Director Saleh’s second major concern is for attacks in the major population centers of Kabul, Herat, Kandahar, Jalalabad, and Masar-e-Sharif.

o MG Rodriguez reported that there have been over 100 small drug labs destroyed in Nangarhar, primarily in Achin, with no complaint from the locals, and that the 101st brought an additional helicopter battalion that would assist with efforts there.

o Saleh reported that the #1 priority for the Afghan government is to fix the Ministry of Interior, indicating that the leadership was involved in considerable corruption. He remarked that it would be up to the US to fix it. He said he proposed to the British that they provide management classes.

Tag Ab

o Director Saleh says that BG Razaq will serve well over Tagab and is a good commander. At the suggestion of putting an ANA force in Tagab, MG Rodriguez acknowledged the possibility of using the —————.

o Saleh acknowledged that the ———— Governor is active HiG, indicating concern.

o Saleh noted that ——— ————— ————— —— ———— were all previously HiG who have turned Taliban, are not reconcilable, and must be “taken out”. MG Rodriguez noted that there would be a meeting with the ———— NDS to determine how to approach this issue.


o Saleh believes that Hekmatyar is a reemerging figure being pushed to become more politically active, and expects he will be more influential in 2008 and 2009. Saleh believes that it is in the best interest of Afghanistan for Hekmatyar to remain in his current position, and that his capture or reconciliation would destabilize Afghanistan, based on his influence in Wardak and parts of Kapisa. They gave Hekmatyar’s last known address to ISI, but they did not action it and Saleh expects them to facilitate Hekmatyar’s move to another location.

o Saleh observed several actions by the Pakistan Military indicating their lack of will to commit to security operations in the FATA:

They have forces stationed at the port, where there is no immediate threat forces that could better serve along the border.

Following an ambush on a PAKMIL unit crossing the tunnel into North Waziristan about six weeks ago, the commander called Maulawi Ahmadjan to broker a peace with the insurgent force.

They lost control of Alizai last month and are not attempting to retake it because it is not in their interest, even though it is in their country.

They have asked the US to allow them time to clear each insurgent group, one by one, hoping that they will be allowed unlimited time in which the insurgents’ focus will turn away from Pakistan and toward Afghanistan.

They know where ————— ——— (travels to Miram Shah and Peshawar) and ——— ———— are, but will not go after them.

o Saleh assessed that Pakistan ISI and the Army will work to ensure that a weak Prime Minister is installed to preclude conflict with Musharraf. He described the wide-ranging control that the Army had throughout the government and industry, leaving little under the responsibility of the civilian government. He noted that there would be little change until a civilian government had real control.

Saleh predicts that General Kiyani will take a more active leading role as he realizes the breadth of his power.

o Saleh sees potential for the Quetta Shura to weaken and noted that the Miram Shah shura has turned toward criminality.

“Enemies of Afghanistan” flip-book

o MG Rodriguez provided the prototype “Enemies of Afghanistan” targets booklet to Director Saleh, describing that it would be provided to ANP and that it could be updated in the future. When asked if it should only include higher tier targets or all targets, Saleh said that it would be good to start with this version.

Secure Communication

o Saleh reported that he has discussed the ———— ———— ————— ———— with GEN McNeill and MG Champoux and that ISAF is supposed work on it next week.

Logar NDS Chief

o MG Rodriguez reported that the new Logar NDS chief is working well with coalition and working to build trust with the ANA and ANP.

Release Requests

o Director Saleh reported that the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Justice had confirmed that ————— —————, who had been in US custody for 4 years and was reported to have been recently turned over to the ANDF, was not in Afghan custody, implying that he must still be in US custody. MG Rodriguez said we would figure it out.

o MG Rodriguez reported that ———— ————— would remain in US custody for further questioning. Saleh had little reaction and did not seem concerned.

o Director Saleh asked that ——— ——— be released to the NDS in Kabul, rather than in Nangarhar, and said that he would personally take responsibility.

Request for Support

o Director Saleh reported that the Afghan government has taken responsibility for the NDS budget, previously handled by the CIA, which would likely result in a 30% cut in the coming year. Saleh asked that, if possibly, RC-East provide AK, 9mm, and PKM ammunition; any other supplies, such as boots; and construction materials. He said that if this was possible, he would send officers from the NDS logistics office to facilitate.
ISAF # 12-0374

At 1850Z, TF 2-2 using PREDATOR (UAV) PID insurgents emplacing IEDs at 41R PR 9243 0202, 2.7km NW of FOB Hutal, Kandahar. TF 2-2 using PREDATOR engaged with 1x Hellfire missile resulting in 1x INS KIA and 1x INS WIA. ISAF tracking #12-374

UPDATE 100127D:



UPDATE 100402D:


UPDATE 100512D:






An F15 was ordered to shoot down a REAPER UAV that had lost its control link in the south of Afghanistan. All efforts were made to re-establish the link before a decision was made to shoot the UAV down prior it crossing into TAJIKISTAN. The CAOC selected an unpopulated area over which to down the aircraft. An F15 fired on the REAPER and it destroyed its engine, however the link was re-established and the controller was able to guide it into a mountain in RAGH District. The GRID of the downed REAPER is Lat ————— Long ————— // Keypad: ———. There were no sensitive items on board the REAPER but it did go down with its ordnance (Hellfire and GBU-12). NFTR.

***Event closed at 140210D*
031300z TF 3 Fury reports Illegal Taxing of jingle trucks investigation IVO Stogun checkpoint, Zurmat District
On 03 March 2008 at approximately 1300 hours, while working with —— —— —————, ANCOP ETT Team Chief, we received information from an Afghan truck driver that he had just been required to pay a bribe to a Zormat ANP patrolman at Stogan Check Point in Zormat District in order to pass through the check point. I had my interpretor take the driver’s statement and translate it into english, read the statement back to the driver and had him sign and thumb print the statement. —— ————— and I ask the driver if he would follow us back to Stogan Checkpoint and identify the patrolman he paid the bribe to and he agreed. We drove to Stogan Checkpoint where approximatley six trucks were lined up waiting to pass through the checkpoint. I had one of my interpretors ask each driver waiting in line to exit their vehicles and asked them if they had been required to pay any amount of money to pass through the checkpoint. All six drivers stated that they had been required to pay various amounts of money to pass through. —— ————— contacted MAJ Hussain, the ANCOP Chief of Police in Zormat, informed him of the situation and requested he come to Stogan Checkpoint.

While waiting for MAJ Hussain, I asked the seven patrolmen we detained to sit and relax while we sorted through a problem without ever mentioning why they were being detained. Three of the patrolman responded by saying that they had only taken money from the truck drivers to buy fuel for their generator.

When MAJ Hussain arrived, he was accompanied by CPT ————, Operations Officer for the Zormat AUP. MAJ Hussain took written statements from the seven truck drivers claiming they were required to pay a bribe to pass through the checkpoint as they identified the patrolmen that they had paid the bribe to and stated how much money each was required to pay. He then had his ANCOP search the person of each of the seven patrolmen being detained and found cash that was suspected to have been paid as a bribe on one or more of the patrolmen. MAJ Hussain collected the statements and cash, arrested the seven suspected patrolmen and returned to the Zormat Police District Center, and lodged the seven suspects in the detention cells. —— ————— and I contacted —— ——— ————— and —— ——— ————— to notify them of what had occurred.

—— ————— contacted —— ————— and I the next morning to notify us that special investigator from Paktia Provincial Headquarters were coming to Zormat to investigate. On 05 March 2008, after the ANCOP / Zormat AUP TOA had occurred and MAJ Hussain and the ANCOP had departed Zormat, the special investigators were preparing to go back to Gardez, —— ————— asked them what action they were going to take in the Stogan Checkpoint Police Corruption investigation. They stated that they could take no action due to having no evidence. At that time, —— ————— contact MAJ Hussain by phone and asked him what he had done with the truck driver witness statements. MAJ Hussain stated that he had turned the witness statements over to the Zormat AUP Detention Officer when he handed over custody of the suspected patrolment to him. When the Detention Officer was asked what he had done with the witness statements, he claimed he never received them.


A shooting incident occurred between ANA and ANP in TARIN KOWT CITY. TFU OPS is informing OCCP, OMLT and POLAD to mediate and conduct an investigation. More to follow.

As a result of the fire exchange, 1 x was killed (DOW - a family member of MAULLAHDAD, a KUCHI tribal leader), and a total of 6 x LN’s were wounded.

The wounded were evacuated and treated in both civillian and ISAF medical facitlites. First investigations by ANP reveal that ANA & ANP had an altercation over a car accident. The arguement esclated and ANA & ANP started to shoot at each other.

After the incident, the Deputy Governor of Uruzgan ordered MATIULLAH KHAN (Kandak Amniante Uruzgan militia) to re-establish order in TK. KAU elements subsequently took over all check points in TK, waiting for the ANP to relieve them in place.

Deputy Minister of Interior Mangal flew an investigation team led by ANP Brigadier General Mirawais to TK with RC(S) aviation assets. It is still not known if ANA will be part of the investigation board. RC(S) Comd or DCOM will join the investigation team in the afternoon.


This Incident closed by RC (S) at: 050238D*DEC2009






UPDATE 041120D*

At 0900 hrs International Media reported that US airstrike had killed 60 civilians in Kunduz. The media are reporting that Taliban did steal the trucks and had invited civilians in the area to take fuel.

ISAF HQ commenced CIVCAS procedures and conducted a brief over VTC with COMD RC-N.

Mitigation proceudres have commenced and liaison with GIRoA officials in KABUL and in KUNDUZ are a priority.

The Governor of KUNDUZ is commenting that most of the casualties were Taliban.

RC-N and PRT KDZ are gathering more facts.


041134D* ANP was with 100 policemen on scene and prepared to link up with PROTECTION COY (PRO COY), which will leave PRT for investigations ASAP. 041213D* PRO COY started march to area of air strike for investigation. 041218D* PRO COY arrived at HAJI SAKI DED BY (VF 903 526). 041234D* PRO COY was at (VF 888 522) reported about a lot of ANP and ANA at the area of the air strike. PRO COY starts with investigation. NFI.


041353D* PRO COY moves back to PRT KDZ.

041423D* PRO COY back at PRT KDZ.

Investigations ongoing.

NFI.56 Killed None(None) Insurgent


AT 050600ZMAR07 TF 2Fury reports that ANP shot a local national trying to drive through a check point. The ANP had a check point established on MSR Ohio, near the AB Band district center Vic of 42S VB 0066 5249. A car approached the check point at a high rate of speed. All ANP fled the check point except one. As the car passed the cp it knocked the lone ANP officer down, as the car passed the ANP fired at the vehicle, suspecting it to be a Suicide VIED. The driver of the vehicle was killed; the ANP was detained in Ghazni questioned and released shortly after. No IED was found and vehicle was destroyed. NFTR

Assessment ANP escalation of force was appropriate. Effects on the enemy demonstrate the ANP support of IO themes. Effects on populace clearly identify the importance of stopping at check points.

Future acts Continued training and assessment from Vigilent Archer
210000Z TF Catamount reports Escalation of Force in AO(mod)

shooting of a Local National 21 March 2007

3. Delayed report from TF Catamount

S- 1 LN

A- Fled and failed to respond to escalation of force

L- Malekshay Village 42S WB 30529 08120

T- 21 Mar 07


R- Escalation of force, warning shots, wounding shot to leg.

LN was a deaf mute unable to hear the warnings or warning shots. Ran out of fear and confusion.

Information gained from SHURA to TF Catamount about Element operation

Details: OGA operating in TF Catamount sector moved into Malekshay for operation. LN ——— ——— ran at the sight of the approaching CF’s. CF utilized the escalation of force doctrine and shouted to stop, fired warning shots and then fired to wound. The LN was hit in the ankle and treated by Element medics on scene. It was determined through discussions with local Elders that the man was a deaf mute that was nervous of the CF operation. Solatia was made in the form of supplies and the Element mission progressed.
JHFA UG55 reported that INS engaged with SAF onto FF IVO SZD. INTEL suggested they were going to be fired upon again during their extraction. UG55 fired 40x 30mm wanring shots to deter any furhter engagement from the INS.

BDA: No battle damage.


AH-64 (UG-55) fired 20 x 30mm warning shots into an open field at GR 41R PR 2305 0465. The terrain was considered rurally open and there were no CIV PID IVO the target within reasonable certainty. There was no damage to infrastructure. BDA redcording conducted by AH-64 Gun Tape. No follow up required. The next higher command was consulted. The enemy engaged presented, in the opinion of the ground forces, an imminent threat. Engagement is under ROE Card A. Higher HQ have been informed.

BDA: No battle damage.

This Incident closed by RC S at: 132311D*NOV2009
Gardez Orphanage Ribbon Cutting

Theme of Ceremony: GoA and CF Support for Afghan Citizens

PRT Involvement? How? - The PRT provided transportation for the Governor from his office to the ceremony site

- In cooperation with the ANP, the PRT secured the event site. 3BSTB provided a QRF staged at the Gardez

airfield behind the event site

- The PRT Commander gave a speech about how honored we were to help the orphans and presented a leather jacket to the man who runs the orphanage. The jacket was donated by a friend of the commander in the United States with instructions to give it to someone special. The commander stated that she could think of no one more deserving then someone who cared for orphans

- In the Governor’s speech he thanked the PRT for their work on the orphanage and mentioned numerous other projects the PRT is working on. He also announced the funding of a school project in Ahmad Abad. After his speech, the governor presented 50K Afghani to the orphanage, enough for 500 Afghani per child. This money was his own personal money, not GoA funds.

- Other personnel making speeches were the Director of Social Services, a PC member and a respected elder from Ahmad Abad. All speeches were very positive

- Special recognition was given to the contractor who built the Orphanage, Engineer ————— ————, who was kidnapped by the Taliban in early Nov and released after 17 days of being held prisoner. Everyone expressed their thanks that he survived the ordeal and was able to attend the ceremony

- PRT CA provided blankets, scarves, coats, toys and HA food items to the orphans. They also handed out radios to the ANP who helped provide security

- Local media attended, as did a representative from AFN
Meeting with Individual’s Name:————— ———— Individual’s Title:———— —————

Discussion Items:

- Discussed how the weather will likely affect our helicopter flight to Jaji and Chamkani scheduled for tomorrow morning. We anticipate at least a delay, if not cancellation. We will keep him advised. If it does not happen we discussed the possibility of a two day ground trip so he can stop at villages along the way and talk with people. We also discussed taking one day trips to other districts and he is very interested in this.

- The PRT CDR informed him that his concerns about not being informed, nor coordinated with concerning the operation in Jaji have been sent up the chain of command. He stated he is now willing to go to Jaji and talk to the people and ask them to cooperate with the searches for enemy personnel. He would like MGen Khaliq to be there as well.

- In addition, some leaders from Jaji met with —— today here in Gardez. They stated that there were tractors that have started leveling some land in the district and the villagers did not know why. The ————— asked us if this was one of our projects. We told him it was not a PRT project, but we would

check to see if other CF units may be doing something. Apparently the land is disputed and construction should stop until ownership is resolved.

- We showed him the list of large projects we are considering focusing on developing proposals for and/or lobbying for funds for over the next few months and asked his opinion. The projects were:

– Armored vehicle(s) for the governor

– Hydro-Electric Plant in Ahmad Abad

– Chormate mine in Zormat

– Security wall for the Gardez University

– Paving the Gardez-Chamkani-Patan-Pakistan road

– Road clearing/maintenance equipment

– Radio station in Zormat

– Robat school near Gardez

– Government motorpool

– He stated that he would also like us to look into finding a way to get the radio station in Chamkani to reach into Jaji

– He agreed with all the projects on the list, but felt that the mine would be very difficult and complicated and would take a lot to develop the infrastructure and processes to make it projective. He would prefer we concentrate on something which will benefit the people sooner. We told him our main goal of the mine project was to create long-term jobs. He said he would discuss the issue with the people of Zormat and other districts to see if they had some ideas for projects that could create a lot of this type of jobs.

– Discussed how it may be easier to get funding if we did the Gardez Pakistan road in phases, with the first phase being from Gardez to Sayed Karam. He said this was a critical road because the majority of the provinces population lived along it so most would benefit from the project. He also felt that its construction would give hope to the people because they would see the government and CF working for their benefit.

– When prompted, he said his priorities from the list would be first the university security wall, then the hydro-electric plant, then the paving of the at least the first phase of the road. He did not rank the others, but did mention that we should consider adding a clinic in Laji Mongal. He also stated that he would prefer we spend the money on helping the people instead of protecting ——— (note: he is being humble and showing his concern for ——— people over himself; however it is this attitude that makes us want to do whatever we can to help keep him alive).

- —— ———— stated that he has requested ——— ———— be replaced due to corruption and ineffectiveness. While we were there he received a list of potential replacements, but only their names were provided. He knows nothing about the men, so he wasnt sure how useful the list was going to be in regards to ——— recommending a replacement. He gave several examples of ineffectiveness:

– The suicide bomber who struck the ANA/ETT convoy on 15 Dec sat on the bridge for some time waiting for a target of opportunity. There is a police checkpoint on the Gardez side of the bridge, but they never checked out the vehicle

– The police search all the vehicles that come up to the checkpoint on the north side of town, but do not search vehicles at the other main entrances to the city even through there are supposed to be checkpoints there. At the one where they do search, they also charge a fee/bribe

– The ————— told ——— ———— to activate the checkpoints on all main roads leading into the city due to intel indicating that suicide bombers were heading for Gardez. This order was given on 14 Dec. The checkpoints were not manned and the attack happened the following day. Still, most of them are not active.

- He stated he would get a letter from the MoPW pledging support for fuel and operator salaries regarding the road clearing/maintenance equipment.

- He is currently working with TLO to initiate a project in Ahamd Abad involving agriculture. They hope this project will provide a lot of long-term jobs.

- We presented the HA pre-positioning plan for Paktya and explained where we were in stocking the supply points. He was pleased with this effort and suggested that once the ANA base was built in Jaji, this would be another good place to pre-position supplies.

- We told him that some people had come to our gate claiming to be returnees living in tents over by the prison and that they were in need of HA. He stated he had no knowledge of a returnee camp there and suspects that they were just looking for handouts. He stated there were only two returnee camps, Bonozai and Robat. We told him that we had a lot of clothing nd other items that have been donated by friends and family of service members back in the states. We would like to take these items and other DoD provided HA supplies out to a returnee camp after the Christmas Holiday. He said he would like to join us when we go and he would like to take the time to sit down and talk to them while we were there. We agreed this would be best.

- We expressed our concern that when we conducted a follow-up check of the orphanage that we opened a couple weeks ago, we found very few orphans living there and could not find most of the HA we had given them. He stated he was also concerned about what was going on over there and has no idea what they did with the money that he gave during the ribbon cutting which was supposed to be divided among the orphans. He does not believe they got any benefit from the funds. He also stated that he had only seen about 30 orphans, not the 102 that the orphanage director said lived there. He said he would have the Director of Social Affairs follow-up.

- —— ———— asked us if we had anything we could bring with us tomorrow to give to the people we meet with. We decided to bring some prayer rugs and Korans that we have on hand. He then … Remarks are continued in the comments section …


POLITICAL: The Paktya Governor conducted a meeting with the PRT Commander, 3 Fury 5, and 3 Fury 3 at the Governors Office. He had concerns with the basic function of the Provincial Communications Center at CP Thunder. Currently that entity is not functional with little or no communications flow coming out of the center. The 3 Fury 5 stated that he will put major effort towards getting that center functional very shortly. The previously Gardez Mayor was fired due to cronyism according to the Governor as he had given people land near Banizia that were not entitled to it. ————— ———— ——— said that the Jani Khel and Dan Wa Patan Governors had both been replaced with new officials..

INFRASTRUCTURE: The PRT Logar Engineers met with officials from the Department of Public Works and the Puli Alam Municipality today to discuss work on the Logar Motor Pool. At the moment, the work at the site was placed on hold due to the Governor requesting a work modification and the need to created a water diversion system so the building will not flood. While all agree to this need, a bill payer has not been determined for the water diversion system, an situation that will need to be resolved at the PRT Commander and Governor level.

MILITARY: — —— ——— has arrived in Afghanistan and is currently at Bagram Air Field awaiting early morning transportation to Salerno, then onwards to Gardez later tomorrow afternoon to begin his PDSS trip.


SECURITY: There were reports of rocket fire in the general area of FOB Gardez, but the only reported damage was that a local Qalat was struck with minor damage, no injuries reported.) Gen Khaliq of the ANA Corps Commander is reported to be in Germany receiving medical attention for a heart problem.

SOCIAL: The PRT visited the Gardez Orphanage to conduct an assessment and drop HA and toys to the center. There are currently no orphans at the facility due to the Holiday (note: orphans are defined has having no father, but may still have mother and a family structure that will have them home for holidays.) Governor ———— states that the Red Crescent fund raiser (donation tickets) for winter relief has begun in the Province and will be collecting funds to aid the unfortunate during severe winter weather.

INFORMATION: The PRT and 3 Fury have discussed a IO Anti IED Reporting Plan with a IED Hotline put into effect. This will allow the AO to have a central reporting location that will allow for citizens to call the PCC or another agency with suspicious activity. Combined with 3 Fury, the PRT is planning a post Zormat security shura at the conclusion of major operations in that district.





CURRENT CLASS #s: Paktya: 0 Logar: 0

TOTAL TRAINED: Paktya: —— Logar: ——

REMAINING TO TRAIN: Paktya: — Logar: —


17 Oct

M1 PRT Secures the Gardez Airfield in order to support the transportation of personnel and mail to and from BAF.

M2 PRT Engineer attends a conference with the Chief of USAF Engineers MG Eulberg in order to share information on PRT Engineer management.

M3 PDSS begins for —— ———, incoming PRT ———— —————, in order to facilitate information sharing for the incoming team.

M4 Engineers conduct a QA/QC of the Koshi Hydro Project in order ensure that the scope of work is abided by and there is quality work conducted.

M5 Civil Affairs travels to Ahmad Khel in order to conduct a AUP location check and secure signatures on the right of entry. Additionally conduct a Winter and athletics HA Drop.

18 Oct

M1 CAT A Team Logar travels to Sayed Karam in order to conduct assessments in preparation of the winter season, evaluate current school status and check on the AUP status.

M2- USAID meets with the Paktya Department of Transportation in order to deconflict the Gardez transportation master plan.

M3 USAID meets with LBG and 4/73rd in order to discuss the KG Pass master plan.

M4 CAT A Team drops HA at the Gardez Orphanage in order to support the unfortunate and destitude.

M5 PRT Medic evaluate the CP Lightning medical staff during a MASCAL exercise to assess the ANA medical staffs ability during a crisis.

M6 - PDSS continues for —— ———, incoming PRT ———— —————, in order to facilitate information sharing for the incoming team.

19 Oct

M1 The PRT Security Forces Platoon conducts soldier training for the PRT as a whole to ensure that they are current on tactical training and weapons shooting.

M2 PRT Commander calls in to the PRT Commanders Conference Call with FURY 6 to update current operations, projects, and concerns.

M3 PRT Drivers and TCs conduct weekly PMCS on all vehicles to ensure that they are fully mission capable.

M4 - PDSS continues for —— ———, incoming PRT ———— —————, in order to facilitate information sharing for the incoming team.

20 Oct

M1 The PRT Security Forces Platoon Leader meets with the ODA team at CP Lightning in order to discuss mutual training possibilities, especially use of the mounted weapons system range.

M2 The PRT Commander and the Governor travel to Liga Mangal in order to attend a shura to discuss issues and concerns in the newly formed district.

M3 CA/CE meet with the Logar Government Motorpool contractor and the Puli Alam Public Works Department in order to discuss location, water mitigation issues, and other concerns.

M4 Civil Affairs meets with the Kharwar School Contractor to discuss issues of completion of the building, to ensure a good quality product is turned over to the students of that district.

M5 - PDSS continues for —— ———, incoming PRT ———— —————, in order to facilitate information sharin
240830Z Gardez PRT Paktya Provincial Council visit to Gardez PRT
The Paktya provincial council visited FOB Gardez and the following was discussed:


The provincial council stated the following related to several threats they have received: A month and a half ago a hand grenade was thrown in their compound downtown Gardez. One month ago a night letter was left in Jani Khel stating that the provincial council, parliament members, and the Chamkani senator should stop working and supporting the government. The letter was stamped with the Taliban mark.

They have received information that there are many ACMs in the Chamkani mountains. The Kushis see them frequently. The border of Chamkani and Jani Khel is a stronghold of the Taliban.


The provincial council does not have operational funds that allow them to move freely and do their work properly. They depend on vehicles on loan and gas that they pay out of pocket. This limits greatly their capability to promote the government of Afghanistan with the local people and find out about the peoples concerns.


The Chamkani Chief of Police and the Danwa Patan District Commissioner are fighting for the control (earnings) of illegal checkpoints.

The people of Afghanistan keep loosing their trust in the government because of the high amount of corrupted government officials. The general view of the Afghans is that the current government is worst than the Taliban.

Question to the PC members:

If the corruption in Afghanistan is so big, when did it all start and how far back in history?


Note: One PC member that was not actively participating decided to answer this question. This member appears to be the oldest in the group.

That is an excellent question. When the Russians were here the corruption did not exist. Later, when the Taliban took control of Afghanistan corruption did not exits. During none of the previous government in the whole history of Afghanistan this concept ever existed. The corrupted government officials are a new concept brought to Afghanistan by the AMERICANS.

This same PC member did the following question: Is this DEMOCRACY? or Is this the DEMOCRACY that the AMERICANS bring to Afghanistan?. This question was answered with a: NO, a corrupted government is not democracy.

The PC member continued explaining that previously in Afghanistan it was a shame to do something wrong like: theft, kill, and any other immoral act. Now everything depends on the amount of money you have. Years ago, if someone committed something immoral it was a shame to the whole family, now if you have money it does not matter. You can get to jail but it does not matter. You just have to pay the right people, the right amount and you will be out in a couple of days. With the Taliban if you did something wrong you pay for it, the money did not help you or exempt you from the right thing. This is what the people of Afghanistan see that the Americans brought to Afghanistan. This is the DEMOCRACY that they are living.

Question to the PC members:

Does corruption exist in Kabul?


Kabul is the root of the corruption. Is the most corrupted placed in Afghanistan but, because the government pays more attention to the capital the people live in a better condition. Kabul has corruption and development and the people live in better conditions than the other areas of the country. To give an example of how the corruption works from the higher levels to the lower levels: To obtain a provincial government position (District Commissioner, ANP Chief, etc.) the officials pay for that position. Then they work their way to re-coup the money they pay and make additional profit. There are no consequences of doing things wrong. These because of the DEMOCRACY and HUMAN RIGHTS. If people go to jail is it just a matter of paying to get out. Better than that, if you are corrupted they move you to other province/place/position. You did wrong in Paktya, lets move you to Khwost.

The peoples view of President Karzai if that he is a puppet of the Americans. So, if the Afghan government does things wrong the peoples blame the Americans. The people see that most of the government officials are repatriates coming from other countries and whenever things get bad they will leave. Some of these government officials came with no government experience at all and with the only interest of making their own profit/benefit in Afghanistan.


This is the general feeling of the common Afghan people or at least the common Pashtum. The majority of the Afghans are not wealthy people, if the people keep identifying DEMOCRACY as a system that is worst than the Taliban government. The people will support the Anti-Coalition forces and the security condition will degenerate. This is a current important issue that should be work from the higher levels of the coalition government/forces.


DO an Information Operation campaign explaining the Afghan people: What DEMOCRACY is? How a democratic systems works? What they can do to report wrong doing? (The last only if there will be real consequences to the wrong doing, if not the confidents/narrators will be squash by the system).

Create an organization that investigates public corruption. This could be work by either the Department of Justice or an Office of Inspector General.

Create a budget for the Provincial Council and give them the support needed to work against corruption. The PCs are the elected members that must be able to do direct contact with the people.

If someone is identified as corrupted take him completely out of the public service. Do not move him/move the problem to other location.

—— ———— ———

CA, Gardez PRT PPO

——— —————

————— ————— ..Summary Gen. Hamid Gul served as the head of the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence from 1987 to 1989 when the United States and Pakistan worked together running a network of insurgents, then called the mujahedeen, against the Soviet Union. Now, the documents suggest, General Gul works against American interests by supporting the Afghan Taliban and providing them strategic advice. This threat report says General Gul was present at a meeting in Wana, the capital of South Waziristan, in January 2009. There, several older Arab men, presumably from Al Qaeda, and Afghan Taliban commanders discussed with Mr. Gul an attack with suicide bombers in Afghanistan to avenge the death of a leading member of Al Qaeda, Osama al-Kini, in an American drone attack.

Summary This report suggests that a member of the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence is in charge of suicide bombing operations in Kabul, and that he is a graduate of the Haqqania madrasa near Peshawar. The report outlines the general process of preparing a suicide attack.

Summary Two religious schools in Pakistan, known as madrasas, and located in Khyber Pakhutnwa Province close to the border with Afghanistan, are cited in the documents as major providers of young boys to be used as suicide bombers. Gen. Hamid Gul, a former head of the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, is said to visit one of the schools monthly. In this document, a suicide bomber, 22 to 24 years old, comes from the Hashimiye madrasa and is taken over the border into Afghanistan to prepare for an attack in Kabul. The target is described as the Muslim Festival of Sacrifices in the first week of January 2007.

Summary Polish intelligence warns in this report of an attack against the Indian Embassy in Kabul a week before a suicide bomber drove his car through the main gate of the embassy building during the morning rush hour. The assault unfolded differently than outlined in the report. Forty-one people were killed, including four Indian officials and many Afghan civilians waiting outside the embassy for visas. The deputy director of the C.I.A., Stephen R. Kappes, flew to Islamabad, Pakistan, after the assault on the Indian Embassy to confront the Directorate of Inter-Services Intelligence with evidence that it had helped organize the attack.

Summary Eight Americans were killed and 23 were wounded when 175 to 200 insurgents outnumbered and attacked this isolated command outpost in Nuristan Province. While attack helicopters eventually provided support, they were a 40-minute flight away. The Americans evacuated and the post was bombed by American warplanes with hopes of destroying lethal munitions left behind. This report shows how insurgents were successfully able to cut off small, isolated outposts like Keating and exposes the weakness of an early American strategy to set up these centers near the border of Pakistan.

Summary A Taliban mullah calls and threatens a new Afghan National Army brigade commander working in southern Afghanistan. The report illustrates how the Taliban both threatens and tests its enemies with such tactics as intimidating phone calls.

Summary Mullah Juma Khan, an insurgent leader actively fighting the Americans, attended the memorial of a dead insurgent fighter. With 40 fighters by his side, the mullah spoke to the crowd. He tried to incite anger at the coalition forces for causing the death of the fighter and invited the crowd to join the fight. He cried as he spoke generally of the death of a woman and child and said that more than 30 local people had been killed. The report reveals a powerful Taliban tactic: to use emotional speeches to persuade civilians to join the fight.

Summary A man and his nephew were kidnapped by insurgents — just one of the methods they use to sow fear among the local population. The man was killed, and his body left in a village.

Summary The Taliban stole four Afghan National Army trucks, which the report says they planned to use for suicide bombings. The report provides an example of how the Taliban employ trickery as an effective weapon against a more technologically advanced foe.

Summary Armed men in Afghan Army uniforms ambushed three Afghan trucks departing a nearby base after delivering supplies. The drivers were allowed to live. As the wreckage of their trucks blazed and smoldered on the road, the drivers turned up at an outpost, an incident report said. One had been wounded by shrapnel. Insurgents had sliced off the others’ ears.

Summary Five American rockets destroyed a compound in Paktika Province in an attempt to kill a top commander of Al Qaeda. Task Force 373, a classified Special Operations unit of Army Delta Force operatives and members of the Navy Seals, was sent to finish the job. They did not find the commander. But they did find that seven children had been killed in the strike. While American military officials tried to explain that there had been no indications that women and children were in the compound, anger spread across the region.

Summary A small group of Army Special Forces troops and Afghan soldiers were on a mission on a remote snowy hilltop to capture senior members of a militant group. They soon discovered that they were outnumbered, and reinforcements were hours away.

Summary In a long briefing with American military leaders, the head of Afghanistan’s spy agency, the National Directorate of Security, provided a detailed description of the pressing security concerns facing the country. But at the end of the meeting, he laid out what may be his biggest problem: the Central Intelligence Agency would no longer be bankrolling his spies, so he could be facing a 30 percent budget cut. He asked if the Americans could provide any weapons and boots.

Summary An Air Force Predator drone spotted a group of insurgents suspected of planting roadside bombs and within minutes unleashed a Hellfire missile. When ground troops reached the crater caused by the $60,000 missile, all that was left was a shovel and a crowbar. This report captures the strange nature of the drone war in Afghanistan: missile-firing robots killing shovel-wielding insurgents in a remote-controlled war against a low-tech but resilient insurgency.

Summary A Reaper drone, equipped with advanced radar and Hellfire missiles, lost its satellite link to a pilot who was steering it remotely from a base in the United States. Ordered by commanders, an Air Force F-15E fighter jet shot down the $13 million aircraft before it soared unguided into neighboring Tajikistan. Before the drone reached the ground, the satellite link was restored and controllers steered it into a remote mountainside. While reports reveal that the military in Afghanistan lost many of the tiny five-pound surveillance drones, losing an armed Reaper, with its 66-foot wingspan and advanced technology, presented greater dangers.

Summary An American investigator was trying to stop Afghan police who were suspected of extorting money from drivers at a checkpoint. The report provides an example of how corruption in the police force is difficult to root out. The case was dropped because the witness reports had been lost.

Summary A firefight broke out between the Afghan National Army Police and the police after a traffic accident. One civilian was killed and six others were wounded.

Summary This report provides details on what may have been one of the bloodiest mistakes of 2009. Two fuel trucks believed to have been stolen by insurgents were hit by two 500-pound laser-guided bombs dropped from an F-15. While commanders said no civilians were in the area, crowds of civilians had been milling around the trucks to get fuel. The document says the international media reported that 60 civilians were killed.

Summary An Afghan police officer killed a man who had sped through a checkpoint without stopping. The officer was knocked over by the car but was able to fire his gun at the vehicle, thinking it was a suicide bomb. The author of the report said the officer’s escalation of force was appropriate. These kinds of incidents fuel antipathy toward the government, but the lesson learned here, according to the report, was that it served as a reminder to Afghans to stop at checkpoints.

Summary A C.I.A. unit shot a man they saw running away at the sight of their convoy, hitting him in the ankle. The report says that the unit followed military procedures by first shouting at the man, then firing warning shots and then only shooting to wound. But village elders told the unit later that the man could neither hear nor speak.

Summary This report describes an Apache helicopter firing warning shots after coming under fire. The report concludes that the shooting was conducted in accordance to “ROE Card A,” which guides actions of self-defense rather than offensive acts.

Summary One of the first “provincial reconstruction teams” sent out by the American military to help support local government and development was assigned to Gardez, in Paktia Province. In late 2006, the officers gathered with local officials and civilians at the ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new orphanage in eastern Afghanistan, built with money from the American military. The civic affairs team handed out blankets, coats, scarves and toys for the orphans and gave radios to the police officers who provided security for the day. The report reveals the military’s optimism in using a humanitarian strategy to win people over to the government and away from the Taliban.

Summary At the end of this report by a provincial reconstruction team (PRT), the author expresses concern that the money they had donated to an orphanage just a couple of weeks earlier did not appear to have reached the children. Also, only 30 orphans were present, not the 102 who the orphanage director had said lived there.

Summary In a follow-up visit to the orphanage, almost a year after it opened, the Gardez provinicial reconstruction team finds no orphans there. The explanation: orphans are defined as having no father, but may have a mother and an extended family that will host the child at home over the holidays.

Summary Local elected officials visited the American military civil affairs team in Gardez to report threats they had been receiving from the Taliban as well as a sighting of fighters in the hills. The officials launched into a tirade about government corruption and explained that many Afghans felt that their current government was worse than the Taliban. Many also were turning away from the idea of democracy. The report shows the deep challenges that American reconstruction teams have faced, as distrust of local government has grown.
..About the Redactions The types of information that have been removed from the documents include:
Names or precise identifying information of sources.
Names of buildings under surveillance.
Names of prisoners.
Names of kidnap victims.
Times required for various tactical military reactions.
Radio frequencies or phone numbers used in insurgent communications”

Death And Immortality

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

This is one of those Sunday nights when I feel special. I mean how often does a guy on dialysis get to go to other planets and talk to gods while cleaning the crap out of his room. I am only 55 which means in real years I am still a child. In real time we live for about 1000 years and reach puberty at about 70 years old. But then there is a slight problem, in this less than real world we die at about that age. We never get much beyond puberty. Some people manage to get a lot done in this 70 odd years. Some are able to pile it up higher and deeper. I spend a lot of time dreaming about what I am going to do when I grow up. Unfortunately I don’t think I will live that long. My kidneys have failed and my body is something of a wreck.
On the other hand there is no reason why we should die. Sound crazy? You bet. I am repeating some stuff I learned when I lived in a spiritual community back in the seventies. It was exactly what I had been seeking as a child. When I was seven or eight I was a really good Catholic. I went to church and prayed and believed, but then in sixth or seventh grade while walking home from Religious school I had an experience that made me decide that maybe the Catholic version of god wasn’t right. I found my dog run over on the side of the road dying. I figured if the Catholic god couldn’t watch my dog, when I was in their religious school, then that god wasn’t for me. Then I went on a seemingly life long adventure to find out what the truth was. I took acid, and saw the psychedelic god. I studied Marxism and Gnosticism and lived in a spiritual community for seven years and then I became a punk rocker and an anarchist. I tried being a family guy. I became a hot shot salesman and then a drug addict. I went to India and France. I studied with the Hare Krishna’s and I spent a lot of time working at a regular job as a regular guy and now I find myself disabled. Even though it has been a long and bumpy ride, its been too short and I haven’t had time to even write my book.
So what about it? Do we have to die? I guess the flesh wears out too fast. It is subject to harsh radiation in the world as it is now. This is no garden of eden.

This is the Wikipedia version of Death

“Death is the termination of the biological functions that define a living organism. The word refers both to a particular process and to the condition that results thereby. The nature of the latter has been for millennia a central concern of the world’s religious traditions and of philosophical enquiry. Belief in some kind of afterlife or rebirth has been a central aspect of many religious traditions. Since contemporary science has yet to identify the origin and nature of consciousness, any view about the existence or otherwise of consciousness after death remains speculative.

Phenomena which commonly bring about death include predation, malnutrition, accidents resulting in terminal injury, and disease. Death of an entire species is known as extinction. Human activity has increased the number of extinctions in recent times, one cause, for example, being the destruction of ecosystems as a consequence of the spread of industrial technology.

Almost all animals fortunate enough to survive hazards to their existence eventually die from senescence. Rare and remarkable exceptions include the hydra and the jellyfish turritopsis nutricula, both thought to be, in effect, immortal. Causes of death in humans as a result of intentional activity include suicide, homicide and war. From all causes, roughly 150,000 people die around the world each day.

Physiological death is now seen as less an event than a process: conditions once considered indicative of death are now reversible. Where in the process a dividing line is drawn between life and death depends on factors beyond the presence or absence of vital signs. In general, clinical death is neither necessary nor sufficient for a determination of legal death. A patient with working heart and lungs determined to be brain dead can be pronounced legally dead without clinical death occurring. Precise medical definition of death, in other words, becomes more problematic, paradoxically, as scientific knowledge and medicine advance.”

Certain jellyfish are immortal. Cool.
This is Wikipedia on Immortal Jellyfish.

“Turritopsis nutricula or immortal jellyfish is a hydrozoan whose medusa, or jellyfish, form can revert to the polyp stage after becoming sexually mature. It is the only known case of a metazoan capable of reverting completely to a sexually immature, colonial stage after having reached sexual maturity as a solitary stage It does this through the cell development process of transdifferentiation. Cell transdifferentiation is when the jellyfish “alters the differentiated state of the cell and transforms it into a new cell. In this process the medusa of the immortal jellyfish is transformed into the polyps of a new polyp colony. First, the umbrella reverts itself and then the tentacles and mesoglea get resorbed. The reverted medusa then attaches itself to the substrate by the end that had been at the opposite end of the umbrella and starts giving rise to new polyps to form the new colony. Theoretically, this process can go on infinitely, effectively rendering the jellyfish biologically immortal, although in nature, most Turritopsis, like other medusae, are likely to succumb to predation or disease in the plankton stage, without reverting to the polyp form. It’s one of the longest-living organisms in the world, However, no single specimen has been observed for any extended period, and it is impossible to estimate the age of a specimen.”

The answer seems to be to revert to a sexually immature state after doing your reproductive duty. Pre-pubescence forever!!

Fragging & Casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

This is from a post by Andy Robinson. He was diligent enough to check into the amount of fragging by US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He also checked into who is taking the casualties in these wars. You will have to cut and paste these links.

“There has been fragging, but it’s been isolated cases rather than a pattern.

http://www.msnbc. 8257256/
http://www.msnbc. 33678801/
http://news. 1/hi/world/ americas/ 4496989.stm

There’s also been a number of spree-killings, armed sieges and suicides
involving people who refuse to be deployed or redeployed, though they’re
evading my search queries.

The reason there has been less is because the soldiers are not conscripts.
Also, a lot of the fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere is not being
done by US or closely allied troops. Some is being done by ISAF (NATO)
from dozens of nations (in Afghanistan) , some by mercenaries, and
an awful lot by allied/hired Iraqi and Afghan troops - who are usually
deployed as the low-cost sacrificable grunt units in relation to the
higher-value US soldiers. Look here:

http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Casualties_ of_the_Iraq_ War#Iraqi_ Security_ Forces_.28aligne d_with_Coalition .29total

Casualties for Iraq are appearing at between 9000 and 11000 US-allied
Iraqis killed, 4400 US troops, 318 UK and other allies, and 1300

From what I’ve heard about the local allied units, they are very
unpredictable - mostly they’re members of ethnic or religious militias which
could just as well be part of the resistance if circumstances changed -
mainly Kurdish Peshmerga and Shi’ite groups in Iraq, and Hazara, Uzbek and
Tajik militias led by ex-Northern Alliance warlords in Afghanistan. A lot
of them are in and out of alliances, fighting for the US one day and against
the next (e.g. the Badr Organization, the Al-Mahdi Army and the Awakening
movement); some are moonlighting for the resistance, and a lot are playing
tricks such as claiming wages for nonexistent subordinates and selling
weapons on the black market. Hence a big slice of the bloodshed and other
risks (abuse cases etc), and a lot of the knockon effect on morale/infighting
problems, are being contracted-out to local allies and correspondingly kept
out of the media. It’s also a lot cheaper that way. According to this:

http://www.rawa. org/temp/ runews/2009/ 11/17/the- five-month- salary-of- an-afghan- soldier-is- equal-to- one-day-fare- of-a-generaland- 8217-s-transport ation.html

Afghan soldiers are receiving around $1200 a year, far cheaper than GI’s (or

Afghan army fraggings:

http://www.examiner .com/x-30980- Afghanistan- Headlines- Examiner~ y2010m7d15- Afghan-traitor- killing-spree- highlights- national- army-defects? cid=edition- by-channel- rss-National- News
http://news. 1/hi/8385634. stm

Another point: the Iraqi Shi’ite and Afghan Hazara forces are closely allied
to Iran, so if America went to war with Iran, these forces would instantly
switch from “local allies” to “insurgents” , roughly doubling the
insurgencies and halving the allied forces overnight. One of the reasons
America hasn’t attacked Iran, though the alliance between American forces
and pro-Iran militias didn’t stop McCain targeting Iran for supporting
“terrorists” in Iraq during the last election. Apparently without realizing
that this “terrorists” are America’s local allies who are taking two-thirds
of the casualties of the war.”

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive! “ – Sir Walter Scott.

Nazis On CNN. Bell Dumps City Manager

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Yesterday while I was waiting to get my dialysis I watched Rick Sanchez on CNN interview a Neo-Nazi. The guy was on the Border in Arizona looking for illegal aliens to shoot I imagine. The guy wearing military looking fatigues and looking very white in the Arizona desert heat was telling the CNN reporter that he was not a Nazi but a National Socialist. The distinction is moot. This National Socialist, a member of the American National Socialist Party advocates the removal of all non white people from the United States. He includes Hispanic people in the non-white category. Tell a Spaniard he is not white and see what kind of a reaction you get.
Sanchez then went on to read the program of the National Socialist Movement Pont 4 of their 25 point program.

“Only members of the nation may be citizens of the state. Only those of pure White blood, whatever their creed, may be members of the nation. Non-citizens may live in America only as guests and must be subject to laws for aliens. Accordingly, no Jew or homosexual may be a member of the nation.”

The Nazi being interviewed stated “What is wrong with a white only nation? The Japanese have a homogenous population so why can’t America?”

At that point I could not help but state “what gives them the right to claim America for white people? The only true Americans are Native American Indians”.
The black woman sitting near by who was also watching CNN, the TV was in the lobby at the Dialysis center, stated “We are all immigrants here. That man is crazy.”

Crazy he may be but he was given time on CNN to spout off his nonsense and Sanchez was polite to the guy. Even as he noted that if the Nazis had their way he Sanchez would be deported or have to register as an alien and according to another point on their program he would not be allowed to work in broadcasting or any other English language media.
I noticed that there was no equal time broadcast of the viewpoints of the pro-immigrant or pro-multiracial viewpoint. Perhaps at another time, but I didn’t see it. I have noticed this more and more on the media that there is coverage for Tea Party groups and insignificant things like bubble blowing contests but never any coverage of protests organized by the left. We never see any of the Anti-Israel pro-Palestinian protests, never see any of the labor actions or strikes, never see anti-war protests or even when there were half a million Hispanic and other marchers on May Day in Los Angeles, not a word on the TV media that I saw.
Even the newspapers put leftist oriented actions if they report them at all in the back of their papers. Most news from the left perspective is only heard on a couple of radio stations like the Pacifica network, and on the internet. Even so called leftist broadcast journalists like Rachel Maddow or Keith Olbermann really only cover the news that is part of the Washington DC government news and the news of the one so called legitimate opposition party the Republicans or Democrats depending on who is in or out of office. Maddow and Olbermann even give time to the Tea Party, if only to bash it, but real leftist views never. She only goes as far to the left as the Nation Magazine which is the liberal democratic journal.
Sanchez brought up one other point by reading from a statement of the Nazis that Arizona would be a good place to recruit members because of the anger over illegal immigrants there. The Nazi he was interviewing had nothing to say only that the term Nazi has been overused and pointed out that even Obama has been called a Nazi.
There are other problems I have with this. Other than the one sided publicity it gives to the Nazis, even if Sanchez is personally disparaging, he is still respectful and most importantly he is not giving the other side a chance to speak. Who watches CNN in the middle of the day? Policy wonks and people who are captive audiences like we were in that lobby get to see CNN. But the average person may not have thought to deeply about this and even if it is framed in a critical manner the guy was given five minutes or more to get his message out. Where is the other side? Radical right messages should be countered with messages from the radical left on a so called balanced medium like CNN which is supposed to be dedicated to the all the news. What we get in America is sanitized and sensational news. We never get serious analysis or connect the dots news. Even programs like 60 minutes spend half their time on puff pieces promoting movie stars or on other irrelevant subjects more geared to selling product and promoting other programming on the network than seriously investigating the issues of the day.
The only serious media are a couple of national newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post but they are geared to the interests of the policy and business elites. General readers are allowed to participate in watching the debates and discourse among the high and mighty but those discourses are now more and more shunted aside to the specialty media like CSPAN where you can see the raw footage of Congressional hearings and get no analysis at all. What is lacking is the medium for public input into the democratic process. We have plenty of outlets for special interest hobbies, and the internet is a great source of information if you know how to use it. But for civic input and participation, we need stronger and more compelling methods of keeping the citizens involved in civic affairs, and for that to happen we to restructure so that we have real democracy not an oligarchy with pseudo-democratic tendencies.

One good bit of local news. The LA Times did a report on corrupt practices at city hall in Bell, CA. Yesterday at a city council meeting citizens showed up in an uproar and today they got results. Direct action gets results when the media pays attention. All the local news channels were there and it was all over the local news preempting the usual stories about crime and happy talk. Even Attorney General Jerry Brown got in on the action and said there would be an investigation.

This from CNN on line.
“Oscar Hernandez, the mayor of Bell, California, said the City Council accepted the resignations of City Manager Robert Rizzo, Assistant City Manager Angela Spaccia, and Police Chief Randy Adams, who reportedly had a combined salary of more than $1.6 million. He added that the three will not get severance pay.”
The city manager was paying himself $800,000 a year in a working class town of 40,000 with a median household income of less than $30,000 a year. The people spoke up, the media did its job and justice is being served. We need to see more of this kind of work in all areas.

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