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Romney On Military, California Screws Unemployed Ends Extended Benefits.

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Yesterday I caught a little bit from CNN where the newscaster said Romney wants to make US military largest in the world, or strongest or something to that effect. The USA already has the largest military in the world. I don’t know what he expects to do to make it bigger than big. Based on expenditures, the USA has by far the largest military. If you go by simply numbers of personal in the military then North Korea has the largest with some 9 million persons in active or reserve service. In fact there are half a dozen countries with larger military enlistments, China, Vietnam, India, South Korea, and Iran all have more personal, is Romney proposing to increase the membership in the military to Korean levels? Do we really need a 10 million man military? It might help with the unemployment problem. Perhaps that is what he meant by creating jobs. But realistically does anyone think the Iranian or North Korean military machines are any match for the USA? Even China spends far less on its military, they are more useful as disaster aid workers than as a fighting force. The USA has close to 3 million in the military or reserves. China, has 4 million plus, and Russia our old nemesis has a little over 2 million. The US military is by far the best equipped, best trained, best supported military in the world. What exactly does Mr. Romney have in mind, besides simply rhetoric for a Memorial Day service?

Romney wants to come off as a pro-military hawk. Neither he not Obama served in the military. He is attempting to build a case claiming that Obama wants to weaken the military pointing to bipartisan cuts in military budget agreed upon by both Republicans and Democrats of some $487 million out of a budget of some $600 billion. Its a red herring. It is not a legitimate beef. He is just pandering to the flag wavers out there for whom there is never enough spent on the military.

Meanwhile the Congress has cut funding for the unemployed. People like me will find out soon that the 99 weeks of coverage is being phased out and in California with 11% official unemployment, the state is now telling us that there are no more benefits for residents in California, meaning some 750,000 of us will be cut off. This is a serious issue. I will not be able to afford to go to school without unemployment and with my benefits cut off I will no longer be able to sustain myself here at this location without another source of income. I am not alone in this, I at least have my SSDI but that is only enough to cover the rent and utilities, I could not feed myself on that or pay for my medical bills. Looks like the system has fucked us, no jobs and no support. Time for revolution. I am going to make the effort and call my congressperson, fat lot of help that will be.

From the EDD site.

That means the week ending May 12, 2012, will be the last week EDD can pay FED-ED benefits to eligible unemployed workers, even if someone has a remaining balance on their FED-ED extension. The EDD estimates about 93,000 people in California will be immediately impacted, including those collecting FED-ED benefits now and those who could qualify to file a new FED-ED extension up through May 6, 2012.

From the NY TIMES

U.S. Winds Down Longer Benefits for the Unemployed
Published: May 28, 2012

Hundreds of thousands of out-of-work Americans are receiving their final unemployment checks sooner than they expected, even though Congress renewed extended benefits until the end of the year.

The checks are stopping for the people who have the most difficulty finding work: the long-term unemployed. More than five million people have been out of work for longer than half a year. Federal benefit extensions, which supplemented state funds for payments up to 99 weeks, were intended to tide over the unemployed until the job market improved.

In February, when the program was set to expire, Congress renewed it, but also phased in a reduction of the number of weeks of extended aid and effectively made it more difficult for states to qualify for the maximum aid. Since then, the jobless in 23 states have lost up to five months’ worth of benefits.

Romney promises to maintain US military power
By STEVE PEOPLES, Associated Press – 19 hours ago
SAN DIEGO (AP) — Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, on the brink of clinching the Republican nomination, promised Monday to maintain an American military “with no comparable power anywhere in the world.”
Romney spoke a day before Texas voters were likely to give him enough delegates to formally clinch the Republican presidential nomination, a formality that cements his status as President Barack Obama’s general election opponent.

Earlier Monday Romney faced a San Diego crowd estimated at 5,000 in what was billed as a Memorial Day service paying tribute to the nation’s war dead, not a campaign rally.
Without naming his general election rival, Romney drew clear contrasts with Obama on the issue of defense.
The Democratic president has proposed reducing the size of the military following the end of the U.S. combat role in Iraq and plans to remove troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.
“We have two courses we can follow: One is to follow in the pathway of Europe, to shrink our military smaller and smaller to pay for our social needs,” Romney said outside the Veterans Memorial Center and Museum. “The other is to commit to preserve America as the strongest military in the world, second to none, with no comparable power anywhere in the world.”
The White House and congressional Republicans have agreed to cut $487 billion in military spending over the next decade. Even with Obama’s proposed cuts in the military budget, the U.S. would remain by far the world’s dominant military power. The Pentagon’s budget this year exceeds $600 billion. Closest rival China said this year its defense budget will top $100 billion for the first time, although the U.S. claims China spends twice as much.

In San Diego, Romney was joined by McCain, a Vietnam veteran who spent more than five years as a prisoner of war. McCain said that Romney, “I believe, is fully qualified to be commander in chief.”
Romney noted that he visited Afghanistan and Iraq during his term as Massachusetts governor. But he has limited foreign policy experience.
Still, Romney has been critical of Obama’s plans to reduce the military, in addition to the administration’s policy toward Syria’s handling of the uprising against President Bashar Assad’s government.
In a written statement Sunday, Romney said Obama “can no longer ignore calls from congressional leaders in both parties to take more assertive steps in Syria.” Romney said the current approach has only given Syrian leaders more time to crackdown on protesters.
World leaders blame the Syrian government for the weekend killing of more than 100 people, including 49 children and 34 women, following peaceful protests.
“I wish I could tell you that the world is a safe place today. It is not,” Romney said Monday, ticking off a list of threats including Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, Venezuela and Mexican drug cartels. He did not mention Syria.
Romney said Monday that America’s military might is needed “not so that we just win wars, but so we can prevent wars.”
“A strong America is the best deterrent to war that has ever been invented,” he said.

Romney on China, not a whole lot to say and what little said is more of the foot in mouth variety.

Egypt Elections, Euro Problems, Bradley Manning Trial, China Economy

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

I am interested in the Egyptian elections. The Muslim Brotherhood got 25% of the electoral vote. Approximately 43% turned out of 50 million eligible voters. They are in a run off now with Shafiq, the technocrat from the old regime. It is now up to the Brotherhood to create a coalition with the liberals to win the elections. This means some kind of accommodation with the USA and Israel. That is the behind the scenes factor that is left unstated. Shibley Telhami speaking on CSPAN says that the Egyptian public is concerned about the American policy regarding Israel and Palestine and although they had high hopes for Obama in 2009, they are now disillusioned with him and consider him to be a typical pro-Israel American president.

This from Financial Times

May 27, 2012 8:40 pm
Egyptian liberals have chance to be kingmakers
By Borzou Daragahi and Heba Saleh in Cairo
Egypt’s secular revolutionaries lost out in last week’s presidential elections but find themselves in the novel position of kingmakers as the country heads toward a run-off pitting an avowed Islamist against a member of the former regime.
With neither of the two first-round winners able to muster more than a quarter of the vote, the 50 per cent of electors who supported other candidates, as well as the majority of registered voters who stayed home, have assumed greater importance in the run-off on June 16-17.

Supporters of losing candidates Hamdeen Sabahi, Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh and Amr Moussa are regrouping after losing out to the organisational might of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi and the law-and-order candidacy of Ahmed Shafiq, a minister in the Mubarak era, in the first round of the presidential vote.
Mr Sabbahi and Mr Aboul Fotouh, who came third and fourth respectively, have challenged the election results, alleging fraud.


Bradley Manning court marshal

From the Guardian

Bradley Manning defence team says US military is withholding key evidence
Military’s delay in searching through files and handing them over is denying Manning a fair trial, defence attorney argues

Ed Pilkington in New York, Sunday 27 May 2012 13.47 EDT

Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of being behind the biggest leak of state secrets in US history, is being denied a fair trial because the army is withholding from him crucial information that might prove his innocence or reduce his sentence, his defence team is arguing.

With Manning’s court-martial approaching in September, his legal team has released details of what they claim is a shocking lack of diligence on the part of the military prosecutors in affording him his basic constitutional rights.

The stakes are high, with Manning facing possible life imprisonment for a raft of charges that include “aiding the enemy”.

Manning’s main civilian lawyer, David Coombs, has filed a motion with the military court in Fort Meade, Maryland, that sets out a catalogue of delays and inconsistencies in the army’s handling of the case.

In particular, he claims the government has failed to disclose key evidence that could help Manning defend himself against the charges.

Almost two years after Manning was arrested, the military has not yet completed a search even of its own files to see if there is any material beneficial to the defence – as it is legally obliged to do.


Euro-crisis continues to destabilize world economy. As Greece goes so goes Spain? The Euro may be reduced to the surplus states unless the EU develops a transfer system like the one that exists in the United States.

From Live Trading News

May 27, 2012 — Updated May 28, 2012 00:23 HKT
EuroCrisis: Run on Banks Expected in Europe

Keep your money in your pockets this week as we expect to see a substantial run on Banks in Europe. The inability of politicians to address in any real way the troubles created in Europe is approaching the end game according to Economist Shayne Heffernan.

The Euro STOXX volatility index has shot up more than 100 percent since mid-March when concern Spain might not be able to meet the disastrous austerity targets, Greece failed to form a Government and the political circus continued.

Next we will see investors, corporations and institutions take the prudent step of cutting exposure to Europe, pulling out funds at a record rate and bringing Europe’s banks to the brink of collapse.

With more than $1.2 trillion in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Irish debt, Europe’s lenders now face a serious deposit flight risk and rising defaults elsewhere in the Euro Markets.

If Greece return to the drachma, its currency probably would suffer an immediate devaluation of as much as 75 percent against the euro, spurring widespread defaults on foreign loans.

The Euro itself is valued at only 80 should there be a continued pattern of default.

Banks in Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, and Spain saw a decline of €81 billion ($103 billion), or 3.2 percent, in household and corporate deposits in the 15 months through March, according to the European Central Bank. On March 30, Greece had €160 billion of bank deposits, down almost €75 billion from the peak in 2009, central bank data show. Lenders in Germany and France saw an increase in deposits of €217 billion, or 6.3 percent, in the same period.

The rate of funds leaving Europe is accelerating as Merkel pushes on with the austerity measures that benefit Germany at the expense of other nations in Europe.

As the EuroCrisis continues, several possible outcomes have emerged according to Economist Shayne Heffernan.

1. Europe finds the money for a real bail out of Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, for now this seems unlikely.

2. Greece leads the mass exit of the Euro and will be followed by Spain, Italy, Portugal and possibly others, this is now a real possibility and would allow for these countries to devalue their own currency and manage an exit from recession.

3. The Euro gets devalued, either by the Banks or by the ECB, a real value on the Euro post Greek default is around 80c according to estimates from LTN Asia’s leading economic research house.

Regardless of which outcome results from the muddled mess the Euro Politicians created the only real interest the rest of the world has is the deleveraging of Euro Banks.

Based on estimations from Shayne Heffernan the maximum result of Europeans selling off their assets is an 8% fall in the US markets that would be short lived.

Former Greek prime minister Lucas Papademos warned Greece may run out of money by the end of June if international bailout funds are cut off following next month’s election, a newspaper reported Sunday.

“From late June onwards, the ability of the government to fund its obligations fully depends on the approval of the subsequent installments of loans from the EFSF and the IMF,” To Vima newspaper quoted Papademos as saying in a leaked memo.

“The available funds in the Greek government will be reduced gradually from about 3.8 billion euros on May 11 to about 700 million euros on June 18 and from June 20 will enter negative territory at the level of around one billion euros.”

Center-left To Vima said Papademos made the warning in a memo to President Carolos Papoulias dated May 11 that was then circulated to party leaders as they tried to form a coalition after an inconclusive May 6 vote.

Greece in 2010 committed itself to a reform program in return for hundreds of billions of euros (dollars) in bailout funds from the European Union bailout fund EFSF and the International Monetary Fund.


That’s about all I have to say except to keep an eye on China.

From the Economist

China in your hand
May 25th 2012, 13:10 by The Economist online

A brief guide to why China grows so fast

OUTSIDE China, people tend to assume that the country’s impressive economic growth is due to exports. As the chart below, drawn from our special report on China’s economy, shows, this notion has always been exaggerated and is now plain false. China grows thanks to high levels of investment—far higher than those seen in previous Asian miracles such as South Korea and Japan. The corollary of this is low levels of private consumption. Some argue that this must lead to imbalances that one day will send China’s economy off a cliff. We disagree.

More China Business

Friday, May 25th, 2012

I wish I hadn’t dropped that Chinese class. But I am just such a slow learner when it comes to languages. I get concepts, but practice, forget about it. A good anarchist friend of mine just went to China for a couple of weeks. He was in Shanghai, Beijing and Chengdu among other places, mostly around Shanghai and in Sichuan. Before he went he spent time talking to another anarchist friend who spent months living there and I also spoke with another friend who is an English Professor who spent time there and another friend who owns a manufacturing company that works out of China in the south. I have studied Chinese history, particularly the Tang and intermediate periods before and after that dynasty. I also took an advanced course in Chinese History back in my first stay in college at the University of Colorado. Ok enough preliminaries,

My friend, who had just returned, discussed the situation of the people in China, the massive growth of infrastructure and the position of the Communist Party with regards to the capitalist development there. Capital development was required to modernize the Chinese economy, Modernization with the evident failure of the state communist system in the Soviet Union and the chaotic conditions in China created by the Mao inspired Cultural Revolution, a sequel to his equally disaster prone Great Leap Forward. Communism, or enthusiastic group think, mass hysteria, whatever you want to call it, it was certainly not scientific or rational. I don’t know how a group of intelligent people could fool themselves into thinking they could will a nation into greatness. Mao’s ego had made him blind and his associates had become henchmen instead of comrades. Power, had done its duty and corrupted the minds of those in power. As a result millions died, millions more were displaced and China fell behind in development.

So now there had to be something done, socialist planning had been disrupted by Mao’s adventurism. the enthusiasm tapped by Mao for the revolutionary effort had been betrayed by the lack of good judgement on the part of the leadership. By the time of the disposal of the Gang of Four in the mid-Seventies, morale was low, the technocrats that Deng Xiaoping represented, were now given sway, the leftists had proven to be incompetent. The rightists decided that they needed to increase productivity and they wanted to tap western capital to develop the country. To do that they needed to make market reforms that would be conducive to investment, that meant also some legal changes and the emergence of a capitalist class within China.

What my friend saw was a quilt work of tiny farm plots, according to the site facts and details, the average size of a plot when the communes were broken up in the early 1980’s was 1/2 acre per family. He said the countryside was made up of what looked like an American suburb but what is really a vast network of small farms. He also said that in the country between Shanghai and Wuxi, a distance according to him of 100 miles, there was always in sight high rise towers of 30 to 40 stories. Each of the cities he visited was bigger than any American city outside of NYC. Shanghai is bigger than NYC with 23 million in the population, but Wuxi and Hangzhou suburbs of Shanghai are both cities with large populations. Wuxi has 6 million in 2010, Hangzhou has over 7 million.

We agreed that the capitalist development of a market economy was the only way for China to keep pace with its population. As it is seen in China, this is an early stage of socialism and was required because China had not gone through a capitalist stage of development. Therefore it was required to develop the material conditions of real socialism. Nothing new there. He was impressed with the amount of freedom of speech. But he could only be going by the guide assigned to him. Overall he was impressed with the level of prosperity in China. It made me wonder why in the US there is so much anti-Chinese propaganda, witness the case of the blind activist who parlayed his treatment by his neighbors into a free trip for his family to NYC and an education to boot. All part of propaganda wars to defame the Chinese government before meetings, perhaps. Certainly there are propaganda wars going on all the time.

Egypt Elections, Austerity Protests - Chicago, Montreal, Spain, Greece

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Egypt is in the second day of historic ‘free’ elections. What they are is contested elections with several vetted candidates approved of by the military rulers. Vote counting is being done at the polling stations themselves. Regional centers will then collate those results and then the supreme commission will give the final results on the 29th of May according to the report on Al Jazeera. Two days of elections and then government workers get to vote on Thursday. This may give the government a chance to tip the election to whomever they wish, assuming they are able to determine how the vote has been going and if they are able to influence the votes of their employees. So far the turn-out has been lower than in the parliamentary elections approximately 40% vs. 76% then. But those are guesses and the actual numbers are yet to come in.,-Day–Turnout-and-.aspx


Saturday I went to a conference to create a state wide student union here in California. It was supposed to coordinate the opposition to fee hikes and cutbacks in funding for the state schools. I spent an hour or so there but left when procedural debates threatened to disrupt the proceedings and result in little progress. I might go to the next meeting, hopefully by then they will be over structural debates and ready to tackle issues of substance. I am not interested in reinventing the wheel which is what most of the early debates consist of, kids getting used to exercising direct democracy and trying to decide how democratic they want to be, inspired by the anarchist occupy movement, they are attempting to be as democratic and sensitive to women and minorities issues. I even heard a speech about being sensitive to the insecurities of shy women. I used to hear that stuff twenty years ago at Food Not Bombs meetings in Long Beach. I am surprised that sort of thing is still required. I guess I should be happy that it has reached a larger audience, but for me it is simply distracting and part of a rising political correctness that is limiting free ranging conversation among the progressive community. People are more concerned with not offending than making valid points. But I deviate, grinding my own ax against the extreme political correctness that places the feelings of weak personalities over expressions of the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts and adults have to be able to deal with it.


Over the weekend there were protests at the NATO meeting in Chicago, hundreds, perhaps thousands of anarchists and others, like nurses protested cuts and military spending.


In Montreal 500 students were busted last night in protests over cuts in education. We need some of that spirit of rebellion here in California.–dimanno-what-injustice-has-turned-montreal-into-a-city-under-siege?bn=1


In Spain students are up in arms against austerities and in Greece there is a chance the government will fall and Greece will leave the EU. That would force the Germans to take responsibility for maintaining the Euro or there could be the irritating possibility of Spain dropping out and then the whole thing collapsing. The Europeans have a much longer tradition of being divided than being united, so this experiments failure would not be as traumatic as the south separating from the USA at the time of the civil war. On the other hand not paying all that debt will force a bit of a crisis and simply to survive the debt will have to be written off, otherwise there is a good chance of a renewed economic crisis. Or more specifically a deepening of the crisis which has been acting like a slow motion film of a bomb exploding.


The Fool, The Transsexual Experience, and Marxist-Humanism

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

I was doing pretty well until I decided to entertain my homosexual urges. I decided to try out the transsexual experience, at first thinking it was not gay, that it was different, you know, the best of both worlds as they like to say. It’s gay. There is an attempt to appear female, but underneath the costume, it’s a dick and silicon tits. That does not change the fact that I am taken in by the illusion, and actually enjoy it, but I would say this is not a third sex; it is a variant on gay or perhaps drag. At least that is my conclusion at this point in time.
But I do like me good girlfriend, she is a transsexual and I love that. But we fight a lot, and I am jealous like a teenager, it feels good, but I am not sure she is up to dealing with my intensity. On the other hand I have my straight girlfriend and we have become good friends, and I love her, but we are on a permanent date that will never turn into anything more. Maybe I should date someone my own age. Maybe someone my own age should drop out of the sky and appeal to my libido. God, goddess, whatever gives me what I get, and so far they are all in their twenties.

This is not particularly political, although it has made me sensitive to gay rights issues that I was relatively indifferent to before. It has revived my flagging libido, but it is mostly some kind of ego trip on the one hand and on the other it is an exploration of aspects of my sexuality that have been repressed since I was a teenager. Funny I never acted on it when I was in San Francisco and lived in an almost all gay environment, I had sex with lesbians.

Another issue is that I am old, I mean late fifties is old. But I still have a female girlfriend and may have a transsexual girlfriend. I am not sure at this point. I do like sex, but it is distracting, from the academic experience, sort of, I am in college after all and that is supposed to be a time of experimentation. LOL.

Perhaps I will return to the Occupy movement but actually I am more interested in this Communist-Humanist group. They are an offshoot of Trotskyism that is associated with Raya Dunayevskaya. I have picked up books from meetings that this group holds in the West Side Pavilion Mall on Pico. There is a meeting every month or so. I got a book of letters of Rosa Luxemburg there.

It is an interesting group, mostly students of this professor in Santa Barbara, some Iranian leftists and the odd interested party like me. I like the whole attempt to make Marxism humane. It’s cool and I have a thing for this intellectual skinny Iranian girl there. Not sure I will act on it but she turns me on intellectually. I might even read some Marx if I hang around her. But I am just projecting now.

I really am acting like a college student, but I got tired of acting like an adult, besides I should be dead now. Every day is an opportunity and as a hedonistic lover of life, what am I supposed to do, go live in a monastery? This is not particularly intellectually stimulating I know, more confessional and bragging than anything. But I truly feel that god, if he or she or they exist, are smiling on my ass right now. This is better than being strung out on bad heroin. Oops, the street in me is coming out.

Inspired Giberrish, Gay Pride And Tranny Culture Or Lack Thereof.

Monday, May 21st, 2012

I wrote a long series of text messages to my gf. She blocked my texts and in very few words told me to fuck off. I guess she didn’t like my poetic gestures. I was highly offended, after all I had spent thousands on presents for her, including her plastic surgery. I thought about putting a curse on her, use my voodoo powers, etc, but then I started having bad luck almost as soon as I started. So I decided to let things be, but if I ever see the bitch again, she better have bodyguards…Not likely. But I lost a lot of money on that girl. I would like to say she broke my heart, but well I don’t break so easily anymore, too cynical.

On to other news. Today was Gay Pride day. I drove by but I didn’t have enough money to pay admission etc. This was the Long Beach version and about 80,000 people were anticipated. Queen Latifah was leading the parade. This evidently is her coming out party. I am bi or something like that myself. I mean, I like trannies and women. I have a girlfriend and gurlfriend, or did, now I am not so sure. The problem I have with trannies is their overt materialism. At first it was kind of cute, a communist going out with a materialistic tranny. But after spending thousands on breast implants, women’s clothing, and accoutrements, watching the would be female spend hours putting on makeup, creams, lotions, wigs, and messing up my bathroom only to watch him/her disappear to hang out with other trannies at Hamburger Mary’s or some such trannie bar, well the novelty wore off. But when made up and ready she was beautiful, like a model. Too bad she chose to be a porn queen.
Its not so much the emphasis on physical beauty, as it was the unrelenting need for expensive reinforcement. There is a further problem in the self esteem of these girls. They seem to have emulated the most superficially girlish traits, hair, fashion, but all funded by prostitution and porno for the most part, living off of boyfriends, with a self absorbed persistence that has dehumanized them. Their ideal is the barbie doll. They aspire to be just as souless and faceless, just warpaint and body armor but no grace, no charm, no good-heartedness, no loyalty or honorableness. Now I am sure there is a certain honor among thieves and whores, but this is all based on a fantasy. All these people are wanting the fantasy to be true, a belief that there can be a third sex. But the tits are silicon, hard, like rocks covered with a thin film of muscle and flesh. They taste nothing like a real woman’s breasts. The substitute for a pussy is a penis. You like penis, sure, its not bad, but its not a pussy. They both have their attributes. Assholes, well everybody has one of those. I guess what I am saying is I am not sure this whole tranny project is viable unless they learn to move beyond the hooker self-centered phase. I guess they have to move beyond modern day sex objects, the Marilyn Monroe’s of the 21st century and become more adjusted to morals that reflect human compassion and understanding rather than emulate the most dog eat dog aspects of capitalism.

So I have become obsessed with this third sex thing. Until I have explored it thoroughly, I will have an itch, a curiosity, but so far it has been an expensive burn with little pleasurable impact. In fact the whole lifestyle seems to remind me of drug addict scene, with the girls being the drug. What would a class analysis of this be? Most on the left have accepted transgender people as an oppressed minority, but the state certainly doesn’t. Trannies like other groups, if they want to be respected and given rights, will have to emerge out of the sex-drug-criminal underworld and begin to walk the walk and not just talk the talk of being Transgender and proud, most of what I see so far is nothing to be proud of. Question is this simply a symptom of prejudice or is it a sign of a lack of political awareness? Interesting questions that I have not been able to answer yet. I have met smart trannies but not politically astute ones yet. I shall continue to research, at least for a while longer.

Cleveland Anarchists Set Up By FBI, Obama Supports Gay Marriage, North Carolina Makes Gay Marriage Unconstitutional, Dead Kennedy.

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

Spent all afternoon working on an English take home final. Spent way too long on it. But I enjoy doing that shit. Writing analysis’s of Shelly and Keats, and Blake, and all that romantic stuff. Its cool. They were bad asses, Shelly was some kind of revolutionary, and Blake was a visionary. Keats was more of the real poets poet, his “Hyperion” poems were a trip. Wordsworth’s sister wrote a kick ass journal.

But the rest of the world must be here somewhere. I noticed that another Kennedy is dead. Seems she hung herself. They sure have some heavy karma, old Joe must have really pissed off some cosmic power.

Then there is this Obama birth certificate thing again, with his publicist making a big mistake in fact checking. Oops. Oh and Obama decided to support Gay Marriage. Too bad North Carolina just made Gay Marriage Unconstitutional. Obama you should have come out a week earlier it might have made a difference, perhaps black people would have supported Gay Marriage in the state.

The world is a weird and wonderful place. I have found myself in a new identity and it is strange new flesh, even at this age, metamorphosis is possible.

The occupy people are still out there, doing whatever they can to disrupt the system but it takes a lot more than a few thousand beginners, because of its nature the group is infiltrated by agents with agendas that are not to the benefit of the people. Witness so called anarchists, really stupid people, who were framed in Cleveland to blow up a bridge, seems the government is trying to make Anarchists look bad. Like what they did to Earth First, and Animal Liberation Front.

From Rob Rios or somebody like that.


standing beside the comrades duped into an fbi bomb conspiracy

as if the job of marginalizing the anarchist movement in the u.s. was not already being championed by cowards within the occupy movement, five bold, wreckless comrades have found themselves victims of a fraudulent bombing plot which the fbi engineered.

it is imperative not to let these brave, foolish comrades become isolated. more than anything else we must remember:


“There will be a time when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today!
if there is to be shit-talking and back-stabbing over this, let it be over our own cowardice that makes such an arrest an isolated incident. why are the prisons and jails not overflowing with captured comrades? why is our rebellion so weak that the government is not forced to release us as soon as they process us into their jails, for lack of space? naturally, we must all strive in our efforts to avoid being captured, but that should never stop us from doing that which we know must be done. circumstances are changing, and the government’s well-known explicit, and fully documented policy of pre-emptive strikes ensures that we cannot allow the militarized police forces to always push the attack. if not now, then when? even today may be too late.


Demonization of Anarchism

In addition to a continuation of undercover informants and FBI-manufactured plots, this case also reflects on an-going focus on demonizing anarchists.

The government’s press release proclaims that the defendants are “self-proclaimed anarchists.” The affidavit notes that they attended anarchist protests and carried anarchist flags.

The affidavit also says that the defendants talked about anarchists “rioting and destroying each city” that holds May Day protests, and that it will be “off the hook.”

Demonizing anarchists has gone one for over a century, of course, but in recent years the rhetoric has dovetailed with “War on Terrorism” hysteria.

For example, in Scott Demuth’s case, the government argued that: “Defendant’s writings, literature, and conduct suggest that he is an anarchist and associated with the ALF movement. Therefore, he is a domestic terrorist.”

In another case, the government sought a high cash bond against environmentalist Hugh Farrell because “the defendant has been observed advocating literature and materials which advocate anarchy.”

It should come as no surprise, then, that the announcement of these arrests was carefully unveiled yesterday, so that the top news story this May Day would not be about howanarchists are preventing home foreclosures, starting community gardens, teaching collective organizing skills, and re-framing class consciousness, but about how they were part of an FBI-guided “terrorist plot.”


From Anarcho-Punk.Net

Re: Cleveland Anarchist Bomb Plot, Instigated/Entrapment by the FBI
by anarchoskin69 on 12/05/2012, 03:30

Anarchist bombings

I am fairly familiar with anarchist bombings throughout history, as well as propaganda of the deed. One of my favorite bands is Czolgosz which celebrates the man who assassinated President William McKinley, and while Czolgosz was in prison, he identified as an anarchist. The thing is, at the present time, in the U.S., I don’t find the idea beneficial. Shit is getting worse as time goes along, but I don’t personally think it in my interest to take that action as of right now. Plus, I have had FBI agents at an arrest of mine before, and since this episode with the five in cleveland I really wouldn’t talk about one on here even if I did.

Today I did a banner drop on a bike trail bridge over a large interstate highway that me and a comrade have been planning for months, and a plan of a succession of these actions is also in place. I think those five in cleveland at first began with ideas of smoke bombs and demolishing billboard, but were actually played along by the informant into actually procuring and using C4. This seems typical for anarchist action in the U.S., right now. Again, in other countries, especially in the southern hemisphere this is very different since they are facing different conditions, but in the U.S., its just not practical or applicable at this time to be blowing shit up. The point of this thread was to give some advice; heed caution to anyone who can pull military grade equipment out of their ass. In the case of Eric McDavid, though, the woman informant actually had them just buy the bomb materials.. The point is be careful and cautious. I heard recently that the government plans to hire 2,000 informants throughout the rest of 2012 to intervene against “domestic terrorists” on a video I found

From Asheville FM - Final Straw
This week’s show features two conversations around the FBI, prisons and anarchists.

The first is with Will Potter, author of Green is the New Red and blogger at Will is an award winning, independent journalist based out of Washington, D.C. Our conversation revolves mostly around the recent case of anarchists in Cleveland entrapped into plotting destruction of infrastructure by the FBI and an informant.

The second conversation is with Ian Coldwater. This show is also in preparation for the upcoming June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. Ian updates us on Marie Mason and Eric McDavid, two of the main focuses of his recent tour of the U.S. called Never Alone, in run-up for June 11th. Ian also speaks about security culture, revolutionary solidarity and growing cultures of resistance, as well as updates us on the cases of Pax in Portland (accused of property destruction) and the Grand Jury in the S.F. Bay Area.

This show will stream at from 5/13-5/20/12 and can be downloaded from here.

For more info, check out the following links:


Having personally met Brandon
anon - Tue, 2012-05-15 17:59
Having personally met Brandon Baxter at Occupy the Midwest a few months before the actual arrest, I can only express complete concern for the Cleveland Five, their families as well as their friends. It just blows me away, because at Occupy the Midwest while everyone wanted to discuss how the State was trying to infiltrate leadership supposedly to prevent them from taking riskier, more provocative action, I was the only one to bring up the cases of Eric McDavid and Marie Mason. Brandon himself asked me, “Who are they?”, and when I tried to explain the cases he shrugged off the idea of that course repeating for anyone else. Two months later he was arrested in entrapment, with assistance of an agent provocateur that I had warned him and other attendees of the Occupy the Midwest conference about.


From Huff Post Politics

Marianne MollmannSenior Policy Advisor, Amnesty International

Are All Blacks Prejudiced Against All Gays? Beyond the Static View of Race, Sexual Orientation and Otherness
Posted: 05/17/2012 4:36 pm

President Obama’s support for marriage equality came just one day after North Carolina voters banned same-sex marriage. Twitter storms followed each development, in which tweeters first declared that black people were homophobic as a group, then just as sweepingly that they were not. Somehow, the North Carolina defeat for marriage equality was seen as proof that all blacks hate all gays, whereas President Obama’s support was proof of the opposite.

This overgeneralization is somewhat similar to some of the commentary in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. We heard that “black violence” was somehow worse and more endemic than violence committed by non-black perpetrators. This idea was also the organizing principle behind the blog post that got John Derbyshire fired from the National Review for advising his children to avoid contact with black people who are, Derbyshire argued, statistically more likely to be arbitrarily violent, especially toward whites.

It is not hard to see the racist undertones of all of these arguments, down to the very notion that everyone of a certain “race” has personal character traits that are inescapably and intrinsically linked to their skin color. It is also not hard to find information to disprove them: many blacks in North Carolina opposed the constitutional same-sex marriage ban. And Justice Department statistics show that most violence is carried out within racial homogeneous communities, so that, for example, black-on-white homicides are a rare exception rather than the rule.

There are, of course, good reasons to pool and parse statistical information about any population using group criteria that may illustrate unequal policy outcomes for individuals associated with those groups. In fact, we expect governments to collect and separate statistics with a view to analyzing policy effectiveness and equal access to benefits, rights, and care. Generalizations about groups can also be helpful in visualizing the underlying reasons for inequality and devising strategies to overcome it.

However, problems arise when our only understanding and interactions with specific people result in our treating them as part of a group and not as individuals. Whatever else may be true about George Zimmerman’s interaction with Trayvon Martin, it is clear from his phone comments to the police dispatcher that he had preconceived notions about Martin’s “dangerousness” even before he got out of the car — preconceptions that therefore only could be based on Martin’s appearance, including his sex, age, color, and apparel, and most likely the combination of all of them.

The corollary of this notion is that one way to overcome racism and homophobia and other “group-isms” is for people to relate to each other as individuals. While it is true that some people are able to reconcile a generalized negative feeling about certain groups (”all blacks are violent”) while nurturing positive sentiments about individuals from that group (”some of my best friends are black”), it is also true that most people start seeing a group differently when they know and love someone who belongs to it. A generally homophobic parent with a gay child may not feel compelled to campaign for marriage equality any more than they did before their child was “out.” However, most will at least start questioning negative portrayals of “all gays” in the media. This is why Derbyshire’s advice to his children to actively avoid contact with blacks is so insidious: it pushes a false notion of otherness that is purposefully static.

Even more serious problems arise when policies that should be informed by data and statistics instead are influenced by such Derbyshire-style perceptions of static and false otherness. The racial profiling of stop-and-frisk practices is one blatant example. Along those lines, Michelle Alexander has amassed examples of situations where police departments target predominantly black communities for aggressive interventions and arrests for drug-related crimes, even where data shows that in that specific state or city, the main users or sellers of drugs are not black. Many of the arguments voiced against marriage equality are equally based on false ideas that all gay people are promiscuous, sexually predatory, or bad parents.

And perhaps this is where the real issue lies. It is almost instinctual for us to organize information about the world around us based on visual cues and personal experiences. And it is equally human to use these cues and experiences to generate assumptions about what might happen and what we should do about it. It is when we confuse trends or, worse, preconceptions with reality that abuse, inequality, and discrimination can take hold.

More disturbingly, negative generalizations about what everyone in a given group wants, thinks, and does, help to justify those who actually do. When we portray all black people as homophobic we exonerate individuals of color who feel prejudiced against gays. They are not responsible for their beliefs — their skin color made them do it.

I would not wish to be called homophobic just because quite of lot of individuals who happen to be white make anti-gay remarks. Even less would I want these individuals to be able to brush off their anti-gay sentiments as a natural part of their “whiteness.” Prejudice is prejudice, wherever it comes from and whatever form it takes. Respect dictates we treat it as such.

Gender Roles, Hijra Problems, & Poem About Jesus’s Penis.

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

It is mid-week, I have finals tomorrow. I pulled up this posting I started last weekend. I think I will continue it. This is very sexual business, I am in my fifties and now I am living out some fantasies from early puberty. Strange that my masturbatory life of age 11 or 12 is being lived out some forty odd years later. But then in my mind the creative universe is merely a teardrop that fell from grace and landed in the manure that is daily existence. Not quite sure where to go with that. I am talking to more people, more openly about sexual stuff, not being such a tough guy. Here we go…

(Last Sat.) The weekend is here. I am doing domestic tasks, like laundry. Seems I have become something of a parent to my young girlfriend. Or should I say servant, Well I am doing the same stuff I did when I was single, just more of it. Porn star has to get beauty sleep. It’s funny, and sad, and somewhat glamorous and kind of tawdry in a Victorian sense. Speaking of morals and sex roles, I am firmly committed to the belief that almost all sex roles are culturally determined. Other than basic biology, i.e. men have sperm, women have ovaries, babies come out of the womb, etc.; the rest of it is open to interpretation. Medicine makes it easy to add or subtract testosterone or estrogen. Increase aggressive behavior, add testosterone, now available in easy to apply cream form. Increase estrogen, just take pills or shots and you will start getting all weepy and your tits will grow. Want fast change, get surgery in Mexico, its cheap and in a couple of days you have a new body.

There are web sites and chat rooms dedicated to discussing these changes and the consequences of them. Males trapped in female bodies, females trapped in male bodies, conceits mostly due to rigid sex roles in western societies. I don’t know if oriental societies are so rigid. I do know a little about India. There is a big transgender community, the Hijra. They have a long tradition there with some all hijra communities with their own guru’s, a duplication of the mainstream of India in their own form. There is prejudice there as everywhere:

From Times of India

“Under attack, transgender finds refuge in Chennai
Arun Janardhanan, TNN May 11, 2012, 03.50AM IST

CHENNAI: Aatma (name changed) was very ambitious. The transgender learnt dance in Kerala Kalamandalam, a premier institution for the performing arts. With the help of her boyfriend, she had a sex change operation and moved in with him. They were together for five months in Kochi but she was forced to flee Kerala last week.

According to transgender organisations in Chennai, Aatma is just one of many transgenders who are forced to leave Kerala, where they are harassed because of their sexuality. Many of them move to Chennai where there is more acceptability.

“My wish was to become a housewife. Though I managed to find a partner, society would not allow us to live together because I am a transgender,” said Aatma, whose boyfriend returned to his parents’ house after the couple was threatened. “Though Kerala claims to be a progressive state, Tamil Nadu gives sexual minorities much more protection. They do not let us live in peace in Kerala,” said Aatma.

Sources in Chennai said, at least 100 transgenders have made Chennai their home over the past few years after they were forced to leave Kerala.

Rose Venkatesan, India’s first transgender television show host, says transgenders in Kerala get a raw deal. “I am shocked at the number of transgenders victimised in Kerala and how they are treated there. Many transgenders from Kerala have been forced to take refuge here. It is shameful for a state which is known for being progressive and literate,” said Venkatesan, who gave shelter to Aatma when she came to Chennai last week.

Sahodaran, a group working for rights of sexual minorities, has given shelter to many transgenders. Members of the group say transgenders are forced to leave Kerala because everyone, including the police, hound them out of the state.

Transgenders in Kerala become outcasts the moment they decide to come out in the open, says a former United Nations Development Programme adviser who worked for sexual minorities in south Asian countries. “When they start crossdressing, they become targets of ridicule,” he said. “It is still not possible for transgenders in India to get jobs in any mainstream profession. That’s why they either become sex workers or beggars.’”

The head stuff is harder to rewire. There are role models, tranny, gay, straight of all sorts, tribal, pre-industrial agricultural, western industrial, post-industrial affluent, post-industrial poverty, hippie chic, anarchist-chic, and so forth.

Class relations though are seemingly reproduced in all communities. There is no sexual politics that will take you out of capitalist relations unless there is some kind of critique of power and wealth distribution. Marxist-feminists tackled this and we have deconstructed our revolutionary critique in a welter of special issues, but that is old school thinking, mostly male Marxists complaining about change. The welter has to become some kind of shape to overwhelm the power of capital. Drowning it in bodily fluids perhaps, but the Capitalist urge is a giant phallus stuck in the body politic. It presses and presses until the body takes on its shape, or buries it in its complexity. So far the Capitalist machine, made of metal, tears through the pliant bodies of the resistant shapes, asshole and vagina both shredded, without lubricant. A spear shafted from anus to mouth and then mounted on a castle wall is not something to be resisted passively. It must be avoided or resisted with steely determination of one’s own. Some call the capitalist urge the spear of destiny, fate, Jesus incorporated.

Poem: Jesus’s Penis

A great boner had our lord and he swathed it in armor and a cross and laid it upon the nations who could swallow or bend over, or open wide and take the mighty sword of our lord.

He called it industrial capitalism, he liked to give names to his penile fury when the urge arose, and how and why it arose is still a mystery of testosterone and fate. But it did give rise to cities and rockets and world wars. It gave rise to billions of babies and set slaves and females to labor under the hot sun of the father who loved his only begotten son.

The fire captured by Chinese magicians, handed to the great leader, who was then endowed with a big one himself, set the peoples to labor after the mighty Yen. Cooked and smoked, this yen pack was as addictive as nicotine, it led to dreams of boners on the part of many millions of Chinese who forgot the communal dream of their fathers and put Mao on a pedestal where he was safely out of harm’s way, and then they dug the firmament and low and behold gave birth to a great many coal burning refineries and solar panels and tee shirts with names like “Nouveau United States” with pictures of Shanghai towers on the front in case someone missed the point, it was in English.

The great capitalist hard-on, the one which all cocksuckers crave, the one that is loved and worshiped in lingam stones of Shiva, the dream of conquest and of association with power and force that pulses and pours over the body with its white eddies of universal cum and joyous fecundity with millions of sperm sacrificed on the path to some sort of reproduction, either of bodies, or forms of culture, or destructive waves of barrier burning, as the flood of fecundity fills the earth and swamps us all in its unreasoning. God be with us.

Poem by Gary Crethers

This guy is a little weird.

OK so I don’t know what I am talking about. But I give it a go. My baby is out of town and I am kind of going crazy.

China Using Positive Feedback To Influence Bloggers?

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

There are problems when too many people praise you. I did a post about China and the end of US Hegemony. I have got way more than the usual number of comments, these are from sites with amazingly little to say and they all seem to follow the same format. In other words, they look like dummy sites.
I don’t mind the complements, but when they seem to be the same two or three comments repeated over and over, I begin to think someone is playing mind games with me. This is a form of psychological warfare in the form of positive reinforcement for comments like those I made on that post. This is pretty sophisticated; at least it seems to be paying an awful lot of attention to a small time blogger. It reminds me of when the CIA commented. I get a few big shots here and there, or at least employees of the big shots.

If Chinese intelligence is sending me this positive reinforcement, then I would say it would be better if they simply sent me a cash subsidy, then I would be a wholly owned subsidy of the People’s Republic of China. Just kidding, nobody owns me. But it is interesting that there are people out there who spend all their time trying to influence bloggers. I guess they figured I needed encouragement to write more analysis that is favorable to China. It could be the CIA again, but then what would they gain?

All the major powers, and some not so major, do their best to influence public opinion. Because there is no way to police the internet for persons intent, all that can be done is to profile and if you don’t have a computer program that determines intent based on some kind of statistical analysis then you as an individual simply have to be observant and use common sense. This is tough when someone is sucking up to you, especially with such a seemingly harmless method. I simply cannot believe that a hundred or more people really love that blog posting and my writing, at least not in America. Perhaps in China, it is possible, because the population is so great. So I determined to look at the source of the statements and all the blog sites had very similar formats, different comment but the same layout. The contents were innocuous with bland product advertising. But they all had a similar feel. It’s like they were following some kind of format.

Why am I being buttered up? Well I guess they want me to make more nice noises about their favorite causes. I might, but at least now I know someone is paying attention. This is probably some kind of computer program that picks out certain phrases. How wonderful to be under the eye of some kind of spy.

Porn Star Girlfriends and School Budget Protests

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

I finished my English paper, I finished my History paper, I gave my presentation in History and got an A. What next, finals. People have been asking for me to post, so post I shall. Things are a bit surreal. New girlfriend and I broke up, got back together and now she is going back home to Carolina. I hope she comes back. But now that she is a big time porn star, who knows.
But as we all have experienced, love is blind, and my particular love blindness takes me to some pretty bizarre places. No girl next door for me, its got to be the neurotic porn star. She likes to talk on the phone, in chat rooms, on video, where ever there is an electronic device with access to the internet or cellular towers. I do get to watch while she gets made up, it takes hours. Its fun for a while, but eventually I had to get back to work and finish these papers. Luckily it worked. I got them done, just in the nick of time. I wasn’t sure I would have the self discipline to tear my way from living porn to do this, but I managed to do a little Marxist analysis on the situation and theorized myself out of my fetish for her body.

With only finals left until the summer session starts, I am looking for some trouble to get into for the next few weeks. There is a student conference in Santa Monica on the 19th I will probably go there. Its a planning session for protests against the budget cuts and the war on the poor being waged by increasing the fees for all levels of College. Also out of State students are being given larger slots in the new enrollments to make up for the budget cuts. Fewer slots for in State meaning the State schools are not keeping their mandates to provide for the students of this State. It is because of the decreased spending on education by the State of California to make up for shortfalls of income from tax payers. Mostly because of Prop 13 and tax exemptions for Corporations.

But enough of me griping. I am off to see my own personal wizard, which happens to be me, although I do give credit to Krishna at meal times. I don’t want to end up like Arachne, you remember her, she was turned into a spider because she forgot to give Athena credit for making her a great seamstress. So, like a good jealous goddess, Athena turned the bitch into a spider after giving her a second chance by showing up as an old lady and asking her who taught her to be such a good weaver. Arachne screwed up by claiming she did it all herself.

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