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Sandy, Sandy, Sandy

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

The east coast is inundated with media videoing every knocked over sign and downed power line. Last night there were media driving around in Alexandria, VA videoing tree branches. Lots of camera crews standing around Battery Park in NYC. South of 39th Street in Manhattan there is still no power due to that explosion last night of a power station on 14th street. Out here in California we have cool weather and sunny skies with a little fog in the morning.

At least we have a reprieve from the election. The other night I heard on BBC a radio comparison of the man in the streets reaction to the American and Chinese change of leadership. In China the process is handled among the Communist Party delegates. No outward electoral process, no public fanfare, very different than the American display.

In China they change leadership once a decade. In the USA every four years we get this electoral circus, which is silly since the Electoral College selects the leadership and that is about as democratic as the Chinese system.

I watched a little of the third party debates on You Tube. It was a nice try, but the sense of being at a high school pep rally was more real than any sense of being in a politically significant debate.

No word about climate change, while we watch the effects of it almost daily now. It is amazing how people can deny reality.

Fruit Loops

Friday, October 26th, 2012

There is a sense of nervousness in the air among liberals. The democrats have come back in power and are now on the verge of possibly losing that power. Obama had a momentum coming out of the Democratic Convention that he blew in the first debate. He recovered in the second and third debate, but by then the damage was done.

I am in California and we have propositions that are on the ballet. I am going to give you my list. Yes on 30, No on 32, Yes on 37, No on 38 although if you want you can vote yes on both 30 and 38, they are school ballot initiatives. I can’t remember the other ones. But I am sure I voted for them all. I will check and get back, someday.

I wanted to get that off my chest. I have been feeling guilty because I haven’t walked the streets for Obama or worse, my own party the Greens. Sometimes I catch myself thinking I should become a white man and vote for Romney, but I can’t, I already voted for Obama, right after that disaster first debate.

Gay, Pregnant, Cop

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Is that possible? Can I be a pregnant gay cop? The gay part is possible, the cop part is not likely, not with my past, but the pregnant part, that is just not possible. My gilrfriend claims that I am. She also claims I am having an affair with Amy Goodman, with a former coworker, with several unknown parties and well I wonder what next.

Turned out to be correct, I am on dialysis which is as close as a guy gets to being pregnant. I have 5 to 10 pounds of fluid in my peritoneum cavity, which is my equivalent of where a baby would go. I don’t have an umbilical cord, but I do have a catheter. I like transsexuals which is not gay but pretty close. The cop part, well I don’t know, I have fantasies of being recruited by the CIA. but every time I have had an interaction with the authorities I have done the right thing, I hope. Maybe just by blogging I am providing a service to the authorities. Funny thing, I don’t hate the system, I hate the way it has been corrupted to serve the rich, but then it always was fixed for the rich, one batch of smart ass manipulators or another.

America, Love, Debates and Transformation

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

What is love? We dream about it, we get involved with someone and then we discover that we cannot live with them. Or worse, they cannot live with us. When we are young we are lovable and many persons will project their fantasies upon us. As we grow older we are supposed to have fixated on one person. But when that doesn’t work, then we wander in the land of serial monogamy or alternate relationships or whatever until we find ourselves to be middle aged and alone or settling for a mate that is not a true love but enough of a love to be willing to put up with the idiosyncrasies that make us what we are.
We are what we are. The world is what it is. We are all looking for love in whatever strange places we can find it. When love is frustrated we become lost. We accept whatever substitute for love we can find. But in reality all we want is to be loved.
But to get love we must give love and if we don’t learn to give love we will never be open to receive love. That is all there is. The rest is what we do while we are looking for love, waiting for love or in love.
The rest is as they say, history.

I mostly write about history, since love is something that slips through my fingers more often than not. But we have to live. Work out, get the car fixed, pay the bills whatever. We dream and I know I have dreams.

Such a romantic view. I am watching the third debate on foreign policy between Romney and Obama, they are talking about domestic policy and it is overly simplified. They talk about energy independence as if it were a real possibility. They throw phrases like “small business” about as if it were the catch phrase of the month. It is a cover, real money comes from the big corporations, the politicians give rhetorical placating voice to small businesses when in reality, they do little for them, and care as much about small business as they care about the workers. In fact Romney said he would “put the teachers unions behind” warning workers that he would do a Reagan on them and bust unions. Private sector unions are virtually gone and now they want to emasculate the public sector unions by blaming them for deficits in the states, which really is the fault of a depressed economy, lower tax base and poor planning. Making unions give back benefits is something that should only be done in a crisis and as a temporary measure with a sunset clause that is ironclad. There is no reason why all parties can’t share in a crisis, but also once the hard times are over, the benefits should go back to what they were. Hard times should not be used as an excuse for union busting.

Back to the debate. I just saw Romney say the USA liberates people and does not bring them dictators. That is such a lie. The USA has supported dictators in Iran and Guatemala, hell we imposed them with the help of allies. Those are the most famous ones, we backed Saddam Hussein when he attacked Iran, and chastised him when he attacked Kuwait. We support the kings of Saudi Arabia with their horrendous treatment of women. We support Israel in their oppression of the Palestinians, and we supported Mubarak in Egypt until it was obvious he had lost the support of his people. Then we wisely dropped him, instead of hanging on to a dead weight as we did with our other faithful lap dog ally the Shah of Iran. The USA was complicit in the massacre of the progressive and communist activists in Indonesia in 1966. Don’t forget Vietnam where we supported puppet regimes for no good reason and caused the death of thousands of Americans. The image of American troops helping Haitian refugees after the earthquake is good PR, but where is Haiti now, in terrible shape. What about Iraq? Hundreds of thousands killed there, and now the country is an ally of Iran. What of Libya? The USA kills the Green Revolution and now they have chaos, with African Al Qaeda moving in from Mali to take advantage of the situation. I could go on… Syria, the USA watches Saudi money and weapons fund fundamentalist forces while the USA claims to want to see the progressive forces win. What do they mean by that? Progressive for the US policy makers mean ‘friendly to US policy interests and corporate infiltration of their economy.’ They want the rule of law, laws designed to mirror civil law in capitalist states that treat corporations as people. What being friendly to the US means ultimately is to bow down to international capital and allowing their peasantry become low payed factory workers dependent on agribusiness foods dumped from the American Midwest.

The world situation is entering a crisis point. Populations are reaching peak growth and the natural resources are being strained. Pollution is growing. Climate change is a reality, and yet nothing is mentioned. The infrastructure is being sacrificed for the war machine in the USA. Romney would do more of the old school military machine, with little nuance. Obama has done his best to nuance the machine to try and generate a little surplus for rebuilding infrastructure and generating a modern social democratic economy, emulating something of European models, such as Germany. But that can never be admitted by the administration, because they are hung up on this so called free market system. The myth of a free market has been perpetuated until it has become an ideological truism among the right. Wackos like Ayn Rand are treated as legitimate thinkers. But I am ranting now. I am riffing on the debates. Obama is playing the cautious Democrat, respectful of the interests of Wall Street. Romney is simply advocating advanced capitalist thinking, slash and burn and maximize profits for investors, social concerns be damned. China is blamed for being an efficient capitalist player, more than efficient, they have a command government backing a vibrant capitalism. The USA has outsourced its manufacturing as a ploy to break the wages and benefits of the American worker and force Americans to compete with unorganized workers in countries with military machines standing ready to enforce unfair labor conditions. China buys American debt and funds the US government. All parties know this, they just won’t admit it as a part of the way of the world. Both sides use one another and the rich benefit wile the poor and workers simply suffer.

They are wrapping up. Romney is claiming that Obama is investing in companies, and is not investing in mere research. Obama says we have to choose wisely in our investments and wants to keep money going into education and research. He claims progress. Romney claims he will bring about happy days by lowering taxes, this blatantly helps the rich….he will have to slash social spending to increase the military and decrease taxes. I voted already, I went for the horse I know, and I mistrust the horse I don’t. So Obama got my reluctant vote. Some day I want to vote for a viable third party, a Green candidate with a chance. As it is we saw Romney basically agreeing with Obama, as disagreeably as he could. But Obama, who has a plan, has a hard time expressing it without making his world view too evident. Is he an old school corporate democrat or a new school social democrat?

Really we need a powerful labor movement, and a strong environmental leadership. We need to transform the economy and get away from continuous economic growth and get used to leisure as opposed to consumption. We need to learn to enjoy activities that appreciate the mind and body and not the glorification of conspicuous consumption.

What are we doing? We are getting inch worm modifications while the ship of state is rocking in the gale storm of world transformation.

Communist Cellmates

Sunday, October 21st, 2012

What does it take to bring about peace, justice and the new American way? What is the American way? What is the value of truth? Rhetorical questions, sure, elementary Poly Sci debate material. Speech is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution, more or less, depending on the severity of the threat impinging on the nation. When threats are great, freedom of speech suffers. Protest, the main means by which the populace has an opportunity to battle the government directly, has become imperiled by legislation intended to criminalize speech and make protestors felons.
The suppression of freedom of speech especially since the Patriot Act is becoming more evident. (See links below). The government can search your paperwork if you go overseas. Brandenburg Vs Ohio supreme court decision says that advocating the violent overthrow of the government is protected free speech unless three criteria are met. One the threat has to be imminent, two it has to be realistically capable of happening and three it has to be targeted to a specific group.
Professor Smith, on LBTV the cable channel for Cal State Long Beach, is an advocate of protecting the first Amendment. Who is a real reporter he asks? In the post modern world when newspapers are dieing and the internet is becoming the major source of information who is the media? Is it someone who gets paid to write news, is it someone who blogs regularly? Is it only someone with a specific license or degree?
Recently on KPFK I heard an interview with a reporter who talked with the Google founders who asked the reporter why he didn’t publish his book for free on the internet to get a wider readership? He said who will pay me to write and who will edit my book and who will write the index to the book if it is given away for free. This is the dilemma that anyone who takes their writing seriously faces. I write every day but I don’t get paid. As a consequence I don’t spend the amount of time on it that I know it needs, because I need to go to my day job to pay the bills, so I simply let slide sloppy work or inadequately researched work because I know that A) almost nobody reads it and B) there is no chance of making a living at it. So I write what I want but unfortunately I am unhappy with the results. I am faced with the choice of not writing at all or only writing rare gems infrequently. Which is better? I wish I had an answer.
What I have done since the above was written is develop kidney failure, that means this was written over two years ago. I have a limited income from the government and with that I am able to survive and have more freedom to write. I have been in school for most of the past two years and thus my free time to write is constrained by the requirements of my classes. But there have been other problems, hackers have messed with my site and I lost access for almost a month last summer and then again for a week this fall. Fortunately the domain people have been helpful. I comment a lot on world affairs and have a special focus on the big boys, Russia, China, and the USA.

But my ego trip is not enough. I have more time and less time at the same time. Details of my life as a kidney failure patient, makes me feel as if I am living on borrowed time. I feel as if I am slightly unreal, especially when I am at school or out in the populated parts of LA. Alone here in my control room I am in charge of my words, if nothing else and in this alone time I am as real as I ever was. I have a girlfriend who spends the night and another one who does stuff with me. I am looking for one person who I can do it all with. I have a candidate, we shall see. Meantime I am in my little prison, attached to a plastic tube, connected to a machine that takes 8 to 9 hours to clean my insides so I can function for another day. Capitalism, not this, this is American semi-socialism, I could never afford to survive at market rates. Lets hope Obama gets reelected and I am able to keep my benefits. No matter what happens, I shall write my blog, from one cell to another, this modern day samizdat.

Argo - CIA Dream Flick, Red Dawn - Repeated Absurdity

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Went to see Argo at the discount movie theater. It was a suspense filled thriller. I rather liked the way Ben Affleck managed to sustain the intensity and according to retired officials who were interviewed on NPR, there was only slight exaggeration. The chase scene at the airport never happened, the character who didn’t want to leave did not step up and save the day when talking to the Revolutionary Guard at the Airport. The whole movie bit was true and I am sure that was not the only time the CIA used Hollywood for cover.
The portrayal of the Iranians and their revolution was overly simplistic. There was no indication of the factions that were vying for power. The Communists, Labor activists, secular technocrats, Islamists, rural interests, all had a part to play, the most ruthless, in this case the Islamists came out on top, but at that time when the hostages were taken, things were not clear as to who would end up on top. Khomeini was a cultural hero, not the ruler at that point.

What precipitated the occupation of the Embassy was the allowing of the Shah, former ruler and dictator of Iran, American protege, into the USA for medical treatment after repeated warnings from Iran not to, or to turn him over to the Iranian authorities. Carter, then president allowed his advisers to recommend allowing the Shah in for humanitarian reasons, and because it would be impolitic to refuse an American Protege entry. As it turned out it was a stupid decision. The embassy was occupied, papers seized and protests erupted domestically against the Shah’s presence in the USA. I organized and led the first demonstration that Friday holding a press conference at a UN building and then the next day leading a protest which was covered by the local media and the affiliates of the networks. We had a carpet and a genie that popped out of magic lamp. He was to take the Shah back to Iran and bring the hostages home to the USA. That was our demand, that the Shah be traded for the Hostages.

Nobody listened and it wasn’t until Regan made his deal with Iran that the hostages were returned, helping Carter lose the elections. The six who escaped with the CIA’s help, were lucky.

The timing of the movie is to be questioned, in the atmosphere of war hysteria against Iran, a movie depicting Iranians as screaming, bearded fanatics, is not one that is accurate or helpful. What is needed is a sensible portrait of Iran, not a hyperbolic, paranoid vision on speed. This is more “24″ type right wing media bias to shoot first and ask questions later. It is not what the world needs now.

If the CIA didn’t write this, they certainly advised its production. It makes one wonder how many other films and TV shows they have their fingers in. Military recruiting is done subtly and subliminally in this age of so called voluntary military recruitment. I see Red Dawn is coming back. The ridiculous remake of the 1984 movie, staring the North Koreans, replacing the Cubans and Nicaraguans as the invaders is absurd in every aspect, as if tiny North Korea had the manpower or military machine to invade the USA. If they had said a Chinese invasion, as originally planned, then it could at least be plausible. But this is pure propaganda, meant to bring out the red blooded survivalist in all of us. The Chinese must have threatened to pull their investment.

Fear And The Fuckup, Obama Wins Debate 2, Gas Prices, & Occupy Redux

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Obama and Romney met for the second time last night and most of the pundits seem to agree that it was either a tie or Obama won. They were both aggressive macho players, rotating fear, teeth gnashing, and the occasional fuck up like when Obama said gas was $1.95 four years ago. Hell gas was over $4.00 a gallon nationally in the summer of 2008. Prices dropped in the fall as the economy went into a tailspin. By November they were as low as $1.99 in places. Not here in California. So Obama didn’t fuck up, Romney sure did with his talk about “binders of women” such homespun talk doesn’t go over well in the age of Blackberry digitized data. The gals aren’t all about getting coffee for the boys anymore.

Gas in California went from a high for regular of $4.58 in June to a low of $2.70 by election time and $1.82 by the end of December. Last time gas in California averaged that price was in February of 2004. Gas was back over $2.00 by Feb. 2009 and has never looked back since then.

Seriously we need to think about a third party. We will see if Obama does anything with his new term, but if the populist mass of humanity in America are to assert their will, they need to get organized. Occupy was able to at least change the conversation from balancing the budget to human needs. It did not go far enough and we did not end up with a left wing version of the Tea Party, so the left is still depending on a centrist president to work their will. Hardly likely.

There is too much apathy, too many fucked up people with good intentions but no capability. That was my take on most of the Occupy people. Real fear, the fear of starvation, of being out in the streets was not on the minds of these unemployed college grads. What is needed, is for regular people, professionals, hard working Americans to get with some of these dreamers, bring them down to earth and together work out a plan for the future. I saw the possibility when some of the Unions came to show solidarity, but in LA what I ended up seeing was a mini-Woodstock with Abbie Hoffman not being kicked off the stage (Famous event Pete Townsend shoved Abbie off stage at Woodstock), but simply being ignored, just another crazy with an axe to grind. We need to move beyond being marginalized. I am back in school. I don’t see any other choice. If I am to be taken seriously, my experience counts for nothing, it is the list of letters behind your name that counts.

Minimal Amounts Of Information and Evolutionary Psychology

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

Things were screwing up today (months ago when I wrote this). My computer got a virus, it came in when I was applying for a job on line through Monster Jobs. It was a nasty one, it pretended that my hard drive had crashed and my ram was out of memory and that it was a Microsoft patch. Then it tried to get my money, at that point I realized this was a scam. I turned on the malware detector, it cleaned it up but in the meantime the nasty virus had hidden all my files. Luckily my local computer service guy knew their tricks and retrieved my data. Whew.

Some of my channels dropped out of my cable. Service has been here twice, nobody wants to deal with it. The guy yesterday flat out lied and said I didn’t have access to those channels. Today the guy didn’t have the right box. (Again months ago, problem solved). This is irritating, mostly because of the time they are taking up. Fortunately I am not working and have time flexibility. My roommate, who works for the cable disconnect service, yep, he is one of those guys who comes when you can’t afford your cable bill, anyway he told me that the cable guys are probably telling one another that I am a hard ass, because I didn’t buy that guy’s story yesterday and complained. I really don’t like the fact that the cable company uses out of state services to tell you about appointments and then doesn’t even use an 800 number. Every call to update me about when the next cable guy is coming costs me minutes on my cell. They are trying to get me to buy one of their land line connections through the cable, another $30 or $40 a month that I can’t afford.

They came, and failed again to figure out what was wrong. They are going to try again tomorrow. Cable guys strike out but at least they didn’t lie about it.

Add to the scams, I used up my message allotment for the month on my cell phone and had to pay an extra $10 for unlimited messaging. This service already charges more than they should for the privilege of using a phone company that is supposedly politically correct. As soon as this damn contract ends I am going for one of those month to month cheap networks, or am going to get an old fashioned land line and forget about using cell phones, they cause brain tumors and are dangerous according to health experts.

Article on Health effects.

A bunch of stuff from the Post Carbon Institute

Today (months ago) I was on a yahoo site where one of the participants was advocating that evolutionary psychology supported the view that agricultural societies from before about 10,000 years ago were cooperative and non-hierarchical. I mentioned that in the 1990’s there was much discussion of these matters in some of the more theoretical Anarchist literature. I decided to take a look at what some articles had to say. I found both left wing and right wing views, using evolutionary psychology to justify them. I personally don’t think you can use psychology of current humans the determine how ancients thought, at least not to until we are able to dig up and examine the brains of the long dead. Perhaps we will soon enough be able to revive frozen neanderthals or cro magnon men and get some brain activity going, or mimic patterns in ancient brains and reproduce their thought patterns. Then we might be able to make conclusions. The closest we come to recreation is to find current humans who have been untouched by agriculture and modern technology. That is impossible as far as I can tell, even the most isolated amazonian or bushmen have been in contact over the centuries. It might be possible to isolate some humans and watch how they develop after a few generations in a reproduced pre-agricultural state. Sort of a biodome for primitives. There was a movie about that called “Iceman” (new comments this point on) or was that “Encino Man,” just kidding. I have become more skeptical of co-opting science, especially when the science is speculative at best, for ideological reasons, such as advocates of a return to a tribal agricultural or hunter-gathering society would claim. We might all end up there again anyway, no reason to be greasing the wheels of collapse.

Pre 10,000 years ago, to the best of archeological research ability, there was no agriculture as such, just hunter-gatherers. They could have lived without hierarchy, there was little to be hierarchical about, unless its like with wolves, feeding order, who gets the best piece of the most recent kill, and I am sure nobody fought over the nuts and berries gathered by the women and children. Sex roles probably had been differentiated for the most part, but these are theories, perhaps there was no sex role difference except for pregnant women and the frail and infants when it came to gathering and hunting. But based on observations of current primitive societies, and all of these have been affected by modern capitalist relations at one point or another, even if only in running deeper into the jungle, there are sex role distinctions.

This is an interesting article, although it is from a depressing perspective on what socialism can be.

Interview with Peter Singer and his Darwinian Left.

Evolutionary Psychology and social inequity.

Pro-capitalist evolutionary psychology

Wikipedia on evolutionary psychology.

Zombies Equal Neanderthal

Monday, October 15th, 2012

I was sitting here watching reruns of Walking Dead, wondering why we love Zombie movies so much. Vampires are sexy, but Zombies? They are not sexy, what they are is primal fun killing toys. Like cockroaches, flies and Neanderthals. In fact it is my guess that in our racial memory of mass killing, the Neanderthals would have been the Zombies. Then there were all the animals humans wiped out at the end of the ice age. Horses, camels, giant sloths, in the Americas. Probably more of the same in Asia and Europe. Homo Sapiens seems to love cracking skulls.

It seems to be in our genes.

Never Say Never

Saturday, October 13th, 2012

I am back I think. I repent oh internet gods. I denounce whatever evil thoughts might have made you desire to cast my blog into the ever repeating cycle of nonexistence. I pray that you will not delete this as you did my last remarks which were derogatory and offensive in thine sight. These words are meant to placate your ever present finger hovering over the existential delete button that we each one of our selves must contend with in our own ways.

As that prayer wafts upward into the Interzone where Saint Bill Burroughs sits needle and spoon in hand, pontificating on the Dr. Benways of the world, “script writing hypocrites all of them” as the good saint was known to say. I personally have been reminiscing over the drug infested years of my middle ages. How did I manage to scrape a legitimate living in that junk filled soul? Well it was done and strangely here on the other side I managed without the hysterics of the Twelve Steppers, or the need to Holy Roll in some kind of remorse, other than the occasional thought that I could have done all this university crap when I was in my twenties instead of doing it now when I am in my fifties and have kidney failure and take naps in the afternoon, as opposed to nodding off in the afternoon, as once was my habit. How did my employers not notice the guy sleeping in the other room? It must be that they didn’t wish to disturb my thoughts, my extensive meditations upon my personal navel voyage into the sinking ship of state.

I can drink still, and there are two, two pot stores around the corner from my hovel. I can vote by mail, hallelujah, and doesn’t that word, hallelujah have a distinctly Middle Eastern air about it. “Praise ye Yah,” is the translation roughly from the Hebrew given in Wikipedia, the standard reference for most moderns. Academics would cry foul but they might as well be eating their thanksgiving fowl for all the difference it makes. But I am talking about the academic prohibition of quoting Wikipedia as a source for verification as to the accuracy of a statement. I can understand the reluctance to consider as a source something that has a collective editorial police that allows anyone, any Tom, Dick or Harry, and here I am referring to the Bard himself where in “Henry IV Part 1″ (no italic function or underline here), we have Prince Harry say “Sirrah, I am sworn brother to a leash of drawers, and can call them all by their Christian names, as Tom, Dick, and Francis,” (2.4.6-8). Somewhere in the next century or so the good prince ended up being memorialized as the replacement for poor Francis, or so I suspect. Oxford Dictionary has President Adams in his collected works write “Tom, Dick and Harry were not to censure them and their counsel.”

Forthwith having no recollection as to why I was writing about “Tom, Dick and Harry,” other than to imply that I, like everyman, am able to still function despite my maladies and infirm condition. Bright’s Disease they call it. Named after a certain Bright Englishman in the 19th century, but back in the Bible days there were kidneys called “Kelayot” (Eknoyan 1). Greek physicians were aware of renal disease as in “Acute renal failure according to ancient Greek and Byzantine medical writers” (S G Marketos, A G Eftychiadis, and A Diamandopoulos). Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

The after effects of technology, a whopping end of the world, or perhaps some kind of environmental catastrophe or worse, just more of the same.


Bevington, David. The Necessary Shakespeare. New York: Pearson Longview. 2009. Print.

Eknoyan, Garabed. The Kidneys in the Bible: What Happened? JASN. November 2, 2005. Web.

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