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Kidney Transplant A Success!

Monday, November 26th, 2012

I am out of the hospital, and home thinking how lucky I was to get an A class kidney from some guy who died in his forties from a stroke. Perfect match, or so I have been told. But I am sore and don’t feel like moving around much. I was called in Tuesday 20th Nov. Surgery Tuesday night around 10 pm, and released around 4 Pm Sunday Nov. 25th. What a way to spend the Thanksgiving holiday.

Sad news, a good friend, Mary Sweeting-Boyer died. She was Mary Malice back in the Punk days, radio DJ, promoter of San Francisco Rock Against Racism. We had some fun times back in the day. She was only 59. Rock on Mary wherever you are now.

I have been out of touch with the world, went to a demonstration a week ago Sunday to protest the Israeli assault on Gaza. Seems that things have quieted down a bit over there. Egyptian President is playing a heavy hand but who knows he may be just trying to get rid of the last of the Mubarak Gang. Syria is still a mess, and I think the Turks would be best to straighten out that mess.
Hell bring back the Ottoman Empire.

Kidney Transplant, Brain Implants

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Today I go in for my kidney transplant. This is wild, at least 5 years early. I got lucky. Or some poor soul died and I got his or her kidney. They are not saying, I just got a 4 AM call and they said come in, when I get off my dialysis, in the morning. I get to wait for a few hours and think about it. Email friends, text my girlfriend, call family in a couple hours. Its too early now and I don’t want to wake anyone else with the news. This is going to change my life, no more over easy eggs. I understand my immune system will be compromised so I have to have all my eggs from now on hard boiled. Wish me luck world. At least I will be at the movie star hospital, Cedar Sinai.

I wrote the rest of this months ago.

The negative filtering device that has been implanted in every human cortex seems to have been especially deep in my brain. Every time I attempt to think clearly, I feel that dull ache in the back of my head and realize that I have been channeled into a less that fulfilling level of creativity. Sort of like being inside the fish bowl, you can see there is a bigger world out there but it is distorted and ultimately all you do is swim round in circles re-experiencing the same things over and over. Yet there is a hole at the top, all that needs to be done is to grow some lungs. Evolution. If you can believe in fish crawling out of the sea and becoming amphibians, and then moving on up the evolutionary chain to what? Humans? It is too crude, and certainly out of date. That is the sort of thing we were taught in junior high biology. There was no question of creationism when I was a youth, back then it was strictly Darwin, Gestalt and Keynes.

The question is, am I real or a clone? I am slowly being recreated out of other people’s spare parts.

Dislocated-Occupy Memories, Obama Fiddles In Burma While Gaza & Tibet Burn.

Monday, November 19th, 2012

I have a strange way of reacting when things are going the way I think they should. I get suspicious. I begin to wonder what is wrong. I get bored, I try something else and watch and wait. I have helped with Occupy in the fall and again last winter during break between fall and spring semesters in school. I participated in the May Day action in LA and thought it was a disaster, well not totally, but certainly it failed in its goals to shut down the banks.

Basically I think the whole Occupy movement was manipulated by the Democrats in the same manner that they used the left during the depression to intimidate the rich into giving some benefits to the working classes. They learned what they could use from communist agitators, copied some of the Soviet Union’s agricultural practices in large scale farming, and then went on about the business of America, the interests of the business classes.

It did change the discourse from the debt crisis to the needs of the many and that made it easier for Obama to run for reelection on a status quo campaign of not much change, more of the same. It was pretty amazing that the president managed to get reelected mostly because people didn’t like Romney.

I told the Obama campaign people in their survey of what I did for them, and what I thought they should do with their volunteers, I jokingly said form “Shock Troops for Social Change.” Obama’s Raiders. Take on Corporate Capitalism. I doubt if I will hear from them, well I will be on their robo lists. but I suspect Obama does want to use his volunteers to help provide the groundswell to push through his agenda, if he had one.

Listening to his speech in Burma, er Myanmar, he was touting what could be a Republican foreign policy line, spreading American style Semi-Democratic Capitalism. Free markets were his blazoned goals and removing Myanmar or whatever, from the Chinese orbit, to secure that access point to the Indian Ocean for the west. Old habits die hard. The Chinese can hardly be happy about this. Why is Obama ignoring the Tibetans though where monks and villagers alike are immolating themselves to draw attention to the plight of their people under Chinese rule?

Looking for US leadership in the Gaza situation, we get Republican Congressmen threatening to cut off military aid to Egypt if it helps the Palestinians.

Obama green lights the assault on Gaza, washing his hands of the situation with his trip to Burma. A real Pontius Pilate when it comes to the Palestinians. The Tibetans can all burn themselves as far as Obama is concerned. He has no strategic use for that mountain land. But think about it. That is a source for most of the water for India and Pakistan. If the Chinese continue to develop and pollute that watershed, pretty soon the Ganges, Brahmaputra, and Indus will be nothing but memories. It would behoove the US to help the traditional people of Tibet live and remain as pre-modern as they want.

Amazing Breakfast

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Poached Eggs on English Muffin with Bacon and Veggie mix on the side.

This might be hard to reproduce. OK take half a pre-baked potato, a slice of pre-baked Butternut squash, place them in a cast Iron frying pan that has left over sauce from a curry dish sticking to the rim of the pan (preferably overnight). See what I mean, pretty tough to reproduce. Saute with a couple slices of uncured Bacon, rub the bacon in the heating leftover curry, that flavors or cures the bacon. Watch that you don’t burn your fingers like I did. Put a couple of English muffin slices in the toaster, heat up water for poached eggs. Add some sliced up roma tomato to your potato & squash. Chop up some yellow onion, throw that in, add some Cumin, Basil and Oregano to the veggie mix. Poach your eggs in the boiling water, heat some coffee or tea, butter your muffins, put the cooked bacon on the muffins, put the poached eggs on top of the bacon (I like them runny), and take your potato-tomato-squash-onion & spices mix and put that on the side, with a little fresh parsley, dab of ketchup or mayonnaise and you have an excellent dish.

The trick is in the left over curry. I make mine out of Lamb, Cloves, Coconut milk, Indian Curry mix, Lemon Grass, Oyster Sauce, Sweet Chili sauce, Plum Sauce, Thai Chili powder, Chicken broth, Red Wine, potato, clove of Garlic, Zucchini, Ginger, Jalapeno Pepper, Bell Pepper, Onion, and squeezed Lime slices that I throw in after squeezing over the dish. I might put some Soy Hamburger in it also. The left over sauce from this will cling to the sides of the pan, just leave it and use that for the breakfast the next day. I throw ingredients in as I feel the spirit move me, so how you make your curry is up to you. It should be moist, and thick but not so thick to be dry. I mix things in as they seem to be needed, going more by instinct than anything else. Good luck.

Protest Israel Assault on Gaza, Homeland Security Boondoggle

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

For those interested Sunday November 18, 2012 at Federal Building on Wiltshire in west LA, there will be a protest against Israel bombing and possibly invading the Gaza. Let us hope Egypt makes enough noise so that Israel has second thoughts. Demo starts at 12:30 pm and runs at least until 3 pm.

This is the text of the announcement.

This Sunday, November 18th, 12:30 to 3:00 PM
At The Westwood Federal Building
11000 Wilshire Boulevard - Los Angeles 90024
Meet at Northwest Corner of Wilshire & Veteran

Please join us this Sunday to stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza.
Four years ago Israel’s unprovoked invasion of Gaza left over 1400
Palestinians dead, including several hundred women & children, plus
thousands more seriously injured. Now Israel has launched another unprovoked
& violent attack on the 1.5 million citizens of Gaza. �More than 30
Palestinians have already been killed, half of them women and children.
Rallies in support of our friends in Gaza are being held around the world as
people of all faiths and nationalities demonstrate their outrage and to show
support for the victims in Gaza.

We expect a counter demonstration at approximately the same time and
location by Stand With Us, the well-funded Zionist group which supports
Israel and its latest invasion of Gaza and which regularly shows up at our
pro-Palestine events.


During Operation Cast Lead, 2008-9, Israel killed 1400 Palestinians in Gaza,
most of them civilians. Since the end of Operation Cast Lead, Israel has
continued regular attacks on Gaza, killing 271 Palestinians between February
2009 and October 2012. Palestinians have responded with rocket fire,
killing 5 Israeli civilians over the same period.

On November 5, Israeli soldiers shot and killed an unarmed Palestinian man
in Gaza. On November 8. Israeli soldiers fired indiscriminately into villages
and killed a 13 year old boy. Palestinians in Gaza responded with rocket fire.
Israel attacked again on November 10, killing several more Palestinians.


Egypt helped arrange a truce on November 13. On November 14, Israel
broke the truce with the extrajudicial murder of a Hamas military officer.
Palestinians have responded with rocket fire, and Israel is mounting
a full-scale land invasion along with bombing attacks.

Israel controls Gaza’s airspace, water, electricity, seacoast, borders (in
collaboration with Egypt), imports and exports. Gaza has become
an open-air prison for 1.5 million Palestinians.


Some money issues with Homeland Security. They seem to catch some poor lost soul, usually via FBI entrapment, every now and then to keep the public believing that these clowns actually do something for your protection. This is an example of pork, pure and simple. The Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex now has Homeland Security added to its fat belly.

These links are kind of old.,0,3913741,full.story

Second Visit To Occupy LA - Oct. 2011

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

Walk down Memory lane.

I went there Monday again (Oct. 2011). The encampment had an atmosphere a little like a carnival, or a camp-out in somebodies back yard. The city of LA is being pretty cool. There were only two motorcycle cops watching the group, there was local media all over the place. The general assembly was going on when I visited. It was more like a series of announcements by various committees rather than a general discussion among all present. This seems to be the way the core group of organizers manages to keep control over the direction of the event. I don’t know if that was a conscious decision or just the way things worked out. Most of the talk was of logistics, calls for help, information about meetings, where to go for various services. I saw a lot of food, none of it was Food Not Bombs interestingly. People just donated their services. There was a welcome tent with literature, a printing area, which was just a tiny silkscreen setup and a claim that a buddy at a local print shop was donating copying services, several media tents, where there were people using laptops. Big signs outside of the media areas said “power for media area only.” There was a libertarian presence with an anti-federal government sign among the tents. I did not see the RCP or ANSWER tables or signs. I did see a small finance table for donations. I gave some money on Saturday.

Friday 11/16/2012 Israeli Military Gaza Target Practice

Friday, November 16th, 2012

Israel is at it again. Preparing to attack the Gaza, what is this warm up for an invasion of Syria or cover for some move on the West Bank? Israel seems to be taking advantage of the disarray at the CIA and the distraction of the American leadership with the domestic scandal. Is there a Mosad connection? On France 24 week in review The French are saying “What is going on here?” Regarding the Petraus affair, conducting a covert affair is the issue, leaving himself vulnerable to spy vs spy is their contention. Anne Bagamery from the International Herald Tribune is the commentator on this. The French news also claims the CIA annex in the consulate in Bengazi had Libyan militia men held as prisoners and the raid was to free the prisoners. I must be way behind the times the right wing media has been covering this for several days.

Earlier today on Israeli English Language news there was an interview with government ministers who claim that no country would put up with rocket attacks from across their border. He doesn’t mention that Gaza is not a sovereign nation but a semi-autonomous territory controlled by Israel. The rockets being launched by the Gaza natives, is somewhat like native American resistance to white intrusion back in the 19th century.

It is as if the Agua Caliente Cahuilla Band of Indians were lobbing rockets from the reservation onto Palm Springs because the State of California had decided to isolate the reservation and create an embargo. Or more realistically the case of the Mohawk tribe which has a reservation that straddles the Canadian/US border. There has been close to open warfare there between the tribe and the governments of the US and Canada.

From Cultural Survival Quarterly
“March 10, 2010
CSQ Issue:
16.2 (Summer 1992) At the Theshold: An Action Guide for Cultural Survival

Akwasesne Mohawk Indian Nation, Box 196, Rooseveltown, NY 13683.

Land disputes with the U.S. and Canadian governments are among the most persistent, dramatic problems. In 1990, one dispute led to an armed confrontation between members of the Mohawk Warrior Society and the Sûreté du Québec at Oka, south of Montreal. At issue was the expansion of a proposed golf course onto ancestral Mohawk land, including a cemetery. Mohawks set up a barricade to halt construction. A police officer was killed in a brief engagement when the sûreté advanced on the barricade. Two Mohawks have been convicted on charges of aggravated assault.”

Republicans are attempting to make political hay out of Benghazi, on Fox’s Hanity show, Oliver North claims that the Obama administration is not paying attention to foreign affairs. He claims it is incompetence, malfeasance and neglect on the part of the President.

Fox is also building up support for Israel invading Gaza again showing what is supposed to be Jerusalem residents, a white woman and her child, huddling in a room while sirens go off in the background. One rocket may have reached Jerusalem.

Example, Secretary General of UN calls for Israeli restraint and Hamas to stop rocket attacks, as reported in Washington Post. FOX only reports “Secretary General calls for Hamas to stop Rocket Attack” He is calling for both sides to exercise restraint and avoid civilian casualties. FOX uses his statement as part of their campaign to support an Israeli strike.

Interesting note Anonymous is responding to the Israeli assault.

From RT

“Nov. 16, 23:40 GMT: The hacktivist group, Anonymous, has claimed it has attacked the website of the Israeli government, The website was unavailable as of Saturday morning. The group also claimed it deleted a database at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The cyber attacks come as a part of the so called #OpIsrael launched by Anonymous to rally support for the Palestinians.”

Piers Morgan on CNN is repeating the Israeli line with Oren Israeli ambassador to the USA claiming that no government could put up with more bombings than London had from V1 and V2 rockets. Using that as an example of what Israel puts up from the Palestinians. Oren claims government of Gaza is a terrorist organization and is totally to blame for the situation.

Mohamed Morsi is claiming that blood of Palestinians in Gaza is same as Egyptian blood, in a news clip covered by CNN. Israeli ambassador says they go by what Egyptians do, not their words. Israel is trying to minimize civilian deaths, claiming that one of the Israeli pilots aborted his mission on a rocket because he saw children playing, and as a result the rocket was launched on Israel.

CNN is now interviewing Palestinian Legislator Ashrawi. She claims Israel used Gaza as a firing range. Israel claims returned fire from Gaza is terrorist. 1.5 million people live in Gaza and are a direct response to Israeli attacks, such as the Israelis killing Ahmed Jaabari, commander of the military portion of Hamas. PLO has no control over Hamas. Hamas member who was killed was negotiating with Israel for a long term truce at time he was killed. Occupation is a ruthless and cruel method of terrorism. Jewish settler violence against people of west bank is ongoing and criminal. Palestinians are blamed for Israeli violence.

This from the Denver Post

“Despite the strong rhetoric, Morsi’s government continues to work closely with Israel on security issues pertaining to the Sinai Peninsula, where militants have launched attacks on Egyptian forces and Israel. Since his election, Morsi has promised to abide by Egypt’s 1979 peace deal with Israel.

The president’s speech Friday was a strong contrast to low-key comments he made a day earlier. Speaking during a Cabinet meeting, he denounced the campaign as “unacceptable” but avoided sharp condemnations of Israel.”

The implication being that the strong rhetoric Morsi gave in his speech at a Mosque was simply for public consumption and does not indicate any action on the part of Egypt.

If anything Egypt is concerned more about militants taking over in the Sinai rather than supporting Hamas.

The Palestinians are again caught up in a reality where Israeli power rules and the Arab world looks on, rubs its hands and does nothing.

The USA is backing it’s colony Israel. No doubt there.

From CBS News

“Obama reiterated U.S. support for Israel’s right to self-defense and discussed possible ways to scale back the conflict, the White House said. It did not offer specifics.”

Oh well more of the same, campaign promises to Israel must be paid in blood.

This Is Monday Night - Lets Talk About Torture and Some Revenge.

Monday, November 12th, 2012

What does an Avenger do? After World War 2, Jewish survivors of the concentration camps and members of partisan groups organized and killed individual SS officers, and had a plan to poison 6 million Germans by putting poison in the water supply but they got caught by the British. They later managed to poison 3000 loafs of bread, smearing them with arsenic. Several hundred SS members died. Some reports say they were prison guards, other say they were officers, and still others said simply SS members. The US government which ran the camp refuses to release information about the incident in 1946.

Jewish Avengers

Interestingly apparently there was a pretty good business in killing German prisoners in the aftermath of the war. Over a million became slave laborers mostly in France and Russia.

This is a couple of pieces of research about the Allied mistreatment of German POW’s at the end of the war.

Forced Labor in Soviet Union after war.

As a result the US government does not want too much attention given to the immediate post war period. We can say that there were excesses but for the most part they were based on peoples indignation with the way the Nazi’s attempted to lord it over the peoples of Europe. It was revenge. Jews especially were justified in those feelings after having so many murdered by the Nazis. Communists also could be said to have a special grudge, as the Nazis picked out Communists as well as Jews, Gypsies and homosexuals. The French had less reason, other than wanting revenge for the humiliation of having suffered under Nazi rule, even if the Nazis admired the French culture, it rankled French pride.

Jewish Nazi hunters have faced the reality that the Vatican protected Nazis and gave them passports to Argentina. The US intelligence unit that sought to expose this was told to stand down. Nazis were moved to the USA to help with the US military programs to develop rockets and to form an intelligence service against the Soviet Union.

Later troubles in Argentina where the military rulers treated the opposition with the same ruthlessness as the Nazis, would have one wonder if Nazis had trained the Colonels who ran Argentina in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The Catholic Church was aware and the USA may have trained many of the Argentine Military in torture techniques they learned from their own Nazis. They disappeared thousands of Argentine citizens.

But that is the least of it. There has been a history of Nazi style torture being used across Latin America in particular to repress leftist and labor activists. This ultimately included the killing of USA citizen Catholic nuns who were attempting to help the people of El Salvador. When the USA was willing to allow its own citizens to be murdered for attempting to help people, well it just goes to show how far states are willing to go to defend their elites and their view of the way the world should be ordered.

I won’t even go into the atrocities in Vietnam, Cambodia or Indonesia in the sixties. What can be said is that the Drone wars against the people of the Middle east and Africa, is simply a slightly more surgical implementation of US policy of murder that may have been partially inherited or perhaps refined from techniques learned from Nazi Germany. But these techniques go back to the Spanish inquisition and beyond. Native Americans were given the choice, convert or suffer the consequences, which often would mean torture to death. Certainly Native Americans were treated with less than respect as the White man expanded his rule over the entirety of the Americas, probably the largest case of genocide in history. American torture in Abu Grave was nothing but the continuation of the process of oppression and murder of brown, and black peoples around the world.

Debt Not Big Deal - Civil War Is.

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

The British government carried debt loads of up to 250% of GDP after the Napoleonic Wars. They then were the number one power in the world. Debt is not the bugbear that it is made out to be. Some countries like Saudi Arabia, and China have surpluses, one because they have a low population and a very in demand natural resource, the other because they have high labor productivity and low labor costs, both have police state apparatus in place to command conformity. Both have state religions, one communism, the other Islam. But I am getting off the subject, which is that surpluses have to be invested somewhere and nations with good credit ratings, a history of paying back their loans, are a good investment. The USA is relatively stable, and even though it had its credit rating reduced because of the debacle in Congress threatening to default on loans, the fact is that there is no other market of equal size that can absorb huge amounts of capital investment. The USA has the apparatus to take on debt. Germany doesn’t need it, the EU as a whole is too unstable right now but selectively is a good investment, just not big enough in each market to absorb huge amounts, India and the other BRIC nations can take investments but not like the USA, although they are growing. Japan has its own problems, although Tokyo like London is a major financial center.

This is my five minute economic lesson. The Financial precipice that the Republicans have now promoted as being the end of the Republic is simply an artifice. Nobody is going to pull the plug on the USA, and if they did it would be war. What would cause the Chinese to demand full repayment of loans in an unreasonable amount of time? Collapse of the US economy, maybe, more likely a civil war scenario with the USA breaking up into waring factions. Lets say a Blue State/Red State divide. Federal troops split. Immediately the Blue states would secure isolated Red states like Utah, Idaho and Arizona. Then they would secure a transport route between east and west coasts by occupying relatively empty Midwest states. They would take say Nebraska and Iowa to make sure I-80 was secure to Colorado. And would probably secure Wyoming to since I-80 is an easier drive than I-70. I-40 would take longer because Texas would be a stronghold of the Reds and would be a much harder nut to crack. Plus it has plenty of resources, oil in particular. We would end up with a repeat of the American Civil War. Reds in the old South and Blues in the old north and out west. The Midwestern states like the Dakotas would fall as soon as they had been cut off and Minnesota and Wisconsin would probably go Blue anyway. Missouri, and Kentucky are likely to go Red, Indiana might try but would be held in line, Maryland would go Blue, Virgina might split, it would be interesting to see. The Reds would make a drive to split the Blues through Kentucky and Indiana, or through Pennsylvania and western Maryland. Both of these are likely to be rebuffed. Florida would be occupied by the Reds or should we call them Rebs? Texas might occupy New Mexico and make an attempt on Colorado, they might succeed if they retain control of Kansas and Oklahoma. They would try to break the corridor between the coasts, or they might strike west to Arizona to get to the west coast to seize the military bases in San Diego. The Blues in the west would be more concerned with Northern Arizona power plants and the Wyoming coal fields and preserving that rail corridor.

Japan and China might act on the west, I can see Japan occupying Hawaii as a buffer, to protect Japanese interests and citizens and as a bargaining chip to get their own loans repaid. They might take Alaska also to secure their oil fields. China on the other hand is unlikely to invade US territories, not having the naval capacity, but they might be tempted to nuke Seattle or San Francisco. But more likely they will overrun US interests in Asia and replace the USA as the dominant military power in the region. The Koreans and Japanese alone would not be able to resist, and an Asian military alliance against China with Taiwan, Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, US Pacific Fleet would not be likely even if India joined. Which would not be likely.

Since a civil war would be about the only possible reason for the US to lose its financial credibility, and is not very likely unless hot headed Tea Party rednecks prevail, then the US does not have a debt crisis, we have a debt problem and that like all problems is manageable. The most nefarious deal I can think of would be that China offers to waive the debt in exchange for a free hand with Japan to settle old scores. The Reds agree but the Blues don’t. The Reds attempt a coup that fails and precipitates the Civil War. But this is highly unlikely, after all who would be crazy enough to do something like that?

Other Changes Around Country-Elections 2012

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Maine and Maryland passed Gay Marriage laws by popular vote. A first in the USA. Colorado and Washington State made Possession of Marijuana legal for anyone over a certain age, and Massachusetts passed a medical marijuana law.

California ballot measures, Prop 38 was defeated, Prop 31, 32, 33 and 34 looks like they are defeated as is Prop 37. Prop 30 is narrowly passing. Prop 35 is passing as is Prop 36, 39 and 40.

Pot was not legalized in Oregon. Arkansas rejected a Medical Marijuana law.

Minnesota has a ban on Gay Marriage that is too close to call. Same with Massachusetts assisted suicide. Gay marriage in Washington state is also too close to call.

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