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The Company You Keep, Some Comments

Sunday, April 28th, 2013

Recently I saw the latest Robert Redford film, The Company You Keep. It was recommended by a friend and because it was about the Weather Underground, and revolved around a scene that I was at least peripherally involved in back in the early 1970’s, I was intrigued enough to cough up the $22 bucks it cost for my girlfriend and I to go. I usually only go to the $4.00 movies at the Starlight Cinemas, but they often don’t have the more interesting arty films like The Place Beyond the Pines, which I thought was excellent.

Back to the Redford film and the Weather Underground. Briefly the story is about a group of former members of the Weather Underground and their supporters who are still underground. They have families who for the most part don’t seem to know about their pasts and they have a communications system to stay in touch in emergencies, including alternate sets of identification. Redford plays a lawyer in upstate New York who does public interest cases, reminds me of Abbie Hoffman, the Yippie, who was an environmental activist when underground in Upstate New York. One of the group who was involved in a bank robbery where a guard is killed, reminding me of the Brinks Robbery in the early eighties, is arrested by the FBI and a young Albany, NY reporter out to make a name for himself digs around to find where the other missing robbers are, leading him to Redford who goes on the lam looking for his former lover who can clear him of involvement.

There is a chase scene, the FBI is on his case. Redford’s character leaves his eleven year old daughter with his brother who reluctantly helps. This leads to a journey meeting the former members and supporters, all now established in their own lives, one runs a lumberyard, played by Nick Nolte, who helps out giving Redford a safe place to stay, a clean car, talks about old Weatherman politics in a convincing insiders manner and in general is true to his past, a ‘bro’ who has found a way to accommodate beliefs and the modern world. Another character played by Richard Jenkins is a college professor in Chicago, who had not agreed with the bank robberies and was not happy to see Redford, but helped out anyway.

The FBI and the reporter are on his trail, he meets his former lover played by Julie Christie, who has remained radical and underground. This takes place in a cabin in back woods of Michigan where they relive their past, talk about the daughter they abandoned to another family years before, who has become interestingly enough the love interest of the young ambitious reporter. Ultimately Redford is arrested, Christie who was going to escape had a change of heart, turns herself in tells the authorities Redford was innocent, he gets to go home to his eleven year old daughter. We don’t know what happens to Redford’s older daughter who is now studying law in Ann Arbor, but presumably her step -father. The reporter, who had been ruthlessly exposing people for the sake of the story, now decided to quash what he had found out about her, love conquers his reporter’s instincts.

Like a good thriller, some twists and turns, lots of political grandstanding with some characters still trying to live the radical dream, others attempting to accommodate to the modern world, with varying degrees of acceptance, all seemingly comfortable members of the middle or upper middle class. It is reasonably fast paced for a Redford film, not as didactic as some, but with a Hollywood ending that is not particularly satisfying although my girlfriend seemed to like it.

There are several key perspectives presented, that as Susan Sarandon’s says “if it weren’t for my kids I would still be in the struggle” or words to that effect. Secondly as Redford’s character says “I didn’t get tired, I grew up.” The third option offered by the character played by Julie Christie to keep on with the struggle, as an unrepentant pot smuggler in California. But even this hardened radical has a soft spot and ultimately turns herself in to save Redford’s persona from going to jail. Nolte, the loyal friend of old who gives jobs to ex-cons and helps as he can is my favorite character. The Marxist college professor who enjoys teaching but doesn’t believe in the path taken by the Weathermen, the cynical reporter who doesn’t take sides, only cares to promote his career, and the FBI who seem to be single minded, although not particularly successful in tracking the enemies of the state.
Redford got his friends in trouble as the FBI followed him and busted at least the Nolte character for aiding and abetting a fugitive. The Christie persona ends up locked up for participating in the bank robbery as does the Sarandon character. Redford’s character seems to only care about exonerating his name and being reunited with his eleven year old, not exactly an exemplary model of a revolutionary or a human being, but in the movie this is downplayed, and his return to normalcy and legitimacy, redemption so to speak seems to be its point.

I wish Christie’s character had simply kept on flying the flag of resistance. What was missing was any link to some present day movements such as Occupy which seemed to be a natural fit for her or some sort of third world activism besides delivering boat loads of pot from Latin America. She seems sort of like the elder Yippie, Dana Beal, who is serving time for a pot bust currently in the real world. Redford seems hell bent on reconciliation, and his Bill Ayers like character seems to be a stand up for Obama’s old school liberalism, sort of a paternalistic view of the responsible elites taking care of the country and keeping the world safe for the established order. The FBI is simply doing its job, the harpies of a Greek tragedy. The American continuation of war mongering, Vietnam all over again in Iraq, Iran and god knows where else, which has never stopped is not brought up in the context of the movie, except as an unstated rationale for the continued resistance of the Christie character and the uncompromising view of the Sarandon persona. Redford seems to want us all to get along, and not continue to make too much trouble, at least not so much trouble that it would cause him to lose sleep at night. For me the ending was intellectually troubling as it seemed to promote the view that all we need is some reconciliation, to smooth out the wrinkles in our collective pasts, facile and ingenuous in my view.

Note on being underground, that is living under assumed identities and contacting others only as needed through a fairly elaborate system of codes and safe houses, that seem to mirror the CIA if not in technology, at least in its sophisticated understanding of surveillance and how to avoid detection, which I remember boning up on back in the early eighties reading books like Without A Trace and self-help books on changing identities. Some of the techniques showing up in the movie, such as using the birth certificate of a dead person who would be about your age since birth records and death records are rarely kept by the same agencies or in the same cities given our propensity for movement.

Interesting I could not find a link to the original book Without A Trace. It might be a banned book in the USA. Or the underground publisher may never have copyrighted it back in the seventies.

Weather Underground links

A relatively good and comprehensive analysis of the movie and the real persons being represented at this link

Jewish American liberal perspective comparing book and movie at this link

Downloadable version of movie

Unemployment 27% In Spain As Protests Break Out In Madrid.

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

There were protests today in Spain as the unemployment rate climbs to 27%. This is being led by a new more radical group in Spain.

“The “Siege of Parliament” protest came hours after the release of official figures showing that unemployment had risen above 27 percent, with 6.2 million people jobless.

Among the signs protesters carried aloft were: “6.2 million reasons.”

The demo was organized by the political online platform ¡En Pie! (Stand Up!), an amalgam of political groups calling for the resignations of lawmakers, the dissolution of both the upper and lower houses parliament and a new political process.”

I don’t usually copy an entire post but I am curious about the evolution of the protest movement in Spain. This is from a blog site called “Gender : Visual : Communication”

“8. April 2013 | INT. ROMA NATION DAY

#25A Spain: New protest mobiblizing for social justice
Posted on April 8, 2013 by birgitstoeckl

source: plataforma ¡en pie!

The platform “Plataforma ¡en pie!” [platform stand up] are activists from different cities in Spain, most come from other social / protest movements, lacking the right target when defining the roots of the problem of economic crisis- thus they raise a new platform with a very concrete objective.

They wanted to to position themselves ideologically, without any ambiguities and move to the action for the sake of those ideas, moving forwards a more forceful and committed protest. This was how one night, with the idea of promoting a strong mobilization in Congress comes to an initial group, later on the named it “Plataforma ¡En Pie!”.

Left not leftist

En Pie believes that social change is fundamental to start and move forward with a solid set of ideas about the current reality and desired reality, the discourse of “neither left nor right, go together without ideology” seems dangerous, they say not to stand with ideas is running like a headless chicken. Thus, they position themselves down and left, referring to left in its original sense, the social left, with the values ​​that this item represents justice and equality, which has nothing to do with parties who call themselves leftist.

This platform was initiated by the 25S movement, whose activists are convinced, that the real problem in Spain is living under an illegitimate regime installed in 1978, which still lacks democracy. Thus they believe in opening the debate on the necessity to initiate a process of transition towards a transparent and democratic social organization where power truly resides in the people.

Siege the Congress

#25A: ¡en pie! call for a new protest on 25 April, promoting to siege and final release of the Congress of Deputies as main action. As a secondary actions: Free disperse actions affecting the established power are planned, always within the framework of human rights. Their general objective is the the fall of the regime including the government’s resignation, dissolution of the Parliament and the Head of State), and the opening of a transition to a new model of political, economic and social justice and truly solidarity.

With the support of experts they are developing an information pack about everything related to the transition process, soon they will edit a package of documents. Moreover, they especially appeal to the female community, convinced that the system has been and is especially pernicious with. Thus ¡en pie! consider it essential that the female people stand up and exercise leadership in order that this revolutionary process is set up in equality, women and men side by side, fighting for a common goal. They also call for the solidarity of the syndicates to coincide their action day with #25A and support their protest with an indefinite general strike.

Fasting for Weight Loss and Control of Vitals With Kidney Transplant

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

Lately I have been on a weight loss kick. I have a kidney transplant, blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol problems also. I want to keep my weight within the normal BMI, that is Body Mass Index. My optimum weight at least when I was a kid was around 150lb. Recently, that is after my kidney transplant my weight has been around 185-190lb. That is over the recommended normal weight for my height, which is 5′ 11 1/2″ or at least it used to be, I feel like I may have shrunk a little due to the effects of gravity on age, so I am probably more like 5′ 10 1/2″, but whatever it is to get to be within the range of normal weight, I would have to lose weight.

I saw a show on one of the PBS channels about this British guy who is concerned about death and longevity. He did some research and discovered that fasting, i.e. not eating as much, as we do in a normal American diet, is a key. There was a 3 day fast with nothing but Miso soup and black tea, an every other day fast, with one day eating one meal of 400 to 600 calories, and then the next day eating normally and then a third fast twice a week with normal eating five days a week. I chose alternate day fasting which seemed to be a reasonable compromise, my experiences with three day fasts in the past have not been pleasant and I thought the five and two method might be too lax.

After a few weeks, I noticed a real decrease in weight, on the days when I fasted my blood sugar was down and I didn’t need to take insulin or as many of the pills I had been taking. Blood pressure did not seem to be as much affected, and I don’t know about cholesterol, but the article below suggests that cholesterol and blood sugar would be modified in a beneficial manner. They suggested blood pressure would not be affected as much and that is what I experienced. Blood pressure, was better but not as much as I had hoped. I did find that blood pressure was reduced by exercise, walking specifically.

My body weight in the morning now is about 175lb when I get up, and goes up to about 179Lb after two meals in a day, less with one meal, and a half hour walk or more every day. Where as previously it had been at about 185lb upon waking and went up to 190lb. The fast worked rapidly and effectively. One side effect I noticed was that on the non fasting days my blood sugar shot up higher than normal, and I am not sure if that is because of decreased use of medication or because my body had not adapted to the diet. I noticed also an increase in energy levels. At first I became tired sooner at night but after a week or so I adjusted to the pattern.

After three weeks or so I became a bit concerned about the speed of the weight loss and decided to switch to an every third day fast. This did not work as my body could not adjust back to fasting after two days of meals as easily as the ever other day, so I dropped the idea and now I am simply eating less. A good sized breakfast, and a light dinner, with perhaps a snack of a handful of no salt sunflower seeds, or a piece of fruit in between, or if my blood sugar drops too low, which is now a concern, a piece of a protein bar if it drops to the point where I feel woozy.

I am hoping that eating less overall will keep me from gaining weight back. A big part of the solution I think is avoiding prepared and fast foods, which tend to be laced with salt, fats, and sugar, all things to avoid in the diet. I keep salt to a minimum, just what is in the salsa and hot sauce I like, buying Turkey bacon or Soy Bacon and sausages for breakfast which tend to be low fat and low sodium. Eating only one or perhaps two eggs a day, and I am thinking of switching to egg whites, using salsa and other low fat alternatives to butter or jam on toast, eating whole grain bread and keeping that to a minimum or using corn tortillas instead of bread. I use a lot of veges in my meals, keep the grains lower than before, only eat chicken with the fat removed, usually by baking the cuts in tinfoil, then refrigerating and throwing away the fat that accumulates before I heat the meat to eat. I tend to saute a lot, so I use extra virgin Olive oil and tend to keep the heat medium to low so that I don’t overcook, because I tend to like to throw in lots of fresh ingredients, so most of my cooking time is spent pealing and chopping vegetables, then sauteing them or steaming them. I like to prepare potatoes in batches by baking several days worth in the oven wrapped in tin foil, I do the same with chicken, salmon, etc. the trick is to under cook, then put them in the fridge so that you can just grab and throw them in the skillet at the last minute with your sauteed veges. Also use lemon wedges instead of salt and fruit instead of sugar, although I have to admit occasionally I drop some chocolate into my morning coffee.

As a result my BMI is now just within the normal range at about 24%-25% over ideal. I am in the 25th percentile for persons my age, meaning that 75% of men in their 50’s weigh more than me. I don’t know if it is controlled for height as well in that statistic, at least according to the BMI calculator I used.

After I get used to this new weight I plan to fast again to drop down to my goal of 165lb as morning weight, but I don’t want to drop precipitously as that may cause a boomarang effect or have deleterious health effects. The “people’s choice” ideal weight for my age and height seems to be 170lb. which will probably be my top weight after meals if I hit the 165lb for morning weight.

BMI calculator with some nice features, includes sex, age, and tells you where you fall in the percentile of your peers. It has links to ideal weights and is pretty nifty.

Alternate Day Fasting versus Calorie Restriction is examined in this article from “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”

The only data I could find on fasting and kidney transplants was for Muslims fasting for Ramadan, which means fast all day and eat at night for a month.;year=2010;volume=21;issue=3;spage=417;epage=420;aulast=Khedmat

And Now You Can Awaken - US Shifts Focus To East Asia

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

Recent days have been particularly interesting as the domestic scene has been full of bombs going off and Ricin being delivered in the mail, shades of the period after 9/11 when the Bush administration was pushing for passage of the Patriot Act and the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Talk about over kill.

Obama’s administration likes a more discrete war mongering. Drone strikes, and smaller scale bombings, picking on smaller foes, like North Korea, and dancing around the bigger potential bug bears such as Iran and ultimately the biggest contender China.

The gradual build up of forces in Asia has a handy trigger in the North Korean faux conflict. As anyone should understand North Korea is a proxy for US and Chinese interests, with Japan playing a secondary role as America’s backup, they are even planning to re-militarize as part of the overall new containment strategy being pursued by the Obama administration. The shift in Focus from the Middle East, note Obama’s total unwillingness to get into the Syrian debacle, and his tentative support of Israel, as the main focus is moved to East Asia. Beefing up existing alliances, bids to take Myanmar from the Chinese orbit into the Western alliance, movement of troops into Northern Australia for easier access to the Gulf of Malacca choke point for oil imports to China, backing up Japanese aggression in the South China Sea to intimidate the Chinese and possibly provoke a premature reaction, are all part of the international chess game of big power ploys to retain or gain access to vital resources around the world.

China has expanded into the global South in a big way and has become the main contender for African loyalties. But the largest investments by far are in the United States and Australia. Australia having become economically dependent on continued Chinese economic growth as a resource supplier, hardly more than a third world country, and the USA dependent on Chinese production of cheap consumer goods in its scramble to become the world’s largest dumping ground for cheap consumables, presumably to keep the increasingly dispossessed American lower classes able to afford the necessities of life in a Faustian bargain, Americans trade good paying jobs for low paying service positions in exchange Americans get low cost consumer goods at Walmart and the proliferating Dollar Stores.

It is interesting that both of the sites I have linked too have vested interests that are governmental as VOA clearly is, or Heritage Foundation with its association with Neocon policies as the IRC report indicates.

The ratcheting up of East Asian tensions over the last few years, with China increasingly asserting itself in the region as a creditable alternative to the US as the hegemonic power, it remains to be seen if a renewed Sino-Russian alliance can counter the weight of the USA and Japan with India as a potential additional asset in the gambits to control resources and spheres of influence.

Still by far the largest overseas deployments are in Afghanistan, Japan and Germany, with larger numbers in cold war formations surrounding Russia than China at this point in time. Russia with a large nuclear force is still deemed the most dangerous of the forces potentially confronting the US.

China and Russia seem to be working in a loose alliance to contain the USA and its allies, with supporting Iran against western bombing and maintenance of Syria. The Russians seem to be wobbling in their support of the Syrian regime, they have an ally that is a bird in the hand with Assad, as opposed to the opposition which is currently a bird in the bush and potentially trouble if Al Qada gains a base there. The Russians already have trouble with Chechnya and Dagestan’s Islamic resistance. China faces Islamic resistance in Xinjiang, Buddhists in Tibet and a restless domestic population seeking greater freedoms, less pollution, greater food safety and increased wages to name a few. Russia has its own domestic problems, including a growing fascist tendency.

You Are Asleep. “They Are Dead Already”

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Watch the repeated reruns of the bomb blast in Boston. Hypnotic is it not, especially the slow motion replays. Soon enough you are asleep and something is happening but you don’t know what it is, do you…

Terror? Blowback, Chickens coming home to roost, diversion from crime, black ops, false flag, who knows? If we see Kim Il Jung blamed you should be suspicious of a Gulf of Tonkin type disinformation campaign. These are all potential nefarious possibilities.

But it could simply be some right wing nuts here in the good old USA exploiting the situation.

What ever the real cause it will most likely be scrambled in some media dream world and disinformation campaign. Interesting that nobody has claimed responsibility. Sad for the innocents who were victimized like the eight year old kid killed. What did he or she do? Nothing, what did the first born of Egypt do? Nothing, yet the Biblical God saw fit to wipe them off the face of the earth. As Krishna told Arjuna when he questioned why war, why must he fight:

“”Arjuna said, “Krishna, all those people are going to die. I will not be responsible for their deaths.”

“Quite right,” said Krishna.

“What do you mean?”

Krishna explained. “We act as instruments of dharma. Everybody on this field today is working out karmic dramas that extend back through lifetimes upon lifetimes. You and I, my best true friend, have been preparing for this battle for hundreds of lifetimes. I remember every one of them. You don’t.”

“But you see how it is, Arjuna,” said Krishna, as he helped his friend up. “You cannot kill them, because they are dead already; their own actions have doomed them. You cannot be responsible for their deaths, because each one is responsible for his own death. In each lifetime, each one does what he has to do, and if he does it selflessly, in love of me, without regard for gain or loss, he may come finally to rest in my perfection and be free of the cycles of action and death.”"

This translation seems a bit loose, not exact but it gets the point across. God did it… Lol (bitter laughter with blood stained fingers). Well what do you think?

You Are Getting Sleepy

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

So I am doing this thing. Fasting every other day. Its part of my get back program, get back to where I once was…

See these links, or listen too them. You really need this stuff. Its from the past and back then before the David Gray’s took over the earthing “child of the universe,” but then there was nothing…nothing you say? But first a few words from our sponsor….

“Maybe I’d never see him again… maybe he’d gone for good… swallowed up, body and soul, in the kind of stories you hear about… Ah, it’s an awful thing… and being young doesn’t help any… when you notice for the first time… the way you lose people as you go along … the buddies you’ll never see again… never again… when you notice that they’ve disappeared like dreams… that it’s all over… finished… that you too will get lost someday… a long way off but inevitably… in the awful torrent of things and people… of the days and shapes… that pass… that never stop…”
― Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Death on the Installment Plan

One after another, one after another they come and go….

“The question many people have asked me is whether the Grey Aliens have
already made contact with our government. Many stories circulate and much
of it turns out to be media hype to convince the majority of the population that
it is one big hoax that is going on.

One of the most interesting facts about Aliens is that no matter what part of
the world you go to everyone can identify a strange creature that has the
basic description of a Grey Alien.

So has the U.S. Government made contact with these Aliens and what are
they doing behind the backs of the American people? In 1952, the U.S.
Government prepared itself for the realization of ongoing alien contact when
our military technology reached a point that could threaten the Grey’s UFOs.”

Well there you go…you are getting very sleepy…

Look Deeper…Deeper I Say

Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

From “Competitive Interference Effects in Consumer Memory for Advertising: The Role of Brand Familiarity”
by Robert J Kent, Chris T Allen

“Although consumers often encounter ads for familiar brands, previous advertising interference studies have used ads for low-familiarity brands. The authors focus on brand familiarity’s role in increasing ad memorability and moderating competitive interference. They conducted a factorial experiment varying the familiarity of brands featured in test and competing ads. With differences in ad executions, prior exposure, processing objectives, and exposure time experimentally controlled, subjects displayed substantially better recall of new product information for familiar brands. Their findings suggest that established brands have important advantages in advertising: Consumers should be more likely to recall ad information, and their memory should be less affected by exposure to competitors’ ads. The authors conclude with implications for the marketing of new and mature brands.”- Journal of Marketing

From “Recovering Memories of Trauma: A View From the Laboratory”
Richard J. McNally
Department of Psychology, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“The controversy over the validity of repressed and recovered memories of childhood sexual abuse (CSA) has been extraordinarily bitter. Yet data on cognitive functioning in people reporting repressed and recovered memories of trauma have been strikingly scarce. Recent laboratory studies have been designed to test hypotheses about cognitive mechanisms that ought to be operative if people can repress and recover memories of trauma or if they can form false memories of trauma. Contrary to clinical lore, these studies have shown that people reporting CSA histories are not characterized by a superior ability to forget trauma-related material. Other studies have shown that individuals reporting recovered memories of either CSA or abduction by space aliens are characterized by heightened proneness to form false memories in certain laboratory tasks. Although cognitive psychology methods cannot distinguish true memories from false ones, these methods can illuminate mechanisms for remembering and forgetting among people reporting histories of trauma.

From “The Physics of Abductions”
By Dr. Corrado Malanga, PhD
Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry Department of the Pisa University,Via Risorgimento 35, 56126 Pisa Italy. malanga@dcci.unipi.i
Translation Curated By Dorica Manu

“Dr. Malanga’s Alien Levels Of Interference

Dr. Corrado Malanga proposes a new interpretation of the phenomenon based on a classification of the alien interferences in five levels:
-Level One: surgical operations on the abducted person.
-Level Two: alien memories implanted into the brain of the abducted person.
-Level Three: cloning of the abducted person.
-Level Four: attempt to move the light-dots matrix ( the Consciousness ) of the abducted person and constrain it into an alien body.
-Level Five: different kinds of an incorporeal aliens made up by light ( called “LUX” ) or coming from an another dimension ( called “GRINCH” or “SIX FINGERS” or HORUS-RA ) are the ones who control all the other aliens.

A “Level Six”, too, has been discovered and partially understood but this is still subject of research at the present time.” as Quoted by Eve Lorgen


From “CH8 Flashcards”

“After suffering a brain injury in a motorcycle accident, Adam cannot form new memories. He can, however, remember his life experiences before the accident. Adam’s memory difficulty most clearly illustrates:
encoding failure.”

From “Natureserve: Invasive Species”

“Containing the onslaught of invasive species will not be easy or quick, but it is not impossible. Doing so will require work on four fronts:

Prevention of Additional Introductions:
The best and most cost-effective solution is to prevent the arrival of new alien pests in the first place.
Early Detection and Rapid Response:
Finding new outbreaks early, together with aggressive eradication campaigns, is the next best solution.
Control and Management of Established Problem Species:
If the invaders cannot be eradicated, or already are established, containing their spread and controlling their numbers can help minimize their effects on natural systems and biological diversity.
Restoration and Recovery of Natural Ecosystems:
Controlling problem species is not enough; the affected native species and ecosystems also must be restored and protected.”

From “White House Denies Any Contact with Alien Life”
by Clara Moskowitz, Assistant Managing Editor

“The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race,” Phil Larson of the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy wrote in a statement published Friday (Nov. 4). “In addition, there is no credible information to suggest that any evidence is being hidden from the public’s eye.”

From “Invasive Alien Species: A Growing Problem for Environment and Health”

“There are more than 10 000 alien species present in Europe, and the rate of new introductions has accelerated and is still increasing. At least 15% of these alien species are known to have a negative ecological or economic impact.” - European Environment Agency.

Link to FBI report on Space Aliens.

Look Into My Eyes….

Monday, April 8th, 2013

I am thinking about random stuff. Not really real, like when I used to think I could talk to plants, or see ghosts, weird shit. I invented my own religion when I quit being a catholic. I wanted to know if any set of rituals would work. So I made up this elaborate on the floor pseudo masochistic thing. It was during puberty so there was lots of semi-repressed sexuality going on.

Whatever. So I used to take lots of drugs, back in the day. I still watch too much TV, almost never listen to music, but I do like the news, and European mysteries on the MHZ channel 311 on my Charter Cable box.

I also like Adult Swim, watch too many Family Guy, American Dad and King of the Hill reruns. Or rather they are on when I am doing homework, or vegetating at night, er I should say contemplating.

Politics, am I becoming conservative or what? I am almost thinking of getting a gun, but then, what would I do with one of those damn things, I am no drug dealer, and I don’t expect to see any jack booted Homeland Security types busting down my door any time soon. Even the IRS is polite and works out deals with me.

Is this a kinder gentler age or what? The homeless have taken on that sort of permanent poor quality, sort of the the ragged classes that used to be found outside of monasteries or in the galleries of the kings castle when he had a feast, waiting for a tossed bone or two. Seems Americans are beginning to know their place, not upsetting their betters, a new sense of class division is taking place with the new nobility occupying the upper one percent and the rest of us “by your leave-ing my lord…” and bowing and scraping and such.

“May I have more…” a fine kettle of fish, eh Mr. Dickens. Askin’, like it weren’t our rights to have a sop of bread and butter in the morning with the tea… well its a good thing we have the union to stand by us, oh, no, we don’t anymore. It is just us…alone seeking Justice…

and a little of our freedom,. like that old Love song. The Red Telephone.

You are growing very sleepy…

Obama Budget, Social Security Cuts And Nobody’s Happy

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

People are all fired up at the new Obama administration budget with social security cuts in it. It seems that what the president is proposing is what AARP is calling the “chained cpi.” Progressive Democrats,, AFL-CIO, and CREDO are a few of the organizations who are opposed as well.

“The nation’s largest coalition of unions has been a staunch opponent of “chained CPI,” a proposal to reduce Social Security expenditures by tying them to a more restrictive measure of inflation, and one that’s expected to be included in Obama’s budget when it’s unveiled next Wednesday.

Besides chained CPI, Obama would also reduce spending on Medicare through lower payments to healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies.

Those cuts, confirmed on Friday by the White House, drew the ire of a number of progressive groups, at least one of which promised to support primary challenges against Democrats who support Obama’s plan.” -The Hill

“The plan, if ever enacted, could touch almost all Americans. The rich would see tax increases, the poor and the elderly would get smaller annual increases in their benefits, and middle income taxpayers would slip into higher tax brackets despite Obama’s repeated vows not to add to the tax burden of the middle class. His proposed changes, once phased in, would mean a cut in Social Security benefits of nearly $1,000 a year for an average 85-year-old, smaller cuts for younger retirees.
Obama’s budget also proposes new spending for public works projects, pre-school education and for job and benefit assistance for veterans.” - Huffington Post

The White House says it is fair. This is their line from the OMB.

But most on the left think it is outrageous, the elderly certainly don’t like it and the Republicans are dismissive. The president is pleasing no body this time around.

“Cutting benefits now, when people are already struggling to make ends meet, will mean unnecessary hardship for millions of people,” Reps. Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva, the co-chairs of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, wrote in a joint statement. “It is unpopular, unwise and unworkable.” - Christian Science Monitor

The NYTimes broke the story and since then its gone viral.

Seems the President can’t win for losing…or can he pull a rabbit out of his hat like he did with Obama care? We were all on his side back then. Now that he is trying to please budget hawks, he has lost his support on the left. What about the center? Certainly the elderly are not happy.

The right wing is probably going to let Obama swing on this but the fiscal hawks will taste a bone being tossed their way. Will they bite?

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