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Another Memory Poem

Tuesday, May 28th, 2013


As bad as he can be, cowboy hat on, six guns loaded
Spurs a jingle jangle on the boardwalk, boss of all he surveys
Checkers king at six, beating Jewish day camps kids from
Round about the Catskills
He runs behind the hay stack by the Indian village, passing tourist archers
Arrows flying overhead, targets missed by miles
To lift fallen crumbling wooden door of an abandoned shed with
Indian kids finding giant black king snake underneath, shouting, dropping, grabbing sticks and rocks, King slips away

Big sombrero flopping as Grandpa waves, donkey shoving the old man down that dusty main drag
“Did you wash your hands?”
“Mom, I got to go help rob the train…”
“Wash them first,” her silk scarf and white boots blackened from trick riding before summer crowds
Tied to the post downstairs Apache Chief slumbering in heat waves melting lazily
Flicking flies with his long wiry tail outside the phony barbershop

Bozo the Clown signing autographs, some gun slinger showing off quick draw to awed slickers
Firing ear splitting blanks breaking sultry silence into shredded parents nervous laughter
Circus people practicing sword and fire swallowing for the night’s show
Shrugging, he runs to meet Dirty Doug and Slippery Sam the bandits
Crusty cowboy train robbers, with black eye makeup and big ten gallon hats
“Want to ride shotgun, young’un?” Stagecoach driver Ted calls down reining in his team

Hopping off before the train robbery, he passes a burlap sack by the swamp, just
Past the chained baby buffalo, before the mini-race cars
Kicking, it barks, out pops a snarling puppy
Dragging this Cerberus home, twine round its neck, biting at every step
“Can I keep him?”
“Where did you find that ugly brown mutt?”
“Out by the swamp, he was in a burlap sack…”
“Sure is a tough little guy. What’s his name?”
“Um, Cimarron….”

By Gary
Long Beach

This format ruins my line breaks. But it will do, capital letters start lines except for names.

Poem About Some Kind Of Memory

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

“Cartoon People”

They were calling…
At dodge ball hit repeatedly, he was listening
He almost gave away Mickey Mantle and Hank
Aaron, happily instinct prevailed, baseball cards were gold
After school, plastic solders waited vainly for orders
He went to bed
They were not Bugs, not Daffy, sitting around
Round room cushions in domed kettle of secrets
Murmuring all is well; bright eyes danced watching
Beamed stories inculcated like summer dusky mosquitos
Cartoon people smiled silent reassuring pantomimes
Three nights; morning
He whiffed at bat
Didn’t play statues, gave up king of the hill
Cousin Billy’s Indian rub burned mournfully, an unappreciated pain
Horses, dogs and cats whinnied, barked and hissed…ignored
Cartoon people whispered come, come…
To bed, to the round room beaming images
Cold and clear, warm and snug watch
History’s vermillion squiggles, space-time’s ochre Mayan glyphs,
Three nights, cartoon people….
By Gary
25 May 2013
Long Beach

Obama Defends Drones, Calls for Closing Gitmo, End War On Terror.

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Notes on Thursday May 23, 2013 C-Span rebroadcast of Obama Speech on Terrorism.

Obama speaking about the war on Terror in a speech May 23, 2013, claims that Al Qaeda has been on the run, with affiliates now taking up the slack, in the Arabian peninsula, Somalia, North and western Africa, where he sees more localized threats, rather than a concerted international coordinated efforts. He emphasized the increased problem with extremism in the USA on the part of citizens and naturalized citizens. He sees the threat being less capable than before but more diffuse. The scale of threats are more like they were before 9-11, which seems to be a move to a less militarized stance than over the last decade. Obama seems to be advocating a more proportional response. Obama claims that the ideology that the USA is engaged in a war against Islam is a lie being perpetuated by the Al Qaeda type groups.

Obama is saying that the troops will come home from Afghanistan, he rejects a global war against terrorism. He believes in specific, targeted efforts in each nation to fight specific threats. He lists Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Mali, as examples of areas where the USA is working with local forces. Obama rejects sending special forces into each area where there might be a potential terrorist group. He says the operation against Osama Bin Laden cannot become the norm. He says that interventions could easily promote a backlash, such as what happened in Pakistan. Drones are part of his limited approach, but there are questions of accountability, and morality. Drones have been effective according to Obama and records taken from Bin Laden’s compound have confirmed this. Obama claims the tactic is legal and effective but not necessarily wise or moral. He has signed new policy guidelines with strikes limited only to Al Qaeda and their affiliates, outside of Afghanistan and only when there is no other body to take action against the threats. Civilian casualties are a problem, and there have been civilian casualties. Obama claims the government tries to mitigate civilian casualties. He says to not act would be worse because they target civilians and their actions dwarf the deaths from drones. He claims that drones are a safer and less damaging than conventional air strikes, or occupation. He claims that boots on the ground will be much more detrimental to relations with foreign governments and peoples. He speaks of civilian deaths in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. He says reliance on local forces or sending boots in the ground, or waiting for enemy attack is not the best way to go. Precision and secrecy is critical, but it may lead to a lack of oversight. All strikes are briefed to Congress, outside of Afghanistan. Congress is briefed on every strike, He claims to have declassified killing Americans with drones. He claims no American should be attacked without due process and no drone should be armed against domestic US citizens. He claims that overseas operations by Americans to attack the US should be treated as a sniper attacking civilians, to be shot down. But he says that American citizens overseas had to include the Justice Department and the Congress.

Obama wants to increase judicial oversight to authorize lethal force by special courts or review boards within the executive or legislative branch. Force or a perpetual war ultimately will be self defeating. He advocates dealing with the underlying causes, to help resolve the reasons for terrorism. He believes in the peaceful transition to democracy. He believes that the opposition must be supported in Syria without supporting extremism. He also advocates promoting free enterprise around the world. He also defended foreign assistance. He says it is a much better investment than warfare. He also mentioned that he is supporting efforts to make embassies more secure, specifically noting Benghazi. Targeted action against terror, alliances, support are essential.

Domestic terror is aided by internet. Best way to prevent violence is to work with the Muslim community. He says recognition of the Muslim community as a part of the American nation is important. Respect for the civil liberties of Muslims is important. Due process, and protection of privacy rights is important, with a civil review board. He advocates a balance between leak investigations and protecting the media, so he is asking for a Media Shield Law from Congress and is asking the Department of Justice to conduct a review with the media. How do we protect America without being on a continuous war time footing. The AUMF must be reviewed.

Terrorist suspects must be detained, then given some kind of process, law of war detention must come to an end. Guantanamo Bay has been declared unconstitutional five years ago. Almost a million dollars per prisoner is spent there annually. Obama claims he has tried to close Gitmo, but Congress has limited his ability to close Gitmo. He wants to shut it down and transfer the dangerous detainees to prisons. He says it is only politics that keeps Gitmo open. This got the only clapping in is speech. Someone in the audience spoke up against Guantanamo. Media Benjamin, co founder of Code Pink was the speaker. Obama told her to let him speak. Obama is lifting moratorium on sending detainees to Yemen, and demands judicial review for detainees. He noted the hunger strike of the detainees and how that Americans should not allow people to remain detained forever in Guantanamo. He wants the detainees to have their day in court or to be released to foreign countries. He let her speak for a minute without interrupting her. He then said it was worth paying to attention to what the protester had to say. He wants the USA to stay true to founding values. He claims the people of the US can bounce back from disasters, terrorism, and recession.

Very reasonable speech by Obama, lacking specifics on how he plans on mitigating the conditions that cause terrorism in the first place. But he is at least headed in the right direction, away from the war on terror and back to some sort of normalcy. His analysis may not be adequate, because he does not take on the roots of world disruption caused by Capitalism and the USA’s role in protecting corporate profits and its role in control of access to world resources. He is basically taking a liberal democratic approach, and is calling for a reduction in military responses to terrorism as a form of deficit reduction and resource reallocation into areas of greater concern. This speech does not deal with the other issues in world affairs, only this one area that has become much too large a focus for American interests. Obama is correct in that aspect, but as for the overall picture, he is still a defender of the interests of the elites.

Full Text of Obama speech including interruption by protestor.

Media Benjamin protesting at Speech

AUMF information.

Riots in Sweden, Mexican Drug Wars, USAID & Politics

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Four nights of Riots in Sweden has brought attention to the racial discrimination, lack of opportunity and increasing disparity in incomes in Sweden. This country once known for being one of the exemplary examples of the welfare state, has since the 1990’s according to the Guardian been reducing social spending and as a result has one of the fastest growing levels of income disparity in the OECD. Youth unemployment had not been addressed in recent years and the unemployment among the immigrant population is much higher than the population in general. The conservative anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats has become the third party in Sweden. At this time Sweden is fourth among forty-four industrialized nations in terms of asylum seekers and is second in terms of percentage of population. It seems that the laudable policy of allowing those suffering from abuse in their native countries has not been matched in recent times with adequate social spending and jobs policies, instead as in France there seems to have emerged suburban ghettos, with the local police treating people of color with disrespect. As a result riots, sparked by the death of an elderly man due to police violence.

Interesting study done using Google information about the Drug Cartels Violence in Mexico, that the cartels use violence when it makes good business sense. The lack of consequences for murder in Mexico is a problem. The policy to the cartels should be, not that of trying to destroy the cartels but to make sure there are consequences for violent behavior. In other words this report seems to be saying that as long as there is a lucrative drug market in the USA and Europe, the cartels will exist. The best approach is one of harm mitigation.

Dr. Gonzalez from Johns Hopkins University is stating that the rule of law is needed in Mexico, speaking before the “US-Mexico Drug Trafficking and Crime” hearing in the Congress broadcast on C-SPAN. He described the new Mexican policy of pulling back from the border and concentrating on regaining control in the southern provinces of Mexico where the cartels have become entrenched. This is reflected in the recent move to break the hold of the Cartel Knights Templar.

“War is not the unavoidable outcome of a profitable illegal industry. Violent criminal groups in Mexico are no different from other illegal groups that manage to operate with low levels of violence. Consider: Bolivia and Peru produce marijuana in larger quantities than do many Latin American countries and still have murder rates among the region’s lowest. The Japanese mafia controls the most profitable market of methamphetamine in Asia without major episodes of violence. Bosnia’s sex-trafficking industry has boomed without a parallel upsurge in homicides.

Because trafficking is a business and fighting is a business strategy, drug cartels choose to fight whenever war brings more benefits than costs. And the cost that governments can more efficiently impose on a criminal entrepreneur is prison. Cartels have chosen to fight in certain areas of Mexico because it makes business sense. South of the U.S. border, only 6 percent of all homicides produce a trial and judgment. As such, killing trafficking enemies to take over their territory, and potentially increase illegal earnings, is profitable. In short, war pays in Mexico.” -Viridiana Rios

At the “US-Mexico Drug Trafficking and Crime” hearing in the Congress broadcast on C-SPAN Thursday May 23, 2013, there have been several references made to removing support for the anti-drug programs in Bolivia, and taking action to penalize Bolivia and the Morales government.

Morales had on May 1st announced that USAID would be expelled from Bolivia, which in the past has been accused of interfering in the internal affairs of Bolivia. It seems this was in response specifically to Secretary of State Kerry’s comments on Latin America being the American back yard. The USAID has a history of interference in Latin American Affairs and recently has been expelled from Russia for interfering in the Russian elections.

The USAID, long a branch of US foreign policy with links to the CIA, has been involved in promoting US policy interests. Obama

Link to Thomas Tighe speaking about USAID and aid agencies.

Guardian article on Russian expulsion of USAID

Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour - Staples May 20th.

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

I saw their show May 20th at Staples in LA, I was surprised to see Mic Jagger so spry. He must be pushing seventy and he was dancing all over that stage. His singing was as good as ever. Keith Richards seemed to be letting Ron Wood and guest Mick Taylor do most of the heavy lifting in the guitar work, but then he is such a pro, he makes it look like he is just hanging out with his buddies in the garage jamming.

The core band now is Mic Jagger, Keith Richards the two original members remaining, Charlie Watts who joined in 1963, Ron Woods who replaced Mick Taylor in 1975, and Darryl Jones who replaced Bill Wyman in 1994. There were several additional musicians on board but Mick Taylor stood out with his exceptional guitar work.

RS SETLIST LOS ANGELES #2 May 20, 2013 - From their web site.

Get Off Of My Cloud - Vocals over modulated

It’s Only Rock ‘N’ Roll (But I Like It) - decent by the time this song was done sound better.

Paint It Black - Workmanlike performance

Gimme Shelter - Well Done crowd pleaser.

All Down The Line - Good song I am not as familiar with, from Exile on Main Street.

Faraway Eyes - One of my favorites, from Some Girls, Mic is a great country singer.

Sway (By Request – with Mick Taylor) - Great guitar work. Well done.

Doom And Gloom - Another I am not so familiar with. Decent, new from Greatest Hits.

One More Shot - Reasonably done, newer song, I am not familiar with, from Greatest Hits also.

Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (with Mick Taylor) - This was great. The guitars were excellent.

Honky Tonk Women - Another real crowd pleaser.


You Got The Silver (with Keith on lead vox) - Keith’s voice was cracking, I like this song.

Before They Make Me Run (with Keith on lead vox) - Keith sounded tired. From Some Girls.

Midnight Rambler (with Mick Taylor) - Oh yeah. Very good Mick guitar playing.

Miss You - Actually very good live, normally not my favorite song but this rendition worked.

Start Me Up - Actually stood up and danced. This was very well done. Mic danced great!

Tumbling Dice - Ok, seemed a little weak after Start Me Up. Should be stronger, its a good song.

Brown Sugar - This did not work as well as you would think. Needed stronger bottom.

Sympathy For The Devil - Another great tune, Mic came out in a big black cape. Fun.


You Can’t Always Get What You Want (with the University of Southern California Thornton Chamber Singers) - This started good, choir got lost, they should have been stronger. Kind of muddy performance for such a great song.

Jumpin’ Jack Flash - Very good song, Keith and Mic in great form on this. Keith even smiling.

(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction - Excellent jam on this. Mick Taylor came out too. I really though it was a spectacular rendition.

My girlfriend and I left satisfied. There was no stomping of feet or long loud cheering or clapping for encores like in the old days. Maybe because the crowd was mixed, all ages, lots of gray hairs and young kids, not so much in between. Or perhaps it was simply because everyone knew they would come out and do an excellent encore, no matter what the audience did. The core of songs came from their classic period which even the author of their little band history on their site seems to agree that their best work was from 1968 - 1972. “Beggars Banquet,” “Let It Bleed,” “Sticky Fingers” and “Exile on Main Street,” the first three among my own personal favorites.

I wanted to hear “Factory Girl,” they played it at the May 3rd show, “Love in Vain” and “Dead Flowers” would have been nice additions, as would “Wild Horses,” and maybe some of their earlier stuff, not just big hits. “Lady Jane,” “Mother’s Little Helper,” and maybe “2000 Man,” from the underrated “Satanic Majesties Request.” Something from the mid-seventies like “Fool To Cry,” or “Angie,” would be fun. The show was over two hours as it was, and I left with ears like cotton balls but happy. They can still put on one hell of a show, tickets were way too high, but then I haven’t been to a big rock show in years. Last big time concert like this was the US festival back in the early eighties. Since then I have seen smaller bands in more intimate settings, this was my first Arena show since McCartney and Wings “Band on the Run” tour back in the mid seventies. This was my first Rolling Stones concert, and who knows if they will be around much longer, Mic Jagger looked like he could be on stage for another decade or more. Keith not so much but he is a survivor so who knows, they could be doing shows in 2020 and beyond.

These Poets, These Optimists

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

These Poets, These Optimists

These poets of yore, optimists, they had earth, trees, flowers and
What have we, in our modules, like airport lounges
At best
We have screens, pixelated images of trees, flowers and
They exist as exotic imagery to be photoshopped into products
You and I cannot eat these images of photons bombarding the optic nerves
At all
Hungry, like some shadow, a hard electric neon gas emanation that flickers only on its
Like some sun long ago gone super nova, in the black reaches of the near zero kelvin space, no movement
At zero
No movement at all.

By Gary
Long Beach Station

Boethius, De Sade, Black Panthers, New Haven Trials

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

A friend was writing to me about the “Boethius” poem. He didn’t get the reference to “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” in the title “The Insufferable Lucidity of Boethius” (see my previous posting) and like most people was unfamiliar with Boethius’s Consolations of Philosophy, a book he wrote while imprisoned awaiting trial. Boethius was one of the last generations of classically educated intellectuals as the Roman Empire collapsed in Italy. He served the Gothic King Theodoric. Theodoric wanted to maintain the Roman culture and traditions and encouraged the Roman elites to stay in governmental service. Boethius was one of the classical writers whose writings remained available in Europe in the so called Dark Ages, and was read by scholars and clergy all through the Medieval period. I pun on the title throughout the poem, throwing in the imagery of Justine, the innocent heroine of the De Sade novel of the same name who was defamed and deflowered constantly in De Sade’s condemnation of false virtue in a world of corruption, advocating libertine free love and women’s emancipation as the only appropriate response to the overturning of traditional values in the revolutionary Eighteenth Century. His La Philosophie dans le boudoir, thus becomes the new consolation for a new age. And thus his advocacy of the libertine life also represented by his character Juliette, is the response that will turn a ravaged innocent into a competent sexual navigator of the modern era. I have compressed this into a few stanzas in my rhyming romp, with a tip of the hat to Plato’s bat cave, Homer’s Odysseus and the Cyclops, turned into a phallic image in good De Sade tradition.

My friend was also curious about the term “traducer” which I told him was a word for a liar and deceiver, another name for the devil, which I had picked up from reading the Black Panther Newspaper as a youth when I distributed it in high school. My friend associated it with snitches. I hadn’t specifically been thinking of ‘traducer” as snitch, but when I was a kid involved with the Panthers in Connecticut, one of them was on trial in New Haven for killing a guy and the inside dope we were told* was that the guy the Panthers had killed, Alex Rackley was a snitch or a police agent/informer (see New Haven Independent link to tape recording of confession by Rackley to New Haven Panthers). We were supposed to basically just push the Panther line that the whole thing was a police frame up. It would be the best way to mount an effective defense for defendants Lonnie McLucas, Bobby Seal and Ericka Huggins, and to maintain support among white liberals who at that point did not understand the open war between the Panthers and the government. This was before the CONTEPRO files had been discovered by a radical group breaking into an FBI office in Pennsylvania (Panther Trials New Haven, Wikipedia).

Tom Wolfe wrote a book Radical Chic and Mau-Mauing the Flack Catchers that describes some of this, but he was an outsider looking in, specifically critical of white liberal faddism, writing about a party at Leonard Bernstein’s place in Manhattan. The Panthers didn’t appreciate Wolfe’ s original article from which part of the book was based, and this is quoted from a Time magazine article in a Wikipedia entry “a minister of the Black Panthers…said of Wolfe: ‘You mean that dirty, blatant, lying, racist dog who wrote that fascist disgusting thing in New York magazine?” (qtd. in Radical Chic, Wikipedia).

Interesting reading these links. because they all have slightly different takes on what happened. Epstein’s original article is the closest to the actual cases, with the other two being written much later. There are obvious errors and I wonder which version is closest to the facts. I was there, but as a kid and part of a group, A.I.M. (American Independent Movement based in New Haven and Bridgeport, CT) that was supportive of the Panthers. I had copies of the Panther’s version in their paper which I sold in my high school. I was in and out of the day to day activities of AIM and the trials. Since I was ostensibly still just a high school student and lived in Monroe, CT, which was an hour away hitching from New Haven where the trials took place, less time if you had your own car, which I didn’t, but I organized car pools to go to the trials and often would have a couple of car loads of kids. We would demonstrate outside the courtroom and attend the trials and help organize fundraisers etc.

Another interesting aspect is the involvement of a young Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was a law student at Yale and organized a group to monitor the trials for the ACLU. I might have actually met her because we would sit in the courtroom and monitor the proceedings of the trials at the same time (Black Panthers and Hillary,

Link to Epstein article on Panther trials

Wikipedia article on Panther Trials

Yale teachers curriculum article about Panther Trials

See volume #7 pdf articles on Connecticut Arrests in link below

Summary of an article about AIM in the context of Feminism in Connecticut.

Wikipedia article on Tom Wolfe’s book

Original article by Wolfe in New York Magazine

Supposed confession of the police informer recorded by New Haven Black Panthers

Summary of Hillary Rodham Clinton involvement.

*’Told’ is a strong word, the rumor was around through the grapevine and at that point the Panthers were considered to be the leaders, they were taking the brunt of the heat from the cops. They were getting killed. Nobody knew who did what, we had no access to police records, the Black Panthers themselves certainly didn’t tell us. There was no official meeting in a secret hideaway. Somebody must have talked to somebody, or more likely since our group ran a print shop and we printed most of the alternative press in the region, someone had access to the police and got tipped off. We, at least those of us who were younger, teenagers, wanted to see things in black and white. Panthers good, cops bad. Anti-war movement good, Nixon and his minions bad. Mao good, Stalin bad, pot and acid good, heroin and speed bad and so forth.

What I knew about from real research when I was fifteen, well, not much, I listened to a lot of rock, got my hands on drugs when I could, read scifi, drug literature like Leary, a rather academic tome The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience, written by Robert Masters and Jean Houston, Huxley’s Doors of Perception, his fiction, Orwell, Catcher in the Rye, the beat poets, the underground press, and lots of underground comics, I loved R. Crumb. I had an interest in education theory so I read books like A.S. Neil’s Summerhill, and George Leonard’s Education and Ecstacy, as well as the popular psychology of the day. I read some spiritual literature like The Tibetan Book of the Dead and I had from fifth grade until seventh grade kept a very full scrapbook of all the articles I could get my hands on about the war in Vietnam. It started as a school project and I just kept at it. It was how I started reading the New York Times.

I had a copy of Chairman Mao’s Quotations from Chairman Mao, popularly called “The Little Red Book,” but I mostly skimmed through it. I had carried a copy of Plato’s Republic around all year in eight grade but never finished it. Mostly we got our information through the grapevine, personal communication with the older members of the group who had been to college, they led classes on feminism, Marxism, as well as partying with us where we would get stoned and rap. They also made sure those of us who were younger could not get our hands on the ‘good acid.’ It was a constant source of irritation, I in particular would nag them and they would give me some weaker drug like THC, which really was probably just ground up tranquilizers. But we could smoke all the pot and drink wine as long as we didn’t get to drunk. My high school buddies always wanted to tag along just for the free drugs, but I screened most of them out. Only potential recruits could enter the hallowed halls.

Teachers in school for the most part were divided into two camps, the pro-war and the anti-war, just like the rest of society circa 1970. Sometimes I wonder why we accepted the idea of killing an informer so complacently. But we felt we were in a war. Kent State simply confirmed our expectations, the system was brutal and would grind up any resistance. I experienced almost daily police harassment so it just seemed like the order of things. You took a side and hoped your side would prevail.

Once the war ended, the whole movement collapsed, we no longer had a concrete visible enemy, the threat of the draft and a miserable death in Vietnam had vanished and so did the movement. What was left was a scraggly counter-culture that quickly lost its idealism and became the druggie scene. The remnants of the left fragmented, a lot of people like myself moved to the country, in my case to live on a spiritual commune and finish school. Something I never did because of the newest wave of counter-culture punk…for that I was something of a trend setter, I was an elder of the movement by then, in my mid twenties, and did my best to steer it in a radical political direction, by then an Anarchist one. Still a dreamer. It wasn’t until the second Reagan administration, that I gave up and got a steady job at age thirty, I guess there is an irony in there somewhere.

Felicious Poem About Boethius

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

The Insufferable Lucidity of Boethius

She had not read this Boethius
Not even his consolation of philosophy
Yet it pains for the reader to think her facetious
As she googled his fame blundering into anomaly

Missing philosophies salacious good patrimony
Innocence seduced by the traducer’s chatter box
Shying away like a petrified pony
Into the shadowy cavernous maw of the flickering giant blind Cyclops

A shimmering philosophy’s true gold
Small consolation dangled before a school girl
Enticed by the baubles gleam into dubious fold
Then buggered by the goat footed churl

What howling was heard monotonously
As she bled from the barbed shaft
Consoled by De Sade’s bedroom philosophy
She gobbled it up with due craft

By Gary
18 May 2013
Long Beach

The Word

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

The Word
We are flesh made daemons
Sun kin’s fire starters, pyromaniacs
Loose firmament breaking Tiffany fractal fighters
Lotus eaters, gobblers of chicken, Olympian lunch meats
Rosebuds dreaming elephant men, millipedes crawling in and out lactating
Skulls, dusty castle clerks recording for Youtube Joan de Arc’s smoldering extra crispy
Secret inquisitors, agents in rebus, red handed haberdasher’s button holed for president
Maggot food, crunchy glow worm littered
Home of the Infinite Watusi Dancing Inflamed Intestinal Club and the big book of blow up dolls
Membership has its privileges…

Vegan incense burning acolytes of great mother Gaya
Murderesses, vagabond thieves of sanctimony with big eye puppy porn
More agents, more diva killers, great white tornado hunters
Dread locked zombie flesh eaters of carrot and long suffering soy
Hold high the image of God’s son mocked by bread and rejected by flesh
For we the living, are the dead enclosed sepulchers, cyphers bearing Drachmas and
Candle tongues frothy with epileptic notation
“Hear me oh lord
I am the way, the truth and the life.”

Gone are the night watches calling out the hours
Sleepy are the bundled beggar children on Bogata balmy boardwalks
Remorseless are bug zappers and
Solitary masters on Mount Meru
Fighting the oncoming Kali Yuga with pitchforks and
Chakra encrusted fingers tasting of shit, sending
Bile and acrid smoke signals to the bodhisattvas below, chanting
“Where were you when the darkness coiled like serpents devouring Laocoon and sons?”

In the Vatican Museum
Lapping up the ages drinking from roadside ditches
Sated with quick sniffs of butt bitches,
Behold the God king as he mounts
Behold as he digs spurs into fat sow flesh
Queen wench of Babylon
“Whoore,” Archie Bunker relishes, lingering longingly on the cock sucking sound

We are all Jesus on the cross
Demeter weeping for her Persephone
Laughing Romulus hefting Sabine virgins
Hanuman greeting Sita’s tears with monkey solicitude
Stealing baubles for bananas in the Seva Kunj while
Thor’s hammer sits cobwebbed and closeted

Only once does the sight of Leptis Magna
Give pause to the Christmas gift from B-52’s over Hanoi, “the pride and
Spiritual strength of the good-willed and wise Vietnamese people….”* insignificant, nothing to
Santa’s justifiable and homicidal rage, Dresden… Nagasaki… mere boneless chicken breasts,
They had been naughty, not nice.

And we, the hungry ghosts, wear our crowns proudly,
Sitting meditation on bony bottoms chanting secret words
Crying crocodile tears for sad eyed children needing Apple apps
Caring little but for our own aching knees

These are the things that make Jesus weep
Angels flagellate imagined flesh
Mary Magdalene laundry orphans wring reddened writs and knobby legal briefs

For damned wasted lives
For singing superlative gospels

We stand at attention and salute those who are about to die.

By Gary
18 May 2013
Long Beach

*Mitchel, Marshall. “The Christmas Bombing.” Air and Space Smithsonian. Jan. 2001. Web. 18 May 2013.

Blemmyae and Alexander

Friday, May 17th, 2013

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