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Debate #2 Trump and Clinton get down and dirty.

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

My blow by blow version of the debate. You can watch it yourself.
First question are you going to elevate the tone?

The tapes of Trump speaking “locker room talk” has become dirty. Trump is now bringing up the Clinton sex scandals. Trump fans clapped when Trump said Bill Clinton was a sexual aggressor. Hilary responds with going high and got more cheers. She is bringing up the Khans, the Indiana judge, and this is getting dirty. Hilary brings up the birther issue. Trump brought up Sidney Blumenthal and the Obama birth. Trump claims Michelle Obama made negative comments. Trump brings up the Bernie Sanders defeat, and then he goes on about the emails. Trump is going to instruct the Attorney General to investigate Hillary Clinton. This is a direct threat. Hilary responds got to the web site and fact check. Trump fans cheer when Trump calls for Hillary being put in jail. Trump is saying Clinton is lying. Trump is trying to rattle Clinton. She is not going to buy it. Trump is now attacking the moderators as he wants to continue going over the emails.
Second question is about Obama care. She wants to rein in costs. She is going over the benefits of Affordable Care Act. She wants to increase aid to small businesses. Trump is states Obamacare is only getting worse. He notes it is much too expensive. Trump says allow interstate competition. that is what the Republicans have always claimed. He says the single payer system like Canada is horrible. Anderson Cooper asked Hillary about Bill Clinton’s comments. She clarified his comments about the expense. She is saying that giving it back to the insurance companies will turn it back to the insurance companies and people with preexisting conditions will not have insurance. Trump brings up Bernie Sanders twice, trying to get Sanders supporters on his side. He wants to do the block grant approach.

The next question is about Islamophobia.

Trump says Muslims have to report what they see. He speaks of San Bernardino as an example, Orlando and Paris, Radical Islamic Terrorists are something he wants to attack. Hillary wants to reassure Muslims. She says Muhammad Ali is an example of an American Muslim. She also says Muslims have to be part of the eyes and ears of America. She says defeating ISIS must be done in coalition with Islamic nations and she says his rhetoric plays into the hands of ISIS. Trump is now claiming that he would not have allowed invasion of Iraq. He wants extreme vetting from certain areas of the world. He has changed the language. He claims Obama is allowing people in without vetting from Syria. Now he says hundreds of thousands of people coming in from Syria. That is an exaggeration. Clinton speaks of women and children needing help from Syria. She blames it on the Russians. She says you cannot ban people based on religion when the country is founded on religious freedom. She thinks his statements are used to recruit fighters for ISIS. Third time Trump brings up Sanders claim that Hillary has bad judgement. He is talking about the border and his being supported by border security.

Is it OK for a politician to have a two faced position, public and private? Lincoln had to convince people with different arguments to get the 13th Amendment passed according to Hillary, giving context for her statements. She then goes into the Russian connection with Trump and she calls for the release of Trump’s taxes. Trump claims that she is trying to blame on Lincoln her lies, He called him Honest Abe. Trump says he knows nothing about the inner workings of Russia and doesn’t know Putin. He says he has no loans with Russia. He now says he pays hundreds of millions in taxes. He says again when audits are in he will release taxes.

Question about fair taxes for wealthy.
Trump answers that Clinton didn’t change tax code because her friends take advantage of it. He says he will lower taxes from 35% to 15%. He wants to reduce regulations. He claims there is no growth in the US, one percent. He wants to lower corporate taxes. Clinton says Trump’s plan will be a massive gift to the rich. His plan will cost the middle class. She is now saying taxes should go for those making over $250,000 a year, and she wants to use the Buffet rule that will tax those over a million and a surcharge on those making over five million. Anderson Cooper is asking about the rite offs and Trump says he did, just like the other wealthy. The carried interest provision is being left in place, in Hillary’s plan. Trump is saying Clinton is all talk. He is going on about Libya and Iraq. He is blaming ISIS on Clinton. She is quoting Reagan, she is responding to his attack saying she has done nothing in thirty years. She talks about getting health insurance for children as wife of president. She worked to get money for victims of 9-11, name on 400 bills as senator.

Question about Syria, Aleppo disaster, UN asked to do war crimes investigation of Assad Regime. Clinton calls Syria a catastrophe. She blames Russia, Iran and Assad. She says Russia is not interested in getting rid of ISIS. She advocates a no fly zone. She wants to work more closely with allies on the ground in Syria. She says she has taken on Putin and others. She says when she can she will work with Russia, but she does want to see war crimes investigations. Trump is now saying the US is behind in nuclear weapons and Russia is advanced. This is patently stupid. He tried to pin the line in the sand issue on Hillary which was not the case and she responded. Trump is saying Assad, Iran and Russia is killing ISIS. Pence says the US should use military force against Syrian regime. Trump disagrees with Pence, he wants to go after ISIS and forget about Aleppo. Aleppo has fallen. He says it is stupid to let ISIS know they are attacking Mosul. He wants the attack to be secret. The moderator is defending the US, Trump says the US should be secretive. He says ISIS is leaving Mosul. Two hundred admirals and generals are supporting Trump. Clinton says American troops should not be holding territory in Syria. Special Forces, trainers, are good. She is asked what she will do different from President Obama. Some of what they have to do is to signal to the allies what the plans are. She says go after Bagdadi. and arming the Kurds is her idea. She says they will take ISIS in Raqa after taking Mosul.

Do you believe you can be president for all the people? Trump says yes. He claims NAFTA is the biggest disaster for the country. Trump is claiming Clinton lies, he says he will make inner cities better, blames Democrats for failure in the inner cities. She will not do anything as president about inner cities according to Trump. Clinton says 67% voted for her in her senatorial re-election. She is proud of her record working for kids with disabilities, registering Latino voters, she wants to make sure that people have a place in America, claiming Trump might send children back to Ethiopia. Trump effect is an increase in bullying according to her. Cooper states that the half of Trump supporters that are deplorable was a mistake, she has an argument with Trump. She says she is proud of the campaign between her and Sanders. Trump says we have a divided nation, look at Charlotte, Chicago, increase in murder, he says Clinton has tremendous hatred in her heart. He then goes on to say she is another Obama. Trump goes on about the 3 am call in the morning about the Libyan situation in which Clinton did not respond to the ambassador. Doe Trump have the discipline to be President, Hillary says not. She mentions that under her husband improved the economy and jobs. She notes that Obama has improved the country after the worst recession, since the depression.

Another question is about the Supreme Court Justice.
Clinton says she will support justices with real life experience. She wants justices who will reverse citizen united and will support voting rights. she want a supreme court that will support marriage equality and Roe Vs Wade. She wants a Supreme Court that will not always support corporate interests. She says Republicans should have supported Obama’s nominee. Trump calls Justice Scalia was a great model. He has twenty justices who will protect constitution and the second amendment. He says he is putting in 100 million contributions. Why isn’t Hillary Clinton doing the same? She responds wanting to have comprehensive background checks.
Energy policy question.
Trump says EPA is killing domestic energy business. He says he is in favor of alternative energy. He claims Clinton wants to put coal miners out of business and believes in clean coal. He says China is dumping steel and killing steel jobs. He says we have to protect our energy companies. Clinton says Trump is buying Chinese steel. She wants to make sure the USA is not dumping steel on the USA. She says the USA is energy independent. She says the USA is producing a lot of Natural Gas and that is a bridge to alternative energy. She wants to move to clean energy and create millions of new jobs and wants to revitalize coal country. She wants to do something for them. Coal prices are down world wide.
Last question would either of you mention one positive thing about the other?
Clinton says she respects Donald Trumps children and she thinks that is a good thing. She says the election is so conflict oriented because there is so much at stake. She doesn’t agree with anything he says. Get off of personal and get on to what we can do. I have done my best to help kids and families.
Trump says he is glad she compliments his children. He says she is a fighter and she doesn’t quit and that is a good trait.

That was it muted applause at the end. Then the shook hands at the end. This was very offensive debate. Trump was on the defensive at the beginning. Trump turned it around later on in the debate. His base will be happy, but it may have been more of a wash. He was more effective than Clinton. She was not as strong as others had thought she would be.
No apology from Trump, attacks Bill Clinton, and then goes on the offensive. Hillary was not prepared for Donald to come out swinging. Instead of being contrite, he attacked. He praised the Assad and Putin efforts in Syria and publicly disagreed with Pence. This was very odd. It is as I predicted, Trump would unite with Russia and take care of ISIS and anybody that gets caught in the middle like the Syrian opposition. Clinton was not able to dominate as much as she had in the first debate and it was strange that she had not been able to go on the offensive with the Trump tapes comments. She did counter attack on some of his 30 years comments but that was not enough. Trump pivoted away. He attacked the moderators and seemed to dominate in a way he was unable in the first debate. He did nothing to assuage the concerns of minorities, Muslims, and did nothing to display what he would do for people. Clinton was more substantive. But his emotional appeal to the five year old mentality was rather successful. Too bad.

Pence VS Kaine Debate VS Rumble in the Jungle

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

The vice presidential candidates were more like traditional debaters. Pence was rather overwhelmed by Kaine, if this were a fight Kaine was Muhammad Ali and Pence was George Foreman. This was not quite the Rumble in the Jungle, but then I couldn’t resist, man who could sting like a bee was Kaine, running circles around Pence who literally could not defend Trump’s statements. Pence was stronger when he struck out on his own and made up a foreign policy that was much closer to the national establishment consensus
calling Putin a small man. and pushing for a get tough on Russia agenda. Both Pence and Kaine were in favor of a no fly zone in Syria. Whether Trump would actually support such a policy. The new Republican line to justify Trump’s remarks was to say that “Trump is not a professional politician” thus attempting to turn the continuous series of gaffs on the part of Trump. Democratic spin masters did a better job after the fact. Kaine was criticized for being too on top of things and being rude when he was simply a better debater.

I am not going to spend much time on policy tonight. If you have stumbled upon this in some distant future and wonder what is going on, just remember Muhammad Ali was a small man and Foreman was a giant. The David Ali beat the Goliath Foreman. Pence and Kaine both believe in Biblical analogies. David and Goliath is about as close as I can get. Which one is which, I leave that up to you dear viewer.

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