The World Is A Slaughterhouse

There is no other explanation. Sunday, I went to a church to see a performance of ‘The Rite Of Spring” the Stravinsky score to the ballet that was first performed in 1913, depicting Russian pagan festivals and a woman sacrificing to her gods by dancing to death. But when I discovered that what I though was a free concert was being charged for, I walked away with my girlfriend in tow. Instead after some misgivings on my part we drove across LA from Inglewood to Anaheim Hills with a stop off in Long Beach so I could change from my Sunday go to Church or job interview, or classical concert clothes, into my homie street gear. Like the Snoop song says “Crazy rolling down these avenues, crazy.”

We then went to a movie at the Starlight Theaters, which on Sunday before six pm are only $5.00 per person. She wanted to see “Iron Man 3″ and I was hoping for something artier. But I was willing to go along with her. The lines were huge for her movie, and all the performances were sold out. We were going to leave but then we noticed that “Oblivion” the Tom Cruise movie was playing. So we went to see it. It was a rather run of the mill sci-fi movie, Cruse looked old, but it was ok, stealing bits from several sci-fi movies. I came out not particularly impressed but it wasn’t a rip off.

A short synopsis, Cruise is part of a two person team, in charge of maintaining attack drones which are guarding factory ships that suck water out of the ocean to create hydrogen fuel or something. They are survivors of a war in which humanity had to make the planet virtually uninhabitable to destroy an alien attack that destroyed the moon. Humanity has evacuated to Titan, the moon of Saturn. After the Moon is destroyed which causes environmental havoc, how is never explained, but apparently is related to the lunar gravitational effect of the tides, we are supposed to simply assume that part. Cruise and his partner have had memory wipes supposedly to make them incapable of giving information to the enemy if they are captured, who still resist in small pockets on the devastated Earth.

Cruise is tricked by the unseen enemy who had captured one of his drones in a ruined library, and bait Cruise with a copy of “Lays of Ancient Rome” by Macaulay which opens to the page with the lines:

Then out spake brave Horatius,
the Captain of the Gate
“To every man upon this earth
Death cometh soon or late.

And how can man die better
than facing fearful odds,
For the ashes of his father
And the temples of his Gods.”

This prompted some subconscious memories, leaking through the mind wipe were dreams about a woman from the past, who just happens to crash land shortly there after. Cruise finds the woman played by Olga Kurylenko and her crew in stasis pods. Drones come and destroy all the crew members except the woman, who he takes to his home base where she is treated by his partner/lover played by Andrea Riseborough. Cruise goes out again with Olga who wants her ship flight recorder and they are captured by the alien enemy who happen to be humans led by Morgan Freeman. They tell Cruise he is fighting for the wrong side, Cruise doesn’t believe them, so they release him and Olga, tell them to go to the bad lands which are supposed to be a radioactive zone and find out the truth. They find the old Empire State building, a wreckage, and Cruise remembers the woman is his wife. He had proposed to her there. There are some more twists and turns, his partner is killed by drones, he gets in a fight with a clone of himself and realizes that he too might be a clone, returns to the Freeman group convinced they were right, and ends up going into space to attack the alien seemingly robotic, mother ship, a giant upside down pyramid, that makes clones of the Cruise character who are used to conquer Earth and suck its oceans dry for their own nefarious purposes. Cruise listens to the flight recorder on the way to this attack, and remembers that he was captain of a ship sent to investigate Titan in 2017, and instead was diverted to investigate a space object which happened to be the aliens who capture Cruise and his co-pilot, Risenborough. His wife Olga was in a suspension pod in the back part of the ship which is released into space before Cruise is captured. Evidently he is cloned, memory suppressed and sent to attack earth, then after it is mostly subdued he is sent to maintain the drones while their factory ships proceed to suck the water out of the oceans. Cruise and Freeman, now act the part of Horatio at the bridge and destroy the alien ship with a nuke they smuggled on board saving the Earth. Meanwhile Olga has his daughter and three years later the other clone Cruise shows up at Olga’s hideaway in some Rocky Mountain paradise, and picks up where the other Cruise left off.

Lots of illogical and improbable sequences. But it is mildly entertaining. The aliens seem to be the modern industrial world, sucking the life out of the planet, with the only way to save the world seemingly being to destroy the brains behind this planet destruction, i.e. destroy Wall Street, and its ilk. Or it could just be a sci-fi tale with no particular significance, but I tend to think my analysis is correct, the environment being a big concern now and frustration at the lack of action being widespread among the thinking classes of the world. Nice bypassing of Christianity using an ancient Roman symbolism. I don’t know if the writer of this is apparently it was based on a unpublished graphic novel from director Joseph Kosinski and Arvid Nelson, rewritten several times, and then made into a movie.

I had meant to write something completely different, but now I am out of time, have to get ready to go to school and deal with the day on about two hours sleep. I had been thinking about the concept of the scape goat, how some of us, in fact most of us are loaded down like mules with the burdens of the world, think all those slaves or free workers, building pyramids. Some elites somehow are able to dominate and force or entice others to do their wills. We all are for the most part sheep being sheered or slaughtered for the machine of this elite, for ultimate unknown reasons. I mean why does this god need suffering and sacrifice? It only makes sense as part of some kind of power grab. Thus we are all lied to and act as clones going to work, doing our duty, sacrificed like lambs going to the slaughter to what end? Shades of anarchy or some Scientology fantasy. Who or what are the puppet masters? I was thinking about the fact that in India yogis thousands of years ago tried to find ways out of the web of karma that these gods used to keep us under their thumbs, meting out so called karmic justice over generations of lives. So the Yogis theorized that by stopping Karmic activity they could break the wheel. But how? But if this is simply a set up to control, then all these efforts are in vain. The only escape is refusal to participate, walking away or rebellion on a mass scale. But can sheep wake up and rule themselves successfully? Anthropology indicates man did fine for eons until the sudden development of sedentary man about 5-10 thousand years ago. We might really be part of some alien prison planet, or did humanity simply decide to break into elites and masses with the invention of agriculture? The theoretical basis is still pretty shaky, leaving room for doubt. And in the middle of the night I am full of doubts.

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