Barbie-ization, Ennui Vs. Spirit of History & Struggle For Consciousness: Cracking The Egg

I am half asleep, drugged by the lethargy of knowing I am preparing for a period of great activity and not wanting to start, rather watching the mental processes move like molasses, hovering here in my own bubble of consciousness, feeling the thoughts burbling around, not in any directed pattern, but in a random process of secretion from the springs of mental activity, that swamp of trapped sensation, the superficial memory.

That comic balloon quote got me going. Heraclitus’ vortex when googled, turned up this book by Martin Cohen, Philosophical Tales: Being an Alternative History Revealing the Characters, the Plots, and the Hidden Scenes That Make Up the True Story of Philosophy. A mouthful of a title and when I found his section on Heraclitus, there was this bit:

“But Plato himself was echoing Cratylus, who had only earlier decided for himself what Heraclitus must have meant. Cratylus’ idea that everything was changing all the time was then taken up by Empedocles, who embellished the other Heraclitian notion of a world continually torn between the two evocatively named forces, ‘love’ and ’strife’, in order to reveal its essential character. The world is a sphere of perfect love in which strife, like a swirling vortex, has infiltrated” (Cohen 42).

Cohen goes on to mention Hegel used Heraclitus to form the kernel of his new world philosophy and from there I decided to check out some Hegel and found this on a Marxist site with Lenin’s notes on Hegel and Heraclitus:

“Heraclitus says: Everything is becoming; this becoming is the principle. This is contained in the expression: Being
no more is than not-Being….” (p. 333)
“The recognition of the fact that Being and not-Being are only abstractions devoid of truth, that the first truth is to be
found only in Becoming, forms a great advance. The understanding comprehends both as having truth and validity in isolation;
reason on the other hand recognises the one in the other, and sees that in the one its other” (NB “its other”) “is contained—
that is why the All, the Absolute is to be determined as Becoming.” (334)

I am interrupting Lenin for this from “hegel & the logic of ‘the real’ barbie” to help you dear reader appreciate the concept of becoming. beach-fun-barbie.jpg

the explanation below is from the blog site

“g. f. hegel has a telling paragraph in his logic, under the title “being determinate”:

in becoming, the being which is one with nothing, and the nothing which is one with being, are only vanishing factors; they are and are not. thus by its inherent contradiction becoming collapses into the unity in which the two elements are absorbed. this result is accordingly being determinate (being there and so). (p. 133)

this is no galimatias: “being there and so” is in fact valerie, “the real” barbie. she finally absorbed flesh&bones into what used to be a mere doll/ideal. but things are never static. we should expect a new becoming, i.e., the next more than to come.

meanwhile valerie “the real” barbie is petrified in her own determinate being category. and as such, valerie’s more than is no more. she’s not unsurpassable by another more than.”

And now that you understand we return to the Lenin interpretations of Heraclitus and the meaning of becoming.

“Aristotle says (De mundo,[26] Chapter 5) that Heraclitus ‘joined together the complete whole and the incomplete’ (part)” … “what coincides and what conflicts, what is harmonious and what discordant; and from out of them all (the opposite) comes one, and from one, all.” (335)

Plato, in his Symposium,[27] puts forward the views of Heraclitus (inter alia in their application to music: harmony consists
of opposites), and the statement: “The art of the musician unites the different.”

Hegel writes: this is no objection against Heraclitus (336), for difference is the essence of harmony:
“This harmony is precisely absolute Becoming, change,—not becoming other, now this and then an other. The essential thing is that each different thing, each particular, is different from another, not abstractly so from any other, but from its other. Each particular only is, insofar as its other is implicitly contained in its Notion….” (Lenin).

Heraclitus (LXXv) From the Nuremberg Chronicle Morse Library. Beloit College.

Looking for some real words of Heraclitus, I found this old book on line edited, translated or at least introduced by this guy named Patrick. Since all the quotes of Heraclitus are from Aristotle, I find these fragments to be somewhat doubtful.

XLVL Aristotle, Eth. Nic. viii. 2, p. 1155 b 1. In reference to these things, some seek for deeper principles and more in accordance with nature. Euripides says, ” The parched earth loves the rain, and the high heaven, with moisture laden, loves earthward to fall.” And Heraclitus says, “The unlike is joined together, and from differences results the most beautiful harmony, and all things take place by strife” (Patrick 96)

Aristotle, Metaph. iii. 5, p. 1010 a 13. Context : From this assumption there grew up that extreme opinion of those just now
mentioned, those, namely, who professed to follow Heraclitus, such as Cratylus held, who finally thought that nothing ought to be said, but merely moved his finger. And he blamed Heraclitus because he said you could not step twice into the same river, for he himself thought you could not do so once” (94).

Damn my curiosity anyway. I am waking up. Still there are doubts, lingering shadows, lethargic melancholia, and I don’t even want to go there…. a dream of being a trickster salesman/gardener… nothing good would come of this, but still I persevere into the flux of Plato’s forms and all that, see what a cartoon can do.

We were crushed and overwhelmed beyond our ability to endure, and we thought …

Is this failure? A cursed dependency on mythologizing my own experience has become one of denigration. Becoming not a barbie but first a model failure, in my attempts to become a ghetto denizen, and later my artificial redemption via the miracle of modern medical science, my psyche screams fake! But my Hegelian prospects are of more becoming and thus hope is sustained.

My friends keep telling me to write, write my novel and I have attempted, several times only to give up in disgust with my lack of organization, loss of interest, and overwhelming sense of the futility of the endeavor. In my creative writing classes I realized that most of the references I was making, fresh and vital in the 1980’s, were now history, and for the young reviewers of my material, barely relevant, largely incomprehensible, after all who knew or cared about people like Allen Ginsberg, Anselm Hollo, the Poetry Wars of Boulder in the late 1970’s, Rock Against Racism, the early days of punk rock, my experiences with the Yippies, and so on and so forth. Only a small circle of friends, otherwise a novelized life was uninteresting, unless there was fame, great tragedy, and supreme sacrifice. Who cares about the life of a mediocre failure. Not to become weepy and disconsolate, but I knew I had to have some reason to write besides my own self aggrandizement.

… that it might be lacking when it comes to its ability to be profane, …

Listening to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, I am not very impressed with Tolstoy’s grasp of the motivations of historical process that he ruminates upon in the beginning of Book Nine, chapter one, where he states “Consciously a man lives on his own account in freedom of will, but he serves as an unconscious instrument in bringing about the historical ends of humanity” (Tolstoy 565). This sense of a goal in history is reminiscent of the Hegelian spirit of historical process. And yet not so purposeful as Hegel, for in Tolstoy we see the randomness of history as his description of the battle of Borodino states “Kutuzov and Napoleon acted without design or rational plan. After the accomplished fact historians have brought forward cunningly devised evidences of the foresight and genius of the generals, who of all the involuntary instruments of the world’s history were the most slavish and least independent agents” (705).

Napoleon on the battlefield Bonopart at Borodino. Illustration by artist A.P. Apsit from book “Leo Tolstoy “War and peace”, publisher - “Partnership Sytin”, Moscow, Russia, 1914.

This is from a blog Hegel’s Lectures on the Philosophy of History

We assert then that nothing has been accomplished without interest on the part of the actors; and — if interest be called passion, inasmuch as the whole individuality, to the neglect of all other actual or possible interests and claims, is devoted to an object with every fibre of volition, concentrating all its desires and powers upon it — we may affirm absolutely that nothing great in the World has been accomplished without passion. Two elements, therefore, enter into the object of our investigation; the first the Idea, the second the complex of human passions; the one the warp, the other the woof of the vast arras-web of Universal History. The concrete mean and union of the two is Liberty, under the conditions of morality in a State. We have spoken of the Idea of Freedom as the nature of Spirit, and the absolute goal of History (Hegel on line 26).

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) Date Unknown pre1831

Reading the text of the lectures in the book version The Philosophy of History, Hegel states “The History of the World begins with its general aim - the realization of the Idea of Spirit - only in an implicit form (an sich), that is, as Nature; a hidden, most profoundly hidden, unconscious instinct; and the whole process of History (as already observed), is directed to rendering this unconscious impulse a conscious one…. This vast congeries of volitions, interests and activities, constitute the the instruments and means of the World-Spirit for attaining its object; bringing it to consciousness and realizing it. And this aim is none other than finding itself-coming to itself-and contemplating itself in concrete reality” (Hegel 25).

Hit & Miss, the English television series “about a hit woman who’s a preoperative transsexual”… it’s title exudes Lautreamont’s famous definition of beauty as the “chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table,” (

And again in the “Introduction” which seems to be what most people are interested in, as the actual history is for the most part forgotten, “The destiny of the spiritual World, and-since this is the substantial World, while the physical remains subordinate to it,… the final cause of the World at large, we allege to be the consciousness of its own freedom on the part of Spirit, and ipso facto, the reality of that freedom” (Hegel 19).

Lenin: page 100 of his notebook for “Conspectus of Hegel’s book The Science of Logic”

Tolstoy says “In historical events great men - so called - are but the labels that serve to give a name to an event, and like labels, they have the least possible connection to the event itself.
Every action of theirs, that seems to them an act of their own freewill, is in an historical sense not free at all, but in bondage to the whole course of previous history, and predestined from all eternity” (Tolstoy 566).

This statement takes Tolstoy outside of the Spirit of History in Hegel, striving to realize itself, into some more static view, closer to Calvin perhaps? Perhaps not, he certainly in his own form of historical determinism sees more of the flukes and randomness in history than the spirit of history, and perhaps he was a supreme critic of the Hegelian belief that the spirit of history lay behind the actions of men.

Because the city of Jena was occupied by French troops under Napoleon in 1806, G.W.F.Hegel was forced to leave the city. But he did witness Napoleon’s entry into the city and, as an admirer of the French Revolution, was delighted to witness first-hand this “world spirit on horseback” passing by. Image from Harper’s Magazine, 1895.

Hegel states “For that Spirit which has taken this fresh step in history is the innermost soul of all individuals; but is in a state of unconsciousness which the great men in question aroused. Their fellows, therefore, follow these soul - leaders; for they feel the irresistible power of their own inner Spirit thus embodied (Hegel 30-31). For Hegel even though the “fate of these World - Historical persons, whose vocation it is to be the agents of the World - Spirit - we shall find is to have been no happy one” and he goes on to cite the fates of Alexander, Caesar, and Napoleon (31). Thus he shares with Tolstoy the conception of leaders as tools of history, but without the cynicism of Tolstoy. For Hegel this is serving the Spirit of History, a noble duty, not a cursed fate, even if it results in being discarded when history has no more use for the personality.

This is perhaps one basis for Marxist ruthlessness as is bemoaned by Ralph Ellison in his Invisible Man, when the protagonist is taken down by the “Brotherhood” for acting on his own initiative to regain a following in the black community by leading a protest of the police shooting of a black man. They accuse him of adventurism and clearly state “We do not shape our policies to the mistaken and infantile notions of the man in the street. Our job is not to ask them what they think but to tell them!” (Ellison 408). The protagonist is angry at this and sees it as a lost organizing opportunity, but because it was not sanctioned by the Communist Party, called the Brotherhood in the novel, it is not a bold act of initiative but a reprehensible breach of party discipline. Demonstrating dramatically, the leader of the party committee, Jack Tobitt, takes out a glass eye and tells the protagonist “you don’t appreciate the meaning of sacrifice. I was ordered carry through an objective and I carried it through. Understand? Even though I had to lose my eye to do it… And do you know what discipline is, Brother Personal Responsibility? It’s sacrifice, sacrifice, Sacrifice!” (410). Ellison is describing the blindness of party loyalty to an opportunity to organize in the black community, as well as the fact that a man, an unarmed black man was shot dead by the police. For him the party is out of touch as his protagonist says “Ask your [black] wife to take you around to the gin mills and the barbershops and the juke joints and the churches, Brother…. You’ll learn that a lot of people are angry because we failed to lead them in action” (407).

Ellison in chapter 22 of his novel is describing the circumstances that lead to his protagonists breaking with the Brotherhood, their blindness to the realities of life among the masses, as Tobitt says, “The committee makes your decisions, it is not its practice to give undue importance to the mistaken notions of the people” (407).
This reflects the Marxist belief that the correct interpretation of the Hegelian Spirit of History, or as Marx transformed it into the material conditions of history, trumped the experience of every day life, and thus theory trumping empirical data leads to disasters like the ultimate fate of the Russian Revolution, although there certainly were other factors. But I digress.

Jeff Wall After “Invisible Man”…
First shown at Documenta 11, After “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison, the Preface, 1999-2001, represents a well-known scene from Ellison’s classic novel. Wall’s version shows us the cellar room, “warm and full of light” in which Ellison’s narrator lives, complete with its 1,369 lightbulbs.

I am getting all worked up over the past, and this whole question of what is history? Does it have meaning, and purpose?

Tolstoy saw randomness and predestination. Yet his novel abounds in profoundly interesting personal stories full of insight into human nature. I sought out some more expert opinion on the man, and doing a google search constantly found references to THE HEDGEHOG AND THE FOX An Essay on Tolstoy’s View of History by Isaiah Berlin. Rather than reading it I decided to cheat and read a review in the New York Times by William Barrett “Sharp Eyes for the Multiple Things,” an almost incomprehensible title but from the review I was able to drag some quotes that state the problem fairly well.

The theory maintains, very simply, that the human understanding can never comprehend history, since the historic process involves an infinity of causes that lie beyond our grasp. Mr. Berlin seems to me to be altogether right in rescuing his theory from the charge of “mysticism.” It is, rather, an entirely lucid and intellectually cogent theory, and a deterministic one to boot, though rather discomforting to the facile determinism of some historians. The individual, from the point of view of history, is never free, since he is caught in a web of infinite circumstances and causes.

On the other hand, “War and Peace” as a novel swarms with an extraordinary number of vivid personal lives each of which throbs with its own sense of decision and choice. This conflict between the feeling of freedom and the rational truth of determinism Tolstoy never succeeded in resolving for himself during his whole life.

Dissatisfied with the patness and artificiality of the historians’ theories, Tolstoy was led in turn to distrust all theory as the falsification of the fullness of life itself…. Indeed, “War and Peace” is one of the most formidable attacks upon rationalism ever penned (Barrett).

Tolstoy himself relates in War and Peace, in the persona of Prince Andrey who upon being assigned to the main battle front in 1812 with Barclay de Tolly, commander of the First Russian Army, but having no particular duty spent time assessing the camp, Tolstoy has him reflecting “He had already, from his own military experience, formed the conviction that in war the most deeply meditated plans are of no avail (as he had seen at Austerlitz), that everything depends on how unexpected actions of the enemy, actions that cannot possibly be foreseen, are met; that all depends on how, and by whom, the battle is led” (Tolstoy 590). Hence his continued criticism of the vanities of the commanders in the Russian army, due probably to his own experience in the Crimean war.

Ah so I am not alone in my indeterminate determinism. I perused some interpretations of Tolstoy’s beliefs and I especially liked reading some of the fundamentalist Christian views of him who saw him as a liberal believer in the good works Jesus promoted as opposed to the mystical and more literal views. I don’t know enough about Tolstoy personally although a lot of pacifists and anarchists seem to like him. I think that more to do with the later experiments, when writing War and Peace, Tolstoy was a recent war veteran, having served in the Russian artillery during the Crimean War, “April 1855, in the midst of the Crimean War, a twenty-six year old Russian sub-lieutenant, Leo Tolstoy, was commanding an artillery battery in the besieged Black Sea city of Sevastopol” (Moss). Having been on the front line of defense as Moss describes, Tolstoy had seen death in warfare at first hand, “Lieutenant Tolstoy’s private attitude toward the Russian military and the war was ambivalent and confused. It is true that in a letter to his brother Sergei he wrote of the heroism of the troops and thanked God for allowing him to live in such a ‘glorious time,’ but in his diary in late 1854 he was much more critical of the way the Russian leaders conducted the war, of corruption, ignorance, and poor training, weapons, hygiene, and food” (Moss).

Grigoryi Shukaev. Siege of Sevastopol 1855. 1856

As a young man, Tolstoy, adrift in Russian society, he knew first hand the dissolute lives of the upper classes that he describes so well in the novel. But it is not the rest of the novel I am concerned with but the nature of determinism and purpose in history. A question that naturally cannot be resolved in a short blog posting, but it is fun to bring up and perhaps I will continue this at a later time, as it is I have spent much too much time, wasting an entire afternoon on this particular folly, but at least I am no longer stuck in mental lethargy.

Works Cited

Barrett, William. “Sharp Eyes for the Multiple Things.” The New York Times on the Web. 14 Feb. 1954. Web. 18 Jan. 2014.

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Tolstoy, Leo. War and Peace. New York: The Modern Library. 1931. Print.

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  1. Senorita Gigante Elephante Says:

    Wow loooooooonnnggggg read. You start off at the start of one topic interupt with obscure and then off to another topic. Where was the cap? Letting several genies out the bottle all at once and asking it to understand your wishes is insane. Yes, do complete your novel. You may think it not worth hearing for whatever reason. But its interesting, just do it with the kiss method. Organize, plan, activate and just do it! Que sera sera. Keep it simple stupid.

    P.s. nice touch. Adding eyecandy. Barbie pics having us viewers behind the keyboard screaming “take off yer top!” At the screen.

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    Hit and Miss sounds like an interesting show. I will have to cyeck it out sometime. When and where can i view it? As long as it doesnt interfere with TWD, i am all ears.

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    Curiousity killed the cat but didnt phase me.

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    I can read.

    ^thats what the fox said.

  5. The Fox Says:

    Are you a Libertarian?

  6. admin Says:

    Not much. More defriblitarian, but I used to be something of an Anarchist.

  7. admin Says:

    Pookie, no idea, about the show. But it looks pretty uh, surreal.
    Mouse, no drugs, just meds.
    Ms. Gigante, yes it is long, I spent all day on it, call me obsessive. And that is my form of OCD, I constantly add to things.

  8. Crank Carl Says:

    Eye candy good deal! Dress up the show of word force for the short attention spanners. Ms GE (Mmmmm!) says write a book already. Don ‘t argue. At least U dropped the gabby imaginary girlfriend story, suspicious since word is UR disabled parapalegic agitator grandpa who has to pay trannys to visit. But live the (fantasy) dream, everybody needs 1! No biggie, Hegel had to pay to play too, check out that ugface! Invisible Man was crap, such a beat the dead horse book. Tolstoy could be a non stop mental masturbator. Finish that War & Peace? F! Couldn’t finish cliff notes on it! Essays? More pictures! Yeah!

  9. Noddy Nancy Says:

    Duhhhh…whoops! Spilled da beans Carly poo! It IS funny here! You wuz rite again, damn. You should see the stuff on here! Stuff is off da F’n hook dude. Total space cowboy, Steffen Hawking, bionic geriatric s#!%! Who knows who behind this curtain!

  10. Trace Says:

    I encourage people to pay attention to these learning materials! Get organized in your thinking because sloppy intellect gets no respect. Who’s business is it whether the source of your info has a personal life you think is different? We are trying to be civil here! Being smarter is being civil, especially when it includes basic respect.
    There are plenty of sketchy sources out there, plants and double agents, spies, strike breakers, paid informants, creeps and such. Everyone should support and be grateful for the efforts to bring intelligent discourse forward!
    These sarcastic posts hardly do a bit of justice to the efforts they are poking fun at. Let’s see any of you write a historically insightful and informative blog, granted restaurant reviews with an almost too much information bent are a departure, still, allow the gentleman some slack once in a while! Thanks Gary Rumor! Well done! Liked the whole medieaval sanitation piece too. Stay in school!

  11. Galen Says:

    Hear hear!
    Leave this nice guy in peace peeps!
    In or out of the closet is nobody’s biz see?! Tranny life is tough! You all think a tranny bar is fun? I’d rather pretend I had a girlfriend than discuss what happens there I tell ya! He’s some kind of disabled or recovering person so show some respect. I think he talks about his car sticker so he can use his wheelchair ramp I guess and that sounds totally fair! Maybe there was stories about operations and weird life support wires stuck in him and almost being dead, but that even says more about him teaching us all about the world. This is way more HOT and interesting than any online class EVER! So hush up and try to get a good grade in mr. Rumors class!

  12. Crank Carl Says:

    Whatever bub!
    Tell yerself watchya wanna hear.
    This is a cut and paste extravaganza.
    Can’t tell really where the blog starts and the paste ends.
    It’s all in good fun. Fantasizing about a life unlived is a different matter in the pub domain. Dub.

  13. Le Chat Says:

    Oh yesssss… Indeed! We see plenty of that writing drug over consumption.
    And as far as trannies & anarchists & crab cakes, nation building and disabled bloggers fluffing their imaginary love life pillow goes. .. Looking like a booster shot is in order!

  14. Trace Says:

    Excellent bounce work everyone! Well organized considering the venue! I commend your general spirit of being more communal- more communicative with your comments. A bit like the hosts postings, we jump around. Tolerance and curiosity and playfulness are a good foundation though.
    It’s almost a mini summer camp of absorbent minds. Tell me this, I’ll tell you that, all after, as one gentleman suggested, we get out of class.
    In this case I guess it’s blog class.
    Do your homework and keep the spitballs at a minimum!
    And yes sir-stay in school!

  15. Crank Carl Says:

    You all want some aspartame & extra fluoride w/ your koolaid?
    Fuzzy with the good vibrations? Get all brainy? news flash- all anybody cares is how much clit Heraclitus gits! Could he tell a g spot from a j spot?
    It’s why the host fudges on his fantasy stories you gossip buzzards.
    Everybody at least wants to “sound” virile, shred of brains is next best thing. Talk still cheap last I checked. & that freak hawking still wants to live. He sure ain’t getting laid either, & probably does have a “wife”, ha! He should do restaurant reviews too!

  16. Hedge Hog Wash Says:

    WE the peep holes procured an ipso facto revolutyon right here! A coup de grace! Teacher is busy grading papers, getting a blood transfusion, a sex change & a viagra burrito, WE occupy the blog! Anarchism in action! Real time! We moved in and took over the reins! It’s the peoples blog NOW! Free comments for all! Trust no geezers, no more of the problem makers! WE the solution! Agitators YO! Admins NO!

  17. GaryCrethers Says:

    Well, well, I seem to be locked out of my own blog. The price of wiping out cookies is that I now have to remember how the hell to access my own site as more than a visitor. Fun comments though people. I am enjoying my mystery man role. I do have a sex life, believe it or not. Even old guys have girlfriends or boyfriends or whatever. Having checked off my gay bucket list item, I am back to traditional hetero Hermetic pseudo-aesthetic ontology.

    I wanted to post my bit about the effects of the weather on Mary Shelly and “Frankenstein” but until the WordPress gods let me in, all posts will be on hold. I am juggling work, school and a seriously ill parent, and an attempt at having a personal life and well, it leaves little time for the blog or figuring out the intricacies of a site sans a customer service dept.

  18. Hedge Hog Wash Says:

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    I’m with hog wash, parties ovah- We face posted it- links toast.

  20. Noddy Nancy Says:

    Zzzzzz a bit hilarious that Crankys Fbook link stirred the pot and got more action when the store was closed and teach lost the keys and cookies than when it was open for biz. Hedgys right, plugs pulled. Top it off, the name Crethers matches on Fbook with a bald, obese, half blind geriatric looking dude, looks early 70’s, maybe from Trannysylvannia. Still, ciao baby! Have yo blog back!

  21. Crank Carl Says:

    Jolly-was a cute occupy experiment-
    Roger and OUT! Next blog Auk-check my page all.
    Good detect work Nan! Everybody is on the hook for 2 lines on whether anybody in blogdom tells the truth about themselves- and thanks Trace- for the bit about avatars. Sweet analogy dude!

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