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Revolutionary Hero Assange & Me Bitching About Dialysis

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Time is of the essence. There is no time, and I am buried in timelessness. The pattern of peritoneal dialysis is even more enslaving than that of hemodialysis. With hemo you are on a 3 days on and 4 days off cycle with a solid 4 hours on the machine. With peritoneal there is a daily pattern and for me it is 4 times a day one hour each time. That is more than double the amount of time on hemo. This is not what I was told. I expected more freedom. Instead I have the same back aches, and more hours, every day. It is like moving from minimum security to maximum security. It is very depressing.
I am told I can travel on peritoneal dialysis, that is why I agreed to do it in the first place. I will never be able to travel having to stop and do dialysis 4 times a day. But there is a machine called the cycler. It is done at night. If I can make it until I can get on the cycler, and it is supposed to happen in a couple of months, then I can travel. All this to see my son in France. I am still pissed off at his mother for taking him there. Even though France is a much better place to raise kids than the USA, unless you are rich. I just don’t like the idea that I have to go there when I can’t go more than 6 hours without dializing. This is a bitch session. Not much politically redeeming about it. My girlfriend has disappeared and doesn’t seem to want me and I am not feeling particularly inspired.
The new cultural hero of the alternative culture is Wilkileaks founder Julian Assange, he is the Abbie Hoffman of the 21st century, or something like that. Perhaps the Robin Hood of our times, stealing data from the rich and giving to the data poor. Ah, we need heros and here we have one, giving the finger to the man big time.
This is from Mother Jones
“Fighting WikiLeaks
— By Kevin Drum
| Mon Dec. 6, 2010 10:49 AM PST.Clay Shirky is conflicted about WikiLeaks: he acknowledges that over the long haul human organizations of all kinds require a certain amount of backroom negotiation, but he also thinks that the appearance of a guy like Julian Assange working to subvert a bureaucracy overly addicted to secrecy is occasionally a good thing. “The periodic appearance of such unconstrained actors in the short haul is essential to increased democratization, not just of politics but of thought.”
But he’s not conflicted about how the United States ought to respond. If we pass a law criminalizing what WikiLeaks does, that’s one thing — even if he doesn’t like the law. But ignoring the law is quite another:
When a government can’t get what it wants by working within the law, the right answer is not to work outside the law. The right answer is to accept that it can’t get what it wants. The United States is — or should be — subject to the rule of law, which makes the extra-judicial pursuit of Wikileaks especially nauseating.
….I think the current laws, which criminalize the leaking of secrets but not the publishing of leaks, strike the right balance. However, as a citizen of a democracy, I’m willing to be voted down, and I’m willing to see other democratically proposed restrictions on Wikileaks put in place….The key, though, is that democracies have a process for creating such restrictions, and as a citizen it sickens me to see the US trying to take shortcuts. The leaders of Myanmar and Belarus, or Thailand and Russia, can now rightly say to us “You went after Wikileaks’ domain name, their hosting provider, and even denied your citizens the ability to register protest through donations, all without a warrant and all targeting overseas entities, simply because you decided you don’t like the site. If that’s the way governments get to behave, we can live with that.”
I’d add one other thing: if you’re going to declare war, you should only do it if the war is winnable. This one sure doesn’t seem to be, and our ragtag offensive against WikiLeaks is doing little except making us look helpless against a pipsqueak. It’s a lot like the counterinsurgencies we keep failing at in meatspace, except squared or cubed. After all, even a “war against terror” might be unwinnable but still manage to minimize terrorist attacks. But as near as I can tell, we could literally kill every person associated with WikiLeaks, impound every cent of their money, and take down all their servers, and it would have virtually no impact. All the existing documents would still be available, and other groups would pop up almost instantly to take WikiLeaks’ place. I guess I might be underestimating our capabilities in this area, but I doubt it. I just don’t see how you can win a war like this in the long run. I don’t even see how you can degrade this kind of activity significantly short of running a Stalinesque security state.
So which is worse: losing a battle, or fighting a long, grinding war and then losing anyway? The latter, right?”

Running On Dialysis

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

Since I was a teenager there has been a problem with civilization being about ready to collapse. It was a big deal in the 1970’s and again in the 00’s. So that is about a 30-40 year cycle. We are now in the midst of a different world collapsing event the recession that temporarily masks the environmental, military and energy crisis.

Personally I have reached a new turning point in my dialysis. Today I finished my last Hemodialysis treatment and Monday I begin my training in Peritoneal dialysis. No more being hooked up to the machine. I will be semi-free having the ability to do dialysis at home. Ultimately I will be able to travel.

On a not so good note, my girlfriend seems to want to break up with me, but as usual she won’t say anything, refuses to talk and doesn’t want to see me. What does it mean? Who knows. I sure don’t. One time we were broken up for 9 months.

Today I didn’t find any of the news interesting enough to want to write about it. So today I am just writing about me. On the positive I finally got an LED digital TV, joining the 21st century. Its a Vizio, with internet access and I was able to hook up my cable, my roommates satellite TV and my old VCR. Whoopee, now I can be a total TV addict. At least I got a small one, 22″er. I know, another brick in the wall.

Saturday Meandering Thoughts

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

Saturday. For most of us it is a day off from the work routine. For me it is another day when I have to go in for dialysis. This means a four hour period sitting in a chair hooked up to a machine that cleans my blood and drains excess fluids from my body. I do this three times a week.
It has kept me from going back to work which is for me a mixed blessing. I was getting pretty tired of what I did for a living but I was good at it and it paid the bills although with the ongoing long term repression of wages in the USA, I could only make any real money if I worked long hours of overtime. That is one reason why I am in favor of unions.
Union dockworkers at the LA Harbor get $40 an hour to start. I only get that kind of money if I work double time which is exhausting. That is because my industry is non-union and also is under severe pressure to downsize. Prices have dropped due to undercutting by competitors to the point that many businesses have dropped paid holidays, sick pay, and even some have no paid vacations at all. The benefit packages have been slashed to the point where employees pay half or more of their monthly health insurance premiums if health insurance is offered at all. This has forced some businesses to hire undocumented workers to stay competitive which allows them to drive down the prices even more. This may be good for the consumer but it is not for the workers.
The USA has allowed free market capitalism drive whole industries out of business in the name of efficient return on investment for lenders and for share holders in public companies. Other industries have simply been outsourced to China or some other low wage country. What remains is a shell, a corporate headquarters. An old friend of mine did that. He took his manufacturing to China where he has a company produce his product that keeps its employees in barracks. There is no sense that what is good for America is what is good for the working citizen. It is as if the only citizens that matter are the mythical consumer, who is the subject of intense manipulation through advertising; but the real citizen is the share holder, banker and capitalist. They are the ones who have a place at the table and are able to get presidents go on business promoting junkets around the world, the so called state visits.
President Calvin Klein, oops I mean Calvin Coolidge, said “The business of America is business.” Or at least that is the popular understanding.
This is from a Coolidge website
“The real statement comes from a speech by Calvin Coolidge called “The Press Under a Free Government” which was given before the American Society of Newspaper Editors in Washington, D.C. on January 17, 1925. The quote is really: “After all, the chief business of the American people is business.” However, Coolidge goes on to say that, “Of course the accumulation of wealth cannot be justified as the chief end of existence.” He discusses journalism and the thought that the business interests of newspaper owners should not taint reporting. He continues, “American newspapers have seemed to me to be particularly representative of this practical idealism of our people.”

His last paragraph in the speech shows what he really believes motivate Americans:

“We make no concealment of the fact that we want wealth, but there are many other things that we want very much more. We want peace and honor, and that charity which is so strong an element of all civilization. The chief ideal of the American people is idealism. I cannot repeat too often that America is a nation of idealists. That is the only motive to which they ever give any strong and lasting reaction.”

That certainly is true to the extent that is is a platitude. We all love mom, some kind of pie, and the golden rule. But that misses the point. What has come down to us has been this rationale for business interests first and whatever is good for the people comes second if at all.
This leads me to my point that in the USA we have a corporate driven economy with a few restrictions and protections for the working people that are now under assault. The so called liberal Obama administration in the name of fiscal conservatism is now looking at dismantling portions of the safety net that Bush could not touch when in power. I am speaking of Social Security. Already they have raised the age at which one can retire which only makes it harder for young people to get into the workplace. Forcing elderly persons to continue working now until they are 67. Soon it may be 70 if Congress has its way. All in the name of fiscal responsibility. But since the USA prints money by fiat and we are still the most stable country to invest in, in the world, why should the government be concerned with forcing austerities on the backs of the working people now in their so called golden years? It is simply because the business of America is business and these business types on Wall Street can’t stand the idea that all these funds that could be potential investments are locked up in something as dowdy as a retirement plan. Hell what is a 401k but a play on the market. In my industry the companies rarely match funds if they offer a plan at all.
As a disabled person I have a state disability fund I have paid into that I can tap for a year. After that I either go back to work or have to depend on what social security provides. Not much. I could get by but just barley. I will have to develop some black economy skills if I am to survive on that. I have had them before, I can develop them again I suppose. Some golden years. But then I am not that old. I theoretically will be able to work again once I am done getting my medical problems taken care of. That is a big if the economy picks up enough to allow me to reintegrate into the work force.
Meantime I am going to the dialysis clinic and maybe out to a movie with my girlfriend and then perhaps I will get lucky. Life isn’t all bad.

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