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Black Lives Matter, Grim Sleeper, & Green Hope

Saturday, August 13th, 2016

Aspen Institute Conference on Race Relations Video.

I went to a Black Lives Matter event in front of City Hall in LA where the activists involved are protesting police shootings of minority youth. They are calling for the police chief to step down. Although I am no fan of Chief Beck and have never been personally helped by LAPD, I find calling for the removal of the police chief to be a step that while it may be personally empowering for the activists if the were to achieve this goal, it does not get to the root of the problem. This is a matter of power relationships. As long as the law is structured to protect the property interests of the wealthy, there will be no real reform. Underclasses are policed to keep them from spreading their undesirable ways into the areas of the city inhabited by the controlling class. Police are the thin blue line protecting property and those who have entered the sphere of the protected classes.

With that said, occasionally there is some basic policing, such as the recent capture of the murderer of many women in south Central Los Angeles, Lonnie David Franklin Jr., now better-known as the “Grim Sleeper” serial killer, convicted of at least ten murders, was sentenced to death recently. Margaret Prescod, founder of advocacy group Black Coalition Fighting Back Serial Murders, host of the Sojourner Truth radio show on KPFK, has pressured LAPD to find the murderers of these black women, and has accused the police department of neglecting solving the murders because the victims were perceived to be, as she put it, “Crack Whores.” In reality they were mothers, and daughters, persons who did not deserve to die simply because some of them were sex workers. Franklin claims he did not commit the murders according to the LA Times article on the trial “The ‘Grim Sleeper’ is sentenced to death for string of murders” by Marisa Gerber and James Queally dated August 10, 2016, when he was confronted by the victims families. But the evidence seems conclusive.

In an interview with NPR Prescod explains “We went down to what was then Parker Center Police Headquarters to find out about the murders, see what was being done about it, how the community was being informed, and we were told by the guy in charge, said, ‘Why are you concerned about it? He’s only killing hookers,” from Families Of LA Serial Killer’s Victims Still Await Closure by Kirk Siegler May 2, 2016 transcript.

This seems to be a glaring example of where police priorities have been. The murders have been going on in poor neighborhoods for decades. Police claim that there is a code of silence that often prevents residents from reporting crimes and helping investigations. But when the police act, as the recently released Department of Justice report on the Baltimore police that condemns the abusive culture of police treating minority neighborhoods as occupied territory, there is good reason why people may be reluctant to turn to the police. To quote from the report in another NPR piece ‘Lock Up All The Black Hoodies’: DOJ Report Details Abuses By Baltimore Police by Camila Domonoske dated August 10, 2016, the pressure to bring about significant reform in local police departments around the country is increasing as the establishment media gets the green light from the Obama administration to ramp up the coverage of cases of police maleficence.

I don’t want to just parrot reports from NPR that I hear on the radio as I drive to and from work in the Los Angeles traffic gridlock, so I went down to meet with Prescod at the Black Lives Matter encampment, and listened to the stories of those present including a woman representing a Gang Truce group who had nothing good to say about the police, her husband is currently locked up. Talk went around a circle of some fifty to sixty persons, mostly persons of color, but some white supporters such as my self as well. This was the weekend before the Republican convention. I heard of he incarceration nation where large swaths of black youths have been incarcerated for minor offenses and have since in many places lost their right to vote, as convicted felons in many states cannot vote and incarcerated persons are denied the right. Also due to the requirement on job applications to report convictions many are unable to find jobs, denied housing and public assistance, even food stamps. These mostly minority men become even more likely to return to crime or find themselves trapped in a marginal world of exploited off the grid employment often as sex workers.

I know quite a few denizens of the motels on commercial strips who have no ID, outstanding warrants, work selling drugs or their bodies, who survive from day to day with little hope other than the enthusiasm of youth. What these young persons need is opportunities to go back to school or to find entry level apprenticeships. Instead they find drugs, easy temporary cash from the sex trade, and the inevitable return to prison.

I know plenty of more fortunate twenty somethings who cannot find meaningful employment, live precariously depending on the kindness of strangers, all in an economy that seems to have left an entire generation outside and an increasing number of what were formerly middle class in marginal service jobs or in the gig economy with no benefits and no job security. I am fortunate to have a skill and experience, but I would hate to be an unemployed youth today. Education is a debt trap for them with no guarantee of employment. For minority youths it is worse, far worse, because not only is the limited opportunity, but also a police apparatus that has been designed to oppress and incarcerate with color and youth being the indicators that flag the individual as a target.

This dystopian view, most recently a result from the failure of the Sanders campaign to make real headway in changing the Democratic Party establishment, which the recent Wikipedia release of the DNC emails shows that the party apparatus actively attempted to thwart the Sanders campaign, leaves one again in the political desert seeking some kind of relief. In my case I am leaning back to the Green Party. I like the Canadian Strategic voting plan, vote green in Red and Blue states and only vote for the Democrats in swing states. This will help build the momentum for a Green Party presence in the next round of elections, especially if Green Party candidates can begin to show results in local elections. This may be a pipe dream, but many of those who rallied to Bernie have now got the grass roots campaign experience to work on an entirely independent manner. If the Black Lives Matter, Immigrant Rights groups and the Environmental movement can find common cause under the banner of a new party, Green or other, then there is hope for America. Otherwise we will have demagogues like Trump and establishment tools like Hilary Clinton running the show.

Anarchist Thirtysomethings In The 21st Century

Monday, August 4th, 2008

This weekend I saw some Anarchist Buddies from the 90’s. Not my old style heroes’ from the 80’s, not the wrecks from the 70’s or the relics from the 60’s. We told some stories, I got to see that they are each of them well ensconced in their lives and I am happy for them. None of them are at a point in their lives where any of them want advice. Besides what could I offer these young leaders of the current generation of the thirty something radicals? One is an anarchist primitivist living in the Tucson, A scene, one is an anarchist DJ and ruckus style street protestor living in Austin and the third is a social worker and homemaker, a Valley girl. And I am back in Long Beach where I started when I met the three of them back in 1991.
The primitivist is certain civilization is about to collapse, I could have said, I thought so too back in the 70’s but it didn’t happen. He is prepared to survive in a post punk semi rugged individualist manner, but I can see he has a good heart and I trust that his sense of justice will prevail over his sense of paranoia. I did point out that the world he wants will entail the loss of about 95% of the planets human population. That did not bother him because he sees that as inevitable. A result I am sure from living in a virtually uninhabited area, the southern Arizona dessert. But at least he is not a racist or a survivalist and that part of our Rock Against Racism project was a success, today’s primitivist is a believer in racial equality, is against the government, and even if he has slipped from a strong vegetarian stance, to one of eating off the land in the spirit of the native Americans, which means eating venison, at least he is not eating dead cows. He teaches self defense at an anarchist community center and has his own garden and manages to live without having to hold a straight job. He is no pacifist and I did not bother to explain that sometimes making your enemy feel safe, is half way to disarming them. Psychology is almost always better than violence. But he has a good heart and I would trust him in a tight spot.
The second old anarchist friend recently took a bike trip across central Asia; this is a fairly heroic trip, across Turkey, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, into Pakistan, and India before returning to the US. This took something like 6 months and great physical endurance. He plans on going to the Demonstrations at the RNC where he fully expects to get beaten by the cops and arrested. This man has great physical courage, endurance and perseverance. He also has a radio show and is a DJ, something else I have done before. When I did it was as part of a conscious attempt to keep the punk rock movement from becoming a nazi movement. It was also an effort to bring the races together on the basis of mutual respect and a celebration of our commonalities. I took a quick look at the music he had picked up at Amoeba; it was classic stuff, Selector, Joe Jackson, funk, all good solid progressive music. The project continues in a new generation. The music at the college and community stations continues to reflect the same positive aspirations we sought when I was a DJ back in the early seventies and eighties. He is also one of us, if not interested in protesting at the Democratic Convention where I think the protests will do more good, at least he knows who the enemy is and is not afraid of them. As much as he likes this ultra violence, he also has the same sensitivity is tolerant of gays and sensitive to women and is non violent with his friends, another good hearted person I would trust
The third of the threesome I met is a daughter of privilege, who in her childhood in the Philippines had a servant wipe her butt for her. In America she became one of the leaders of the peace punk anarchist scene in Southern California. She started a Food Not Bombs chapter and with these other friends fed the homeless, put on peace punk shows, protested the Nazi punks and led her community with intelligence and courage. She became a social worker, dealing with abused children. Interesting because I have been on the receiving end of social workers who were examining my life and my relations with my children where I was subjected to humiliations. I have also worked briefly for social services and found my experience to be one where I felt I was participating in an attempt to control and divert disadvantaged youth, not because the social workers were expected to show compassion or care, but because they were expected to follow a set of procedures and achieve a certain result. I found this to be inhuman and refused after a short time to participate. My friend is not that sort of social worker, she is one of us. She is one who cares for those who cannot take care of themselves. Even though she has married a member of the Rock industry elite, she is still our friend and respects our views, even though she is really now returned to the class from which she came where she was raised in the Philippines. But those of us who still have aspirations to change the world can hope that we still have allies among the upper classes. She still refuses to vote, a good anarchist tradition, although I did make the point to her that I am a member of the Green Party and even though the example the Greens have set in Germany where they supported certain militaristic policies, such as the occupation of Afghanistan, they at least have turned Germany away from the French path of nuclear power and in the direction of wind energy where they are currently the largest generators of energy from the wind in the world. She is a person I would trust despite her class affiliations. She has taught me that not all social workers are merely pliant tools of the state. And she is my friend.
These two men are sensitive, I would call them feminist, even as they are radical activists who are certainly not pacifists, and I would call them gentle men. And she is a caring woman who has used her intelligence and talents to care for the less fortunate rather than simply going for the money that one would expect from someone in such a position of privilege. Friends like these give me hope, although why they would like “Sex In The City” is beyond me.
We shall see in the coming times as these persons are entering positions of more mature responsibility if they maintain their ideals. So far, they are still on the side of the people. As pompous as this whole thing sounds, especially as I am admittedly barely functional as a radical in this time, I have maintained my consciousness and I appreciate those who are my allies and in their own ways have done the same. It is good to know that we are not alone. Otherwise why would any of us bother? There is revolutionary continuity from one generation to the next. I can shift back to communism to balance out the extremes of individualism without feeling like I am betraying anything. They are solid persons of integrity and I don’t have to worry about them slipping into inanity. Oh and 3 out of 4 are still vegetarian, not bad.

Hostages, Cocaine and McCain in Columbia

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

It has been all over the news, hostages were released by a US/Columbian Military trick from the FARC who had been holding them captive. 3 US Military Contractors from Grumman and a Green Party former presidential candidate in Columbia who was married to a French Diplomat as well as several members of the Columbian military were freed from captivity.
McCain went to Columbia a couple days before the release and he was tipped off, Fox News tried to imply that he was involved. CNN broadcast a HBO documentary about it Sunday nght 7/6/08.
From the “Think Progress” blog site I got this summary of the Fox spin and the AP Newswire report. I also listened to the interview on Ian Master’s show on KPFK today with one of the makers of the documentary “The Kidnapping Of Ingrid Betancourt” Victoria Bruce and Karin Hayes. She was with Betancourt’s family when they were notified about the release of the hostages.
The Fox attempt to spin this for McCain is particularly insidious. But it is only the tip of a particularly nasty and bloody mess that the United States has allowed to develop in our own back yard.

“Fox News: There ‘Really Might Be A Connection’ Between McCain’s Visit To Colombia And The Hostage Release»
Today, Colombia’s Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos said that his country’s government had rescued 15 hostages — including former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three U.S. military contractors — from FARC rebels.
Santos made his announcement shortly after Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) left the country, where he was visiting as part of a three-day trip to Colombia and Mexico. As soon as the good news broke, Fox News was already spinning it as a victory for McCain and speculating that it came about as a result of the senator’s short visit to the country:
SHEP SMITH: John McCain’s been over in Colombia. He was over there just yesterday. Is there a sense the timing is coincidental, or something more?
STEVE HARRIGAN: Well, you’d have to think as a former prisoner of war himself, Sen. McCain would have an intense interest in this case. It’s been played pretty low profile. A lot of people aren’t even aware of the fate of these three Americans. They were really working for a Defense Department civilian contractor. So there really might be a connection between the high-level visit of the former prisoner of war, John McCain himself, and the release now of three American prisoners here in southern Colombia.
Fox News’s suggestion is not only completely inaccurate, but also insulting to the years of work by the Colombian government. Today’s rescue had nothing to do with McCain. The AP describes the operation :
Santos said the military intelligence agents infiltrated the guerrilla ranks and led the local commander in charge of the hostages, alias Cesar, to believe they were going to take them by helicopter to Alfonso Cano, the guerrillas’ supreme leader.
Surrounded by military commandos, Cesar and the other guerrillas gave up without a fight as the helicopters took the hostages to a military base in Guaviare.”
For more on that story…

It is interesting and sad to see how the politicians of the dominant parties will spin anything.
I am a member of the Green Party, the party of Ingrid Betancourt. They are at least not trying to turn this into political capital. This is what the Party has to say.

“WASHINGTON, DC — US Green Party leaders expressed gratitude and relief after learning of Ingrid Betancourt’s rescue on Wednesday after she had been held hostage by Colombian rebels since 2002.
Ms. Betancourt, who served as national legislator in Colombia, ran for President as member of the Partido Verde Oxígeno (Oxygen Green Party), and led campaigns against political corruption, was a special friend to US Greens.
At the recent Global Greens Congress, held in May in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Ms. Betancourt was made President of Honor of the Global Greens Coordination, the 12-member Steering Committee of the Global Greens.
“We are thrilled that Ingrid Betancourt’s captivity has ended, and we can only imagine the suffering she experienced during the past six and a half years,” said Carl Romanelli, Pennsylvania Green and member of the party’s International Committee. “We’re happy not just for Ms. Betancourt, but also for her family and friends after their long and agonizing wait.”
Greens thanked the international movement of individuals and groups who worked hard to secure her release, and affirmed their dedication to freedom for the many hostages still held and to a diplomatic and nonviolent solution to the armed conflict in Colombia. Greens also expressed congratulations to the families of the American hostages who were rescued.”

I have done a little bit of my own research on the FARC. They are the revolutionaries in Columbia who are fighting the regime in power. They use kidnapping of the wealthy and taxes on the areas of the country they control as funding mechanisms. I have included a link to their site and if you read Spanish it can be informative. Otherwise Wikpedia has a pretty good summary.
FARC in my mind has made a big mistake in kidnapping Greens; Indigenous rights activists and others who might be sympathizers. Activists in many countries are turned off by these actions. They are traditional methods of radical fund raising, robbing banks, kidnapping the wealthy, etc, in a revolutionary situation it might be justified in an emergency, The problem is that they have turned it into a business and if they lose their ideological foundation they could easily degenerate into an armed gang. Being organized as an army they have the internal discipline to maintain a line. But they are so isolated from world opinion, at least in the west that they have allowed themselves to be categorized as terrorists by the EU. They have the support of the Cubans, Venezuela and a few other regimes that are considered to be radical in their critique of capitalism. It is because of this that I am even willing to give them any slack at all.
I was once, briefly the leader of a small cell that could have turned in that direction. We were willing to destroy property of the rich, and to use this as a means to get them to pay attention to the needs of the poor where we lived in San Francisco. This was before the city became simply a playground for the rich. In 1980 it was still a mixed community of working class, poor and the wealthy. This was gentrification was just getting started. Before Starbucks became the symbol that the yuppies had arrived. But when I was faced with all the demand in the community for our little group let to perform tasks of vengeance for the poor and dispossessed of the neighborhood, I had to say no. We were not in the business of being a group of Robin Hoods. We were trying to show people that if they acted righteously and stood up to the powers that they could make a difference. But we were constantly asked to do it for them. And that was not what I was interested in. You can become a hero that way, but it does not empower others, and I could see how easily political action for the sake of the people could degenerate into a protection racket.
If the FARC can maintain its organization by switching from kidnapping as Chavez has recommended and become recognized by the UN as a belligerent in a war, then they will have gained the status they require for greater international recognition. But they will need sources of income. There will always be a need for support and they have the United States against them supporting the regime in Columbia. It is my contention that if they free the hostages and refuse to act as participants in the drug trade they may gain in support from around the world. The problem is that they are realists. They understand that even if they did gain that pr victory, unless they were able to counter the massive campaign against them on the part of the government, they would not survive for long without this income source. Perhaps Chavez has offered the FARC oil money from Venezuela, but that would make them dependent upon the whims of the Venezuelans.
For the sake of the Columbian people perhaps they should attempt a compromise; it seems that the outrage in the urban areas at the continued fighting has exhausted the patience of the people. But that is hard to determine, as long as the average Columbian is not benefiting from a functioning democracy there will be a material basis for the revolutionaries to act.
In the 1980’s the FARC had tried to enter civil society through the means of the Patriotic Union but as was reported in the NY Times, back when you still could read about Columbia without a totally right wing bias.
“Colombia’s Death-Strewn Democracy
Published: July 24, 1997
A state official in this remote pueblo in a rebel-dominated region in southern Colombia has a photo. It shows him with eight leaders of the Patriotic Union, a left-wing opposition party born during peace negotiations between the leftist rebels and the Colombian Government 12 years ago [Ed. Note: 1985]. One by one, the people in the photo have all been murdered. He is the only one still alive.
”All of them were killed,” said the official, who declined to be identified out of fear for his safety. ”In different circumstances, but none accidentally. It was physical extermination.”
Though the Patriotic Union is a legal party, most of its elected officials are now afraid to be identified with it. In all, more than 4,000 leaders and members of the party have been killed since its birth.
The dead include most of the presidential candidates the party has fielded, seven members of the House of Representatives, two senators and thousands of regional and municipal office holders. Last year, one member was murdered on an average of every other day; those who are left refer to one another as ‘’survivors.”
The killings have picked up as Colombia prepares for municipal elections in October, with the targets becoming not only party members but, it seems, whoever might vote for them. In the eastern and northern parts of the country — particularly the Uraba zone, a strategic corridor for drugs and weapons — right-wing death squads are waging a campaign of extermination, terrorizing residents and frequently forcing them to flee.
Robin Kirk of Human Rights Watch/Americas likens the brutality to a ”language of violence,” integral to the country’s overall political dialogue. ”All of the groups use that language to pursue their ends, and when they feel massacres is the right word to use, they will use it,” she said.
But the ghosts of the Patriotic Union are themselves a silent argument for skepticism about any efforts to achieve peace.
Not all of the phantoms are actually dead. Many of the party’s members have retreated into exile, others into a terrified anonymity that mutes their political activism. And many seem beaten by sorrow, exhausted by loss.
Jael Quiroga, a member of the party’s national council, recalled rallies that she attended, only to collapse into tears as she realized that all the other leaders who surrounded her were now dead, missing limbs or gone into exile.
”They were such good people, dreamers, who believed that through the democratic process we could be able to express ourselves, to make this a more just country,” Ms. Quiroga said through her tears.”
You can read more of the article at the site below.

What we see is the result of years of US intervention in Columbia. The rightwing death squads were allowed to murder any opposition in civil society, the revolutionaries were driven further underground. They lost the support of the Communist left with the demise of the Soviet Union and the El Salvadorian option of attempted negotiated peace has led to murder and betrayal. There are negotiations ongoing. But the cycle will not end as long as there is a world market for cocaine, as long as there are right wing death squads ready to kill off anyone who attempts to oppose the interests of the rich in a manner that is at all seen as a threat, and as long as the United States continues to believe that it has the right to perpetuate this war of attrition in Columbia in the vain hope that by linking the revolutionaries with the drug trade they can de-legitimize the cause which the revolutionaries are dedicated to.

But what about the war on drugs? This is the main justification for the United States military support of the regime in Columbia. Millions of our tax dollars have been spent there.
“Colombia’s coca crop booms despite US-backed crackdown
Rory Carroll The Guardian, Thursday June 19, 2008 Article Colombia’s coca crop increased by 27% last year, a surge which has shocked the United Nations and raised fresh questions about Bogotá’s US-backed “war” on drugs. Cultivation unexpectedly boomed in the country that is the world’s leading supplier of cocaine, according to the UN Office on Drugs and Crime’s annual report, published yesterday.
“The increase in coca cultivation in Colombia is a surprise and shock: a surprise because it comes at a time when the Colombian government is trying so hard to eradicate coca; a shock because of the magnitude of cultivation,” the organization’s executive director, Antonio Maria Costa, said in a statement.”

You can read more about this in the link on Columbian Cocaine. The same could be said about heroin production in Afghanistan. Here is another war on drugs, and on terrorism and again millions of our tax dollars are being spent and heroin production has reached record levels.
There is a bloodbath going on in Juarez, Mexico as rival gangs’ battle for control of the drug trade into the United States. As a former drug user and dealer, I can say that I almost never had trouble finding drugs. All it took was money. The drug war is a hoax. As William Burroughs said in the movie ‘Drug Store Cowboy” it is a pretext for the implementation of a police state. It was the first step; the war on terror was the second. The war on polluters will be the third. How can you be in favor of illegal drugs, terror or pollution after all? But like Bill Clinton said, it all depends on how you define the term. The war on drugs and terror has been waged on people who want to change the terms under which we operate. They are anti capitalist. Not only are they anti capitalist, but they are effective and that is the worst crime. You can spout rhetoric, you can deal drugs, you can murder with impunity, but you cannot use drugs, guns and words to oppose the system of control that the capitalist class has implemented to dominate the world. If you do and do it with any degree of success, you will be demonized and destroyed. That is what is happening in Columbia. Let us hope they fail and the people of Columbia gain some control of the beautiful land they live in.

What we need is an end on this war on drugs. What we need is a complete change in orientation to take the profit motive out of the drug industry, it needs to be decriminalized and medicalized. It is only a step, but a step in the right direction to stop the militarization of our world. Again we have to start at home, not in the jungles of Columbia. By changing what we do here, we can make a difference there.

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