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Discussion Of Zionism, Women’s Rights in Afghanistan, 1973 Oil Embargo, & Mideast Oil

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Original photo from this post is missing this is my substitute.

This is part of a debate on Facebook I participated in during August 2013. Interestingly since then most of the Pakistani and Iranian posters have disappeared from my Facebook page. I don’t know if they simply deleted themselves or if other posters have simply dominated the conversation but I notice that most of the serious posters from that time have disappeared and I am seeing more personal and trivial posts. All images have been added on Jan. 7th 2014.

Vision of restored Caliphate.

Brian B: too many fools in the west is the problem..
Aug 11

Patrick H: Many non-Americans assume we support our country’s war, I’d say a majority of us do not want to be in the Middle-East. When it comes to supporting Israel, it’s a bit more controversial.
Aug 11

Pandora H: Pull every foreign troop out of Islamic nations I say.
Aug 11

Brian B: it will never happen.
Aug 11

Pandora H: I know and that sucks. No one else other than citizens of those countries need to be there. Let the men and women involved come home and be with their own families I think
Aug 11

Eric W: I actually agree with something mustafa posted! lol
Aug 11

Pandora H: So you think it’s Americans and Jews are to blame for everything in the middle east?
Aug 11

Muhammad Q: The space in picture didn’t allow some other countries to be mentioned I guess..
Aug 11

Muhammad H: Only Pakistan, Iran and Turkey are protected in muslim world.
Aug 11

Muhammad Q: Hammad bro Pakistan is suffering a lot due to America…we love American people but almost the whole Pakistan hates American policies against terrorism that are producing more and more terrorists day by day attacking Pakistanis…every week and usually every day their drones hit the civilians and it is very less that some terrorist is killed in that attack..
Aug 11

From Guardian Commentary about Drone strikes

Muhammad H: Dear Muhammad Q you don’t know the power of Pakistan ARMY and ISI. Just wait and watch. If USA can lost war in Afghanistan so Pakistan is much powerful than Afghanistan. Having nuclear missiles and 7th world nuclear power.
Aug 11

Muhammad Q: I was saying something else…as uu said Pakistan is one of the protected countries, I don’t agree..
Everyday on average a dozen of people are killed by terrorists…America was never serious to eradicate this terrorism…pakistan’ s army has suffered more than America against terrorism…our whole socio-economic system has been destroyed and blah blah..
Aug 11

David O: Wow. So simplistic, even an illiterate Saudi could understand it.
Aug 11

Richard L: Well David… you’d actually be describing most of the Middle East…Not just the Saudi’s
Aug 11

RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan was founded in 1977 by Meena and other women in Afghanistan as a political/social organization fighting for human rights and social justice.

Gary C: Interesting, so will the women of Afghanistan be better off under the Taliban? Or was the whole argument about being in Afghanistan to protect women’s rights just propaganda? Certainly the Saudi model of women’s rights is not exactly a model of equality and it is not opposed by the US in way shape or form. That is considered to be cultural diversity. Hypocritical, you bet, but both on the part of the left and the establishment.
Aug 11

Ibrahim A: They didn’t came to bring democracy nor to help the Afghans. In fact the Afghans were forced to help them.
Aug 11

Gary C: True but there was some benefit for women, just as when the Secularists ruled in Afghanistan.
AUG 11

Ibrahim A: This women rights issue was just a mean to justify the invasion. If something has changed than it is surely not because of the government but then it was about a cultural change. I actually believe nothing have changed.

I mean to throw acid in a woman’s face is not Islamic. It’s barbaric. But abuse of women happens everywhere but only in muslm countries they link it to islam while when it happens in the west the perpetrator is just a lunatic and not catholic, mormon or whatever.
Aug 11

Martin R: That should be an Islamic symbol, not Jewish
Aug 11

Gary C: Soviets used similar arguments to justify coming to the aid of the Afghan socialists, about aiding female rights, etc. USA shows how little it cares about women’s rights, and I don’t want to single out Islam, Christian fundamentalists are when it comes to Abortion rights just as barbaric, blowing up clinics and killing doctors. But the US did make it an issue and thus it is right to call them on the issue of woman’s rights.

“In Afghanistan, U.S. shifts strategy on women’s rights as it eyes wider priorities”

“Changes stem from a desire at the top levels of the Obama administration to triage the war and focus on the overriding goal of ending the conflict, a senior U.S. official said.”
Aug 11

Remembering American Afghan Policy

Martin R: Gary C; but without the excuse how else would they ‘invade’? Had the issue not been present there would have been no excuse.

And do you know how much better like was before the West got involved? Life there was far greater but that was before Islam infected the lands.
Without Islam the middle-East would know peace
Aug 11

Gary C: Lest we forget…

“Nov. 8, 1959 During an independence day celebration, women from the royal family appear unveiled, marking the end of state-enforced veiling.
Jan 1, 1964 Marxist Anahita Ratebzad forms an offshoot of the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA). They pressure the Afghan government to combat illiteracy and to end forced marriages and walwar, a payment made by a prospective husband to a woman’s parents.
Oct. 1, 1964 A new constitution creates a modern democracy with free elections, equal rights, freedom of speech, universal suffrage, and allows women to enter into politics.
July 17, 1973 Shah takes an official trip overseas and Mohammed Daoud Khan seizes power in a bloodless coup. Khan installs himself as president instead of King and attempts to pass some liberalizing reforms, but they’re not enacted outside of urban areas.
Jan 1, 1977 A jirga – a traditional Pashtun council – approves a constitution that establishes a presidential one-party system of government.
Jan 1, 1978 The PDPA takes over the government, resulting in further social reforms including separation of religion and government, banning burquas and raising the minimum age of marriage.
April 28, 1978 The PDPA assassinates Mohammed Dauod. Tribal leaders incensed over social reforms begin an armed revolt in rural Afghanistan.
May 1, 1978 After a period of political infighting within the PDPA, Nur Mohammad Taraki becomes president, prime minister and general secretary of the party. The country is renamed the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan.
Oct. 1, 1978 A decree from the PDPA-controlled government requires education for girls, abolishes walwar and sets the legal age for marriage at 16.
Sept. 16, 1979 Taraki and another PDPA leader struggle for power as countryside revolts continue. The Soviet Union offers military aid and personnel to the government.
Dec. 27, 1979 The PDPA government, led by leftist Babrak Karmal, encourages women “to further their education and to take jobs, often in the government.”
Dec. 29, 1979 The Soviet Union officially topples the Afghan government. Their occupation lasts nearly a decade.
Jan. 1, 1981 Afghanistan becomes a major Cold War pawn between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. The CIA pours money and advanced weaponry into rural Afghanistan to support the guerilla fighters known as mujahideen.”
Aug 11

Ibrahim A: Martin R

The root of war and trouble in the Middle-East is Zionism and before that colonialism. Not Islam.

Islam was just a motivation to fight oppresion and invasion.
Aug 11

Muhammad H: Yes, What USA is doing here?
Aug 11

Middle East Before Islam

Gary C: Before Islam, ie in 600 AD, the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire dominated in what is called the Mid East, Afghanistan was more part of central Asia or a borderland between the Indian Subcontinent and the Persian Empire, ruled by Greeks for a few centuries even. Persians were Zoroastrian, Romans Christan, the Romans were pretty intolerant and the Persians alternated between repressing other religions and supporting sects that were out of favor among the Romans to gain influence.
Aug 11

Gary C: Zionism is a symptom of a greater problem, western imperialism, but in the long run it is nothing but a temporary issue. As soon as Europe and the US decide to switch alliances Israel will be making up with all its neighbors.
Aug 11

Martin R: Ibrahim A; it isn’t Zionism it’s the current religion and what it instilled within its people.

Consider the Oil Embargo of the early nineteen hundreds. After America discovered oil the Muslim populace fought back saying that we were ‘leading’ you away from ‘true Islam’. We were at peace and trading openly but your religious extremists prevented it from continuing.
Aug 11

Gary C: Are you talking about the oil embargo of 1973? That was a result of the USA supporting Israel against the Egyptians and their allies. It was a rare example of Arab solidarity.
Aug 11

Martin R: Gary Crethers; I’m speaking of the entire century and chain of events
Aug 11

Scene from 1973 Oil Embargo

Gary C: Time line for Oil Embargo from Wikipedia article Chronology

“January 1973—The 1973–1974 stock market crash begins, as a result of inflation pressure, the Nixon Shock and the collapsing monetary system.
August 23, 1973—In preparation for the Yom Kippur War, Saudi King Faisal and Egyptian president Anwar Sadat meet in Riyadh and secretly negotiate an accord whereby the Arabs will use the “oil weapon” as part of the upcoming military conflict.
October 6 – Egypt and Syria attack Israeli occupied lands in Sinai and Golan Heights on Yom Kippur, starting the Yom Kippur War.
night of October 8 - Israel goes on full nuclear alert. Sec. Kissinger is notified a few hours later the morning of October 9. United States begins to resupply Israel.
October 8 – 10—OPEC negotiations with major oil companies to revise the 1971 Tehran price agreement fail.
October 12— The United States initiates Operation Nickel Grass, an overt strategic airlift operation to provide replacement weapons and supplies to Israel during the Yom Kippur War. This followed similar Soviet moves to supply the Arab side.
October 16 – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and Qatar unilaterally raise posted prices by 17% to $3.65 per barrel and announce production cuts.
October 17—OAPEC oil ministers agree to use oil as a weapon to influence the West’s support of Israel in the Yom Kippur war. They recommend an embargo against non-complying states and mandate a cut in exports.
October 19—US President Richard Nixon requests Congress to appropriate $2.2 billion in emergency aid to Israel. This decision triggered a collective Arab response. Libya immediately proclaims an embargo on oil exports to the United States; Saudi Arabia and other Arab oil producing states follow suit the next day.
October 26—The Yom Kippur War ends.
November 5—Arab producers announce a 25% output cut. A further 5% cut is threatened.
November 23—The Arab embargo is extended to Portugal, Rhodesia, and South Africa.
November 27—U.S. President Richard Nixon signs the Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act authorizing price, production, allocation and marketing controls.
December 9—Arab oil ministers agree to another five percent cut for non-friendly countries for January 1974.
December 25—Arab oil ministers cancel the five percent output cut for January. Saudi oil minister Ahmed Zaki Yamani promises a ten percent OPEC production rise.
January 7–9, 1974—OPEC decides to freeze prices until April 1.
January 18—Israel signs a withdrawal agreement to pull back to the east side of the Suez Canal.
February 11 – United States Secretary of State Henry Kissinger unveils the Project Independence plan to make U.S. energy independent.
February 12 – 14—Progress in Arab-Israeli disengagement brings discussion of oil strategy among the heads of state of Algeria, Egypt, Syria and Saudi Arabia.
March 5—Israel withdraws the last of its troops from the west side of the Suez Canal.
March 17—Arab oil ministers, with the exception of Libya, announce the end of the embargo against the United States.
May 31—Diplomacy by Henry Kissinger produces a disengagement agreement on the Syrian front.
December 1974—The 1973–1974 stock market crash ends.”
Aug 11

Gary C: I remember the gas rationing. I planned a trip during that and saw lines, and armed guards at gas stations.
Aug 11

Gary C: Martin you have to be more specific. That is too broad a statement to be responded to sensibly.
Aug 11

Martin R: Gary C; I was speaking of the oil discovery of the early nineteen hundreds to today
Aug 11

Gary C: Nice clear description of oil discoveries with map in Middle East. The USA first discovered oil in 1859. Persia 1908, Saudi Arabia 1938.
GEO Expro The First Oil Discoveries in the Middle East
Aug 11

Masjid Sulaiman and Well No. 1 in 1908. Photo: Anglo-Persian Oil Company

Gary C: But the oil companies dominated and took most of the profits until OPEC united in the 1973 oil embargo and flexed its muscles. The British had dominated Iraq and Kuwait, the Gulf states were protectorates and Iran had an uncooperative regime overthrown by the US and British in the 1950’s when the elected leader threatened to nationalize.
Aug 11

Melvin O C: I can make a meme with sharia law as death as well but I agree that the US should stop supporting Israel and change its foreign policy. It does more harm than good to the world and the US.
Aug 11

Gary C: The world keeps changing. 100 years ago the Ottoman Empire was still a major force

Tuesday Afternoon, Thoughts On Syria

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

There was a Moody Blues song titled Tuesday Afternoon. I used to like listening to them when I took acid in high school. Their music was like a guide. Straight their music is a little too sappy for my taste.

I am lying here in bed, checking emails, answering ads for jobs I will never get and generally taking it easy. Cooking and cleaning up after myself, taking pills and doing a little homework are about all I do. Reading and TV my main company. My girlfriend comes by and brings me groceries, takes me to my visits to the doctors twice a week. My roommate has been pretty scarce, he is afraid to catch something from me. It is I who has to be afraid, my immune system is lowered by the medications I take.

Looks like Obama wants an excuse to get involved more directly in Syria. The French certainly have their noses stuck in there, but I say let the Turks and other Middle Easterners take care of the problem. The Russians and Chinese will have to come along, but for now they have interests in the existing regime. Iran is the only outside power that has a vested interest in seeing the current regime stay in power. As state power collapses in countries like Mali, Libya, Yemen and now Syria it gives space for the Al Qaeda types to move in and establish beachheads.

Who are these groups, Islamic fundamentalists? Perhaps, Some would call them traditionalists seeking a restoration of the Caliphate that was destroyed as a result of the end of WW1 when the Turkish Ottoman Empire was demolished and the secular Turkish state put in its place. The fundamentalists are mostly Sunni, the more conservative religious ones have most of their support from Saudi Arabia and the other gulf states that are interested in preserving their power elites in place, justifying themselves as defenders of the faithful. Shiite interests backed by Iran are seen as a threat and their interests are different, in that they want Shiite dominance, but they all are interested in removing the dominance of the western powers and their guard dog Israel. Newly democratic states, Tunisia and Egypt have to balance between these conservative and traditional forces as well as secular Marxist and pro western middle classes. The result is a decidedly mixed bag with complexity replacing dictatorships and the old socialist alternative. Turkey may perhaps be seen as the most viable democratic model, and it would behoove the west to support Turkey by letting them enter the EU as rapidly as possible. The more integrated the Turks are with Europe the more likely they are to be ambassadors of western style democracy and industrial capitalism.

Certainly the Turks are a better model than Saudi Arabia, and Egypt is not in a position yet to lead as it is still completing its own set of reforms. A Turkish-Egyptian peacekeeping force in Syria would be ideal. Perhaps with an Iraqi component to keep Shiite interests in Syria from feeling overwhelmed by Sunni’s. Syria may go the way of Lebanon of the 1980’s with the nation divided into fiefdoms. That may simply lead to the country being gobbled up by its neighbors. More than at almost anytime it seems that it was foolish for the British and French to destroy the old Ottoman Empire, it stabilized the region for centuries.

Ruminations On Los Angeles Radical Community, Israel & Palestine

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

I am a member of the Green Party in Long Beach, CA. It is not exactly the most politically active group down here. I find the local anarchists to be more of a presence than the Green Party. Yesterday I went to a protest against the launching of a missile at Vandenberg Air Force Base. The protest was at the Missile procurement and research center the LA Air Force Base in El Segundo, CA a suburb of Los Angeles.
About 30 people attended. They were mostly from the War Resisters League, Catholic Workers and a representative from the Global Peace March. I was the only self identified anarchist/communist. One guy asked me if the wobblies were still around when he saw my IWW cap. I replied yep and that I didn’t know the War Resisters League was still around until I saw the guy with a war resistors cap.
This year I have made a point of going to events where there would be people I didn’t necessarily know or normally work with. I went to a couple of protests of the Israeli assaults on Gaza, most of the people attending were from the ANSWER coalition and the Party for Socialism and Liberation. I also met a member of Workers World Party there and a member of the News & Letters Group. I met quite a few Palestinians there who were supporters of Hamas with their green flags. It was interesting to see communists and islamic fundamentalists together. Again I was the only self identified anarchist communist. There might have been a thousand people at the event in January but only a few hundred at a rally in April. The RCP made a presence in January but I did not see them at the April event.
I also attended the Anarchist Conference at the People’s Library in South Central LA. This had perhaps a thousand people at last years book fair but only a few hundred at this years conference. It was still a decent turn out and there were representatives from the IWW, RAC, Insane Dialectical Posse and even a Turkish Member of the ICC. This was a crowd where I recognised some of those present. Some old time Food Not Bomb participants from the 90’s were still active but mostly they were new people I didn’t know.
What is my point? Well I am making an effort to survey the current state of the radical community in LA. What we have is a fragmented scene, much like the city. Where as a few years ago communists and anarchists and peace activists and Palestinian activists all went to one an other’s events. Now I find less of that happening. Anarchists seem to be doing their own thing, and are hooked up with struggles in the Latino community such as the immigrant workers rights struggles where some anarchists were among those attacked by the Police on May Day 2007, but in anti militarism events and in Palestinian events there was no Anarchist presence. It could be simply because most Anarchists are opposed to nationalism and many are not pacifist. Catholic Worker was once identified as anarchist back in the 1930’s but now they are more affiliated with the anti-nuke activists than with the current anarchist movement.
Back in the 1990’s and in the build up to the big march against the war in Iraq in 2003 I was involved in an effort to bring people from different groups together. I also had a band of people who came together just for that event. We made banners and marched together in a breakaway demonstration and then we dissolved. That is one kind of anarchist ideal. Temporary autonomous organization for the specific event. It is a structure that works in today’s instant communication email society. You are committed for the moment and when it passes your commitment passes. That may be ok for a demonstration, but is it the structure for a movement?
It may be the best we can expect in our current society. People are bombarded with stimulus. They choose a few sources of information, decide that is what they trust and go with it. It may be good for an event but it also leads to isolation of groups from one another with similar causes but because we have become so fragmented into such specific interests we are not even aware of what others are doing that we might have united with a few years before.
Lets take the example of the Gaza demonstrations. In January I went to the demonstration in Orange County at a mini mall. There were perhaps a thousand people. Many from the community. This area had a large population from the middle east. Members of Communist and Muslim independence groups spoke, from Palestine, and from the Philippines. The crowd included many families and teenagers.
I then drove up to the Federal Building in West LA where there was another demonstration. Here was a different crowd. Students from UCLA, professionals, few children or families. It was a smaller group also it had a much less militant outlook. The crowd in Orange County had many Hamas supporters. The crowd in West LA was more anti militarist and anti war and not as pro Palestinian. There were Jews for Peace here and it would be tough for this crowd to fly green Hamas flags as they did in Orange County. It was the difference between a national liberation crowd and an anti war crowd. What they had in common were communists in both groups.
In Orange County the slogan was “Drive Israel Out of Palestine”. In West LA the Slogan was “Peace Now”. These are quite different demands. There were no Anarchists besides myself to comment on the difference. The Communists seemed to not want to confront the contradiction. Perhaps they were unaware, I doubt it though. Members of the RCP were at both events.
Israel is a bone of contention that divides many in the left.
The differences between the Palestinians and the Israelis, or any other groups that is one where we have to start from the premise of being fair. When the British first took over the land from the Turks in World War One the Arabs and Jews got along. Jews migrated and bought land from the Arabs but in 1929 there was a riot over access to Jerusalem. The British simply mishandled the situation.
This was part of the Ottoman Empire for centuries. The Arabs helped the British kick the Turks out of the middle east and thought they were promised Palestine as part of the deal. Jews thought that they were promised the same land because of the Balfour Accords. The British let Jews move in but in the 1930’s began to restrict the number of Jews who could emigrate. This led to Jewish terrorist attacks on the British. Arabs felt betrayed because the British kept the land after World War One as part of their Protectorate. Finally after increased terror attacks after World War 2 including the bombing of the British Military headquarters the British and the new United Nations came up with a plan to divide the country into two an Arab and Jewish portion.
As soon as the British left war broke out between the new Jewish state of Israel and the Arabs who had thought this land was theirs.
Historically the Ottomans Empire invited the Jews from Spain when they were kicked out by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492. The Arabs freed the Jews and non conformists Christians in what was then part of Syria from the Rule of the Roman Church in the 600’s. The Jews were considered to be people of the book and treated like Christians with respect by the Muslims. Islam was considered to be the final revelation of gods word to mankind. To them Jews and Christians were their predecessors.
The problem with the way the situation was handled in the 1940’s was a matter of disrespect. The British were dumping an empire. They had just given up India, the jewel in the crown. They didn’t want to but they had promised. The Labor Party wanted to implement the National Health Service and they could not afford to fund that and a war to keep India part of the empire. Palestine was simply a way station on the road to India, without India there was no need for Palestine and it looked like a nice place to put the Jewish survivors from the Nazi death camps as well as being the Biblical homeland of the Jews.
But the Jews had been forcefully removed by the Babylonians 2500 years ago. They were returned by the Persian king when he conquered Babylon and set the Jews free. Later they were conquered by the Greeks who were in turn conquered by the Romans. The Romans at first let a Jewish King rule, Herod because he had helped the Romans fight the Parthians. Later they implemented direct Roman Rule, the Jews rebelled twice and were exiled from Jerusalem and the vicinity. This was almost 2000 years ago. Many Jews went to live in Babylon where they were protected by the Parthians and Persians.
After the Arabs conquered the region Jews, Christians and Muslims lived there in relative harmony for centuries. The Turks took over the area in the 1500’s and continued their relativly tolerant rule. It wasn’t until the British took over after World War One that things got screwed up. Now we have a royal mess there and in India. Both were situations where the British decided it was easier to simply divide the people Jews and Arabs in Palestine or Muslims and Hindus in India and let things fall where they may.
People let their beliefs in nations based on religious differences be the determining factor but there is no reason why this has to be a determining factor. It is almost simply an easy excuse to use for politicians looking for a way to stir up hatred between peoples. In India the Congress Party was made of Hindus and Muslims. It was only after the Caliphate in Istanbul was destroyed by the victorious allies in World War One that the Muslims in India united to form a movement to restore the Caliphate that evolved into a muslim separatist movement. In the middle east Arabs and Jews had gotten along for centuries it was only when European Jews decided that they needed their own country and that it should be in a land that had not been ruled by Jews for 2000 years that the troubles began with this modern Zionist movement. It was aided and abetted by Christians who had misplaced notions of apocalyptic visions that by giving the Jews back their state they could recreate the conditions for Jesus to return to the planet Earth. This arcane notion is one of the main reasons why there is tension in the middle east.
Really there is no reason why the Jews and Arabs can’t have a united state of Palestine that accepts all religions as equal. It is only the nationalists who stir up differences and then give certain people other people’s land and then protect them, thus creating a constituency and a justification for conflict, that we have these problems. The Middle East crisis could be solved in a couple of weeks with a just peace if there was simply the will. Just like Cypress worked out its differences, between Greeks and Turks, so can the Arabs and Jews in Palestine. There are rich people getting richer over the differences and there are politicians who have created constituencies out of creating an imbalance that will perpetuate conflict until balance is restored.
Capitalism is one of the big reasons behind this, capitalism and the wilful perpetuation of ignorance by elites to control the mass of people who really have better things to do than to become embroiled in politics. The problem is, if you leave it all up the the experts, and don’t pay attention they will steer you off a cliff. So pay attention people.
Not all these differences are simply because of manipulation. Some of them have a basis in historical issues that have to be resolved. Class, and hierarchy, patriarchy and elitism are at the root of most issues. Some are simply matters of misunderstanding but most have a basis in power and control over access to resources. The sooner we all learn to deal with these things in a straightforward not mystified manner and adopt rational methodologies of distribution, the sooner these issues will disappear into the primitive history of the past. We must achieve socialism or we will revert to some form of primitive barbarism.

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