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Thoughts Upon A Friend’s Death

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

“Thoughts Upon A Friend’s Death”

Ceasing to breathe, brain activity ends,
Heart stops beating.
Organs fail and bonds of blood cease
Molecules transfer alliances, new relations form
Does consciousness end?
That voice of self that seems to float
And comment, that ghost, that ephemeral thing

Upon death
Of one close or far, perhaps
Not thought of much recently
Or ever present on the mind
Like an exploding sun comes
Penetrating egos shell
Seeding with essential impressions
Pregnant thoughts, reveries, and
Reflections shaking soul certainty

I knew him for his taciturn wit
The ever present cap and glasses
Pleasure in beer and his dog
Not exactly self-effacing but never
Blowing hard and hot upon friends
Rather razor sharp, pricking balloons

And now
We carry the seeds, the embedded memories
Atoms freed to course the galactic winds
A nova express of self, burst free
Abandoning the moors of constancy
Dull routines no more inhibit or delay
Returning mortal dust to cosmic
Star remnants, recombinant
So much DNA cooled down to more essential form

Atheists and theists perhaps can agree
Matter and energy convert
But do not die
And who can say what lies past the
Event horizon
Where gravity tears every molecule
Apart, and tosses all and sundry
Deep into the
Black hole at the center of
Each galaxy from where
None return to tell

By Gary Crethers
Long Beach

The Fate Of Flies

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

“The Fate of Flies”

Archimedes squats contemplating
Circles and cylinders, a guttural voice interrupts
Demanding compensation for grasping
Claw and scorpions bite in mangled barbaric intonation; a
Buzzing heavily laden fly
Lazily drifts on heat waves from bronzed helm to
Hoary head interrupting the proceedings

The “Sword of Rome”
Desires a performing monkey;
Shouts and cries of pleading
Citizens muffled by the buzzing,
Archimedes swirls fingers in dust, contemplates this
Sweaty farmer whose
Leader’s fame, murderous greed
For a shiny suit of Gallic armor, has
Sent this goat boy for a bit of Greek plunder

Civic duty demands a Leonidas, fair Syracuse,
Gem of Dorian grace, sacrificed in Artemis’s
Hour, her virgins splayed and sullied.
Archimedes cries out only
Moments before
“Destroy the papers lad…,”
Considering the option, teaching
Geometry to donkeys, wolves, worse men

And in a flaming effervescence
Poor science tossed, the
Vestibule empties
Mere reddened
Circles wetting fly embellished

By Gary Crethers
Long Beach

Lazy Cat

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Stretching filament of
Sun brokered space
Atop piled papers
Claws flex

By Gary Crethers
Long Beach

Pleasures Of The Palate

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013


The exquisite taste
Of fresh garlic, sesame oil and
Lemon wedge, apple cider vinegar with
Sweet chili sauce on
A bit of avocado, tomato
Romaine leaf and tofu
Extra sharp aged cheddar, a
Dash of black pepper and Tapatio
On plain white plate with
Bottled spring water

Pleases the commissar
Who insists upon half a slice
Of peasant bread
To sop up leftover

By Gary Crethers
Long Beach

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